Leesa vs Casper

Leesa vs Casper

Leesa vs Casper


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Both the Leesa mattress and the Casper mattress are designed to suit most types of sleeper. While some companies have a huge and daunting selection of mattresses, with different levels of firmness and aimed at different sleeping positions, these two companies just offer you one mattress. So while that narrows down your choice, you’ve still got to pick which mattress company you’re going to go with. Here we aim to help you make the right choice.

Purchasing your mattress


It all starts with buying your mattress. The Leesa and Casper mattresses are both very reasonably priced, and similarly priced. If you read this whole article and still don’t have any real preference, then it’s always worth checking the websites of both manufacturers. A decent money off coupon could be your deciding factor!


Delivery is free for both mattresses, however you could have a longer wait for the Leesa as they are all made to order. It is estimated that you’ll get your Casper mattress in 2-5 business days and 5-10 days for the Leesa. If you live in New York though, it’s worth knowing that you can have a Casper mattress delivered within just a couple of hours. Ideal if your current mattress is damaged and you’ve had to get rid of it.


Both mattresses arrive compressed in a box and neither company offer a set up service. However, installing your new mattress is pretty simple. Being compressed and boxed, they’re fairly easy to move from your doorstep to the required room. If you’ve ever wrestled an unwieldy flat mattress through your home you’ll certainly appreciate this modern approach!

Simply unbox and unwrap your mattress and leave it flat, either on the bed or on the floor. It will gradually expand and after an hour or two should have gained its full size.

See both the Leesa and Casper mattresses being unboxed…

After sales service

When it comes to after sales service, you get a similar offering from Casper and Leesa. You get a ten year warranty from both companies, and both mattresses come with a 100 night trial deal. That means you can test out the mattress for up to 100 nights. If within this time you decide it’s just not the right mattress for you, then you can return it for a refund. Both companies will collect the mattress from your home and both companies donate their returned mattresses to charities which we think is a great idea.

The Layers Inside

Let’s take a look under the covers of the Leesa and Casper mattresses, as this is where all the important stuff is! Both mattresses have an overall depth of 10 inches which should fit nicely in most standard bed bases and both mattresses come with a removable, washable cover.

The Leesa layers

The Leesa mattress is made of three different layers of foam. The supporting base layer is made of 6 inches of high density foam. This breathable layer helps to keep the mattress cool on the warmest of nights. On top of the base layer is 2 inches of memory foam giving good pressure relieving properties and adding plenty of comfort and that luxurious relaxing feeling that comes with a memory foam mattress. The top layer is a little different. It’s made from a foam called Avena foam. This is similar to latex foam, which is known for its cooling properties, but it’s more durable than latex, increasing the life span of your mattress when compared to latex foam products. Avena foam is great for limiting the transfer of movement across the bed, so if your partner, or you, move about a lot during sleep, this could be a great option.

The Casper layers

Now on to the layers of the Casper mattress. This too has a base layer of high density foam. On the Casper mattress this layer is 7 inches thick. This layer is directly underneath a layer of memory foam that is both supportive, comfortable and pressure relieving. The top layer of the Casper mattress is made of open-cell latex foam. This soft and bouncy layer is highly cooling. People who find memory foam too hot generally prefer a latex foam mattress.

The Sleep Test

So how do these mattresses actually score when it comes to the true test… sleeping on them! While both mattresses were comfortable, and not too firm, the Casper was definitely a little firmer than the Leesa. We found we sank into the Casper mattress a little less than the Leesa and so our back sleepers preferred this one. Side and front sleepers tended to find the Leesa more suited to their needs.

When it comes to keeping your cool, we found both mattresses adequate. The top layers of both these mattresses are much cooler than mattresses that have memory foam as their uppermost layer. But, the Casper mattress was certainly the cooler of the two. if you tend to get hot at night, then do check out the Casper mattress, we were very impressed with just how cool it stayed all night. Motion transfer was a little more pronounced on the Casper though as it’s a bouncier mattress in general. The Leesa is the better choice for those who move around in their sleep. You can also see how the Casper mattress compares to mattresses from brands like Sleep Number on Sleepify.

And so to conclude…

If you’re looking for a firm but bouncy mattress that will keep you cool, or you tend to mostly sleep on your back, then the Casper mattress is likely to suit you better than the Leesa. But, if you sleep on your side or front, or move around in your sleep, then the Leesa mattress is the obvious choice here.

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