Loom and Leaf Mattress Review

Loom and Leaf Mattress Review

Loom and Leaf Mattress Review

For our readers taking a look at the memory foam mattress range, there’s a good chance you’ve come across a tonne of different brands with a lot of confusing marketing jargon, as well as the newcomer — Loom and Leaf.

At Sleepify, we’re here to help you understand a little more about Saatva’s Loom and Leaf Mattress and in our review we’ll take a look at everything you need to know to choose a Loom and Leaf or look elsewhere.

It’s good to note that these memory foam mattresses have fast become an industry favourite and are already some of the most popular beds out there. They’re high quality, comfortable and making a dent in the market against the heavyweights from the big brands like Tempur.

The Loom and Leaf mattress was easily one of our top choices in 2019 and this year we’ll take an even deeper look at the experience on the Loom and Leaf in our review below.

Take a look.

A Bit About Saatva

The Loom and Leaf Mattress is a product developed by Saatva.

Saatva initially sold innerspring mattresses and beds that were rather lacklustre with regards to the materials used. For example, spring mattresses were primarily all that were available by Saatva and not too much else.

The price of the products from the brand were great and the quality of materials was also top notch, though nothing had really stood out until the Loom and Leaf Mattress.

There are a few different bed models on offer from Saatva, in the memory foam range, and two of these are Relaxed Firm and a Firm memory foam mattress — making it easier for you to get the right feel for your bed.

Take a look below at our in-depth review. 

Our Top Reasons to Choose the Loom and Leaf

There are a few standout points and features that the Loom and Leaf Mattress offers that will make this mattress a better choice for some than others, and these include:

A Firm and Medium Firmness

This is one of our leading reasons to choose the Loom and Leaf. It offers a rather firm experience as well as a somewhat toned down one, making sure you get the best of both worlds.

There is a firm option here with a rigidity of 8 out of 10, making it one of the firmest mattresses on the market today, and an ideal solution for back sleepers. This is also our top choice if you enjoy sleeping on your tummy.

A second firmness option comes in a 6 out of 10 which is ideal for all sleeping types, especially side sleepers who need some added wiggle room for the shoulders and hips.

A Well-balanced Support System

Unlike many memory foam mattresses that have either too much supporting foam or not enough comfort foam, the Loom and Leaf offers one of the most well-balanced internal layouts we’ve seen.

You’ll find that there’s the perfect amount of sinkage here in the upper layers of the mattress, though being a rather firm model, you’re still getting plenty of lower back support for pressure points and joint pain.

Keep in mind that the support system will depend on your chosen firmness level.

An Eco-friendly Design

One big perk of the Loom and Leaf is the brand’s commitment to being environmentally conscious. The foams and other materials in this mattress are planet-based, or organic, making this a great mattress option for children who may suffer from allergies with manufactured foam mattresses.

A Thicker, Longer Lasting Mattress

As we often mention, the thickness of a mattress will determine its longevity and the comfort you experience over a long period of time.

On the Loom and Leaf, you’re finding one of the thickest high density foams on the market here, which means you’re not going to see a lot of permanent sinkage in time, allowing you to use this mattress for a decade without experience back pain.

This is also a great perk for sleepers with a heavier body weight, you’re getting a thicker sleep surface to sink into and be comfortable, rather than a shallow and painful one.

A Smooth Delivery Service

For the Sleepify readers who need a mattress delivered and set up without hassle, this might be the option for you.

You’ll be able to rely on the Loom and Leaf’s full-service delivery which means you’re getting a free delivery as well as a quick and easy set up and installation. You won’t have to work on carrying the bed up the stairs or setting it up, the team will do this for you.

One Con to Keep in Mind

With all the positives out of the way, there is one con that might stop you from pulling the trigger on the Loom and Leaf.

This is the feel of memory foam, rather than an issue with the mattress itself. If you’re not too keen on the sinking feeling that comes with memory foam, or the body-hugging experience, you’ll not have too much fun on this mattress.

We would suggest one of Saatva’s innerspring models in this case as these are a little firmer and feature less ‘sinkage’ as you sleep.

Loom and Leaf’s Internal Structure

If you’ve taken a look at any of our other mattress reviews on Sleepify, you’ll know that the internal structure of a mattress is a key factor in deciding whether you’ll like the bed in the long term.

We’ll take a look at the foam and material layout below and let you know a little about sleeping on the Loom and Leaf.

A Few Materials

To kick things off, the Loom and Leaf mattress comes with an array of materials integrated into the mattress. You’re going to find everything from gel layers here, through to a couple of foam layers and even a high-quality tufted covering that keeps the mattress comfortable.

From reviews, you’ll note that the mattress is very well designed and features a rather luxurious feel to it, which is a testament to the bed’s high-quality manufacturing. This also tells us that there’s a good chance it’s going to last a long while.

Let’s take a look at the internal layers below.

Top and Exterior

Encasing the mattress is a quilted cover that’s been made of organic cotton and is relatively flexible and versatile. This is key to allowing sleepers to easily sink into the mattress without any restriction.

The outer cotton casing is also ultra-plush and high quality, so you’re getting a rather ‘fluffy’ feel on the outside of this mattress.

We do want to note that the cotton casing is one of the best we’ve seen in a mattress and comes with a thin foam layer embedded into the underside, which adds to the plush supportive feel when you first get into bed.

Upper Foam Layers

Beneath the cotton casing, there are the gel foams and the comfort foams. These are where you’ll experience the most sinkage and contouring sensation.

The overall thickness of the mattress is 12 inches, and these upper layers are almost half of this.

There’s a 2 inch thick cooling layer, which relies on the Loom and Leaf proprietary gel-on-gel foam that uses a swirl technology to absorb and disperse body heat as you sleep. There is also the assurance of quality that comes with this foam in that it’s medical grade and designed to last and also prevent any impurities landing inside your mattress.

It’s also good to note that this upper foam layer has a 4lb density, which makes it well-above average on the foam quality ladder.

The Core Layers

Wedged beneath the upper cooling layers is the ultra-soft and contouring memory foam that enables pressure point relief.

This foam is around 2.5 inches thick, which means there’s plenty of depth here when it comes to getting the shoulders and hips to release any pressure and weight.

Keep in mind that this is the foam that may be a little too soft for some sleepers, and thus we suggest a firmer or innerspring mattress.

The Transition Layer

The third foam layer coming into play in the Loom and Leaf is the transition layer, which keeps things stable and supportive as you move.

This foam layer is adhered to the comfort layer and the support layer below, and this means there’s a buffer between these two different types of foams — which aids support and keeps you from experience too much sinkage or too much movement from a partner as they come to and from bed.

The Foundation Layer

Tying all of these foams together is the 5.5 inch support foam layer.

This is where the most firmness and lumbar support comes into play, and is subsequently the layer you’re going to sink down to when your body has contoured into those two upper layers.

It’s a relatively firm base layer, which is a great perk, as you’re not getting an over-sinkage here, but rather a well-balanced and comfortable weightless experience.

Material Conclusion

To end, the materials in this mattress are arguably some of the highest quality in the industry, and there aren’t too many mattresses (especially boxed variants) that comes close to this level of superiority with regards to the foams used.

We would place this mattress on par with a Tempur Pedic, which is a bold claim, though something we do stand by. 

You won’t find any cheap or poorly performing materials here.

Support and Firmness Levels

To one of the most important aspects of a mattress, the firmness and support on the Loom and Leaf is also a winner for us in that there’s a couple of options to choose form.

Unlike a lot of other mattresses in a box, you’re stuck with just one model to choose from in the hopes that it’s ‘just right’ for you. Loom and Leaf takes a different approach here.

You’re able to choose from the Loom and Leaf Firm model, or a Loom and Leaf Relaxed Firm variant. Both of these models are ideal for two different sleeper types, and that’s excellent news for those who can’t find a mattress that suits their sleep style perfectly.

On the Relaxed version of the Loom and Leaf, you’re going to feel a firmness that is around a 4 to 6 on the firmness scale, which means you’re getting a lot more sinkage and contouring on this model than the firm variant. However, the Relaxed variant is going to be our winner if you’re a lighter weight person.

The Firm variant is rather firm sitting at an 8 on the firmness scale, which means tummy and back sleepers and heavier sleepers will be right at home here.

On Loom and Leaf’s website, the firm variant is suggested for couples too, in that it’s easier to get a better sleep experience on a firmer mattress when sleepers have relatively different body weights. If you do have a co-sleeper, you’ll know that when they roll or move a little closer to you, your side of the mattress will dip if it’s a soft model, the Firm variant of the Loom and Leaf combats this.

Firmness Options and the Bed Base

We like that there are a few different firmness options to choose from, and with that being said, there’s no predetermined ‘one size fits all’ solution going on here at Saatva.

You’re also able to invest in models like a split king, which gives you the option to adjust and change firmness levels based on the sides of the mattress. If you’re more partial to a softer mattress and your partner isn’t, for example, you can have the mattress altered.

There’s a mattress base here too, the Lineal, which is adjustable and you’re able to, again, independently move your side of the bed rather than disrupting a partner who may be asleep, or simply just doesn’t want to have their side of the bed moved.

To sum up, the firmness levels on the Loom and Leaf are ideal for all sleepers in that you’re able to choose between a firmness level that suits either side sleepers, or back and tummy sleepers. You’re closer to getting the ideal firmness here than on any other mattress in a box.

Sleeping Experience and Comfort

One thing we’re keen to talk about is just how comfortable these mattresses are.

As we mentioned above, the beds are encased in a plush, foam-backed cotton cover that kicks off comfort from the moment you set yourself down on the mattress. There’s a mild springy feeling and a great cloud-like sensation.

The upper 6 inches of custom foams that land in the top half of the mattress are fantastic for keeping you cool, comfortable and isolating movement from a co-sleeper. You’re going to notice that there’s a lot of sinkage here, though the base layer is firm enough to prevent over-sinkage.

To add to this, you’re essentially going to feel weight and pressure lifted from your body the longer you stay in bed, and the speciality foams will work to retain the position you’re lying in — ideal if you did find a ‘favourite spot’ in bed.

To explain the immediate feeling of lying down on the mattress, we’d have to say that you’re feeling like you’re on a marshmallow. This marshmallow feeling will then become a little compressed though not enough for you to lose the sensation.

As we outlined above, the well-balanced support ensures that the entire body is getting this experience, rather than just the shoulders or hips, for example. You’re essentially getting the support you need, across your entire body.

In reviews, some sleepers did mention that the Relaxed Firm mattress can be a little too ‘relaxed’ and sink a bit too much — however, these were heavier sleepers. For us, we’re standing by this as our top choice firmness for the side sleeper. You’ll have plenty of sink-space here, and enough support to prevent joint pain.

For the back and tummy sleepers, the Firm model will remain our top choice in that it’s vital to prevent sinking too far in this sleeping position. You want to keep your spine in alignment, and the Loom and Leaf firm is the best model for ensuring this.

In all, both of the firmness options are able to offer an incredible sleep experience that is relatively cloud-like and ultra supportive. However, you will need to make sure you’re choosing between the two firmness levels based on two things: your body weight and your sleep style.

Perks, Features and Experience

With our mattress materials and sleeping experience out of the way, we’ll take a look at the Loom and Leaf features and overall experience, from heat retention to off-gassing.

No Overheating Mattress Issues

If you’ve taken a look at any memory foam mattress reviews online, you’ll know that overheating and body heat retention is a serious problem.

Not only is this going to cause a major issue when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, but it’s also going to reduce the life of your mattress if you’re sweating into it every single night.

We’re glad to say that Loom and Leaf’s rather thick cooling gel layer takes control of this quite well. There’s little to no heat retention at all here, and you can rely on this medical-grade gel to keep you cool at all times throughout the night.

Keep in mind that the cooling gel integrated into this mattress is entirely proprietary, which means Loom and Leaf, or Saatva rather, have developed this material exclusively for their mattresses.

To add, this is one of our top pick mattresses in a box when it comes to sleeping in a hotter climate like Darwin, Broome, Townsville and Cairns.

Motion Transfer and Edge Support

The motion transfer control on these mattresses is going to depend on which of the firmness level you choose, so we’ll take a quick look at these below.

In most cases, the Relaxed Firm was more capable of dulling movement from co-sleepers in that it’s rather soft and simply better able to absorb movement. The firmer model, the Firm, did allow a little more movement to travel through the mattress, however this wasn’t too disruptive.

Both mattresses do work quite well when it comes to muting movement from sleepers getting in and out of bed.

The edge support on the mattress is also ideal in that it’s strengthened around the edges, keeping you from sinking too far if you sleep by the ends of the bed, or sit down on these areas often.

Keep in mind that movement isolation and edge support will both depend on how much you weigh, so although reviews have touted this as being excellent, if you are a heavier person you might experience a different sensation here.

Overall though, both edge support and motion isolation are top-notch in this mattress and for the average sleeper of typical weight, you’re going to have no problems when it comes to getting a good night’s rest without interruption.

The Odour and Off-gassing Experience

With almost all memory foam mattresses, there is a level of off-gassing to experience in the weeks following your bed’s installation in the bedroom.

However, we’re surprised to say that there is absolutely no off-gassing on this mattress at all, regardless of how the bed was packaged. Loom and Leaf have noted that the bed is shipped already-expanded which means the off-gassing occurs in transit.

This is ideal for sleepers who may not be able to handle the smell of the off-gassing, and it means you’re able to get to sleeping on the bed from night one. There’s no need to off-gas the bed in another room.

We’re happy to mention that, to our knowledge, this mattress brand is the only one on the market doing this today, and it really does make a difference when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.

One other thing to keep in mind is that the off-gassing experience will depend on the quality of the foams and materials used. A poor foam will often smell a lot worse than quality foam, which means Loom and Leaf are getting more points from us here. Their hand-crafted materials and organic foams are top-notch, and the lack of an odour proves this. 

Customer Support and Shopping Experience

When buying online, there’s nothing more important than a happy and helpful team to guide you through buying a new mattress, and the Loom and Leaf customer support staff are incredible.

Not only is the online shopping experience incredible and smooth, but the staff on the other end are attentive and understanding of any questions you may have. You can expect a friendly and alert team here, and that’s great when it comes to getting the mattress delivered to your home on time and without any confusion.

All you’ll need to do to order this mattress is simply add your address and zip code for delivery confirmation in your area, and place an order for your size and firmness level. Within the next 24 hours you’ll also get an email confirming your order, so you’re not sitting wondering what’s happening.

From Order to Delivery

In most cases, you’ll have your mattress delivery process completed within 10 days, which is a little longer than some other mattresses, however, for the quality and experience we’re happy to let this slide.

It may not be an ideal experience if you need a new mattress right away, within a two or three day window, though if you’re not in a hurry this delivery time shouldn’t be an issue.

Essential Features

A 120-night Sleep Trial

A 15-year Guarantee

In-home Installation and Delivery

Old Mattress Removal

A USA-made Assurance

Pricing of the Loom and Leaf

When it comes to pricing, the mattress falls firmly in the mid-to-high end range, which isn’t too much of a surprise to us. It’s a high-quality mattress with a tonne of great materials and proprietary technology to ensure you’re getting optimal comfort.

As of writing, the pricing of the mattress is as follows:

Twin —$849

Twin XL — $1149

Queen — $1699

King — $1999

California King — $1999

The Takeaway

With all of the above said, it’s easy to see that the Loom and Leaf is one of the most trustworthy and curated mattresses out there.

It offers a sleep experience that far costlier mattresses offer, and you’re getting a great array of quality materials to sleep on to boot. We’re also big fans of the two engineered firmness levels too, which enable you to select a sleep surface that’s going to be ideal for you, your partner and your sleeping positions.

Of course, you’ll have to make use of the 120-night trial to ensure you’re getting a good night’s sleep here and that the mattress is ideal for you, though we’re quite confident in saying that you’ll enjoy the Loom and Leaf Mattress. 

Be sure to check back on Sleepify for any updates to the Loom and Leaf review, and we hope that you’re able to decide a little easier on which memory foam mattress is for you.

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