Everything You Need to Know About Tempur Memory Foam in New Zealand

Everything You Need to Know About Tempur Memory Foam in New Zealand

Everything You Need to Know About Tempur Memory Foam in New Zealand

Whether you’ve sought it out or not, Tempur NZ will have cropped into your daily life in one way or another. Regardless of whether you sleep on the brand’s mattresses or not, you’ll have seen advertisements from Tempur, heard the brand mentioned in films and certainly have heard the term ‘Posturepedic’ from time to time.

That in mind, Tempur NZ is a leading mattress brand that’s sold in all of the big box retail brands like Bedpost, Harvey Norman and of course, the online retailers like Amazon and more.

Our favourite mattress in the New Zealand market is the Peace Lily Mattress

The key reasons we loved the Peace Lily Mattress were for the following: 

  • Non Toxic
    Natural materials
    25 year warranty.
    Premium feel and quality sleep experience.

If you’ve taken a look online for these mattresses or made your way to a local Harvey Norman, you’ll know that they don’t come cheap. A lot of these models sit at around $5,000 for Queen sizes, and reach higher than $10,000 for some models.

That in mind, you’re probably wondering what Tempur Memory Foam is and why it’s so hyped up, costly and much-loved around the world.

In this article, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about Tempur Memory Foam, where to buy it from and why it’s such a great mattress material for NZ bed buyers.

Here’s What We’ll Cover

  • A Bit About the Tempur Brand
  • Why Tempur is Renowned Across the World
  • How to Buy Tempur Beds in New Zealand
  • What Your Other Options are for Memory Foam in New Zealand

That said, continue reading to learn more about Tempur below.

A Bit About the Tempur Brand

In the sleep industry, there’s no other brand that’s as well-known and recognised as Tempur, and there’s a reason for this.

It stands above just about all else on the international stage for its memory foam that has been endlessly refined and curated to offer one of the most comfortable, supportive and arguably advanced foams out there.

The foam that makes up the core of the Tempur mattress range is designed by NASA, as it is memory foam, and that makes it an engineered material that has been explicitly designed for comfort.

Tempur took this foam and worked with it for decades to create the ultimate sleep surface, and are now known for their foam mattresses. So much so that Tempur or Posturepedic is synonymous with memory foam.

To add, Tempur has claimed to be the very first brand to offer memory foam, the original memory foam brand, so to speak.

Fast forward to today, and Tempur-Sealy are offering a tonne of mattresses with different material compositions, though their memory foam remains a winner for us at Sleepify. The brand is based in the US, though for New Zealand customers, the Tempur Memory Foam you’ll find here is developed and manufactured in Denmark.

How to Buy Tempur Beds in New Zealand

Of course, when it comes to buying just about anything bedding related, the internet is going to be your saving grace. You’ll be able to find just about everything Tempur offers on their website — though when it comes to getting it delivered, there might be some hiccups.

To make the process of buying Tempur in NZ a little smoother, we have some tips and guides for you below.

The easiest place to start is to head down to your local retailer in-store. These include either a Bedpost or Harvey Norman. All of these stores do have a tonne of Tempur-branded products on sale, and that includes everything from bedding, pillows, bed frame and, of course, the mattresses too.

Tempur can also be found in the smaller stores like Smith or the Caughey’s brand.

One good thing to note about heading in-store over buying online is that Tempur allows you to try before you buy. You’ll be able to physically test out these mattresses to see if the Tempur Foam is for you — rather than spending a 100-night trial and having to return a bed if it isn’t suitable for you.

As we’re sure you’ll agree, this takes out a lot of the guesswork and is more reassuring than reading reviews and comments online about the feel of the mattress.

With those positives out of the way, there are also a few cons to shopping in-store over online and these are listed below.

You won’t be able to actually rest and relax into the bed for a long enough while to gauge whether it suits your comfort requirements. That said, you might not get a full-fledged feel for the mattress.

The store refund policy will also dictate whether you’re able to return the bed or not; there’s no guarantee. That means, if the mattress isn’t for you in the long run, you’ll be stuck with it regardless.

It’s good to note that both Bedpost and Harvey Norman do offer some sort of return policy thanks to the Consumer Guarantees Act — though this doesn’t cover comfort and preference changes.

Bedpost, for example, do offer refund and return policies if you do happen to want to return your Tempur mattress, though you’ll need to pay 10 per cent of the cost of the mattress — which essentially means if you’ve spent $7,000 on the mattress, you’re up for a $700 fee here.

With the in-store experience out of the way, let’s have a closer look at why Tempur Memory Foam is so good, and why you should consider it.

Why Tempur is Renowned Across the World

As we mentioned above, Tempur have been working with memory foam in mattresses far longer than any other brand in the world. That’s surely meaningful to you, as it certainly is to us.

The brand has had more time to tweak, adapt and develop their memory foams to get the material absolutely perfect for sleeping on — and this means you’re more likely to have an optimal sleep experience on these mattresses than a large majority of the rest on the market.

On top of this, working with a NASA-made material has ensured that this foam is well-built and actually worth the hassle of getting your hands on. The material has been engineered exclusively for comfort and not much else, so if it’s a nice, soft and contouring sleeping surface you’re looking for — then this is a winner.

A Quick Feature Overview

The covers on Tempur mattresses are easily removable and able to be machine washed, so you’re keeping on top of hygiene and reducing your chances of dust mite, skin cell and bacteria build up on your bed.

This is ideal for those sleepers who have allergies or often wake up sneezing, coughing or with a running nose during the night.

As the cover of the Tempur mattress line is proprietary, the brand has named it the Quick Refresh cover, which, as it’s wording suggests, features an ultra-simple removal process and that makes it easier to clean.

Sitting beneath the cover is the Tempur CoolTouch foam, which is what works to keep your mattress cold, or at least cool at all times. It’s a material that’s been developed to actively keep itself cool, rather than work passively with the air around it.

That said, if you’re someone who enjoys a nice, fresh and cold mattress to jump on during the evening, then this is for you.

To add, this technology prevents a big issue with memory foam beds, which is heat retention. You’re not going to have this mattress heat up with you during the night, and that’s great for joint pain relief and overall comfort.

The profiles of all Tempur mattresses are also exceedingly high, which shows quality of the foams within. You’re not going to be stuck having a mattress that will slowly sink and become unsupportive in time.

As of writing, there are 21cm through to 25cm and 30cm options to choose from, which is more than enough when it comes to a mattress that’s made of foam.

Where firmness is concerned, there are also a myriad of options to choose from, and we’re glad to say that there is more choice here than just about any other mattress brand in the world.

You can choose from anything between soft, medium and firm with plush and ultra-firm models also being included. That in mind, if you sleep on your tummy, back or side, there’s going to be an option to keep you comfortable.

To end, there are a few comfort layers integrated into all of the Tempur mattresses that makes sure you’re kept supported, contoured and comfortable throughout the night. The materials that ensure this comfort are trademarked as Tempur Materials, and are around 8 to 15 centimetres thick.

The comfort layers included in the bed will depend on the model you choose, however, all models do have a range of these layers so you’re always going to be kept comfortable regardless of which Tempur you choose.

A Short Summary

All of the above out of the way, you can see that the Tempur mattress brand does offer an incredible support system that focuses equally on comfort and durability. With CoolTouch tech and plenty of comfort-focused foam layers, you’ll have no trouble getting a good night’s sleep on the Tempur Memory Foam Mattresses.

A lot of reviewers online, and the Sleepify team, have explained the feeling of sleeping on a Tempur as getting that cloud-like sinking sensation. You’ll be able to lay down on this bed and almost immediately feel the foams give way to your joints, where you’ll feel essential all pressure relieved.

If you have sore hips or shoulders for example, just a few minutes on a Tempur will have these pain problems reduced majorly given that there’s no longer any weight resting upon them.

One thing to note about the experience is that there’s sometimes an over-sinkage problem depending on the firmness level you choose. You could sink a little too far for your liking, which makes it a bit hard to get out of the indentation your body makes.

In all, the Tempur foam is outstanding and form a comfort standpoint there’s not really much else like it out there. If you don’t like too much sinkage though, it might be worth looking elsewhere for a mattress.

As you can see, the Tempur branded mattresses offer excellent sleep support, though the price tag may be what’s holding you back. That said, we have a few affordable alternative brands and materials in mind below.

What Your Other Options are for Tempur Memory Foam in New Zealand

Although you can’t exactly beat a Tempur mattress, there are a few other memory foam brands in New Zealand that come quite close, and we’ll take a look at these below. As of writing, there are only really two mattresses on the market that we’d compare with a Tempur, though this may change with time.

We’ve chosen the below brands because of a few factors, mainly being price, which will mean you’ll only need to cough up about $2,000 for a King-size model, or just a few hundred for a Single and a King Single.

The options we’ve chosen also come with sleep trials that are a few months long, so you do have plenty of time to test the beds out, and can send them back if they aren’t for you — something you’re not able to do on a Tempur. The mattresses that are returned also go to those in need, so you’re not adding to landfill when doing this.

A second great perk of these NZ Tempur alternatives is you’re getting a customised option where you’ll be able to choose firmness or even alter the firmness of your mattress prior to making a purchase. That said, you’re in control of the sinkage on this bed.

To end, one of our alternatives is actually manufactured and designed in New Zealand, so you’re helping local workers and businesses in NZ. The other mattress works to support wildlife funds, so you’re helping to care for the environment.

Let’s have a look at our Tempur alternatives below.

New Zealand-made — Napp Mattress

At the top of the list comes Napp. This mattress is the model that’s made in New Zealand and is currently the only mattress model that is made in the country. The foams are imported from Australia, however, this doesn’t have an impact on quality and you’re still getting NASA-developed memory foam here.

Like the Tempur models, you’re getting an ideal medium firmness, which means you’re still getting plenty of sinkage and contouring support, though not too much that it creates a sink trap.

To Sleepify, the Napp mattress might just be the best model on the market if you’re looking to use it in place of a Tempur.

A few of the best perks:

You’ll see a 25cm height here, making it plenty thick enough for ideal support of all sleepers. This high profile is also testament to the bed’s durability and foam quality too, so you’re able to rely on it to remain comfortable for years to come.

There’s a 100-night trial included here too, so you’ll be able to try out the bed for a long while to make sure it’s really the right mode for you.

A 10-year warranty is standard on the Napp mattresses, which is the same as the guarantee you’re getting on a Tempur.

A King-size model only costs $1,280 from Napp, whereas the Tempur models can push through $10,000 quite easily.

New Zealand-owned — Winkl

To our NZ-owned brand, the Winkl mattress is our second runner up to the Tempur in that it’s wildly popular, ultra-comfortable and offers a similar sleeping experience to the industry-leading mattress brand.

There are two mattress options to choose from here, with one being the Lux model, which is a lot closer to the Tempur bed. However, it does come with a price that’s a little bit higher than we’d have liked.

The brand works with the Kiwi Hatchery too, which means some of the proceeds from each mattress will be donated to the foundation on your behalf.

The mattress is a boxed mattress like the Napp, and also has an in-store model that you can trial in the Citta Design shops in Christchurch. That said, if you’re in the area and want to try out a Winkl bed, then you know where to go!

A few of the best perks:

An easily removable cover to keep things nice and hygienic and free of dust mites and skin cells.

A high-profile design that’s 25cm through to 30cm on the Lux model. Matching with the Tempur profile.

The comfort foam integrated in here is optimal and also matches a similar layout to the Tempur, which means your body contouring support and joint pressure relief will be kept at a high during the time you’re asleep.

There’s a 120-night sleep trial here too, which means trialling the bed for an extended period isn’t an issue.

You’ll find a zoned support system integrated into the design as well, which means specific body parts or joints will be supported by a variable foam firmness. This helps to reduce pain and increase support.

The pricing of these mattresses is just $1,950 for the King Size Lux model, far less than a Tempur with a similar feel and layout.

The Takeaway

With all of that in mind, it’s easy to see that a Tempur mattress is one of the best options for you in New Zealand when it comes to comfort and back support.

However, there are other, more affordable mattresses out there that you can consider, that offer a similar experience and don’t cost all that much.

In all, we do stand by the Tempur mattress as being the overall winner for memory foam beds in New Zealand, though, if your budget doesn’t allow for one of these top-tier mattresses, then a Napp or a Winkl will do just fine.

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