Hugo Mattress Review

Hugo Mattress Review

Hugo Mattress Review

If you are asking yourself what makes Hugo different from the other memory foam mattresses, you will find the answer in this mattress review. Hugo provides sleepers with the relevant support with the assistance of memory foam giving them a feeling of soft and smooth sleeping. 

Unlike the traditional ones, the Hugo mattress integrates four layers that function together and this creates a feeling of comfort and guarantees perfect sleeping nights. Compared to the other competitors in Australia, this company offers a shorter trial period but on the other hand, it provides same-day delivery to a restricted number of locations. 

If you would like to learn more about the Hugo mattress, take time and read our in-depth review. One thing that you will find is unbiased data about the most important features, sleep quality, firmness, materials and so much more based on which you can make the right decision of purchasing a mattress that aligns with your sleeping style. 

Quality of Materials

What is Hugo mattress made of? Natural latex is the first layer which is followed by a memory foam layer. What does this mean for us as sleepers? And, what do these materials do in terms of support, firmness, and comfort?

First of all, the latex layer, in addition to the comfort, provides pressure relief that is so much welcomed by all of us these days. As a material latex is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and breathable and used for comfort and effect of cooling. Compared to many others Hugo uses this material on the top so it contours our body giving it the necessary support and softness.  

Next is the memory foam which is used as a transition foam. This contributes to equal weight distribution and it is the key “ingredient” that Hugo uses to achieve the feeling of balance. 

The foundation of the mattress is made of high-density foam and it is a pre-requirement for the mattress durability and great shape longevity. 

The mattress is protected by a two-tone cover made of polyester. It wraps over the edges and the cover is durable withstanding the wear and tear.  

The Hugo mattress is offered in all the standard sizes ranging from single, king single to king size. When compared to other similar mattresses, this one has an average thickness but offers a splendid combination of quality materials. 

How does it feel to sleep on Hugo Mattress?

 The combo between the foam and the latex makes this mattress a great choice for a range of sleepers. The transition foam and latex create a feeling of softness. Compared to a spring mattress, Hugo is much firmer and as such, it can be great for solo sleepers as well as for couples. 

As the natural latex layer is on the top, this mattress is a great option for stomach sleepers and side sleepers as it relieves the back pain and takes the pressure off of the whole body and guarantees good nights of sleep. In addition, some of the back sleepers find Hugo mattress too soft as it is thinner and does not contain support layers. This means if you are someone of heavier weight this mattress might not be a great choice for you because of the lack of enough support. 

When you are on the edge of any mattress it is not unusual to sink as the edge support is not on the good side of the foam designs. In this regard, Hugo is doing much better than the others as it uses latex as a top layer on the edges. Thus the Hugo mattress feels great even if you place it on any flat surface. When you get up, you may feel an extra bounce but in general, it offers greater support compared to the all-memory foam mattress.  

The foam layers are perfect for preventing disturbance of your partner’s sleep as the foam stops the motion transfer. 

Overall Comfort and Firmness

Hugo Sleep Mattress, although new on the market, for a short period of time has become one of the best mattress as a result of the integrated combination of different types of foams. The first comfort layer is quality latex with 15mm thickness. The second from the comfort layers is a memory foam of 30mm while the transition foam is 50 mm thick. At the bottom, the mattress has high-density support foam. The combination of foams does an excellent job of relieving and preventing pressure from the shoulders and the hips. 

The Hugo is not a firm mattress but somewhere in the middle of the chart (level 5) making it somewhat firmer than medium. Each of the layers individually contributes to the overall comfort and benefit that you can gain from this mattress especially if you are side or stomach sleeper.  The latex provides responsiveness and bounce and the contouring memory foam gives proper spine support and back pain relief. 

Value for money

The Hugo is affordable and priced somewhat below the average price tag of the mattresses from the same category. One thing among the others to appreciate about this company is that it uses the Australian labor and the majority of the materials come from Australia. So if you are looking for a new mattress but the best mattress in accordance with your budget and you are one of the side and stomach sleepers, this can be the right option for you. 

Hugo offers free delivery and free returns across Australia wide, although some distant Australian areas may be excluded. Unlike its competitors, Hugo offers less than the typical trial period (100 days) and in this case, this period is 90 days or more than a month trial. If you decide to return the mattress then the company gives you a full refund. Also, all mattresses have a 10-year warranty, which is great. 

Compatibility with Bed Type

It can work well on almost any flat surface. If you decide to put it on the floor it will function as perfect as if you position it on ensemble bases as well as a slatted bed. When you opt for the latter you should consider the slats distance that is to be less than 4 cm. 

Delivery and Packaging

The mattress can be ordered online and you will be able to get it within 7 business days of the purchase with free shipping. Customers claim that the service is almost impeccable and pretty quick, although the delivery time does depend on the area where you reside – ranging from a day to a week. 

What is good is that it can be delivered to your doorsteps and what you should be careful about is that the mattress will need time to gain its shape after you remove the packaging. 

What are its perks? 

It is super affordable and provides comfort as well as breathability. If you are a restless sleeper and you are worried about disturbing your partner in his/her sleep, this mattress can be a good option as it does a great job at reducing the transfer of motion so your partner can continue sleeping without being disturbed. 

What are its cons? 

If you happen to be one of those people who might struggle to get up if you are on the edge of the bed this might not be an ideal choice for you. Although, one thing to have in mind is that compared to other beds made of different foams, this one gives better support. 

The period of trial although sufficient, is shorter than the usual of 100 days and depending on the area where you reside there might be chances that you would pay a collection fee if you decide to return it. 

Final Words

Take a rest with the best mattress that is new on the market and budget-friendly too. Made of memory foam and breathable latex this perfect mattress disperses heat and provides airflow. In addition, the design is made to prevent motion transfer so the co-sleeper won’t be disturbed. However, it provides some bounce which can be great for a pillow fight party that kids enjoy. 

The unique construction made of 4 layers uses a premium combination of materials. The first layer of natural latex gives the breathability of the mattress, then the foam comes and this contours the body’s curves and this guarantees comfort and pressure relief. The foundation is made of high-density foam. It comes in clever packaging so it can easily slide in through the entrance and room doors. 

Compared to the Koala mattress, this one does not have a removable washable cover and unlike the Sleeping Duck it does not have the option to switch the foam layers. The premium blend of materials provides the best firmness, and thus it can be a great choice for various sleeping styles. As said it is more appealing for the stomach and side sleepers as the back sleepers like firmer surface. 

Thus it might be the perfect choice for individuals who are searching for:

  • A medium-firm Australian-made mattress
  • One that gives definite comfort to side and stomach sleepers
  • High-quality at affordable prices.

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