King Koil Mattress Reviews

King Koil Mattress Reviews

King Koil Mattress Reviews

Founded in 1898, King Koil mattress is one of the oldest and most well-respected mattress brands in the world. The mattress manufacturer initially began production of innerspring mattresses and through relentless innovation became one of the most well-known brands with regards to innerspring mattress comfort.  
Over the last 100 years the King Koil mattress brand has worked on integrating foam and other proprietary materials into their mattresses to ensure ultimate durability and a comfortable experience for sleepers. Australians looking into the King Koil brand will immediately notice that there are a range of different products to choose from, all with different prices and designs suited to unique sleepers.
If you’re looking for some more insight into the best King Koil mattresses on offer and whether these meet the highest quality standards, then we have some great insight for you below. Take a look at our King Koil mattress reviews down below and it will be easier than ever to choose a mattress that perfectly suits your sleeping position and habits.

Insight into King Koil Design

To understand the King Koil brand, you will first need to take a look into the design and the material choices of the manufacturer.
King Koil has developed their own proprietary coil system that ensures coils aren’t too firm nor too soft, and when paired with the memory foam upper layer, all sleepers will be more than comfortable on their new mattress from King Koil.
Almost all mattresses you’ll find sold by King Koil are hybrid by design, which means the company relies on springs for support and memory foam for comfort, which is generally a fantastic choice, especially when it comes to pressure relief and back pain mitigation. The blend of these two materials will mean that all front, back and side sleepers are getting the support they need, whilst also being provided with optimal sinkage from the upper levels.
One point we must make is that customers have pointed out that materials may not be of the highest quality, which has left them with small dips on firm mattresses, though nothing too serious.
The company has also worked alongside the International Chiropractors Association to ensure the innerspring and foam blend is ideal for spinal support and pressure point relief.

Mattresses from King Koil

Now that we’ve outlined the design offering from King Koil, we’ll take a look into the different mattress types on offer by the manufacturer. We’ll provide some insight into pricing, comfort levels, multi-year warranties and also our recommendations to make it as easy as possible for you to spot which mattress is best for you.

It’s important to remember that your own comfort preferences should be your final deciding factor on a King Koil. The mattresses all offer a great comfort layer and stellar night’s sleep, so rely heavily on your personal preferences when you can. 

Up first from King Koil comes the most affordable, lower spec Siena range. These mattresses are priced below a thousand dollars, though with their hybrid design of foam and innersprings, you’re able to sleep comfortably at a budget price point.
It’s important to keep in mind that the cheapest variant has been known to be a little too firm for some sleepers, with firmness or lack of pressure relief a top concern for sleepers. This could be down to the cheaper models lacking a thicker pillow top layer, with just a single, thin memory foam layer atop, however, a firmness mattress means improved edge support, which is great for those who enjoy sleeping right by the edge of the mattress.
If you’re a back sleeper, or love a good, firm mattress, then King Koil’s Siena will hit the spot for you, and with its low price, you’ll be saving a few hundred dollars to boot.

The Good: a great, affordable firm mattress option for just $549 to $799.
The Bad: for those looking for an ultra-soft, body contouring mattress, you won’t be able to find this on the Siena. It can be a little too firm for some and materials might also be an issue for those who prefer all-foam designs.

Where King Koil really shines is in value for money. Bring up the price point a few hundred dollars and you’re massively adding to your mattress’s materials and design. The Sydney hybrid mattress variant comes with a whole extra layer of foam atop the innersprings, which means this mattress is ideal for side sleepers and those who like to sleep on a soft upper mattress, with a firm lower layer.
We’d like to point out that the Sydney includes the AdvantaGel layer, which means keeping cool while you sleep is a given here. You’ll have a few firmness options to choose from here as well, which means that if you’re looking to adapt the mattress to your own sleeping positions, you’re able to do that with ease, a sign of a great mattress.
As with the Siena, however, the Sydney might also be a little too firm below the foam layers, meaning that support for back pain and shoulders isn’t ideal. That said, again, back sleepers will love the Sydney, though side and stomach sleepers might feel added pressure on their joints much like what you’ll find on an old mattress.

The Good: you’ll find an added foam layer as well as a cooling AdvantaGel top layer to keep you as comfortable as possible. A price range of $749 to $1,199 is also ideal.
The Bad: some sleepers may find the innersprings a little too firm and the upper foam layer a little too thin on this King Koil bed.

Where King Koil really steps up their game is with the Kingsley. This top mattress is where the multiple layers of foam and gel really start to come out, with iFusion and AdvantaGel also making an appearance above the innersprings.
The Kingsley is the option for you if you’d like to sleep on a firm pocket spring mattress, though have that incredible sinking feeling with the upper foam layers. We’ve noticed that reviewers love the support from the foam, but also the floating feeling offered by all of the gel and foam layers on top of the mattress’s springs.
To add, the Kingsley is where body contouring comes into play. The foam and gel layers on top of the coil springs is thick enough to conform to the body and snuggle you into a good night’s sleep, which is something you find on memory foam mattresses a lot more expensive than the Kingsley.

The Good: the ideal amount of foam, gel and innerspring comfort with a great $1,149 starting price. Thicker foam layers and contouring also offer an incredible night’s sleep.
The Bad: can be more expensive than similar mattress brands with matching material layouts.

As expected, as we step up another price tier, King Koil adds yet another layer of foam to the top of their innersprings, now challenging the likes of Sealy and AH Beard.
On the Montego you’ll find four cushioning layers of foam and gel, offering an incredible amount of comfort and spinal alignment prowess. However, as a result of the thicker, non-perforated foam, the Montego may not be the most ideal choice for those living in hotter climates. The gel does its best to mitigate body heat build up and to disperse warm air back into the room, though with so many layers of foam, heat gets trapped regardless of the pocket coils and gel layers.
Without a doubt, the softest most cloud-like sleep will be found on the Montego, so if you’re someone who loves good sinkage, the Montego is for you – if you have the budget for it. All side, back and front sleepers will love the Montego’s pressure relief, and with plenty of sinkage, side sleeper hips and shoulders will fall deep into the mattress.

The Good: comfort is stellar on the Montego, and with innerspring support, you’ll have no trouble waking up feeling well-rested every day.
The Bad: with prices hitting upward of $1,800 the mattress can be a little pricey for those on a budget and Amazon may have better alternatives for those in the United States. Heat retention might also be an issue for those in warmer cities. 

As we make our way into the $2,000 price point, foam begins to take a back seat in favour of latex.
Of course, the coil springs remain for support, though the upper layer of the Athens has been transformed from a number of layers of foam, to just one layer. The other two layers have been replaced by iNergex3 foam and Talalay latex for bounce, support and cloud-like pressure relief.
Due to latex finding its way into the mattress, you’ll notice that there’s more bounce and responsiveness to the Athens, which is great for those who like soft compacting support, rather than firm support. Latex is also ideal for back pain and side sleepers who’d like to have joints supported optimally.
One thing to keep in mind is that the Athens may be the hottest mattress on our list. With latex integrated into the design, the mattress may become a heat sink if you live in hotter cities or don’t sleep with air conditioning.

The Good: all foam, latex and springs provide incredible bounce and support.
The Bad: with a price point hitting $2,399 for a hybrid mattress, you’re able to buy cheaper elsewhere.

To the Vienna now, you’ll spot one rather unique perk of this mattress, which is that the foam and latex layers are so thick that they rival the lower half of the mattress. What you’ll be getting is a mattress that is essentially 50 per cent latex and foam and 50 per cent innersprings.
Taking a look inside the mattress and you’ll find Joma wool, iNergex3 foam and GelResponse latex, all of which are going to be your key to a great mattress and incredible night’s sleep.
Keep in mind that this mattress is the top of the line for the King Koil range and tops out at $3,699, making it a big investment. Typically, mattresses of this price point are seen as overpriced, however, with innovative latex, gel and foam, we’re comfortable saying that this is one of the best mattresses offered by King Koil.
You may want to take a look on Amazon at similar mattresses before settling on the Vienna, however, if you choose King Koil’s variant, you’ll be in fantastic hands.

The Good: easily one of the most comfortable hybrid mattresses on the market.

The Bad: such a high price point might result in diminishing returns, though if you have the cash, the Vienna is the jewel in King Koil’s crown.

For sleepers looking for a more affordable sleep from King Koil, though with gel foam included, then the Monaco is the type of mattress you’ll want. Similarly to all of the other mattresses from King Koil, the Monaco features a lower coil base, though the Monaco is different in that it features just two foam and gel layers.
At the very top of the Monaco is the cooling AdvantaGel foam, which is ultra-effective when at the top of the mattress. Below the AdvantaGel is the iFusion support foam layer which provides optimal sinkage for joints, though not enough to offer that great floating feeling.
We would suggest that back sleepers choose the Monaco based on the fact that it starts out a little cheaper at $949. The upper softness is perfect for back sleepers who don’t need a whole lot of contouring, and the coil layer below ensures back support without issue.

The Good: it’s the ideal mattress for those who sleep hot, and would like a more affordable AdvantaGel variant. Prices sit between $949 and $1699, making the mattress more affordable than a number of other King Koil options.
The Bad: the mattress may not be ideal for front or side sleepers who require a deeper sinkage from the upper foam.

Fast forward to the future now, and the iMattress is your option if you’re looking for an easily transportable bed in a box option from King Koil. The good news is that there are two mattresses in a box to choose from, and both variants of the mattress in a box are memory foam. With that said, you’ll be sure to have a great sleep on the iMattress with its ultimate sinkage and support.
The two choices on offer are the G10 and the G12, both of which are all-memory-foam and also come with multi-layered foam. For those who’d like a more firm mattress, the G10 is for you, though the softer option is the G12 for those who’d love a cloud-like contouring sleep.
One area where both mattresses lack is in their price. With each starting out at around $1,000 each, they are some of the highest priced box mattresses available on the market.

The Good: you have the choice of both memory foam or hybrids, great for those who’d like a more firm feel.
The Bad: the price point may be too much to stomach for those who see similar mattresses for half the cost.

XS 10 XS 50
To end, we’ll take a look at some of the most innovative mattresses from King Koil, the XS range of memory foam hybrids. One of the standout features of the XS range is the copper integrated memory foam, which helps immensely with heat regulation. These mattresses are also ideal when it comes to sinkage, support and comfort in general.
Most sleepers will find that it’s effortless to fall asleep on the XS range thanks to the fact that there’s little heat build up, keeping everyone contoured, cooled and supported on the mattresses.
From a quick search online you might notice that the prices for these mattresses are a little steep, considering they don’t come with any other accessories, however, the innovative anti-heat retention is a feature in itself.

The Good: unique design and materials offer a comfortable sleep all year round, plus sinkage and support in one.
The Bad: pricing may become an issue when compared with other similar mattresses.

All in all, the King Koil mattress manufacturer is a standout brand for all Australians and those in the US. It is difficult to find a mattress from King Koil that won’t offer an incredible night’s sleep and a durable, robust and long-lasting design. Whether you’re in a warm climate or need a heat-retention-focused bed, King Koil will have you covered.

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