Linenspa Latex Hybrid Mattress Review- Should You Consider It?

Linenspa Latex Hybrid Mattress Review- Should You Consider It?

Linenspa Latex Hybrid Mattress Review- Should You Consider It?


Linenspa is a big name in the mattress industry. Among other things that make it a go-to brand is its unique combination of materials in a bid to please everyone.

The Linenspa Latex Hybrid Mattress is a good bet here. It combines fast response foam, latex, and high-quality steel coils to make a cracking deal for homeowners on a budget.

If you are eyeing this mattress, the obvious question in your head is, ‘’is it really worth going for?’’

I hope you’ll have got the answer to your query by the end of this review!

Who should buy a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid mattresses use combinative technology to offer the advantages of different core components. Importantly, they do this without taking the price through the roof.

For instance, do you fancy the firmness and durability of a latex mattress but can’t afford a pure latex mattress? You could hack that by getting a latex hybrid mattress.

Or, do you love the feel of sleeping in a cloud that memory foam mattress offer but hate sleeping hot? A memory foam hybrid mattress got your back.

Hybrid mattresses make great choices for innerspring beds diehards who need a mattress with a little bit more contouring.

They might also suffice if you love memory foam or latex but want to add a mix of bounce and faster response for the sake of your ‘nighttime activities’ or bad back.

On the other hand, hybrid mattresses are not so durable. Well, I have to admit that this highly depends on the quality of comfort materials and coil gauge.

But the fact is that hybrid mattresses won’t last as long as a memory foam or latex mattress of the same thickness would do.

If you are looking for a mattress that you’ll use regularly and expect it to last for decades, I bet you should be looking at latex and memory foam models.

What to look for when buying a hybrid mattress

Now, firmness is always the first thing that you should consider when buying any type of mattress.

Research reports indicate that most people are comfortable on a medium-firm bed.

But do know that this is relative. It highly depends on your physical characteristics and favorite sleeping postures.

More often than not, heavy people want firmer mattresses since they tend to sink so much in soft mattresses.

Coil gauge and count also play a huge role in regard to comfort. Usually, high gauge coil makes the mattress springier and softer.

On the other hand, low gauge coils give the mattress a firm pushback.

At, I recommend my readers to consider hybrid and innerspring mattresses with 14-15 gauge coils.

In my experience with mattresses, this range offers the best in terms of conformity, support, and durability.

The Linenspa Latex Hybrid Mattress in a glimpse

The Linenspa is a high-profile mattress that combines 3’’ of foam and latex and 7’’ of steel innersprings. Its innerspring system features individually wrapped coils and its top has a euro top design.

As you can expect from such a mattress, this bed promises a good amount of bounce and firmness. Its pillow top design, on the other hand, adds to this mattress’ aesthetics and comfort.

The Linenspa mattress is available in about all the major standard sizes; twin, twin xl, full, king, and California king.

This mattress is a sibling to lots of other pure foam and hybrid mattresses from this brand. Worth noting, however, is that this is its flagship model in the latex hybrid mattresses department.

Judging from the coil gauge and core components, the main objectives here seem to be firmness and comfort.

In terms of competition, the Linenspa is a fair competitor of the Sunrising Bedding Natural Latex hybrid mattress.

You’ll like the Linenspa Hybrid Mattress if you

  • Want to sleep on not inside the mattress
  • Need a mattress with a perfect balance of comfort and support
  • Are looking for a mattress with a good degree of bounce
  • Want a mattress that supports different sleeping positions
  • Don’t want to spend so much on a mattress

This mattress won’t fit you if you

  • Want a wholly natural mattress- the foam and latex in this mattress are far from being natural. But that’s what makes it affordable
  • Are looking for an overly soft mattress


  • Comes at a fair price (on Amazon)
  • Offers a good amount of comfort, support, and firmness
  • Pillow top design boosts its comfort and aesthetics
  • You won’t roll towards the middle
  • Supports different sleeping postures
  • Might help with back pain relief


  • Pillow top design might make it sleep a little bit hot
  • Heavy sleepers might find it overly soft


The Linenspa latex hybrid mattress combines 4 layers of foam and latex and pocketed coils to offer you a stellar sleeping experience.

This mattress boasts 10 inches of comfort and has a medium firmness. Therefore, it should be a good pick for most kids and adults who have trouble getting off high-profile beds.

The combination of foam, latex, and innerspring aims at fusing the softness of foam with the excellent support of latex.

It also aims at giving you a good amount of bounce while regulating the temperature of your sleeping surface.

If you have a minute, let’s see how this combinative technology works.

A classy 2-tone cover

The cover of the Linenspa Latex hybrid mattress consists of a blend of polyester, rayon, and polypropylene fiber.

These materials make this cover highly breathable and soft. The cover works quite well with the interior components to maintain a cooler sleeping surface.

Aesthetics wise, Linenspa seems to have done quite a good job on this one. This mattress brings an impressive modern design that will fit quite well in most contemporary bedrooms.

Its all-white hue and 2 green lines that sandwich a grey perimeter all add a good flare to its attractive design.

Its comfort Section

This mattress’ promise of comfort starts right beneath the cover. As I hinted earlier on, this mattress has a pleasant pillowtop design.

The cover has been quilted with 1-inch of fast response foam that is responsible for its immediate comfort.

For those who might be new to this, a pillow top design, as the name suggests, features an extra pillow-like layer on top.

This layer boosts the softness and comfort of the mattress. It also ensures consistency and uniformity throughout the sleeping surface.

Fast response foam

Right below the pillowtop cover is what Linenspa calls a fast response foam layer. This is a gentle material that responds fast to your pressure and body temperature.

It aims at contouring around you to help with pressure point and pain relief.

Latex foam

The fast response foam also acts as a transition layer to the latex foam. This layer plays 2 important roles.

First, it pushes you back so that you won’t feel stuck in the memory foam layer on top. Second, this latex layer is notably heartier than the first layer.

Thus, it offers a meeting ground between the comfort section and the innerspring system.

This latex layer also regulates the amount of bounce that you get from the coils. This means that the mattress won’t be uncomfortably wavy to make moving on it rather difficult.

The Support section

The base layer of this mattress comprises of several hundreds of 7-inch coils. Worth noting is that these coils are individually coiled.

This helps in minimizing motion transfer. I’ll explain this further in another section later in this article.

Firmness and Support Vs Your Sleeping Postures

The Linenspa latex hybrid mattress generally has a medium firm feel. On a typical 1-10 scale (10 being the firmest), this mattress falls at 6.

The combination of fast responsive foam and latex layers offers a good balance of conformity, hug, and support.

This means that this mattress might be a great pick for virtually anyone regardless of their sleeping postures.

If you sleep on your stomach, the quilted cover and fast response foam will allow your heavy parts (upper back and buttocks) to sink through before being pushed back by the latex layer to offer your spine a natural alignment.

The same case applies to side snoozers. The foam layer will let your shoulders and hip bone to sink through to avoid creating pressure points.

The latex layer, however, in conjunction with the low gauge coils will offer a firm pushback. These 2 ensure that your spine won’t be thrown out of its alignment.

Stomach sleepers are in luck too. This foam, latex, and low gauge coils combo offer good support to your hips and shoulders without sinking too much.

Motion transfer

If you’ll be sharing your bed with a partner who moves quite a lot at night, then motion transfer is something you’ll really want to consider.

Innerspring mattresses are the worst culprits in regard to motion transfer. On the other hand, latex and memory foam are the best performers in minimizing disturbances.

When you combine the 2 technologies, you get a hybrid mattress with above-average motion isolation.

Now, the Linenspa Latex Hybrid mattress isn’t the best at containing motion. However, the latex layer plus the individually wrapped coils do a great job of deadening the motion.

This means that you might still feel your partner or pet tossing around at night. But the motion transfer won’t be as intense as it is the case with innerspring mattresses.

Other than the latex and the foam layers, another feature that boosts motion isolation is the low-gauge coil system.

These springs have a firm pushback and are less springy than high gauge springs. This helps in curbing energy transfer.

Will it sleep hot?

Well, Linenspa has done virtually nothing to boost thermal regulation in this mattress. The pillowtop design plus the foam only make things worse, in fact.

That’s why several people report that they feel a little bit hot on this mattress.

Do I mean that this mattress is hell-bent on boiling you in your own sweat?

No! As I have told you before, the high density latex layer plus the low-gauge coils push you up and out of the mattress.

This means that unlike a low-density memory foam mattress, you won’t sink too much into the 3-inch foam layer.

This should help in maintaining a good airflow within the sleeping surface.

In addition, the innerspring base system also plays a great role in minimizing heat buildup in the mattress.

Edge Support

This mattress performs quite well on this front. I would really recommend it for a couple if this is the determining factor.

A mattress with a strong and stable border makes a great choice for couples who want more sleeping surface.

It means that you won’t be ejected off the bed when sleeping at the edge. It also minimizes mattress-edge sink when sitting on the bed during a quick chat and when tying your shoelaces.

Base requirements

The Linenspa Latex Hybrid mattress will work just fine on the following types of bases

  • Box
  • Slated/platform bed frame
  • Metal grid
  • Adjustable bed frame

Shipping Logistics and Assembly

This mattress ships in a box. You won’t incur any shipping costs whether you order it from Amazon or directly from Linespa’s website.

Upon delivery, you’ll need to unroll it and air it out for at least 72 hours for the factory odors to dissipate.

Trial Period and Warranty

Neither Amazon nor Linenspa says a thing about testing this mattress at home. This might be bad news in case your body fails to adjust to it.

On the other hand, you get 10 years worth of warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

What do previous users say?

Having analyzed its construction details, and with a personal view of how it would feel to sleep on this mattress, I was eager to hear previous users’ feedback.

And what I got was hands down, in line with what I expected.

This mattress has garnered lots of praises on Amazon, Walmart, Homedepot, and Reading through the reviews, most people seem happy with its comfort and support especially considering its price.

Most people appreciate that it is between firm and plush. They like that it has excellent conformity yet they don’t sleep ‘inside the mattress.’

There aren’t any serious complaints regarding comfort. And only a few people report that it sleeps hot so far.

Looking for more options?

Sunrising Bedding 8’’ Natural Latex Mattress

For those who would prefer a more natural mattress, I give you the Sunrising Bedding Natural Latex mattress.

This is a hybrid mattress featuring a single layer of Talalay latex and individually pocketed coils.

The Talalay latex used here isn’t as natural as Dunlop latex. But it’s way better than the synthetic latex that the Linenspa uses.

This mattress uses 825 coils which are right in our recommended ballpark and has a firmer feel. Therefore, it’s ideal for sleepers who are looking for a supportive mattress for their bad back.

Unlike the Linenspa above, the Sunrising Bedding comes with a 120-day trial period a 20-year warranty.

LCH 10’ Latex Pillowtop Hybrid Mattress

The LCH might be a good bet if you love to sleep on a firm bed. This mattress uses a blend of natural and synthetic latex and 900 independently encased coils.

The LCH offers deep support thanks to the high number of coils. This also means more comfort and a longer durability.

Similar to the Linenspa mattress, the LCH also has an exquisite border to prevent you from rolling off the bed.

Among several other things that make it different is its impressive cotton silk cover that aids in thermal regulation.

It also features a layer of memory foam cooling gel that ensures a cooler sleeping surface besides adding conformability.

Olee Sleep Galaxy Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress

Anyone eyeing the Linenspa Latex hybrid mattress is definitely in need of a mattress that won’t break their banks.

The Olee Sleep Galaxy seems like a great alternative. The major difference here is that the latter uses memory foam rather than latex.

Thus, it makes a great choice if you fancy the feel of ‘sleeping in a cloud.’ This mattress base layer is made up of tempered steel pocketed coils.

These 2 components promise a mattress that will conform nicely to your body curves while offering even support.

This mattress might also offer better motion isolation if you share your bed with a partner. It also sleeps cooler thanks to the gel –infusion technology.


That’s it, folks!

A hybrid mattress is a great way to enjoy the benefits of several mattress components in a single bed.

If you are in need of a mattress that’s both comfortable and supportive, the Linenspa 10-inch could be it.

This mattress offers a good amount of support without sinking too much. It also has a great deal of pressure relief and does not make you feel like you are stuck in the bed.

Need more information about this mattress?

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