Makin Mattress Review 2023

Makin Mattress Review 2023

Makin Mattress Review 2023


The Australian mattress brand, Makin Mattresses has been one of the most reputed on the market in its field. They have been serving their customers for over 45 years and perfecting their designs to reach the highest quality and superior comfort. 

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Unlike many mattress brands, Makin offers an array of different mattresses so that customers can select what is best for their sleeping needs. Good quality sleep is crucial for spending the day energized and refreshed. It is of the ultimate importance to get yourself the best possible option when you decide to invest in a new mattress. 

Makin Mattresses range from cushioned innerspring mattresses, to the ones that feature pocket springs which are known to minimize partner disturbance, and body contouring latex which offers ultimate comfort in addition to the body supporting memory foam.  All of them are handcrafted so that they can respond to the delicate and specific needs of the human body. 

Furthermore, the company does not only offer the best mattresses you could find on the market, but there is a wide range of accessories offer that range from ultimate comfort pillow tops, supportive bed bases, memory foam pillows, hypoallergenic latex, mattress protectors, and over 300 thread count sheets. Basically, everything you need to make your bedroom a perfect sleeping place, a place of ultimate comfort and relaxation can be purchased from Makin. 

Yet, for the purposes of this review, we are going to focus on the various types of Makin Mattresses and why many customers’ reviews claim that they make the best bed that you will ever have. The best thing about their mattresses is the fact that they are double-sided, so when one side wears out you can flip the other way round. 

Innerspring Mattresses

This line of mattresses ranges from some inexpensive options to very expensive mattresses, depending on the size, the materials used in their production, the number of layers. These mattresses feature pocket coils, edge supports, foam and latex comfort layers, and different firmness varieties. 

Regarding their firmness level, it ranges from soft to medium mattresses, so they are generally suitable for people with lower body weight or growing teenagers.  This line of mattresses includes spring mattresses as well which are on the lower side of the price range. However, there are zoned spring mattresses with high-density layers which are high-quality mattresses, and therefore highly-priced. 

The initial comfort level that these mattresses have is very good, however some buyers have reported sagging with the least expensive models and the bounce is too pronounced in some of the varieties. 

Matilda Mattresses

Matilda mattresses are particularly made with travellers in mind. They feature a lower profile so that they can easily fit in any recreational vehicles, boats, or trucks. Another convenience they share is the fact that they can be custom made to different dimensions that fit your particular needs, which is excellent news for those who seek customization.

Their craftsmanship is excellent as well, and they feature natural materials such as wool, quilted deluxe fabric or European latex comfort layers. Latex mattresses are known to provide exquisite body contouring and help with issues like back pain or body stiffness. Their base usually consists of pocket coil systems that prevent partner disturbance and provide a good nights sleep.  

The customers are mostly satisfied when it comes to this line of mattresses, but their long term quality is questionable in case they are constantly used.

Bellissimo Mattresses 

The most luxurious and most prominent Bellissimo range includes two available options; Bellissimo Duo and Bellissimo Duet. What makes the two models ultra-comfortable and one of their kind is the so-called “magic ingredient” which has been called Bellissimo micro-coil. Unlike usual spring mattresses that are standard in providing support, the revolutionary micro coils are found in the top layers of the mattress for the first time ever to provide unsurpassed comfort. 

The mattresses feature thousands of miniature soil springs that are specifically inserted between two sheets of fabric. Made like this, these sheets have the capacity to stretch not only up and down, but in a horizontal direction as well. They represent a soft cushioning substitute for the foam gel, latex or Visco, materials that are frequently used to provide the soft feel on the top layer of the mattress.

The advantages of the micro-coils are numerous. First of all, they maximize the airflow that circulates through the surface layer and thus enhancing the cooling effect and making it more hygienic to sleep on. Then, unlike memory foam and everything that goes with it, micro-coils don’t degrade over time but they retain their capacity to bounce back to their prime height and shape. This is what makes Bellissimo a top mattress, as it minimizes body impressions on its surface leading to longer comfort and durability. 

Duo and Duet have the above mentioned features in common. So, you might be asking yourself why there are two types of mattresses within the same line? That’s a fair question to ask!

The crucial difference is seen in the support unit on the mattresses. The support unit of Bellissimo Duo features a European latex core that has a seven-zone support system that has varied density so that it provides individual support to each specific body part. 

Five-zone pocket spring technology is what distinguishes Duet from Duet, and all the other innerspring mattresses. The pocket spring system features single and independent cushioning springs that come encased in pockets. The purpose of these pockets is to minimize the partner disturbance effect and increase the level of comfort it delivers. Another benefit from these spring pockets is the cooling effect they deliver, guaranteeing good night’s sleep thanks to the increased airflow. 


The materials and the extra features make Duo and Duet ultra-luxurious and superior. We will start with the removable pillow top that adds protection and more comfort. It can be rotated, flipped and aired out any time you want, while the plush and resilient latex middle layer boosts the cushioning of the removable pillow top. We have already discussed the micro-coil technology and all the benefits it delivers, including the cooling effect and keeping the temperature stable. 

There’s also a double-sided mattress layer which allows the mattress to embrace your body’s shapedelivers firm support for the shoulders and the hips in order to align the spine. Needless to say that those suffering from back problems will quickly fall in love with the mattress as it will provide you with relief and normalize your sleeping issues. 

When it comes to edges they are supported with high-density box foam that protects the edges from compression, longer-lasting comfort, and more sleep space. And, finally, as we have already discussed above, Duo features 5-zone pocket spring support that minimizes partner disturbance and effectively supports your body, while Duet features a 7-zone latex core designed to provide individual support to your body. The latex is anti-microbial, resistant and hypoallergenic. It eliminates pressure points, partner disturbance and provides spinal alignment by preventing abnormal disc compression.

These models offer varying levels of firmness, and even though there’s the possibility to choose from soft, medium, and firm, the overall feel is that they are firmer mattresses even when it comes to the soft ones. 

As this line of mattresses is more sophisticated and technologically advanced, the price range is on the higher end, but bear in mind that with the purchase you get a 5-year comfort promise. This means that within the first year of the purchase you can modify, reconfigure and reconstruct the mattress free of charge upon request. 

Available Sizes

You know how specific and peculiar people can be with their demands and needs, and this is exactly what Makin Mattresses had in mind when creating their mattresses. The wide range of sizes is proof of that. 

Within the Innerspring line, in addition to the common sizes like single, double, king single, king size, and queen size, to not so common sizes such as 3/4 single, long single, cot mattress, and super king. 

When it comes to the Bellissimo line, the sizes aren’t as broad, and customers can choose from single, king single, double, king size, queen size, and super king size, which is still a decent offer. 

Regarding the Matilda line, it is the one that offers optimization to the existing sizes and customization of your needs beyond what is considered to be a standard. 

Purchase Options

There is one thing that makes the company stand out from the competition, and that is the excellent customer service and the extraordinary customer sentiment. You can find them in most metro areas in Australia, such as Sydney, Perth, Sealy, Canberra, Brisbane, Nerang, Sandgate, Melbourne, Fyshwick, and Gold Coast. Give the mattresses a try in one of their showrooms. 

In addition, the company has a selection of mattresses that are available online, and if you decide to make the purchase online, then make sure you have tried them, as there is a no return policy. 

Bottom Line

Reading this review has brought you closer to the wide array of Makin Mattresses offer and had hopefully helped you narrow down what suits your individual needs.  From ultra-luxurious mattresses that are known to deliver the best nights sleep, to equally reliable, budget-friendly mattresses, there’s something for everyone there. 

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