How to Stop a Wooden Bed from Squeaking?

How to Stop a Wooden Bed from Squeaking?

How to Stop a Wooden Bed from Squeaking?

Have you ever slept on a squeaky bed? If you have, you understand how much the noise can disturb your sleep. And a bad night’s sleep has an enormous impact on how you feel the next day as well as the quality of your life. The good news is that there are ways you can fix this problem without buying a new bed.

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The first step is to find out where the noise is coming from. For this, you’ll need to separate different constituents of your bed and check them one by one while listening to any kind of noise. There are many parts that could be the source of the noise including crews, bolts, your mattress, the box spring, and the wood of your bed.

1. The Mattress

If you have a spring or hybrid type of mattress that has aging coils, it can produce squeaky noises. To find out whether the mattress is the culprit, take it off your bed, lay it down on the floor and roll around the whole surface of your mattress. If the mattress is to blame for the squeaking, you can buy a new one or replace it, if it’s still in warranty. If the mattress is okay, go on to check the box spring. 

Ways to Fix It

– Rotate the Mattress

Flipping or rotating the mattress, so that the head side turns to the feet side of your bed, will change the pressure points. The parts with the most amount of pressure on the mattress can weaken and cause the squeaking. This is an easy fix worth trying. 

– Support the Squeaking Parts

Try putting an object, such as a book, underneath the spot that produces the squeaking. 

– Replace the Mattress

If you cannot solve the problem, you might need to buy a new mattress. Bear in mind that foam and latex mattresses are not prone to squeaking, 

2. The Box Spring

As the springs in the box spring age, they can become the reason for the squeaking. You can check it the same way you did the mattress. 

Ways to Fix It

– Rotate the Box Spring

When you move the pressure point to the feet, it can get rid of the noise. 

– Replace the Spring Box

If you cannot fix the squeaking of your box spring, consider investing in a new one. A fresh box will be quiet but you will help to prevent the noise in the future by applying beeswax between the assembly parts. 

– Lubricate the Box Spring

You can spray the bottom layer and contacts between wooden parts with a suitable lubricant such as WD-40.

3. Your Floor and Legs of Your Bed

This is a potential cause for squeaking that not many people think about. When in fact, an uneven floorboard can be the simple reason for the noise. If the legs of your bed are unbalanced, consider putting a cloth or a non-slip pad between the floor and the legs of the bed or moving the bed to a place where the floorboards are even. 

4. The Frame

To test out whether the frame of your bed is the reason for the squeaking, hold it by the post and push it around into every direction and possible positions, listening to the noises. Then repeat the process with the slats.

Ways to Fix It

– Replace the Bed Frame

When you find yourself unable to fix the bed frame, consider buying a new one. 

– Tighten Squeaking Joints

The wood panels of your bed frame are often prone to producing unwanted noise when they rub against each other. It is a good idea to check and tighten the screws and bolts of the bed frame until they cannot move anymore. If you have a nailed bed, reinforce the fasteners.

– Add Washers

If you have problems with tightening some of the loose bolts, add a washer that would fill the empty space between the frame and the loose bolt. 

– Oil the Screws

Just as you’ve done with the box spring, lubricate the screws and bolts that you struggle to tighten, using a lubricant like WD-40 or beeswax. This protects the screws against rust and allows the parts of your bed frame to move alongside each other without squeaking, 

– Replace Old Bolts and Screws

If your bed frame has some rusty screws and bolts that cannot be shifted, consider changing these and substituting them for the fresh new ones. 

– Change Metal Washers for Nylon or Rubber

The metal bolts that come with metal washers tend to produce noise when they are in contact with wood or other metal. The rubber or nylon washers, in contrast, are more flexible and will be quiet. Consider replacing the metal washers for nylon or rubber ones to eliminate the squeaking. 

– Staff Gaps Between Joints

If you don’t have any joints or bolts that need lubricating, consider filling the gaps of empty space within your bed frame. You can use cork or rubber to fill the places where the wooden parts meet.

By doing so, you’ll eliminate the rubbing of the wooden parts as well as eliminating the loose parts and empty spaces. All of these are likely to produce noise and be the reason for the squeaking. 

– Line the Slats with Old Clothing

Lining the slats will help with eliminating the unwanted noise too. When the box spring and the mattress rub the bed frame, it is often the reason for the squeaking. You can use old pieces of clothing that you don’t wear to line the slats and solve your problem.

By following these easy practical tips, you’ll be able to find out the reason why your bed is squeaking and eliminate it. The quiet bed frame will help you significantly to get your well-deserved night of rest and ensure that you are full of energy the following day.

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