Koala Bed Base Review

Koala Bed Base Review

Koala Bed Base Review

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What you sleep on directly affects the quality of your sleep.

That is why people spend a good chunk of money on their beds so they can sleep peacefully. But simply buying the most expensive mattress on the market is not enough. Why?

Because there’s more to a sleep-perfect, comfy bed than a plushy mattress – a sturdy bed base!

Yes, a solid bed base is essential for a good night’s sleep. It complements the overlying mattress’s properties and enhances its lifespan.

And when looking to buy one for yourself, look no further than the Koala Timber bed base. It is strong, muffles squeaky noises, and you can assemble it within minutes.

Want to know more? Let’s dive right in!

Quality Material and Construction

The Koala bed base is engineered from natural timber, which is delicate but strong and highly dense. It can carry large weights without deforming and cracking and makes for an excellent holding surface for any mattress.

The frame’s platform spreads wider than the legs, and it gives your bed a really cool floating look. Besides, the bed’s natural wood look matches and complements all sorts of interior design.

Moreover, the frame’s system is free from typical slats, which further enhances the aesthetics of your room.

The platform also has small holes, which offer an airy and breathable design that ensures regular airflow under the mattress preventing possible growth of mould.

Finally, Koala’s solid headboard adds comfort to your overall experience as it keeps the mattress from wiggling around.

Easy Assembly

Nobody likes spending time to figure out and execute complex ways of assembling heavy furniture.

That is why, unlike other beds which require nuts and bolts to join their parts, the Koala bed base can be assembled in 10 minutes! (Yes, that is what the company claims).

The best thing is that you don’t need tools like screwdrivers or drills; all the parts interlock with each other and just need to be snapped together.

The process is really simple and has the following steps:

  • Take three short and two long supportive bars that make up the perimeter;
  • Interlock the longer ones with the short bars;
  • Now, securely engage the three parts of the platform on the top;
  • Lastly, insert the headboard piece;

This is it!

Solid Support & No Noise

The Koala bed base fares exceptionally well in supporting all sorts of mattresses.

Whether you use a foam, latex, spring, or hybrid mattress, its 20-mm cottonwood layer wouldn’t bend or crack at all.

But there’s more to it. This bed base enhances your mattress’ performance by offering extra support to its edges with its wide platform. This is especially beneficial for combo sleepers or those who like sleeping closer to the edge.

Generally, wooden frames are more likely to produce squeaking noises or irritating sounds of screw inserts and nuts. However, Koala’s intelligent design eliminates the possibility of all such noisy sounds since all the parts are interlocked without the use of bolts and nuts.

High Durability

Koala Bed Base’s thick 20-mm plywood is a heavy-duty sheet that allows for long-term use and durability. Plus, the wood is 100% naturally sustainable, so there is no chance of wear and tear unless you scratch or cut it on purpose.

Apart from that, the frame’s interlock system tends to be more durable as compared to screws. There is always a chance of loosening of screws after extended use, but in the case of Koala, the assembled parts stay securely in place, minimizing the potential weakening of joints.

With such strong and durable support, the bed base can effortlessly carry around 600kg of weight. This means even overweight sleepers can peacefully sleep without the fear of breaking the base or producing any noise.

Other Notable Features

Besides the intelligent design, easy assembly, and noise-free use, the Koala bed base comes with some exciting features, such as:

  • Charging Cable Slots. Koala’s platform has two round holes near the headboard that help you stay organized while charging your phone or laptop, sp you don’t have to deal with a mess of cables every time you decide to work from your bed or charge your phone while using it.
  • Size Options. The Koala bed base comes in two sizes: Queen and King, which match the two most commonly used mattress sizes.
  • Hidden Storage. There is a super handy storage space right behind the headboard of the bed. You can store away your pillows or other stuff that can make your bed feel cluttered.
  • Long Trial Period. The Koala bed base has an exceptionally long 120-night trial period, so you have ample time to decide whether it’s right for you or not.

Who Should Buy the Koala Bed Base?

While the Koala bed base has many plus points, you can specifically benefit more if you belong to one of the following:

Since Koala is a solid slat-free bed base, foam and latex mattresses are highly compatible with it. Though these mattresses are usually dense and heavy, the Koala bed base can easily hold them without giving in to their weight.

  • If you own high mattresses

Ergonomics suggest that the ideal bed height ranges from 56 to 64 cm. The Koala is 23 cm high and leaves almost 30 cm of space for the mattress and bedsheets or duvets. This means a high mattress will work perfectly fine with a Koala bed base.

  • If you are a couple or combo sleeper.

Since the Koala can hold a lot of weight and doesn’t produce squeaky noises, it is great for users who sleep with a partner. You won’t be disturbed by your partner tossing and turning in the bed.

  • If you are an eco-enthusiast.

The Koala bed base is made from natural wood that is not stained with glue, paint, or other chemicals. But note that you can choose to color it with eco-friendly paint if you want to. Plus, it is delivered in a recyclable package that minimizes waste.

And that’s a wrap, folks! Now it’s your turn to decide.

Are you among the above people? Or would you like to get a Koala bed base anyway? Let us know in the comments!

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