Loom and Leaf vs. Tempur Pedic

Loom and Leaf vs. Tempur Pedic

Loom and Leaf vs. Tempur Pedic

If you’re in the market for a new memory foam mattress, there’s a good chance your research online has steered you to two incredible brands — Saatva and Tempur Pedic.

Both of these mattress brands offer some of the most well-rounded and well-designed beds out there, so much so that one of these companies has become a household name associated with memory foam.

These two mattresses and their subsequent brands have a premier focus on quality and sleep experience, and because of this we’ll take a look into the nuances and essentials of each mattress to make your selection process a little simpler.

In our review, we’ll take a look over sleeping experience, materials, customer service and a few other things to ensure you know exactly why one of these mattresses is better for you and your co-sleeper than the other.

All that said, let’s take a look at the Loom and Leaf vs the Tempur Pedic below.

The Loom and Leaf Internal Layout

Off the top, Loam and Leaf offers one of the more curated internal structures with a few materials coming into play here to offer one of the best sleep experiences out there.

There are four foam layers coming into play here, with one of these being a proprietary material that Loom and Leaf have developed explicitly to offer an exclusive sleep experience.

The Upper Layers

There are two upper foam layers in this mattress, one of which is a 2 inch thick gel memory foam that’s been designed to absorb and whisk away body heat. You’ll need this type of foam to ensure that there’s no build up of heat and sweat in the mattress during the night.

One of the biggest perks of the gel-swirl foam is that you’re able to sleep comfortably on this mattress in even the hottest climates.

Beneath this gel layer is the comfort layer which ensures you’re getting plenty of sink-space in the upper levels of the mattress. This is where you’ll feel your pressure points relieved and experience your hips and shoulders dipping well into the mattress.

The Core Layer

Underneath these upper comfort layers, there are the core layers which are where you’ll experience some support for your joints and back.

These foam layers are 2.5 inches thick and offer a deeper contouring experience that reduces back pain and joint pain further and assists you in getting a good night’s sleep that’s pain free and more comfortable than just about anything else out there.

The Transition Later

Tying the base layer of the mattress to the upper layers is the transition layer.

This layer has been designed to ensure that there’s not a lot of movement between the foundation layer and the comfort layers. This also improves back support and makes sure you’re not moving the foam layers around all too much.

This is essentially a layer that’s been integrated to ensure comfort.

The Foundation Layer

Working to support you and all of the above layers is the ultra-thick 5.5 inch foundation layer which is where you’ll see the majority of lumbar support. This lower layer is firm, not too flexible and the ideal thickness to ensure sleepers of all weights are getting the back support they need for a good night’s sleep.

Loom and Leaf’s Support and Firmness Options

When compared to a lot of other mattresses on the market today, Loom and Leaf does offer a little extra in the way of customisability.

Where most brands offer a single, one size fits all solution, Loom and Leaf offers two mattress firmness levels which mean you’re able to choose between a medium firm and a firm mattress.

We’re happy to say that this is great news for those who like to have a little more control of their mattress’s firmness and its ability to cater for different sleeping positions. Our top pick for side sleepers, for example, is the Relaxed Firm mattress with a 6 out of 10 in the firmness range.

For our readers who require something a little firmer for stomach or back sleeping, then the Firm mattress with an 8 out of 10 is our top pick.

It’s good to keep in mind body weight too, when choosing a mattress firmness. For those who weigh a little more, you’ll want to go for the firmness of 8 over the 6 to ensure you’re getting the ideal level of support.

One perk to keep in mind of the Loom and Leaf is the thickness of the foams, they’re quite dense and make an ideal sleep surface for sleepers weighing all the way up to over 100 kilos.

The Comfort and Sleep Experience

One area we can’t overlook in our comparison between Loom and Leaf and Tempur Pedic is the experience of sleeping on these mattresses.

As we mentioned above, there are a fair few comfort-focused layers in the Loom and Leaf, and this makes for a mattress that is more than 50 per cent focused on comfort alone. As you’d expect, this makes the gel, comfort foam and transition foams integral to the experience — and we’re glad to say it pays off.

The immediate feel on the Loom and Leaf is marshmallow-like and this is an incredible feeling when you’re on the bed with joint pain or muscle pains. In a few short minutes you’ll find that the 6.5 inch comfort foams begin to lift the weight from your joints and you’ll feel as though there’s little to no pressure at all being forced into the hips, shoulders and knees.

One major point to note is that this marshmallow or cloud-like feeling is evenly spread across the mattress.

In all, this is a body-hugging and sinkage-focused mattress that will ensure you’re getting plenty of support, pressure relief and a sleep that’s going to leave you with little to no pain or discomfort in the morning.

To end, if you’re someone who doesn’t like the ‘trapped’ feeling that some memory foam beds cause, we’re glad to say in good hands here. The Loom and Leaf is plush yet firm and keeps you from over-sinking into the foams.

Heat Regulation

As you’ll likely already know, memory foam gets rather hot by design. It’s a dense material that can’t disperse heat on its own and as a result, can overheat quite quickly.

However, the Loom and Leaf’s gel integration combats this by absorbing and wicking away heat as you sleep. That said, this mattress remains cool at just about all times, and you’re not going to want to escape this bed in too short of a time.

To add, this is the type of foam and gel-foam that you’ll find being used in hospitals where burn victims will sleep. These beds are used to keep these patients comfortable and cool, and of course, this means the Loom and Leaf is going to be one of the coolest-sleeping mattresses on the market today.

Motion Isolation and Contouring

As we outlined above, there are two firmness options to choose from on the Loom and Leaf, and these will dictate the motion isolation you experience on the beds.

On the Relaxed Firm model, you’ll feel a little less motion though have a lot more sinkage than on the firm variant. That said, if you have a co-sleeper who moves a lot during the night, the Relaxed Firm might be the model for you.

On the Firm model, there’s a little less sinkage but a bit more motion transfer, so you might be more likely to wake up your partner if you move around a little too much.

In all, the motion isolation is ideal on both models, though one is better at isolating movement than others.

It’s good to note that the Firm model is our top choice for those who do weigh a little more and require a solid sleep surface when it comes to back support. The Relaxed Firm may not be able to support the back as well if you’re a little heavier.

Choose a Relaxed Firm for a little more contouring and a Firm for less sinkage.

Usability and Off-gassing

A rather rare attribute to the Loom and Leaf is the off-gassing not coming into play at all.

Because these mattresses are delivered already unfurled and ready to install, the off-gassing occurs in transit so you’re not having to deal with this in the home.

This is our top choice if you’re looking to sleep on your mattress right away and not looking forward to airing it out in a spare bedroom for a few days.

Customer Support

When shopping online it’s integral to us that there’s a good customer support team ready to answer questions and make sure the shopping experiences goes smoothly.

With Loom and Leaf we’re happy to say that everyone on the support team is attentive, responsive and exceptionally friendly. You’ll get your questions answered quite quickly here and be able to move forward with a purchase – and not have buyer’s anxiety.

To make the purchase all you’ll have to do is enter your address or zip code and check if Loom and Leaf deliver to your location. From there, you simply hit buy and have the mattress delivered within 10 working days.

There’s an installation service included too, which means you’re not going to have to work on setting up this bed yourself, but simply have the team install it for you.

Essential Perks

A 120-night Sleep Trial

A 15-year Guarantee

In-home Installation and Delivery

Old Mattress Removal

A USA-made Assurance

Pricing of the Loom and Leaf

When it comes to pricing, the mattress falls firmly in the mid-to-high end range, which isn’t too much of a surprise to us. It’s a high-quality mattress with a tonne of great materials and proprietary technology to ensure you’re getting optimal comfort.

As of writing, the pricing of the mattress is as follows:

Twin —$849

Twin XL — $1149

Queen — $1699

King — $1999

California King — $1999

With the Loom and Leaf out of the way, let’s take a look at Tempur Pedic’s all-foam competitor.

The Tempur-Pedic Cloud Luxe Breeze Internal Layout

To kick things off, we’ll take a look inside the Cloud Luxe and what makes this mattress one of the world’s industry leaders when it comes to memory foam.

Keep in mind that Tempur are arguably the winners when it comes to material design, and just about everything in the Luxe Breeze is proprietary. You won’t find too much in here that is generic or standard, and that means there’s an internal layout and sleep experience you can’t find anywhere else.

A Look Inside

Disclaimer: a lot of the foam layers and materials aren’t fully disclosed, so there may be more inside this mattress than what has been outlined by Tempur.

The Upper Layer

Sitting atop this mattress is the PureCool+ comfort layer which has been designed to absorb and wick away body heat as you sleep. There’s a cooling sensation here that’s more curated and engineered to keep cool than typical gel-foam which means you’re not going to experience any ‘hot spots’ in this mattress.

In many cases, such as with the Loom and Leaf, a divot where you’ve slept will be warm for a little while after you move. However, on the Cloud Luxe you’ll find that this cools off almost instantly.

To end, this material is kept under lock and key, so aside from information on the fact it’s very cooling, there isn’t much else to go on.

The Core Layer

In the centre of the mattress, an offering a tonne of added comfort features is the TEMPUR-CM+ material which is, again, a proprietary material.

This layer is the support layer which keeps the back and joints supported and ensures pressure relief for the muscles and sensitive areas around the hips and neck.

One of the biggest perks here is that the material is designed with airflow in mind, and adds an extra level of cooling here. This is particularly important for those sleepers with painful joints that get warm and uncomfortable as you sleep. This material will work to mitigate this.

Think of this layer as Tempur’s material to keep you supported and cool throughout the night, without causing any over-sinkage.

The Base Layer

To end the layers inside the Cloud Luxe, the base layer, or the Ventilated TEMPUR-APR layer comes in to offer pressure relief and support.

Unlike the Loom and Leaf, this material is also pressure relieving and contouring rather than simply a ‘solid’ base in the bottom of the mattress.  Both Tempur and reviewers have touted that this material is breathable and offers pressure relief along with support — something that could only occur with a custom-designed material.

Sleepers of all weights will find that this is the material layer that offers the spinal alignment features and keeps you from experiencing back pain as you sleep or wakeup. 

The Cover

Encasing all of these materials is another proprietary material, the SmartClimate Dual Cover System.

This cover is going to ensure you’re kept cool as you sleep, and being designed to zip on and off the mattress it’s easy to keep clean and free of impurities that might cause allergies.

To end, this cover also features the cooling technology, with this being so effective it’s actually cool to the touch. You’ll be lying down on a nice, cool and refreshing surface every time you go to bed each night.

The Cloud Luxe’s Support and Firmness Options

Where the big differences continue is in the firmness and support.

This mattress lands on the firmness scale at around a 4 or a 5 which makes it exceedingly soft and almost ‘plush’ to the touch. This is fine for the side sleepers and light weight sleepers who need a softer sleep surface for their joints.

However, if you weigh a little more, you’re really going to fall deep into this mattress as you sleep and essentially be enveloped by the first two layers.

It’s good to note, however, that the cooling technology integrated into this mattress ensures you’re still kept cool and comfortable when you are encased by the foam layers, so there’s little discomfort here — but rather an issue if it’s your preference to remain un-contoured in bed.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can experience a hotter sleep in the first few weeks with this mattress as the foams expand and adapt to the temperature. If you’re hot, for example, this feeling will fade with time.

In all, this is one of the softer mattresses on the market today and may be a little too plush for everyone, especially for back and tummy sleepers. We’d suggest the Loom and Leaf for you.

The Comfort and Sleep Experience

With the firmness or plushness outlined above, it’s not too hard to see that the sleeping experience on this mattress is going to be cloud-like.

As you’ll know, memory foam beds are already quite soft and plush, though the Cloud Luxe takes this to a whole new level. You’re going to have almost all weight lifted from your body and moved into the comfort layers in the mattress.

It’s exceptionally comfortable and we’re happy to say that the cushioning and proprietary materials really do offer a sleep experience you can’t find anywhere else. It’s so plush, in fact, that your muscles and joints won’t have any pressure pushing into them at all, keeping you free to sleep without pain.

One final thing we’d like to mention is that the materials and foams are very well-built and of a high quality, and because of this you’re not going to see any permanent sinkage or sagging in the mattress with time — making this a decade-long mattress.

Heat Regulation

Although we’ve gone over the heat control a few times, the Cloud Luxe does deserve its own heat regulation review.

In the past, you may have heard about Tempur’s reputation for being a hot sleeping mattress brand, though today this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are no more hot summers and freezing winters on these mattresses.

The cooling technologies we mentioned above essentially remain actively working throughout the night and are designed in a way that works to continually absorb and wick away heat as you sleep.

An all-night cooling sensation is common to experience here, and that means you’re not going to wake up hot like on other foam mattresses. Some of the other models on the market hit a heat saturation point and can no longer continue cooling, and the Tempur model does nothing of the sort.

With advanced heat regulation technology in here, which relies on gel and copper, there is not a chance that you’ll feel too warm on this bed, which is ideal in cities like Darwin and Townsville, as well as Melbourne and Sydney summers.

Motion Isolation and Contouring

As we outlined in the Loom and Leaf review above, the plushness of a memory foam mattress will help to dull motion.

With the Tempur model being one of the most plush in the industry you’re not going to experience any motion here at all. It’s one of the most ideal mattresses for those who sleep with a partner who moves a little too much during the night, and we’d stand by the Cloud Luxe as the best of the best when it comes to keeping you asleep without disruption.

For contouring, the mattress is also quite easy to compress and sink into as you sleep due to the fact it’s so soft. You’re not going to find too much resistance here and the bed can feel just a tad mushy, though this isn’t overly a problem.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, Tempur Pedic is generally an all-in-store brand, which means your support will come from retail floor staff. This isn’t exactly ideal and can result in confusion and upselling, so for us, Tempur will lose some points for this.

For the online experience, however, Tempur has begun to take there all-digital experience more seriously and has worked to beef up their customer support team online. You should be able to find a response fairly quickly to any questions you have, though Tempur does have a while to go to catch up to Loom and Leaf.

Essential Perks

A 90-night Sleep Trial

A 10-year Guarantee

At-home Delivery by Tempur Pedic.


When it comes to pricing, Tempur is known to be relatively high-end which means that these beds are a little more costly.

However, pricing will be dependant on the store you go to as well as any sales that are currently running. As of writing, there are only a few prices online for this mattress which hover around $4,499 which makes it a little more costly than the Loom and Leaf.

Keeping in mind all of the advanced tech making an appearance in here, it might be worth taking a look at the Cloud Luxe and trialling the bed before pulling the trigger on one or the other.

Choosing Between Loom and Leaf or Tempur Pedic Cloud Luxe

To end our comparison, we’ll give you a few pointers to help make the choice a little easier between the two mattresses.

Pick the Loom and Leaf for:

A Firmer Mattress

This mattress comes in variants that are far firmer than the Tempur Pedic model, and with firmness ranges climbing from 6 through to 8 this is definitely the model for those sleepers who prefer to sleep on their back or tummy.

If you’re a heavier person, this is our top choice for you.

A Balanced Support Experience

The firmness and support levels across this mattress have been curated to ensure that you’re getting the same feel and experience across the mattress.

If you’re looking to be supported in all joints and across the body, then the Loom and Leaf’s slighter firmer balanced support might be the best bet for you and your co-sleeper.

Natural Materials

Unlike some rather unsavoury materials in memory foams, the Loom and Leaf is an all-natural model which will ensure you’re getting your hands on plant-based materials and organic cottons.

There’s a reduced risk here for children’s beds and that means you’re in good hands when it comes to sleeping without allergies.

Pick the Cloud Luxe for:

An Ultra-plush Experience

Without a doubt, this is the best mattress for you if you’re looking to get that famous cloud-like sinking feeling.

From all the mattresses we’ve reviewed on Sleepify, this mattress may be one of the softest and most contouring out there. You’re essentially getting a ‘hug’ from the Cloud Luxe and this is fantastic for side sleepers and those who might be suffering from joint pain and other soreness issues.

Motion Isolation

If you’re someone who sleeps with a co-sleeper, then this is also our winner for you.

The mattress’s ultra-plush feel essentially mutes all movement and you’re not going to see or feel any disruptive shakes or wobbles as you sleep.

This is also ideal if you’re someone who routinely has children who sleep in the bed and you’re not looking to wake them when story-time is over for example. You can simply up and leave without worrying about shaking the mattress too much and waking them.

The Takeaway

All of that said, both of these memory foam mattresses are winners in our book, however one is a little softer and more expensive than the other and tuned to different sleeping styles.

Be sure to consider your budget, sleep style and local climate before making a purchase and you’re all set to getting the best night’s sleep in a long while.

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