Koala Vs Macoda Mattress

Koala Vs Macoda Mattress

Koala Vs Macoda Mattress

There’s no debate that selecting a good mattress that best suits your needs is essential as it contributes to your overall health and sleep quality. 

This article compares the leading mattress brands — Koala and Macoda — in Australia to help you choose one that best suits your preferences. 

What is a Koala Mattress? 

Koala mattresses are among Australia’s most popular mattress brands, and it has won awards for their eco-friendliness, unique features, manufacturing, and design. The Koala brand was among the first companies to transform the direct-to-consumer mattress space in Australia.  

The brand uses a new level of technology called Klodcell to manufacture its product. The Kloudcell foam makes sleepers incredibly comfortable when resting since it has temperature regulation features. 

The best thing about this brand is that they’re suitable for almost every type of sleeper, as one can modify the firmness level to suit their preferences. These mattresses come with a ten-year warranty, a 100 days trial period and free shipping anywhere in Australia.  

Are Koala Mattresses Worth It?

When searching for a new mattress, your starting point should be looking through customer reviews to determine overall consumer satisfaction. Koala mattresses have high ratings online, meaning they’re worth every penny. 

Regarding support, koala mattresses do an excellent job of aligning a sleeper’s spine; hence consumers feel comfortable as they rest. The two firmness levels offer sleepers the best of both worlds, and the mattress provides sleepers with support for every muscle in their bodies. 

For most people, edge support is essential; Koala mattresses offer sleepers solid edge support. If you prefer temperature neutrality throughout the night, this is the mattress for you, as the Koala’s open cell technology allows air to flow throughout the night. 

Having a durable mattress is something that can save you and your family thousands of dollars. Customers don’t have to worry about the durability of Koala mattresses as they have an average lifespan of 7 to 10 years with the appropriate care.   

Koala Mattress Pros and Cons 


  • Designed using breathable materials
  • Has exceptional design 
  • Has technology that minimizes motion transfer
  • Offers pressure alleviation 


  • It doesn’t offer adequate edge support
  • Isn’t bouncy

What is a Macoda Mattress? 

Macoda is a cost-effective hybrid mattress with a customizable make and various firmness options. The mattresses feature gel-incorporated memory foam, pocket springs, and latex. This brand has been named the most comfortable mattress in Australia for four years. 

Even though it’s one of the newest mattress brands in Australia, its hybrid memory foam and pocket spring product has caught the attention of many consumers. The mattress offers plush comfort and support and prevents overheating, ensuring you get a good night’s sleep.  

The brand is designed by Aussies for Aussies and provides comfort levels above what traditional memory foam and pocket spring mattresses can offer. Its firmness options are interchangeable, and the mattress suits all sleeping positions. 

Are Macoda Mattresses Worth It?

Having won numerous awards for being the most comfortable mattress in Australia, Macoda mattresses are worth every coin. They have excellent customer reviews online, especially regarding the mattress’s support and comfort. 

These mattresses are designed with hybrid memory foam and pocket springs which support sleepers and keep their spines aligned throughout the night. Macoda mattresses also provide edge support, meaning sleepers get the same support at the centre and side of the bed. The mattress’s support mainly comes from wrapped coils. 

The mattresses’ surface layers are consistent and come with various firmness options. The mattress also has latex and gel-infused memory foam, preventing overheating while you’re sleeping. In terms of durability, Macoda mattresses last between 8 to 12 years.  

Macoda Mattress Pros and Cons 


  • Offers targeted support
  • Provides pressure alleviation
  • Has technology that minimises motion transfer
  • Adjustable firmness


  • The mattresses off-gas after unpacking
  • It isn’t ideal for stomach sleepers

Koala Vs. Macoda Mattresses Head-to-Head Comparison

1. Pricing 

Despite their unique technologies, these mattresses have a below-average pricing point. The cost for Koala mattresses, depending on the size, is as follows:

  • Single – $750
  • Double – $950
  • King Single – $850
  • King – $1250
  • Queen $1050

The cost of Madoca mattresses based on size is as follows:

  • Single – $750
  • Double – $950
  • King Single – $850
  • King– $1,200
  • Queen – $1,100

2. Firmness 

Generally, koala mattresses are rated 6.1 out of 10 in terms of firmness, offering a medium feel that suits many sleeping positions. Koala mattresses have two adjustable firmness levels; the firm and soft sides. The soft side is rated 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, while the firm side is rated 7 out of 10.   

Macoda mattresses are also rated 5 out of 10 on the firmness level scale, meaning they are soft. These mattresses also have adjustable firmness levels; one of the levels is medium and has a firmness rating of 6 to 6.5. The other layer is softer and rated 5 out of 10 on the firmness level scale.   

3. Warranty and Shipping

Koala and Macoda mattresses come with a ten-year warranty and offer free shipping. Koala mattresses are usually shipped in two boxes; one has the comfort layer, while the other has the support layer. 

After placing an order online, the delivery firm contacts you to arrange delivery details. Once the mattress arrives, you can unwrap the boxes, lay them on your bedframe and let it expand.   

Macoda mattresses can be ordered online and come in easily removable packaging. The packaging arrives on one’s doorstep in a box, and unpacking takes approximately ten minutes. It takes roughly 24 hours for the mattress to decompress. 

4. Sleeping Style 

Since Koala mattresses have a medium firmness level, they’re perfect for front and back sleepers. For back sleepers, the inner layer provides spinal support and lowers the shoulders and hips while supporting the head, legs, and arms. 

The koala mattress can be a bit firm for side sleepers as it reduces sinkage in the elbows, shoulders, and hips. This mattress is also perfect for stomach sleepers as it keeps the legs, stomach, and chest flat and aligns the spine. 

In contrast, Macoda mattresses are softer and ideal for side and back sleepers. The mattress has a pocket spring system that aligns the spine and alleviates common pressure areas making it ideal for side sleepers. The mattress aligns the spine by distributing your weight evenly for back sleepers. 

Due to its remarkable edge support, the mattress supports plus-sized individuals. Nevertheless, since it’s soft, sleeping on your stomach can cause some discomfort and adds some pressure on the neck and lumbar region. 

5. Unique Specifications

Koala mattresses feature a two-layer design to provide support and comfort. The bottom layer is made of ecofoam and acts as a support layer, while the upper layer is made of Kloudecell, a porous material that prevents overheating. These layers are enclosed in a cover made of Tencel. 

Macoda mattresses are hybrid and have four internal layers;   the first layer consists of pure latex, ensuring sleepers get bounce and comfort. The second layer consists of gel-incorporated memory foam that contours to a sleeper’s body and prevents overheating. 

The mattress’s centre is made of polyurethane foam, which supports and aligns the spine. Finally, the pocket springs from the bottom layer, which offers support and prevents overheating. All these materials are encased in a bamboo cover that’s porous, anti-microbial, and prevents sweating.   

6. Quality of Materials

Koala mattresses are made using high-quality, environmentally friendly materials that meet Australian manufacturing standards. The Kloudcell foam in Koala mattresses is designed using Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certified and has low volatile organic compounds (VOC) materials that are free from chemicals and heavy metals.  

Macoda mattresses are renowned for their high quality, giving consumers a high-end feel. The thickness of its layers is a testament to the mattress’s quality. The weight also gives a testament to its quality and density. With its heavy weight and many layers, customers are guaranteed the product is durable.   

7. Overall Comfort

Since both mattresses have adjustable firmness levels, sleepers can choose the level that best suits their needs. Koala mattresses have an incredible feel and offer the perfect balance between soft and firm. 

Its open-cell layer technology also makes it porous and prevents overheating. Since it has a medium firmness feel, it’s suitable for almost all sleeping positions. The Macoda mattresses have a layer of latex that provides enough responsiveness to counter the sinking feeling associated with many foam mattresses. 

The mattresses’ added bounce offers more support with minimal disturbance. The mattress also features a gel-incorporated memory foam that prevents overheating. The mattress’s structure allows more air to flow, preventing overheating. 

8. Best Suited For 

Koala mattresses are ideal for individuals who value comfort since they are made to offer support to all body parts. The mattresses are also perfect for petite to average people, no matter their sleeping style. It’s also the best mattress for those looking for a bed that’s neither too hard nor too soft. 

Since koala mattresses have motion isolation features, they’re ideal for couples. The mattresses are also perfect for people who love beds that provide the perfect blend between support and contouring. The mattresses are also suitable for individuals who want a reasonably priced foam mattress. 

Koala mattresses offer the best support to back and side sleepers, making them perfect for people who prefer sleeping in these positions. If you’re passionate about zero carbon production, koala mattresses may be perfect for you as they’re manufactured from eco-friendly materials.   

Macoda mattresses are ideal for individuals who are either average-sized or petite, and they provide them with excellent pressure alleviation and support. Side sleepers will also benefit from sleeping on Macoda mattresses as they have a soft feel and offer pressure alleviation through your whole border. 

If you’re unsure which firmness level you prefer, Macoda mattresses are suitable for you as they have adjustable firmness levels. If you get hot while sleeping, this mattress may also be for you as they have various materials that promote air circulation and prevent overheating. 

9. Sleep Temperature

Koala mattresses are designed using Kloudcell technology which is porous and promotes airflow in the layers, thus preventing heating buildup and ensuring that you’re cool throughout the night. 

Macoda mattresses have latex which prevents overheating; the memory foam layer consists of gel which pulls heat away from a sleeper’s body, thus ensuring you don’t overheat as you sleep. The top cover is also porous bamboo, which promotes air circulation and prevents overheating. 

Final Thoughts 

From the review above, it’s clear that Koala and Madoca mattresses have put a lot of effort into designing their mattresses for optimum comfort and durability. The fabrics used to make these mattresses are perfect for those looking to enhance their sleeping experiences. 

Overall, their comfort-oriented makes and quality will ensure you get the best sleep for many years. Consider your personal preferences when deciding which of the brands to buy.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The  Koala Mattress Comfortable?

93 % of the brand’s customers have rated Koala mattresses four out of five. This means that overall, most customers are satisfied with the product. The original mattress wasn’t as popular as some customers had problems with long-term comfort and others found it too firm.  

Can Koala Mattresses Be Put On Slats?

Slats can work with koala mattresses if the base has enough ventilation and support. However, the slat shouldn’t be over 7.5cm apart.     

How Will It Take For Me To Grow Accustomed To Koala Mattresses?

Most customers usually have no problem sleeping on their mattresses from the first night. However, if you aren’t lucky on your first try, your body can take roughly 14 days to adjust.   

Are Koala Bed Frames Noisy?

Yes, Koala bed frames are known to be creaky.

Is The Macoda Mattress Designed In Australia?

Yes, this brand was launched in 2018 by two Aussies, and that’s why it was awarded the best Australian hybrid mattress in 2021.  

What Are The Three Mattress Types?

There are three main mattress types, foam, hybrid, and innerspring. The most established and oldest kind is the innerspring mattress, which most people grew up sleeping on.  

How Does A Mattress’s Thickness Affect Your Comfort?

Sleeping on a too-thick or thin mattress can result in poor sleep, which may affect your health. A mattress’s thickness is also called depth or height, while those over 16 inches thick are called extra tall or deep mattresses.    

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