Koala Vs. Sleep Republic

Koala Vs. Sleep Republic

Koala Vs. Sleep Republic

In Australia, the two most commonly used mattresses are Koala and Sleep Republic. These brands have revolutionised the nation’s direct-to-consumer mattress-in-a-box market.

Three foam mattresses from Koala have been improved over time and are very popular. Most customer reviews for the brand are positive, and the few unfavourable reviews focus on delivery and long-term satisfaction issues.

A hybrid mattress made by the Sleep Republic emphasises edge support. It blends latex with pressure-alleviating characteristics of gel-infused memory foam. Furthermore, zonal pocket springs assist in providing support for the spine. The majority of consumers report excellent initial comfort, with few dissatisfactions.

In this review, we will compare the features of Koala and Sleep Republic mattresses and their pros and cons to help you make the best choice when making your inquiry.

What is a Koala Mattress? 

The Koala Mattress is a quality foam mattress that has received several accolades for being non-toxic and beneficial to the environment. It comes with a convenient customisation function that enables you to modify the amount of stiffness to fit your choice. This feature is included.

It is a redesigned version of the very well-liked (Original) Koala Mattress, which was introduced to the market for the very first time in 2015. The Mattress is the most affordable option in Koala’s full line of mattresses, which also features the Calm As Mattress as a more affordable option and the flagship Soul Mate Mattress as the most expensive option.

Are Koala Mattresses Worth It? 

Yes, Koala mattresses are worth it. They provide three all-foam mattresses with adjustable firmness levels that you can acquire directly through their website.

Furthermore, they offer more cutting-edge foam layouts for their mattresses using their proprietary KloudcellTM foams, and other models even include “foam springs.” Although a small number of concerns about long-term comfort and durability have been received, consumers generally enjoy their assortment of mattresses and have constantly welcomed their advancements.

Koala features a convenient design that can be “customised,” It strikes an excellent balance between comfort and support. Notable, too, are the accreditations stating that it is non-toxic.

Directly from their website, you can place an order for any mattress designs made entirely of foam. Each one may be adjusted to one of three distinct levels of firmness.

They use their proprietary KloudcellTM foams in their revolutionary foam combinations in their designs, and other variants even contain “foam springs.” In other words, the company provides a wide variety of custom options. Most customers like their choices and have consistently appreciated the upgrades.

Koala Mattress Pros and Cons 


  • It’s a well-known mattress brand
  • It has a short shipping and unpacking time 
  • 120-night free trial period
  • Advanced Products 
  • It’s very spacious (no disruption by your partner)
  • Lightweight and lively
  • Certified by GECA


  • Can be pricey
  • It’s not made in Australia.
  • There isn’t any edge support included.

What is a Sleep Republic Mattress?

The Sleep Republic is an Australian company with headquarters in Melbourne. So far, the company has provided more than 100,000 beds to consumers based only in Australia. It has garnered multiple accolades and received hundreds of evaluations from customers, all of which laud the high quality of its products. 

Repeat business accounts for over 20% of The Sleep Republic’s total revenue. This is a direct consequence of the company’s meteoric rise in appeal among Australians.

The company produces high-end mattresses using hybrid technology to provide the most comfortable night’s sleep possible. Despite this, the company’s beds are more affordable than those sold by the majority of other high-end companies. 

Their mattresses are constructed using various materials to provide comfort and support. Most clients report excellent initial comfort, with a gel-infused memory foam that keeps you calm and relaxed. And its pocketed springs provide the most effective orthopedic support.

The company uses a prime spring system that has about 2,250 springs. This is almost three times as many coils as other types of mattresses. In addition, for improved orthopedic wellness, the pocket springs provide support in a 5-zone configuration. The springs are sewn into the mattress perimeter, guaranteeing that the bed will not sag when the user sits on its edge.

Are Sleep Republic Mattresses Worth It?

Yes, the Sleep Republic mattress is worth it. The mattress is remarkable, and its price point puts it among the most affordable mattresses available. You will have the utmost peace of mind with this purchase thanks to its 100-night free trial program and 12-year guarantee. The mattress has won awards for three consecutive years, from  2020 to 2022.

Sleep Republic mattresses incorporate several revolutionary innovations, most prominently revolving around its coil system. Because of the zonal firmness, the hips and shoulders are not as solid as the rest of the mattress. Furthermore, the lateral coils that give additional support are pretty firm, which prevents you from rolling off the bed.

On the other hand, a few consumers have complained about their first experience with the mattress, mainly because it was too hard for them. Other clients have complained that the middle is too mushy, while the sides and edges are too hard for their preference.

Sleep Republic Mattress Pros and Cons 


  • Robust stability and backing all the way through
  • Excellent airflow, which aids in maintaining the sleeper at a comfortable temperature
  • A decent amount of bouncy potential
  • Excellent comfort
  • Unbelievably simple in terms of its assembly requirements
  • Superior support
  • Excellent alleviation of the strain
  • 100-night free trial period.
  • Extremely long-lasting and sturdy
  • Guarantee for twelve years


  • This mattress is difficult to shift and turn
  • It’s relatively expensive

Koala Vs. Sleep Republic Mattresses Head-to-Head Comparison

1. Pricing 


Koala: $780

Sleep Republic: $599


Koala: $1000

Sleep Republic: $999


Koala: $1050

Sleep Republic: $1199


Koala: $1050

Sleep Republic: $1399

2. Firmness


The ideal level of firmness offered by the Koala mattress is mentioned in every product evaluation. The mattress has the ideal level of firmness at 6.1, falling between too soft and very hard.

Because of its firmness, the mattress is ideal for all sleepers, including the side, back, stomach, and combination.

There is one notable exception. Sleepers who are heavier may not find the Koala mattress to be the most comfortable option. Those who weigh more than 105 kilograms may discover that the mattress is too rigid for their liking since the springiness and gentleness of the Kloudcell layer may be overwhelmed by their weight.

However, a few evaluations of the Koala mattress state that the bed was originally on the stiffer side but loosened up after about a week and a half of use. But this mattress ought to provide a good night’s sleep for most users.

Sleep republic

The Sleep Republic has 2500 high-definition pocket springs, which provide exceptional support and effectively reduce back discomfort. Additionally, the medium-firm feel’s optimum firmness and softness limit motion transmission while offering you the best experience.

Only a few mattresses, like the Sleep Republic mattress, have dynamic edge support, even though others have edge support with gel beads. This high-quality mattress has natural latex and slightly stiffer springs around its borders that prevent drooping and provide more stability as you sleep.

The Sleep Republic carefully designed numerous support zones, yet another outstanding feature. This indicates that the mattress delivers various levels of rigidity for each zone, which is intended to maintain the appropriate alignment of your back, feet, shoulders, neck, and head.

Additionally, the many sophisticated support zones provide each region of your body with great support, improving your body posture.

3. Durability


Koala is constructed of sturdy materials like foam and latex. The mattress should last long, like other mattresses constructed from similar materials, about six to eight years old.

Sleep Republic

The Sleep Republic Mattress’s overall construction quality and design are exceptional and can rival other mattresses sold in retail stores.

It seems sturdy and robust and ought to fit individuals of various sizes. The high-tension springs around the mattress’s edge provide exceptional edge support.

The materials are strong, and the edge support is firm, demonstrating outstanding build quality.

3. Warranty and Shipping


The Koala mattress brand has a warranty that covers any damage, faults, significant flaws, or production issues in materials used and craftsmanship when the mattress is utilised as intended. The warranty is specific to the buyer and cannot be shared with anyone else. 

It is also only valid as long as you are an Australian resident. When you get your mattress, the warranty officially starts.

Sleep Republic

The Sleep Republic provides Australia-wide free shipping. They are among the top shipment services available and offer “quick delivery” to most big cities. The brand also offers a 12-year warranty and no-cost return services.

The warranties are effective only for the product’s original buyer as listed on the sales invoice and begin to run on the date of delivery or collection.

4. Sleeping Style 


Koala mattresses comfortably accommodate every shape, size, and sleeping habit. It is a superb option for back sleepers and people experiencing joint pain because of the fantastic pressure relief offered by the base comfort layer.

It is appropriate for both stomach and side sleepers because of its firmness and three-zone support function.

Sleep Republic

The Sleep Republic mattress combines the comfort of foam with the support of pocket springs to meet the needs of people with various sleeping preferences.

The medium-firm touch is advantageous for the stomach, back, and side sleepers, who may also appreciate the comfort of the upper layer’s gel infusion.

The cutting-edge foundation featuring pocket springs is ideal for those familiar with spring mattresses and prepared to replace them, as well as for everyone who wants to experience superior edge support that may be lacking in other foam mattresses.

5. Unique Specifications


The Koala mattress is regarded as a non-toxic and environmentally friendly mattress. It has a convenient customisation option that lets you adjust the stiffness settings to your preference. The mattress comprises two polyfoam layers: a none tension elastic core support layer at the top and a Kloudcell comfort layer at the bottom.

The Koala mattress cover is 7 cm thick and comprises 65% polyester and 65% Tencel Lyocell. You may modify the mattress’s hardness by unzipping it. The mattress is extremely comfy, although it might sag.

You may change the amount of firmness in the Kloudcell comfort layer, which has two sides. It has a medium-firm design, but you can switch this layer and add more firmness if you open its cover. The layer is made of a supple polyfoam intended to mimic the texture of latex and memory foam while remaining permeable.

The Koala mattress’ base support layer, a stronger Dunlop polyfoam, is the second layer of the mattress. It has a 35 kg/m3 foam density and is GECA-approved. It allegedly offers better support and breathability than latex and memory foam.

The queen-size Koala mattress weighs 35 kg and is 25 cm thick. You may need assistance moving it around.

Sleep Republic

The Sleep Republic mattress is heavyweight since it has high-definition pocket springs and compacted layers. The mattress weight might differ with their sizes. Queen size, for instance, weighs 49 kg. In addition to being heavier than the others in its classification, it is thicker, measuring 31 cm. Therefore, the mattress works well on the appropriate bed frame and flat surface.

Higher tension steel springs at the mattress’s edges prevent sleepers from falling off. Pressure is relieved by the way the memory foam conforms to your body.

If you are a co-sleeper, you may not even realise your partner is in bed thanks to the high-definition pocket springs that support five particular body zones. Airflow is further improved using 3D spacer fabric, a material knitted with different fibres on various faces.

6. Quality of Materials


The Koala Mattress is an excellent foam mattress that has earned top honours for being environmentally friendly. Thanks to a convenient customising tool, you may adjust the stiffness levels according to your preferences.

Sleep Republic

The Sleep Republic Mattress is excellent and can be compared to other mattresses sold in retail stores that cost two times as much. It feels substantial and robust and should fit individuals of various sizes. The high tensile springs on its edge provide exceptional edge support.

The mattress from the Sleep Republic has a classic hybrid design. The top surface of the mattress has two foam layers. 

The elegance and suppleness of the mattress are apparent. Latex and memory foam are responsible for the comforting sensation.

The sensitivity of the upper layer is boosted by the combination of memory foam and gel beads. A natural latex coating is applied to move from the foam to the supporting springs. Latex is a fantastic material for distributing and absorbing pressure.

7. Overall Comfort


The medium-firm Koala mattress is pleasant despite feeling solid and poorly absorbing body weight. However, it’s still pretty comfortable while having a very spongy touch. Any sleeper — side, back, or stomach — should be accommodated by this arrangement, though naturally, individual preferences may affect how well they work.

Sleep Republic

A medium-firm sensation is produced by combining the high-definition pocket springs and the foam. Layers of latex and memory foam create a velvety sensation.

The mattress might be helpful for various types of sleepers. The foam layers and supporting springs cushion the side sleepers, which eases the strain on the shoulders, torso, and hips and improves body contouring. According to consumers, back sleepers appreciate the mattress’s sturdiness and relieve back discomfort — the firm bottom and soft top help the stomach sleepers.

One benefit of the Sleep Republic mattress is edge support, and in contrast to other memory foam mattresses with no rebound, this one retains you in a particular posture. This is significant when we discuss consumers who may be aged or have had some accident since getting out of bed becomes easy.

8. Best Suited For


The Koala mattress is comfortable and supportive for most sleepers, providing medium-firm support and comfort. It works well for back, front, and side sleepers.

Sleep Republic

According to consumer evaluations, this high-quality mattress can accommodate a variety of sleeping positions, but primarily side and back sleepers will find some comfort to their liking.

9. Sleep Temperature

Koala mattress 

For those who like a hot or cold environment while they sleep, koala mattresses can be an excellent choice. The mattress doesn’t retain heat because of its open-cell design, which promotes airflow, and its Tencel cover, which absorbs moisture.

Sleep Republic 

The Sleep Republic has a cooling gel that helps to control body temperature while its memory foam conforms to the body to relieve pressure.

Final Thoughts

A mattress might seem like a significant investment, but you must consider the best deal.

Even while Koala and Sleep Republic mattresses provide excellent mattresses that are expertly built, you should understand some significant distinctions between the two before deciding on the best option.

You may read a summary of each mattress on this page to see how they compare broadly to help you acquire the mattress of your choice na d preference.


Is Koala Bedding Good?

Yes, the Koala mattress is suitable. It received ratings of 4 or 5 stars from more than 93% of its clients, which is excellent feedback. Those who didn’t like their first Koala mattress typically complained that it was substantial or that there were rare concerns with long-term comfort.

Is the Sleep Republic Australian Made?

The Sleep Republic mattress is designed in Melbourne after years of manufacturing and selling more than 100,000 mattresses across Australia.

Is Koala Mattress Firm Or Soft?

The Koala mattress is soft and has medium firmness with excellent support.  On scaling in terms of softness and firmness, the mattress’s medium side has a score of 6, and the stiffer side has a score of 7. In contrast to the foundation of Ecofoam, which provides considerable support, the upper Kloudcell layer is comfy and soft.

Is Koala Mattress An Australian Company?

Koala is an Australian company with worldwide aspirations. The company realises the goal of creating excellent furniture for the entire globe via Australian design and is aware of its critical role in carrying it out properly. Excitingly, clients in other regions globally may now buy Koala products.

Do Koala Beds Squeak?

Even though metal is inherently less susceptible to creaks than wood, the Koala’s construction doesn’t include bolts and nuts. You won’t notice the noise after the components are positioned and secured. There is no possibility of squeaking because the structure is exceedingly strong and won’t budge.

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