Koala Great Barrier Mattress Protector Review (2024)

Koala Great Barrier Mattress Protector Review (2024)

Koala Great Barrier Mattress Protector Review (2024)

A hygienic sleep environment can provide peace of mind to a resting person after a long day. And one protective layer that helps you achieve that is a mattress protector.

Without proper protection, billions of bacteria can flourish in your mattress, particularly in a dusty environment or if you’re prone to night sweats. The consequence? A mattress that not only looks and smells unpleasant but can also detrimentally impact the quality of your sleep.

With that, there’s one cover that can remove your pre-nightly woes: Koala’s very own Great Barrier Mattress Protector, a cover that removes the funk and stink by safeguarding your mattress. 

While there are many mattress protectors in the market, not all of them live up to quality standards. That being said, we believe that the Great Barrier Mattress Protector sweeps its competition out of the water.

Eager to learn why? This review explores the Great Barrier Mattress Protector, examining why it rightfully earns its reputation as a top mattress protector.

Allow us to walk you through an honest list of features of this mattress cover to help you make a well-informed purchasing decision.

Koala Great Barrier Mattress Protector Review

Table of contents

  • Features
  • The Great Barrier Mattress Protector: Touch and Feel
  • The Great Barrier Mattress Protector: Build Quality
  • Dimensions
  • Pricing
  • Bonus Features
  • Is Koala’s Great Barrier Mattress Protector Right For You?
  • Final Verdict


Crafted by the renowned Australian furniture brand, Koala, the Great Barrier Mattress Protector epitomises sleek design and enduring quality. 

There are two variants of mattress protectors in their catalogue—the standard Great Barrier, fitting mattresses from 23 cm to 29 cm, and the Deep Fit version for mattresses bigger than 30 cm. 

Regardless of your bed size—be it Single, King, Queen, or Double—Koala has something that caters to you. 

To give you a glimpse, here are some of the best features the Great Barrier Mattress Protectors has to offer:

  • A one-year warranty
  • Easy assembly
  • Swift and cool drying
  • Spill-proof materials
  • Silicone print
  • Free delivery
  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Feather-light construction
  • 100% polyurethane composition
  • Easy to clean
  • Enhanced durability

For a practical and hassle-free sleep experience, Koala’s mattress protectors certainly have your back.

The Great Barrier Mattress Protector: Touch and Feel

The Great Barrier Mattress Protector offers a luxurious, dreamy sensation—a sensory delight that caresses your skin with a soft, gentle touch. Its luxurious feel is so inviting that you can even forego bed sheets and not know that you’re sleeping without them!

Furthermore, the innovative combination of silicone print and polyurethane helps form a protective barrier against soaking and spillages, guaranteeing sleepers a dry and soothing sleep. 

On top of that, the protector goes the extra mile with the incorporation of antimicrobial treatment to ensure a microbe-free domain. This enhanced sleeping technology elevates your sleep experience by virtually eliminating the presence of bacteria and germs.

The Great Barrier Mattress Protector: Build Quality

For Koala’s mattress protector product, eco-friendliness with a touch of luxury is the name of the game. 

Made from 100% polyurethane and enveloped in Tencel lyocell fabric sourced from sustainable wood, this mattress protector seamlessly combines comfort and environmental consciousness. 

This makes for a sleep accessory that aligns with environmentally conscious values.


The Great Barrier Mattress Protector is available in five sizes:

  • Single Beds: Width: 92 cm, Length: 188 cm
  • King Single Beds: Width: 107 cm; Length: 203 cm
  • Double Beds: Width: 138 cm; Length: 188 cm
  • Queen Beds: Width: 153 cm; Length: 203 cm
  • King Beds: Width: 183 cm; Length: 203 cm

Furthermore, every Great Barrier Mattress Protector is designed to handle mattresses with heights ranging from 23 cm to 29 cm. 

So if your mattress exceeds this height range, you may consider opting for the Deep Fit Great Barrier mattress protector as they’re tailored for mattresses measuring 30 cm and above. 

That said, the Deep Fit variant maintains the same width and length specifications, but do be aware that the Deep Fit Great Barrier Mattress Protector is exclusively offered for Double, Queen, and King-sized specifications. 


What makes the Great Barrier Mattress Protector appealing is its exceptional value proposition. The price is unbelievably reasonable considering the value it offers. 

With these protectors, you not only pay for a superior product but also unlock the full spectrum of benefits that help you achieve enduring sleep.

Great Barrier Mattress Protector 

  • Single: $159
  • King Single: $169
  • Double: $179
  • Queen: $189
  • King: $199

Deep fit Great Barrier Mattress Protector

  • Double: $189
  • Queen: 199
  • King: $209 

Bonus Features

Koala’s commitment to customer satisfaction is exemplified through these bonus features, bringing you a seamless and gratifying experience from trial to delivery.

For one, the Koala’s Great Barrier Mattress Protector offers buyers a generous 120-night trial. Should it not meet your expectations, you are entitled to a hassle-free return, with complimentary pick-up services available in metro areas.

Moreover, upon purchase, you can enjoy the convenience of free and swift delivery for the Great Barrier Mattress Protector, classified in shipping as a small item. 

Is Koala’s Great Barrier Mattress Protector Right For You?

For those venturing into the realm of mattress protectors or considering if they should shift to a new brand, the Great Barrier mattress protector emerges as the ultimate choice in the market. 

Beyond its transformative impact on sleep quality, the product seamlessly integrates convenience into your daily life.

Enveloped in Tencel fibre, this mattress protector provides a consistently cool and comfortable bed, eliminating concerns about discomfort even in the hot Australian summer. 

Furthermore, ts antimicrobial properties make it inhospitable for bed bugs, allergens, dust, bacteria, and other microbes. This, in turn, promises a hygienic and healthier sleep space.

One of the outstanding features of the mattress protector lies in the versatility of sizes, which offers a perfect fit for any mattress. You can bid farewell to size-related worries as this protector effortlessly adapts to your bed’s dimensions. 

Assembly is also a breeze—simply place it on your mattress and zip it in place. Besides, cleaning is equally convenient—toss it in the washing machine, and the Great Barrier mattress protector is as good as new after a simple air-dry.

Choosing the Great Barrier Mattress Protector is not just a question of suitability, but a decision to improve your sleep. 

Final Verdict

After all that we’ve discussed, do you think that the Koala Great Barrier Mattress Protector would be effective in improving the quality of your sleep? To us, the answer would be a clear “yes”!

In having stress-free sleep, the Great Barrier Mattress Protector emerges as the quintessential solution for those seeking an upgrade in both sleep quality and daily use. 

Your bed, a sanctuary of safety and security, deserves the added protection of this high-quality, sanitised protector. 

Even durable mattresses harbor bacteria over time, making a mattress protector indispensable. This mattress protector not only ensures a germ-free environment but does so affordably and effortlessly. 

With an easy-to-use design and a generous 120-night trial, there’s really no reason not to try one out. 

We hope we’ve helped you make the right decision. Rest easy!

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