Forty Winks Mattress Brand Reviews

Forty Winks Mattress Brand Reviews

Forty Winks Mattress Brand Reviews


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As one of Australia’s largest mattress manufacturers, there’s a good chance that a new bed from Forty Winks has been in your sights at least once this year. If you’ve been sifting through the company’s myriad of mattresses, or simply taken a quick look, there are a few things you should know. You’ll want to choose the correct bed frame, choose a firm mattress or soft mattress based on your preference and also make sure you’re choosing something in your price range.

With a wide selection of mattresses and beds to choose from, it can be hard to know which is the best for you, whether it be a memory foam variant, a pocket spring design or even a proprietary foam and spring blend. We’re here to help you choose your next memory foam mattress or hybrid variant from Forty Winks, so you’re not stuck with a double mattress that doesn’t fit a king single bed, or a innerspring version that’s far too firm.

Below we’ll take a look at a few of Forty Winks’ most popular mattresses and delve into what makes them great contenders for you. We believe all of our readers deserve to have a good night’s sleep and wake up pain-free after having the best experience sleep on their new beds, so we’ve made sure to cover all the essentials. 

Take a look below at our reviews and comparisons below. We might be able to save you a buck, or even give you some insight into sleeping preferences you didn’t know you had. 

Our Review and Comparison Process 

For Sleepify to review and compare all of the mattresses on our list, we take into account a myriad of different factors which include using reviews, materials used and material testing by third parties. We use all of this information to come up with a well rounded and informative review and comparison of a number of the different mattresses found at Forty Winks.

We also compare pricing to other brands from stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide to highlight differences in pricing. If we spot that an Australian brand is cheaper at Harvey Norman or any other bedroom furniture store, we’ll let you know.

At Sleepify, we are not paid nor endorsed to recommend a specific mattress or mattress brand to our readers. You can rest are sure that all reviews and comparisons are based upon our own testing, research and the opinions of those online, and because of this each review is well rounded and amalgamation of our customers feel about each mattress. 

Take a look at our top choice mattresses from Forty Winks below. 

Tempur Mattresses

To start, we’ll take a look into what is arguably Forty Winks’ most premier brand, and that’s Tempur. A vast majority of Tempur’s mattresses use a blend of proprietary foams and springs to get their exceptional comfort and floating feelings, however, their high price might be the breaking point for you – especially if you need a king size mattress.

These mattresses are the way to go if you’re looking for a tried and true new mattress that’s going to last for decades to come, but will also remain comfortable and alleviate back pain well into the future. 

A thick, multi-material build also means that these mattresses are ideal when it comes to motion isolation and sleeping with a partner. You’ll have no issue when it comes to staying asleep all night without interruption whether you’re on a queen mattress or even a king mattress, as the motion isolation is perfect.

You’ll have no trouble finding a size to fit your bed either, with Tempur stocking just about every standard and uncommon size from single mattresses through to queen and king bed sizes. 

The Good: these mattresses are incredibly high quality and come with fantastic warranties and custom blends of foam. You’ll find great comfort on just about every mattresses from Tempur at Forty Winks. 

The Bad: with price points that can exceed $10,000 the brand might be well out of range for most people. The cheaper options are more ideal, though they’re still quite costly.

Silent Partner, Forty Winks Exclusive 

If you’ve wondered why you haven’t spotted the Silent Partner in any other mattress retailer, it’s because the high-end mattress range is a Forty Winks exclusive brand. The Silent Partner line is the ultimate mattress brand for those looking for a perfect blend between comfort, quality and price. As Forty Winks works exclusively with Silent Partner, there are often deals and price cuts that you can cash in on. You might save a few hundred dollars to invest in pillows, mattress protectors or other essentials.

One great perk to keep in mind is that Silent Partner offers sleepers a blend of memory foam and innerspring comfort. You’ll find that all mattresses from Silent Partner are hybrid variants which mean you’re getting a great blend of comfort and support, without the high price of all-foam models. 

The Good: the blend of foam and pocket springs mean support is optimal for all sleeping positions. A 10 year warranty also means you’re a great deal with the more affordable Silent Partner.

The Bad: the price can be a little high, though, starting price points are quite reserved at under $2,000. The foam may also not be the highest quality, with comparisons pointing to mid-grade foam.


To one of Australia’s most luxurious mattress lines now, Serta is here to offer sleepers the best pillow top experience the mattress world has to offer. With one of the best mattresses on the market, Serta’s high-grade, ultra-high quality foams and pocket springs, sleepers will find that sleeping on a Serta from Forty Winks could offer the best night’s sleep in a lifetime. 

A quick look online will also reveal there are now bed in a box variants available from Serta, making it easier than ever to throw down a new mattress on those bare bed frame slats.

One area where Serta has lapsed however, is in the longevity of their mattress material and design. Over time there is the possibility of premature wear and tear, though, with average use there’s not predicted to be an issue. We suggest that the Avant Garde line be your first choice if you have the money to spend and want the luxurious factor. 

The Good: both comfort and materials are incredible as is the outstanding luxury factor you’ll find on the Serta mattress. 

The Bad: very high prices often push customers away from Serta, with certain models reaching just a touch under $16,000. Durability is also known to be an issue for some users, as is pointed out in online reviews and testing. 


A look into an affordable option now, the SleepMaker mattress brand is here to offer all the essentials, a touch of luxury and comfort at a very low price point. Oftentimes the SleepMaker brand is the cheapest you’ll find on a Forty Winks showroom floor, even for queen size mattresses, and we’re happy to say that isn’t a bad thing. 

These mattresses are all spring variants, both bonnel and pocket springs, though through innovation the company has done their best to improve comfort. You’ll be best suited to these mattresses if you’re a back sleeper, so keep this in mind when purchasing for you or a partner.  

To add to the SleepMaker’s price point perks, the mattress is reviewed positively when it comes to airflow, support and bounce. If you’re someone who loves the feel of a sturdy spring mattress, the Sleep Maker is your affordable best bet. 

One final thing to keep in mind is that these mattresses may be available instore only, so be sure to take a look or give Forty Winks a call before making an order as you may be forced to pick up.

The Good: fantastic value means the SleepMaker is within price range for almost all customers. Variants come in as low as $249, and top out at just under $1,200. 

The Bad: durability is reportedly a problem when it comes to long term use of the mattress. 

A.H.Beard and King Coil

As one of the best high-priced mattress brands, A.H.Beard offers an array of coil mattresses that offer incredible back support. If you’re a sleeper looking for an affordable mattress with a firmer feel, the an A.H.Beard from Forty Winks might be the way to go. It’s good to know that although these mattresses have a firmer innerspring design and there are a variety of firmness levels on offer thanks to the pillow top technology integrated within. The softer and thicker this level of topping, the less firm your mattress will feel. 

A vast majority of sleepers report that this mattress is comfortable, durable and great for the price, though longevity problems do appear in time for some users. Without rotating the mattress, you may be left to deal with dipping or sagging in time – a major problem for those looking for a mattress to use for a decade or longer. 

The Good: a great price point for some options, ideal support and a strong brand behind the mattress means you’ll be in good hands with an A.H.Beard. A blend of materials also mean comfort preferences can be easily met. 

The Bad: durability and sagging become an issue in time, which can be a major issue if you choose to buy into the near-$20,000 option. 


One of the most globally recognised brands, Sealy is certainly a safe bet for all. With the company’s Sealy Posturepedic line and range of comfort-focused designs, Sealy is one of Australia’s best mattress brands available at Forty Winks. 

Boasting an innovative blend of foam, innersprings and other proprietary materials making up the design of many Sealy mattresses, you’re able to easily pick a mattress that meets your comfort requirements. Whether you’d like to be cradled, feel as though you’re floating, or would like to sleep on a more rigid surface, Sealy have you covered. 

Where the perks end with Sealy is in relation to long term durability and reports of sagging. Some sleepers have pointed out that the mattresses to tend to sag in time, which can cause back pain or other issues if the mattresses aren’t rotated. 

The Good: a wide variety of prices, great design and comfort-focused operations mean you’ll have no trouble getting your hands on a Sealy at Forty Winks. 

The Bad: both sagging and dipping may become a problem in time. 

Active Sleep 

Looking into another outstanding budget option, Active Sleep is here for those who would love a great night’s sleep on a coil mattress without breaking the bank. Prices at Forty Winks start at just $259 for singles, making it easy to snag one of these great mattresses. 

Aside from the price, the Active Sleep mattress range also offers ideal back support and a soft comfort layer that ensures optimal back support is paired perfectly with upper softness. You’ll also be glad to know that longevity isn’t too much of an issue on the Active Sleep, however, some sleepers have pointed out that springs may lose their rigidity in time. 

We suggest the Active Sleep for a guest bedroom or a mattress that’s used on and off, rather than a decade-long model. For a long-term everyday coil and memory foam blend, King Koil may be a better option for you, depending on your local franchisee. 

The Good: ideally priced with standard comfort and support. A pillow topped design and rigid springs offer a great blend between softness and support. 

The Bad: the mattress can age poorly, and those accustomed to memory foam won’t feel as comfortable on the Active Sleep’s coils.

What are the Forty winks mattress sizes?

King – 107 x 203 cm

Double – 138 x 188 cm

Queen – 153 x 203 cm

For a full review on the Forty Winks mattress click here

Now that you have some insight into the ideal mattress brands from Forty Winks, it’ll be easier than ever for you to choose a mattress that will keep you comfortable for years to come. Be sure to take a look at our reviews and comparisons of Australia’s other leading mattresses and mattress brands before purchasing a new bedroom suite or bedhead to go with your new mattress.

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