Myer’s Best Mattresses

Myer’s Best Mattresses

Myer’s Best Mattresses

One of Australia’s largest department store chains, Myer, offers a range of fantastic mattresses that ooze incredible quality, affordability and longevity assurances.

When it comes to getting your hands on a range of comfortable, long-lasting and high-end mattresses that you can trust to get you a good night’s sleep, there are few brands out there that beat Myer.

Stocking mattresses from Sealy, Crown and SleepMaker, Myer have you covered when it comes to getting the best of the best that the mattress world has to offer and we’ll take a look at these mattresses below.

Have a peek at the best mattress on offer from Myer.


The Best High End Mattresses

For our readers who are looking to splurge a little for their mattresses this year, then Myer have you covered with some of the higher end mattress models out there. Whether a Crown Mattress or a Sealy, you’re in good hands at the higher end of things with Myer.

Coming with price tags from $7,299 through to $16,399, these are the mattresses that offer everything you’ll ever need, along with more than a decade in warranty.


The Crown Jewel Plaza Ultra Plush — $16,399

At the top end of the mattresses from Myer, the Jewel Plaza Ultra Plush is the brand’s top tier offering and comes with one of the most comfortable and plush experiences out there in the mattress world.

You’ll find that this mattress is one of the softest on offer when it comes to the upper half of the mattress thanks to its elegantly tufted upper layers. On top of this you’re going to find that the coil spring array inside this mattress offers the ultimate support and also comes with a layout that ensures the best spinal alignment and back support that you will likely ever need.

Adding to this, there are the exotic angora fibres that hold everything together to ensure that body heat is wicked away by the mattress and you’re able to get a refreshing night’s sleep.


The Crown Jewel Lexington — $9,099

One level down from the Plaza, the Lexington Mattress is on offer for those who are looking to save a little money and get a more firm mattress.

You’re going to find a similar internal layout here when compared to the Plaza, though this mattress has been developed to offer support for the hundreds of different contact and pressure points in the back.

For those who suffer from back pain or any other spinal issues or joint problems, the carefully curated plush inner foams and smart coil spring layout is going to make certain that these aches and muscle tightness troubles are taken care of as soon as possible.

To add, users have mentioned that this is one of the softest mattresses on the market and most comfortable when it comes to spring and foam cohesion. There is a latex and Visco elastic that is integrated into this mattress too, which means you will find ideal cradling sensations on offer here as well.


The Best Mid-range Mattresses

When it comes to the mid-range mattresses from Myer that are a little more affordable than their top-of-the-line models, then you’re going to be able to rely on brands like Sealy. Myer stocks all of the best Sealy Mattresses so you’re in good hands with whichever model of mattress you choose.

These mattresses are ideally priced from $1,399 through $3,999 making them an ideal bed for those on a budget.


The Sealy Elevate Pembroke — $3,999

The leading Sealy mattress on offer from Myer is the Elevate Pembroke.

This mattress is one of Sealy’s more firm and supportive models and comes with the famous Sealy rigidness to it, which means you’re in good hands when it comes to spinal support, bounce and contouring support.

The Elevate comes with a SmarTex Fabric and that means you’re keeping your body cool as you sleep and not slowly falling into a bed that becomes warmer and more moist as you sleep during the night.

Added to these materials, there are the gel-foam comfort layers which are integrated into the mattress springs. With these, you have a mattress that offers the best of both worlds – ideal firmness, bounce and plenty of body-contouring support.

All sleepers will note that the softness and the breathable fabrics in here provide the ideal sleep surface in both summer and winter, especially for those with back pain.


The Sealy Elevate Millbrook — $2,999

The second option from Sealy at Myer is the Millbrook mattress which is the brands more plush and responsive mattress.

You’ll find that this mattress is more contouring and soft when compared to the Pembroke, however, there is a minor instability feeling. The bed does wobble and jitter a little as you move about on it.

As for the build quality and internals, you’re going to find the same AlignSupport technology in here that utilises titanium coils and a range of plush foams and gels to keep the back in alignment.

To make this mattress ultra plush, Sealy have worked to integrate softer upper materials here which ensure that the softness and plushness is carried through from the core of the mattress all the way to the encasement materials. This will see plenty of body contouring support and sinkage space for the shoulders and hips.

This would be our top choice mattress for those with back pain and anyone in need of a mattress to alleviate all pressure from the joints, and this is thanks to Sealy’s Posturepedic technology.


The Sealy Advantage Villa — $1,999

Coming in at under $2,000, the Advantage Villa from Sealy is a steal from Myer!

This mattress features all of the same perks as the mattresses above, though it has been curated to offer a more well-rounded experience when it comes to bounce and responsiveness.

As noted online, this mattress is one of the softer on the market, though with springs, foams and gels being used on the internals, you will still see a lot of bounce and responsiveness here.

To add, there is the famous CoreSupport technology built into this mattress which helps to support each of the body’s zones and joints independently from one another, essentially keeping your core, back and shoulders in alignment and weight off the neck and head.

You will also find a great HealthShield anti-microbial fabric built into this mattress too which sees all bacteria kept at bay on this mattress, reducing the chance of flareups in those who have allergies to things such as dust mites.


The Sealy Advantage Condo — $1,399

The most affordable Sealy model at Myer is the Advantage Condo, though there are very few downsides to this bed’s affordability.

Just like the models above, which cost twice as much as this one, you’ll be able to rely on the same intelligently curated CoreSupport technologies and the comfort layers which take as much weight off the joints and muscles as possible.

This mattress does come in a little bit firmer than the other Sealy models on our list, which makes it an ideal, supportive mattress for our readers who enjoy sleeping on their backs. You can rest assured that your spine is kept in a healthy alignment thanks to the AlignSupport materials, and this reduces any sort of pain when you wake in the morning.

For those who enjoy their nights of sleep by the edge of the bed, there’s a unique EdgeGuard support system on offer here by Sealy which means you are able to rely on the bed to hold its shape, even if you find yourself sleeping right up against the corners of the mattress.

To end, the Condo is our top choice for those who need something affordable from Myer, though would prefer to invest in a mattress with TempurPedic technologies.


The Affordable Mattresses

With the more costly mattresses from Myer out of the way, the retailer does offer some great affordable mattresses that fall into the sub-$1,000 category.


The SleepMaker Bed in a Box — $999

To one of the most affordable mattresses at Myer, the Bed in a Box by SleepMaker is a top choice from us if you’re looking for something comfortable, rather plush and designed to be more soft than most.

Coming in a box, the mattress is also one of the easiest to get delivered to your home, or to pick up from your local Myer.

As for the internal layout, there is an excellent material makeup that starts soft and gets firmer the deeper you fall into the mattress. This means that you can count on the upper two layers of the SleepMaker bed to contour and support your joints and muscles, and after you have sunk into these layers, you’ll hit the bouncy or sometimes ‘rubbery-feeling’ lower layer.

This bottom layer offers the most support for sleepers and is what gets the mattress up to that 6 on the firmness scale.

We will say that from testing this mattress’s edge support is a little lacking, and so sleeping right by the sides or the edges of this bed might be a no-go for some sleepers, as it could have you falling off the bed.

In all, this mattress in a box is our winner if you’re looking for an affordable model that still remains supportive and able to easily keep you from experiencing any sort of pressure or joint pain as you sleep during the night.


The Takeaway

With all of those fantastic mattresses from Myer noted, we’re sure that you will now have the easiest experience finding something incredible to sleep on this year.

Keep in mind that Myer stocks a range of beds from the more costly Crown Jewel models down to the ultra-affordable boxed variants, so you’re in good hands when it comes to finding something that suits your budget the best.

We suggest always keeping a note of the types of requirements you’re looking for in your mattress and only choosing the models that are able to satisfy these the best. If you need a bed that reduces partner movement, then be sure to place this at the top of your list, even if it means choosing another brand of mattress that you aren’t too familiar with.

To summarise, Myer’s great range of mattresses will make choosing your new bed easier than ever.

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