Koala Vs Sommuto Mattress

Koala Vs Sommuto Mattress

Koala Vs Sommuto Mattress

Many mattresses are in the market, making it overwhelming for a person to shop for one. This is especially true for people who experience back pains, as selecting the wrong or right mattress can be the difference between being in pain or feeling good. 

This article has narrowed down the search as it reviews two of the leading mattress brands in Australia to help you find one that best suits your needs.  

What is a Koala Mattress?

Aussies design these mattresses for Aussies, and it has received awards for their unique features, design, manufacturing, and eco-friendliness. The koala mattress features an open cell layer that keeps it cool and gives it a firm but soft feel. 

You can adjust the firmness level to your liking as the mattress has customisation features. Its standout feature is that one can switch between the firm and medium options by unzipping and switching the upper layer. 

It also has a three-zone layer of support that is softer on the foot and head areas and firmer in the middle, thus offering enhanced pressure alleviation and improved spine alignment. Both mattress configurations — medium firm and firm — are very supportive; nevertheless, the medium firm provides more give while the firm layer is more supportive. 

Petite people, back and side sleepers will find the medium soft better, while plus-size individuals and stomach sleepers will find the firm side better. Since memory foam and latex are responsive, you won’t feel the stuck-in-the-mud feeling associated with most memory foam mattresses.     

Are Koala Mattresses Worth It?

Koala mattresses are worth every penny if you value comfort over every other feature a mattress has. Koala mattresses offer the best of both worlds with their two firmness options. The mattress also provides balance as the manufacturers made it in a way that offers to all muscles in your body.

 Furthermore, it features disturbance technology; therefore, there’s minimal partner disturbance while sleeping. It also suits all kinds of sleepers no matter their wait, so its users are guaranteed great comfort when sleeping on this mattress. 

This is the mattress to get if you need some chilliness while sleeping. Koala mattresses are breathable and allow air to flow through all the layers, so you won’t sweat or overheat while sleeping.

Its firm, yet supportive layers can relieve pressure and align your spine as you rest.   The mattress comes with a 120 nights trial duration and a 10-year warranty. 

Koala Mattress Pros and Cons 


  • Suitable for all sleeping positions
  • Has motion isolation feature
  • Designed with a pressure alleviation feature
  • Has optimal airflow and breathability 


  • It doesn’t offer edge support
  • Isn’t bouncy 

What is a Sommuto Mattress? 

This multi-foam mattress is medium soft and offers excellent pressure alleviation. The brand is manufactured and owned in Australia and adheres to the set quality and eco-friendly standards. 

Sommuto mattresses have a medium firmness and are one of the industry’s best cooling systems. The mattress uses a blend of high-density, memory and gel foam that offers comfort and a cooling effect. 

The manufacturer designed his mattress to meet all sleepers’ sweet spots. This means that its medium firmness and a blend of comfort and memory foam give sleepers a balanced feel. The comfort foam provides a sinking feeling, while the memory foam offers support. 

This is an excellent choice for average-size people as they can sleep in all positions. Side sleepers can find pressure alleviation for their hips and shoulders without sinking to the bottom layer. 

This mattress absorbs shock, so there’s minimal partner disturbance when one moves. Memory foams are infamous for its heat retention; the gel in this mattress lets air flow and pulls heat away. The layers are encased in a Tempright material to fit Australia’s climate. 

Are Sommuto Mattresses Worth It?

Though they’re more expensive than other mattresses, Sommuto is perfect for people who experience neck and back pain. The mattress works well for those looking for the contouring and sinking features that this mattress is renowned for.

 Back and stomach sleepers will enjoy sleeping on this mattress owing to its medium firmness. Its comfort foam layer offers the perfect blend of support and comfort, improves air circulation, and reduces the memory foam’s heat retention properties. 

Couples will also enjoy sleeping on this mattress as it features motion technology that minimises partner disturbance. The cover is another feature that makes this mattress worth every penny as it is dust and mite resistant and ensures temperature regulation in the different Australian climates. 

The mattresses are designed with minimal volatile compounds and offer more support than other imported mattresses. The mattress also comes with a ten-year guarantee and a 100 nights trial.    

Sommuto Mattress Pros and Cons 


  • It’s manufactured in Australia 
  • The mattresses are made from recyclable and sustainable materials
  • Has temperature regulation properties
  • Offers pressure alleviation


  • Expensive compared to other memory foam mattresses
  • It doesn’t accommodate all types of sleepers

Koala Vs. Sommuto Mattresses Head-to-Head Comparison

1. Pricing 

 Koala mattresses are more expensive than Sommuto mattresses. The cost of a mattress depends on the size. Here’s the cost of koala mattresses based on size: 

  • Single – $750
  • Double – $950
  • King Single – $850
  • King – $1250
  • Queen $1050

The cost of Sommuto mattresses, depending on size, is as follows: 

  • Single – $699
  • Double – $899
  • King Single – $799
  • King – $1049
  • Queen – $949

2. Firmness 

Koala mattresses offer two firmness levels, firm and soft, which users can adjust to suit their preferences. The Koala mattress is soft on the soft side and supportive on the firm side. The medium size is rated 6/10 on the firmness scale, while the firm side is rated 7/10 on the firm side. The Sommuto mattress has medium firmness, which you can’t adjust. 

3. Warranty and Shipping

Both mattresses offer free shipping and a ten-year warranty. Koala mattresses are shipped in two boxes; the support and comfort layers come in separate boxes. Once you’ve placed an order, the shipping company contacts you to schedule an appropriate delivery time. Let the layers expand in your bedroom. 

Sommuto mattresses also come in a box, and unpacking is also simple. Shipping takes between one to five days after placing your order online. Delivery is done to your doorstep, and once it arrives, open the package and let it expand on your bed frame. 

4. Sleeping Style 

Since Koala mattresses are rated 6/10 on the firmness scale, they’re suitable for most types of sleepers. Back sleepers find this mattress most comfortable since it falls on the firmer side and is suitable for people who experience back pain. 

For petite people, Koala mattresses can be a bit too firm. For heavy or medium-weight individuals, the mattress hugs their shoulders and hugs, thus offering sufficient support. For people who sleep on their stomachs, the mattress is adequately firm and ensures your chest, stomach, and legs stay in position.    

Sommuto mattresses aren’t too hard or soft, as their combination of comfort and memory foam gives them a balanced feel. This makes it ideal for all sleeping p[ositions, it keeps the spines of black sleepers aligned and offers stomach sleepers cushioning in the right places. The mattress provides side sleepers pressure alleviation in their hips and shoulders without sinking into the bottom layer. 

5. Unique Specifications

Koala mattresses are made of two layers that provide comfort and support. The first layer is the kloudcell layer, made with breathable and soft material. This comfort layer works like memory foam and latex, which is supportive and firm and contours to your body for pressure relief. Its second layer is the ecofaom layer which is ultra-resilient and offers support. 

These layers are encased in a cover whose upper layer consists of Tencel and polyester while the bottom is made of pure polyester. This cover is antimicrobial and porous, thus preventing overheating and keeping the mattress in place.

In contrast, sommuto mattresses have three layers; the first layer is the gel-infused layer which absorbs weight and keeps sleepers cool. Even though memory foam is infamous for retaining heat, the gel allows air circulation to pull heat away. The second layer is the comfort or transition layer, which contours a sleeper’s body and prevents overheating by removing moisture and heat. 

The last layer is the base which gives the mattress support and structure. All these layers are enclosed in a porous cover designed with tempright material. This material is designed using thermatex technology that’s perfect for Australia’s seasonal climates and prevents overheating.   

6. Quality of Materials

Koala and Sommuto mattresses are designed using high-quality, eco-friendly materials that meet Australian manufacturing standards. The mattresses are designed using foams that are Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certified and have low volatile organic compounds (VOC) materials that are free from chemicals and heavy metals.

However, each mattress’s foam is made using different materials; the inner layers of a koala mattress consist of resilient ecofoam and kloudcell foam. In contrast, The inner layers of sommuto mattresses consist of gel-infused, memory, and comfort foams.  

7. Overall Comfort

Both mattresses offer maximum comfort to sleepers as they have unique technologies that offer pressure alleviation and a cooling effect as you’re sleeping. Koala mattresses are responsive but soft, and their custom foam provides a neural feel that’s neither bouncy nor squishy. This means you can change positions easily without experiencing a stuck-in-mud feeling.   

Sommuto mattresses offer you the comfort of conventional memory foam while offering the support of denser foams. Its blend of comfort and support foam gives the mattress a balanced feel, while the memory gives sleepers a relaxed sinking feeling. 

8. Best Suited For 

Koala mattresses are suitable for people who value comfort above all else, as it’s designed to provide support to all body muscles. The mattress is also suitable for average to lightweight individuals regardless of their sleeping positions. If you’re searching for a mattress that’s neither too firm nor soft, this is the mattress for you. 

Koala mattresses are also ideal for individuals who prefer a blend of support and contouring and couples looking for a mattress with motion isolation features. The mattress is also suitable for people looking for a reasonably priced all-foam bed and those unsure of their firmness preference. 

In contrast, Sommuto mattresses are perfect for individuals looking for a softer alternative to spring mattresses. The mattress works well for various customers; it’s best enjoyed by individuals looking for the contouring and sinking feeling it’s renowned for. 

The mattress is also suitable for couples as it has motion isolation features and hot sleepers and offers temperature neutrality. Finally, individuals searching for a quality bed with a reasonable price tag will also find sommuto mattresses a viable option.  

9. Sleep Temperature

Both mattresses have technologies that promote air circulation while sleeping to prevent overheating. Koala mattresses are designed with an open cell layer technology that is porous and doesn’t trap heat, thus preventing sweating and overheating as you sleep.

The Sommuto’s memory foam is infused with gel to prevent heat retention, that’s common with most memory foam beds. The Tempright cover is also breathable and ensures temperature regulation through different Australian climates.  

Final Thoughts

Both Koala and Sommuto mattresses balance responsiveness, offer pressure alleviation, and have motion isolation features that minimise partner disturbance. Deciding whether to purchase a Sommuto or Koala mattress depends on your individual needs. However, you can never go wrong with any of them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Koala Beds Have an Odor?

Koala beds have a slight odour when they’re first unboxed. You can eliminate this smell by removing the cover, sprinkling bicarbonate soda, and vacuuming it after several hours. 

How Can One Recompress a Mattress?

You can recompress a mattress by attaching a shop or regular vacuum to the mattress. As it compresses, gently press the mattress to flatten it. 

How Long  Do Mattresses Last?

On average, most mattresses last between seven to ten years. Nevertheless, various factors can affect a mattress’s longevity; the fabrics used, quality, and a  sleeper’s weight and style. 

Can Mattresses be Re-Rolled?

Re-rolling a mattress risks damage as the memory foam can crease and create lumps that limit support. Additionally, your mattress may fail to return to its original shape necessitating you to purchase a new one.  

Is It Okay to Place  New Mattresses On Old Bases?

Most people don’t usually think about their mattresses as it’s just something they sleep on. However, when a mattress is new, you might start wondering what’s best for it. You don’t have to overthink it; putting a new mattress on an old base is perfectly okay.    

Do Koala Mattresses have Memory Foam?

These mattresses are designed using open cell technology that gives a memory foam lush feel. Still, it also offers bounce and breathability to prevent the sinking feeling associated with memory foam mattresses. 

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