Koala Vs. HappySleep

Koala Vs. HappySleep

Koala Vs. HappySleep

Having a good night’s sleep has so many benefits. Not only does sleep encourage physical and emotional well-being, but it also gradually safeguards your sensitive spine.

If you have ever suffered back pain, it is only natural to ask if your bed is the culprit and whether purchasing a high-quality mattress might help lessen the pain. The mattress you have could cause your recurrent tosses and turns because of pains and stiffness, your shoulders getting numb when you get up, and extreme exhaustion in the mornings.

Besides, you may consider other options like durability, affordability, weight, firmness, quality, size, and more. This is why choosing the best deal for your preferences is significant. In this review, we compare the Koal mattress with the HappySleep mattress. 

What is a Koala Mattress? 

The Koala Mattress is a premium foam mattress with several accolades for being toxic-free and ecologically friendly.

You can easily customize it by adjusting the stiffness intensity to your preferred setting.

It is a freshly developed variation of the hugely well-liked Original Koala Mattress, first made available in 2015. The Mattress is the most affordable choice in Koala’s extensive portfolio.

The Koala firm initially popularised the bed-in-a-box idea in Australia, which also established the sector’s norms. The company’s mattress line has lately been updated and revised. The Calm, New, and Soul mattress types are now available, giving customers a choice.

Their mattress feels just right — neither too soft nor too rigid.

The Koala mattress is constructed with two layers. For the long-term stability of the Kloudcell layer, there is a 16 cm Eco foam overlay of the firm and springy foam placed on the mattress base.

Kloudcell is a breakthrough in soft comfort foam that has an open-cell, breathable surface for maximum comfort and support for everyone in every environment, as well as ideal spinal alignment all night long, regardless of your sleep posture. According to the designer, it is “intended to supply the luxurious feel of latex and memory foam with permeability and elasticity.”

This layer’s features allow heat from the body to leave while allowing air to move for cooling to provide excellent sleep.

The mattress is always kept clean and fresh thanks to the detachable, machine-washable cover.

Within four hours of placing your order, you can receive your mattress on a free delivery service to any significant metropolis. For your sense of security, the company provides a 10-year warranty, a free return possibility, and a 120-night free trial period.

Fortunately, the company offers $100 discounts on the mattress and sofa combination. The mattresses come in different sizes, Single, Double, Queen, and King size, which all have varying prices.  You may save approximately $300 by utilizing “Slumber Bundles.”

Are Koala Mattresses Worth It? 

Yes, Koala mattresses are worthwhile. The company provides beautiful, noticeably more sophisticated mattresses than the “Original” that became so famous in the first place. 

The Koala mattress features a convenient design that can be “customized.” It strikes an excellent balance between comfort and support. Notable, too, are the accreditations stating that it is non-toxic.

Directly from their website, you can make an order for any one of their mattresses designs made entirely of foam. Each one may be adjusted to one of three distinct levels of firmness.

They use their proprietary KloudcellTM foams in their revolutionary foam combinations in their designs, and other variants even contain “foam springs.” In other words, the company provides a wide variety of custom options.

Even though only a tiny percentage of customers have expressed concerns about the product’s capacity to maintain its comfort and durability, most customers like their choices and have consistently appreciated the upgrades.

Koala Mattress Pros and Cons 


  • They have fast delivery and unpacking time
  • It’s a reputable mattress company.
  • Free trial duration of 120 nights
  • GECA certification
  • The business sells cutting-edge goods.
  • It’s very spacious (no disruption by your partner)
  • The mattress is portable and vibrant


  • Costly at times
  • There is no integrated edge support
  • It’s not manufactured in Australia

What is a HappySleep Mattress? 

HappySleep mattresses are made with a combination of latex to provide bounce and memory foam to enhance air circulation, pressure relief, minimizing companion disturbances, and high-density support to enhance longevity.

The company aimed to offer a supportive sleep cushion suitable for all body sizes. The comfort foam components are sufficiently accommodating, and the latex is springy and responsive. The Happy mattresses have a 6.7 firmness rating, which research has found to be comfortable for most people.

Smooth, cool to the touch, and breathable describe the top layer made of Tencel. It is a pure wood-derived product that has a built-in antibacterial property.

Are HappySleep Mattresses Worth It?

For individuals searching for an all-foam mattress with standard-size firmness, HappySleep can be a fantastic deal. Although the company is not famous like other known mattress brands, and you can buy their products with a lower budget, it still has received excellent reviews. Most customers have had good experiences with the mattress.

Thanks to the mattress’s twin layers, this mattress will support your back as you sleep. Most individuals will likely find it comfy; however, if your back finds it too stiff, you have a 100-night trial period, and you can return it.

Although not the most advanced product, the Mattress is a decent investment providing a wonderful blend of comfort and support.

Comparable to the 624 mattresses, HappySleep has an excellent price-to-value ratio. As a result, if you want an excellent mattress but are hesitant to spend a fortune, this product ought to be at the top of your shopping list.

HappySleep Mattress Pros and Cons


  • Trial term of 100 free nights
  • Made of Hypoallergenic Latex
  • Hardly any partner disruption
  • Quick and Free delivery 
  • Easy initial setup
  • It has a reasonable purchase price
  • It provides excellent comfort and support


  • It has very few reviews
  • The brand is unpopular
  • It could feel overly stiff
  • Is comparable to other budget-friendly manufacturers.
  • It’s not a perfect choice for side sleepers

Koala Vs. HappySleep Mattresses Head-to-Head Comparison

1. Pricing 




With five sizes of the HappySleep mattress, you can select one that perfectly meets your requirements. It’s one of the most affordable brands considering regular sales and promotions. Here are the pricing details for each size.

King single$799

2. Firmness 


Various product reviews mention the optimum degree of firmness that the Koala mattress offers. The product provides an optimal firmness rating of about six and is perfect for all types of sleepers.

However, there is one glaring exception. A Koala mattress might not be an ideal choice for a  heavier person. Individuals weighing above  105 kg can find the product to be too stiff. Their weight may overcome the springs and responsiveness of the Kloudcell layer.

Nevertheless, several reviews of the Koala mattress claim that although the bed was initially rigid, it became more flexible after using it for a short period. In simple terms, the mattress should accommodate many people aiming for a decent night’s sleep.


The HappSleep mattress combines foam layers that give the best back support. The majority of individuals will inevitably find it pleasant. However, some users may consider firmness too much for their backs. The mattress’s high-density foam provides longevity and creates a sturdy, firm resting surface.

3. Warranty and Shipping


In Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, and Adelaide, Koala provides free four-hour delivery. Besides, the company still offers free and quick delivery in other places. Customers are given a 120-night free trial as well.

When you use the mattress as recommended, the 10-year warranty offered by the company takes care of the damages, defects, serious flaws, or manufacturing problems. The warrant service is personal to the purchaser and cannot be transferred to another party. Additionally, it is exclusively applicable to Australian residents. The warranty begins in earnest when you receive the mattress.


The HappySleep mattress company offers same-day delivery of their products in the metropolitan region of Melbourne. They also include a 100-night trial period and quick shipment to other states.

The mattress also comes with a ten-year warranty. It would be best if you were confident that repairs would be made while your warranty is still in effect. Nevertheless, you will be required to provide evidence of purchase should you decide to submit a claim. Remember, the insurance is only accessible to the owner and can never be duplicated.

4. Sleeping Style 


Each form, size, and sleeping style can be pleasantly accommodated by a Koala mattress. Due to the excellent pressure relief provided by its base, the mattress is a great solution for back sleepers and people with joint problems.

It can also be a good choice for stomach and side sleepers considering the three-zone support system and firm feel.


Happy mattresses are designed to provide the ideal level of convenience for any sleeper. It enhances a good night’s sleep thanks to its responsive latex and the comfort layers for pressure relief.

5. Unique Specifications


The Koala mattress feels just right — neither too soft nor too rigid.

The mattress is made of two layers. For the long-term stability of the topmost 6 cm Kloudcell layer, a 16 cm Eco foam layer of firm and springy foam is placed on the bottom.

Kloudcell is a breakthrough in soft comfort foam with an open-cell, breathable surface for maximum comfort and support with ideal spinal posture all night long, regardless of your movements. It is “designed to deliver the rich feel of latex and memory foam with flexibility and elasticity,” according to the maker.

The perforations incorporated into this layer allow body temperature to leave and air to move for cooling.


The mattress is made up of three comfort layers. It consists of a foundation layer of high-density memory foam and aerated natural latex, all of which are covered in a Tencel cover to promote maximum breathability.

Latex provides an excellent upper layer since it is long-lasting, perfect for allergies, and effectively reacts to weight from the body. High-quality pinholes in HappySleeps latex enable optimal ventilation and help you stay cool while sleeping.

Because it appropriately distributes body weight and has no chemical odor, memory foam causes no partner disruption. It offers excellent spinal support when used in conjunction with the other layers.

The high-density cushion provides the mattress’s longevity and a sturdy, firmer feel.

Its cover is constructed of Tencel fabric, free from dangerous chemicals, and allows the foam mattress to breathe the most for optimal ventilation. Tencel is composed of wood fibers, which makes it breathable, strong, and soft.

6. Quality of Materials


The Koala mattress’ cover is constructed of a Tencel and polyester mixture that absorbs moisture and promotes airflow. It is soft, breathable, and antibacterial. 

Additionally, it will keep you from excessive heat. The cover completely encircles the mattress. However, it is washable and detachable. While you may also spot-clean it, acquiring a mattress cover is advisable.

The Kloudcell foam, measuring 6 cm in height, makes up the comfort. The open-cell design of this layer, which promotes ventilation, is praised in mattress reviews. Due to the memory and latex foam combination used in its construction, it also reduces pressure.

A 16 cm high Eco foam makes up its base. This quite challenging layer gives your back additional support. Additionally, its density minimizes motion transmission and maintains good hip alignment.


The HappySleep mattress blends latex, support, and memory foam to provide an excellent night’s sleep. Furthermore, the mattress comprises high-quality components and offers adaptability in various sleeping positions. The mattress is built for longevity, comfort, and a night of utterly lovely sleep.

7. Overall Comfort


The Koala mattress ( medium-firm) is comfortable even though it seems stiff and does a poor job absorbing weight. But, despite having a somewhat spongy texture, it’s still rather cozy. This configuration should fit any sleeper, though, understandably, personal tastes may influence their work.

The mattress has five spring zones to respond to even the slightest impact your body makes. The springs provide individualized support while maintaining “zero disturbance technology.” Additionally, you’ll experience a more relaxed sleep thanks to ventilation in all the right places.


The HappySleep Mattress offers a smooth Tencel surface that is highly breathable. This Tencel rests on top of a latex and memory foam layer. Although it seems substantial, its comfort layer nonetheless provides good pressure relief. It smoothly accommodates body weight without any unwanted sinking.

The comfort layer is placed on top of a solid support base that supports all sleeping postures.

The HappySleep minimised partner disruption features are made possible by memory foam, which offers the highest quality pressure relief. Your mattress will survive many years thanks to the high-density support foundation layer. 

The upper surface is a hypoallergenic latex pad with verified responsiveness and pressure alleviation. Compared to competing goods on the market, the middle layer (memory foam layer) evenly distributes weight and has no chemical odor.

8. Best Suited For 


Due to its superb balance of comfort, support, and mobility, the new Koala mattress is an excellent deal you should go for. It is appropriate for all sleeping positions as well as average weight.


HappySleep mattress is designed with the ideal comfort for all sleepers. It provides a beautiful gd night’s sleep thanks to its comfort layers.

9. Sleep Temperature


Koala mattresses might be an excellent option for people who want a warm or cool night’s sleep. Its open-cell construction encourages ventilation, and the Tencel cover absorbs moisture to prevent heat buildup.

You may select the hardness level that is best for you, thanks to the double-sided, adaptable KloudcellTM comfort layer. Besides being antibacterial, bamboo charcoal also aids in sleeping better by improving airflow, reducing pressure, absorbing heat, and relieving pressure points.


By eliminating typical problems like heat and overpowering chemical odors, the HappySleep mattress has improved upon tried and true comfort solutions. Here, there are no ridiculous, fancy-named foams. Latex is a tried-and-true comfort material that is strong and reactive to pressure from the body. 

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect mattress can be daunting, considering your preferences. However, you can quickly get the best online services that you’ll live to appreciate for years. This review has given you all you need about Koala and HappySleep mattresses to help you pick what suits your needs. Once you decide, you can reach out to one of these mattress brands via their online platforms and make your order. Don’t fret; these companies have an outstanding reputation for their services and will deliver the exact product you ordered to your doorstep.


Does Steve Smith Own Koala?

Smith is not simply a shareholder in the business; he also serves as the spokesperson of Koala. The company has served more than 200,000 consumers in only four decades and is estimated to be worth $150 million.

Why Is Koala Mattress Called Koala?

According to Mitch Taylor, Koala was a perfect choice for the name of the mattress business he and Dany Milham founded. Since the Koala animal sleeps for 18 hours daily and is an Australian symbol, they appear charming and cuddly; the title Koala made perfect sense.

Is Koala An Australian Brand?

Yes, Koala is an Australian company with worldwide aspirations.

Impressively, clients in various parts of the world may now buy Koala mattresses online. The company realizes its goal of creating better products for the globe via Australian design, and they know the vital part it must play in carrying it out properly.

Which Mattress Is Best For Back Pain? 

The memory foam mattress is best for back pain.

Given that it uniformly distributes body weight and removes pressure spots, this mattress is frequently recommended for those suffering from back discomfort. It can also assist in regulating the temperature while sleeping since it enhances heat absorption.

Is It Better To Have A Firm Or Soft Mattress?

Heavier people typically prefer mattresses with more support. The soft foam shouldn’t sink in too deeply for proper comfort and support.

On the other hand, lightweight sleepers may experience less sink and consider firm mattresses too hard; hence, they typically choose between soft and medium firm alternatives.

Which Mattress Is Used In Hotels?

The Innerspring is a mattress brand that is commonly found in hotels. Because of the network of coils under the latex, foam pad, or cushion on spring mattresses, consumers can receive the highest level of support. The innerspring mattresses come in a variety of pricing points and firmness levels.

Which Mattress Will Last The Longest?

Latex mattresses are more durable than high-density memory foam mattresses. Hybrid types and foam beds with a lower density degrade quickly. With a projected lifespan of about six years, conventional innerspring mattresses are often the least durable.

Can Side Sleepers Use Firm Mattress?

Side sleepers require a plush mattress with many areas to burrow in for luxurious pressure relief. They may benefit from a mattress brand that provides zoned support.

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