Eva vs. Sleeping Duck

Eva vs. Sleeping Duck

Eva vs. Sleeping Duck


The Good / Pros:

The Eva Mattress features a hybrid design based on a combination of latex, gel, and high-density foam with supportive springs. This unique combo offers extra cushion, pressure relief, and a very optimal bounce level that’s not uncomfortable at all. Its micro-springs allow for excellent airflow, and it has robust springs along the side pockets that provide excellent edge support.

The Bad / Cons:

Although it has micro-springs for support, they are relatively small and cause more motion transfer than all-foam mattresses. This means you might feel slight disturbance depending on how active your partner sleeps and their weight. Also, due to its heavy build quality, the mattress is a bit heavy, which means unpacking and turning it might require the effort of two or more people.

Sleeping Duck

The Good / Pros:

Sleeping Duck gives its customers the liberty to choose firmness levels, so they can adjust to their level of support and body contour. The layers can be swapped if customers don’t find the mattress comfortable enough. Its structure constitutes two layers of foam and a base layer of spring supports that can support two heavy people simultaneously. For its comfort and strength, the mattress was declared top-rated by “Choice.”

The Bad / Cons:

The mattress’s price is the biggest turn off for most customers. No matter what size you choose, you will easily find another premium brand offering a similar model at a far lower price. Plus, its bouncy foam and springs are likely to produce some motion transfer. So it’s better to check it out during the trial period to see if the mattress is suitable for combo sleepers.


Eva – The Eva mattress is a medium-firm mattress.

Sleeping Duck – Sleeping duck comes with adjustable firmness levels.


Eva – It is a long-lasting mattress.

Sleeping Duck – Sleeping duck lasts more than 10 years, so it also has a good durability.

Sinkage and Bounce:

Eva – The micro-spring design allows very little sinkage and bounce.

Sleeping Duck – Sleeping duck has very balanced sinkage and bounce levels.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that both mattresses are premium products and offer great features. However, choosing a mattress has a lot more to do with your personal taste, sleeping habits, and body weight than just the features.

Nonetheless, we believe that the Sleeping Duck beats the Eva mattress as it comes with adjustable firmness options that can be changed with a swap of layers. So, even though the Sleeping Duck costs more, our research and analysis tell us it’s better than the Eva mattress!


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