Koala Mattress Alternative

Koala Mattress Alternative

Koala Mattress Alternative

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If you’ve taken a look online at what is arguably Australia’s most popular and favourite mattress, , and aren’t too sure if it’s for you — then we have some great alternatives to the Koala mattress below.

Whether it’s not suited to your sleeping style, too costly or you’re just not sure about Kloudcells, we’re sure one of the alternatives below will be ideal for you, the kids or your co-sleeper.

Take a look at our Koala mattress alternatives below.

The Ergoflex

A mattress with a slightly similar feel to the Koala mattress, the Ergoflex is a memory foam variant that is comprised of a few different foam types to create a nice balance for sleepers looking for something that isn’t too soft, too firm and still offers a mild bounce.

This mattress is a medium-firm model which falls into the same range as the Koala bed, which makes it ideal for all sleeper types and positions. If you’re a back sleeper, there’s enough firmness here to make sure your back is kept in alignment, and side sleepers will be able to rest assured there’s enough plushness to drop the hips and shoulders.

Ergoflex has outlined that their mattress is great at body-shaping and taking weight off joints and pressure points, and with hospital-grade materials appearing here, you can ensure you’re getting a durable mattress.

There’s good airflow here too, keeping the mattress cool as you sleep, even in warmer climates.

The Sleep Republic Mattress

Oddly, this spring variant is landing on our list down to the fact that it’s been so fine tuned that there’s little left to be desired when compared to memory foam models.

Thanks to the design integrating both springs and foams here, you’re able to get a medium-firm feel out of the Sleep Republic mattress, which is ideal for all sleepers and also matches the Koala mattress.

Being a dual-material mattress, you’re able to sink into the upper levels of the mattress for great back and joint support and then you’ll find yourself landing on the pocket springs below for the added back support.

To add, great edge support makes an appearance on this mattress too, so getting in and out of bed isn’t an issue. The edges are firm, so you’re able to rely on them to hold up when sleeping, sitting and rolling off the edges.

The Ecosa Mattress

Formally a latex mattress, the Ecosa now uses a proprietary foam that acts just like latex in the upper levels of this mattress.

In competition with the Koala, it is a good alternative if you’re looking for something a little different. The Ecosa comes with a great multi-material internal layout of EcoTex and foams, so you’re able to rely on the Ecosa’s multi-layers to keep you supported and also cushioned at the same time.

Online reviews have highlighted that there’s a great sinking feeling that isn’t too overpowering here, which is ideal for lumbar support, pressure relief and generally a good night’s sleep.

There’s an anti-dust mite cover here as well, making it easier to control allergies and to reduce your chances of waking up sneezing or with a runny nose in the morning.

The Sommuto Mattress

Not as friendly for the back and tummy sleepers, but a boon for the side sleeper is the Sommuto Mattress.

Designed with quality foams and fabric, it is quite soft, though that’s ideal for the side sleeper looking for their shoulders to fall into the mattress a little further. You’ll find that the Sommuto challenges Koala in the motion isolation too, because of the all-foam design reducing movement from side to side.

Another point to keep in mind is that there’s gel-infused foam here too, which works to keep the mattress cool in a more passive way.

There is also a contouring-specific foam here, which means over time you’ll feel your body becoming increasingly more cradled into the mattress, leaving you to feel lighter and lighter as the foam warms and moulds itself to the body.

The Sleeping Duck Mattress

When it comes to getting the most control possible out of your mattress, Sleeping Duck’s interchangeable foam layers come in handy here.

There’s a choice of different top and lower layers that you’re able to swap in and out to make sure you’re getting a feel that you really love before you commit to sleeping on the Duck Mattress.

To add to this, there’s a dual-sleeper option too. One side of the mattress can be firmer than the other for example, so you’re able to get a good hold of both you and your partner’s comfort levels and really get a good night’s sleep here.

In all, the Sleeping Duck is the best mattress when it comes to adjusting the mattress to suit you and your partner’s sleeping style and to also give you the chance to adjust after the fact should your sleep style change.

The Hugo Mattress

A tad more costly than some of the other mattresses on our list, the Hugo Mattress is a latex and foam variant that does offer a similar feel to the Koala Mattress, but without relying on an all-new material to do so.

The Hugo has more foam layers integrated into the design than many other mattresses on the market, and as a result, contours a lot better to the body than its competition.

With comfort layers coupled with support layers, the Hugo Mattress works to reduce the chance of waking up sore in the morning. In some cases, memory foam allows sleepers to sink too far into the bed, which puts even more pressure on the joints than the day’s activities — resulting in a poor nights sleep. Hugo combats this with a firmer foam layer below the contouring layer.

To finish, the Hugo brand lays the latex layer at the very top of the mattress, rather than a layer or two below. This is done to keep the very top of the mattress cool, where you actually sleep. That said, if you’re living in a warmer climate, this might be the mattress for you.

Final Thoughts

With those Koala Mattress alternatives out of the way, it’s easy to see that a tonne of engineering goes into foam mattresses to get them ‘just right,’ though it’s good to note that one mattress type doesn’t suit everyone.

It’s crucial to understand your sleep style and also your personal comfort requirements. You might be getting ideal support, but if the mattress’s quilted top layer feels uncomfortable, it’s not for you. If the mattress is too warm, it’s not for you. If the mattress is too bouncy, it’s not for you.

At the end of the day, it’s okay to be picky about your mattress type and we suggest you take these considerations into account when searching for a mattress for you.

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