Lazybed Mattress Review

Lazybed Mattress Review

Lazybed Mattress Review


Today we have decided to take an in-depth look at the Australian based company called Lazybed and its mattress and share some more information regarding the materials used, sleep quality and overall feel. Lazybed is a mixture of bamboo fabric, viscoelastic memory foam and on the bottom layer a mesh base which does wonders for the sleepers who suffer overheating providing the mattress with ultimate breathability. On the scale of firmness, it is a medium-firm at a level of 6.5 and it is a foam mattress which makes it perfect for people who like the feeling of staying supported but at the same time, they enjoy the softness and feeling of sinking in. 

If you are thinking of buying a new mattress and especially transitioning from a spring mattress make sure you read our review that will present the most significant data for this mattress, and help you out in making a decision if this is the right mattress to snooze for you or not. In addition, you can always take advantage of the great trial period of 125 days and try it out at home.  

Sounds interesting? If you are ready to learn more, make sure you take the time to read our detailed review on this mattress. 

Product Details

The Lazybed is another mattress that comes out of the box. Very similar to the other foam mattresses, it comes in a range of sizes from the single, king single to king-size. The weight depends on the size itself and just as an example the queen mattress has 27 kilograms so when you are bringing this at home you might use some assistance.   

All the Lazybed mattresses are packed in a box and are vacuum-sealed so when you unbox them they will form just right after the opening. Immediately after the opening, the mattress is ready to be used so you can sleep on it the same night. However, it’s worth mentioning that it does take some time for the body to adjust and for the mattress to fully expand. As the company is pretty generous with the trial period (in comparison to other companies they offer 125 days of trial) there are quite enough nights for you to make up your mind if this has been the right choice.   

What is it made of? 

What is different compared to similar all-foam mattresses, the Lazybed consists of 2 foam layers compared to the standard 3 layers. This has been specifically designed to help people suffering from overheating and helping the heat dispersion. How does this affect the firmness and the feel of comfort? Well, this is one of the things that we researched and will discuss herein. 

The top layer has been designed specifically for this company and the viscoelastic foam is called Davina foam. The foam with measurements of 7.5 cm is gel-infused and the purpose of this cooling gel is the effect of cooling for the sleepers. Again, at this point, you will say that this is very much like the other gel-infused foams, which we will prove wrong. What is the case with the other mattresses of this type, is the standard layer that exists between the top and bottom layers. Well, this is not the case here. This is why instead of the usual memory foam, the company opts for their own product or the Davina foam that although very similar it is much softer in touch. 

The second layer is made of high-density support foam, which is actually the foundation for the Davina foam. The top layer transfers the pressure to the second layer which absorbs it and this provides great airflow that is enabled because of the mesh fabric. This fabric again is unique and specific for this mattress and it is one of the most prominent perks for the product and the reason for the feeling of cooling while sleeping or having a comfy nap. 

The feature of breathability is additionally emphasized with the bamboo cover, whose main ingredient is 100% woven bamboo. The fabric is soft and silky. Thus this makes the mattress a perfect choice for areas with hotter temperatures as it will keep us cool, but still it holds warmth during lower temperatures. Bamboo is hypoallergenic fabric in its nature.

Overall Feeling of Comfort

What Lazybed has in common with all the other related mattresses is the feeling of sinking and contouring to the body due to the foam. What is special about Lazybed is the blend between the Davina foam (a special feature of this brand) and high-density support foam that make the medium-firm feeling which suits most of the sleepers. As said previously on the scale of firmness, this product is around 6  of max. 10.  

According to the level of firmness, this mattress is more likely to be enjoyed by back sleepers and side sleepers. As has been discussed before, a single mattress can not be ideal for all different sleeping styles. So what do sleepers with different styles say about this mattress?   

Side sleepers find this mattress an ideal one for them much more than the other types of sleepers. It is perfect for pressure relief, especially on shoulders and hips. This is even more so because of the Davina foam that lets you sink comfortably in the mattress. People who are transitioning from the traditional spring mattress like the feeling of comfort and have no more sore limbs. It takes a short time to get used to sleeping on this mattress. 

Although this degree of firmness may be ideal for certain sleeping positions, some of the sleepers who suffer from back issues report that they do not find it the most comfortable because it does not offer enough support for the back. This means that if you are in need of really firm support because of the back problems and you are a back sleeper, you may need to reconsider this product. 

Sinking can be somewhat problematic for back sleepers but stomach sleepers find it has the right feeling of comfort. In addition, if you are a stomach sleeper you can add a topper for additional cushioning. However, most of the stomach sleepers enjoy the feeling of slowly sinking and just the right amount of support. 

What about the Edge Support? 

This mattress does not contain any springs and therefore it is not so unusual for the edges to sink when a person gets up or sits down on it. This is why exactly we mentioned that Lazybed may not be the best option for sleepers with back problems and back pain, as insufficient edge support can cause problems on getting up. In this case, we would recommend you look for a hybrid construction.  So, if we are talking about the cons, this one would probably be on the top of the list. 

On the other hand, on the side of the perks, we can talk about the great motion transfer. The blend of foams helps in the reduction and prevention of the movement transfer which is excellent for avoiding the partner’s disturbance, or not to wake up when pets jump on or off for example. Compared to spring mattresses this will be a real blast when it comes to staying still and balanced. 

How does it compare to the other mattresses? 

If we compare this product to some other mattresses that more or less belong to the same category, we can say that Lazybed falls behind the majority of them based on customers’ reviews. If we take for example Sleeping Duck, a common thing is that both companies have been reviewed very closely regarding comfort and back pain with a slight advantage for the Sleeping Duck and only winning one category here, which is the lower price. 

If we take for example the Ecosa mattress, Ergoflex and even the Koala mattress we can see a big advantage of all those brands over the reviewed, except in the category of price. Although one thing that is worth mentioning is that Koala is very competitive price-wise with the Lazybed offering the mattresses with the same starting price and with a slight difference at the highest price depending on the size. 

The Overall Value 

The Lazybed, which was known as an Australian brand, does not sell any more mattresses under its brand name because it has been taken over by a company called Onebed that will continue to sell the same products just under this name. This mattress is almost always recommended for a customer on a budget. It is considered to be a great bargain compared to another similar type of mattresses, with a price tag that is below average. The queen size costs just less than $1000, and we have to admit that this is rather competitive compared to all others in the same category.  

When we compare the warranty and trial period to other companies we can freely say that this product has a generous 125 night trial, which is longer than the usual 100 days trial and a 15-year warranty, which is again larger than the standard of 10 years. What you should be aware of before you get rid of the old mattress and order this one is that you should allow some time to get adjusted to the bed and there are a number of customers who complain about the customer service and delivery. However, if you are not sure about this product and decide to return it after the trial period you can return it and the company will come and pick it up for free and will give you a full refund. 

Who do we recommend this mattress for?

 We would say that this mattress is recommendable for budget-conscious clients who are interested in medium firmness mattress. It has proven to be ideal for stomach sleepers, but not so great for those suffering back pain. The cover made of bamboo cannot be removed and it is advisable to purchase a mattress protector. One thing is for sure that this is the best mattress for people who do not want to disturb their partner’s sleep as it is proven to be excellent at the prevention of motion transfer. In this way, you can both enjoy the perks of this great high-quality mattress, especially if we are talking about a partner who is a light sleeper. 

Perks and Cons


– Great at prevention of motion transfer 

– Affordable price 

– The trial period is longer as well as the years of warranty compared to other companies

-Ideal for stomach sleepers 

– Breathable Bamboo Cover 


– Lacks edge support 

– Complaints regarding the customer service and delivery speed 

– The cover is not removable 

Final Verdict  

In this Lazybed Mattress Review, we tried to take a more detailed look and present you with all the required details for you to make a decision if this is the right option for you. By the end of it, we can conclude that the mattress feels medium regarding firmness and if you do not like firm mattress options with inner springs or pocket springs or the too-soft feeling of the memory foam mattress, you will surely like the one of a kind Davina foam. 

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option for a new mattress that is medium-firm and extra breathable as well as soft on touch due to the bamboo cover this might be the perfect choice for you. Before you make the final decision make sure you use the wonderful period of trial of 125 days to make sure it fits your sleeping style and you find it comfortable. People who find that they overheat easily will especially benefit from sleeping on it, as well as those who tend to have allergies will enjoy this because of the bamboo cover! As this mattress consists of foam you will enjoy the feeling of sinking and support at the same time.

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