Neptune Weighted Blanket II Review

If you are struggling with restful sleep at night, there are many ways to fix the issue but the Neptune Weighted Blanket II could be the solution to help you find that peaceful solution.

The weighted blanket has small glass beads acting as weights spread throughout the inner layers making for a snug fit but also placing weight on vital pressure points that helps relax the body and ease into a more serene state.

With the outer layers made from a soft mink fabric, the outside layers are designed to help the body become restful complementing the weight sensation created from the inner layers within.

Comfort can be a science

The design behind the Neptune Weighted Blanket II’s inner layers has blended new scientific knowledge with holistic relaxation techniques to create sensations that help your body fall into a state of deep calm.

Inside of the outer cover, there are 7 layers of small microfibre glass beads that are distributed throughout different sections of the blanket which place added weights on different pressure points around the body.

With the weights being available in a host of different amounts, you can use the different loads to help stack weight on areas that might ache or are tense to increase the relaxing sensations around that part of the body.

The different layers are all woven in cotton linings to ensure that the loads stay in place but they are also light enough to avoid placing too much weight on certain areas and neutralizing the effects that the body may feel.

Alongside that, the diamond pattern stitching between the inner and outer layers of the blanket are designed to be breathable allowing for some heat to pass through the blanket to prevent the user from overheating on warmer nights.

The entire setup has been backed by national health bodies and the Neptune Weighted Blanket II has also been certified by the NDIS as a therapeutic aid for anyone with sleep issues.

A solution for the entire family

The concept of weighted blankets can be applied for all members of the family whether it is young children to fully grown adults who are struggling with sleep issues.

No matter who the Neptune Weighted Blanket II is for, there is still no substitutes for comfort when wanting to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. To make this as simple as possible, the outer layer of the setup is covered in a mink-like fabric that feels soft to touch with bare skin.

Not only is this material light enough to not add any unnecessary weight to the blanket, it still gives a warm and cozy feeling helping you feel comfortable whilst in bed and helping you drift off to sleep.

The blankets can be adapted for whoever they are needed for with the weight loads differing for separate age groups:

Adults: 5kg, 7kg, 9kg, 11kg

Children: 2.2kg, 3.3kg (note that teenagers can use 5kg blanket if necessary)

Keeping in mind that the blanket is suitable for all age groups, the inner layers are sewn in minute squares to prevent the glass beads from moving and creating excessive noise that may risk waking any light sleepers.

As with many other household items, the entire ensemble comes in a range of colours and designs ensuring that the right colour scheme can be selected to match the rooms that they will be placed in.

Looking to the future

With sustainability in the forefront of everyone’s mind, the Neptune Weighted Blanket II has also been designed as an aid that can stand the test of time.

The multiple stitching patterns within the different layers give extra protection along the seams to prevent the glass beads from moving and affecting the overall weight distribution of the blanket.

They are also tough enough that they can be pulled and yanked by younger children and still withstand their shape ensuring that children experiencing a rough night can still eventually settle themselves down into a deep slumber.

The outer and inner layers are joined together by a series of ties that join together making it a simple affair when it comes to cleaning and washing them. Once the blankets are separated, they are easy to wash as both layers are suitable to be put through both the washing machine and tumble dryer.

It has also been designed with the environment in mind as the glass beads are fully biodegradable turning into sand at the end of their life cycle replacing the plastic pellets that are seen in previous weight blanket designs.

By ensuring that the entire setup is sustainable, suitable for all rooms and ages as well as driven by technology, the Neptune Weighted Blanket II is a must have for anyone struggling to enjoy a full night’s rest.