Marce Blanc Mattress Review

Marce Blanc Mattress Review

Marce Blanc Mattress Review

A peaceful slumber is everyone’s dream (no pun intended). Those who are fortunate enough to enjoy it only do so because of the excellent quality mattresses. However, not everyone is as lucky when it comes to shopping for one. The market is flooded with hundreds of brands, and it can get quite confusing to decide on one. 

A smooth-talking salesperson can sell you a higher-priced product without paying attention to your needs, which is why you need to read this Marce Blanc Mattress Review. It encompasses everything you need to know about this product before pulling the trigger, ensuring you get nothing less than a bulls-eye. Read on to learn more. 

Pros of Marce Blanc Mattress

  • Two variants to choose from – latex and CoolGEL
  • It doesn’t get saggy with long-term use
  • Medium-firm surface
  • Very aesthetical look
  • Offers good back support

Cons of Marce Blanc Mattress

  • A bit heavier to move
  • Some complaints about edge support

Comfort & Support:

With the Marce Blanc Mattress, you get incredible comfort and longevity without paying a hefty price. Furthermore, it has a 5-zone pocket spring structure that’ll hug and conform to your body’s natural curves providing excellent support to the spine. The mattress comes in two variants discussed below:

  • CoolGel & Memory Foam: This one is made with a unique CoolGEL infused memory foam that’ll keep you cool and comfortable throughout the sleep. 
  • Latex & Memory Foam: If you need more contouring and less cooling, this one has a natural layer of latex that’ll adjust according to your body’s movement and curves.

In both variants, you’ll be getting 12 layers of various foams with different densities. Plus, the memory foam adjusts according to your body’s heat and keeps you cosy throughout the night. 

Moreover, if you hate that sinking feeling as soon as you lay on the bed, you’ll find Marce Blanc Mattress a godsend. It has a medium-firm feel to it, so you’ll be hugged by the foam but without getting sunk in it. 

Breathability & Moisture Absorption:

While doing the Marce Blanc Mattress review, we found that it comes with a 100% natural bamboo cover, which is a different fabric than cotton. As a result, it absorbs up to 4x more moisture. This is especially useful if you sweat during your sleep; it’ll keep you dry and comfortable all night long. 

Furthermore, the bamboo cover adds to the coolness of the mattress’s gel-infused memory foam, keeping you from tossing and turning during those hot and humid days of summer. 

Even if you go for the latex variant (the one without CoolGEL technology), the bamboo cover will offer excellent breathability keeping your body temperatures from rising.

Since the cover is made from 100% organic material, it also has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. 

Construction & Layers:

The mattress is made from a blend of various materials that are meticulously engineered and put together to enhance your sleep quality. Let’s see the three levels of its construction:

  • It starts with a layer of CoolGEL or latex on top, depending on which variant you choose. 
  • Then, several layers of different foams are placed strategically to offer medium firmness and keep the mattress from sinking in.
  • Next, there’s a 5-zone thick pocket spring coils base for added stability and support. Lastly, there are a few layers of foam to keep the coils in place. 

All in all, Marce Blac Mattresses have robust construction, and the added benefits of bamboo cover certainly make them worth the price range of $220 to $410, depending on the size and model you buy. 

Final Verdict:

We can go on and on about the usability and value of this mattress and the several foam layers it comes with. However, we need to keep this Marce Blanc Mattress review to the point so you can make a well-informed decision instead of feeling confused. 

So the bottom line is, it’s a great mattress for those who like medium-firm surfaces and want something that confirms to their body depending on their sleeping position.  

P.S: Marce Blanc has mentioned at several places that many competitors are trying to sell cheap stuff under their brand name. Please only buy from trusted sources. 


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