Eva vs. Koala A Head-to-Head Comparison

Eva vs. Koala A Head-to-Head Comparison

Eva vs. Koala A Head-to-Head Comparison

When looking for a new mattress, three of the essential qualities to look for are comfortable, one that provides adequate support, and one that is of high quality. 

The Eva and Koala mattresses are two options that are very common in today’s market. Both firms have garnered praise thanks to the forward-thinking designs they’ve produced and their unwavering dedication to delivering a peaceful night’s sleep.

This analysis will focus on the most critical aspects of the Eva and Koala mattresses, including their construction and the components that make them up. 

You will receive valuable insights that will assist you in making an informed decision about which mattress meets your needs the best by comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences between the two.

Whether you place a higher value on pressure relief, the ability to isolate motion or cooling capabilities, it is essential to understand the distinctive qualities of each mattress so that you can choose the one that best accommodates your tastes. 

So, without further ado, let’s delve deeper into the Eva and Koala mattresses to find the best option for your quest for better sleep.

What is an Eva Mattress? 

The Eva mattress is a hybrid with a gel memory foam top and either micro-coils or pocket springs. The experts sing Eva’s praises because of this unusual blend of components.

Mattresses for Melbourne-based company Eva are produced at a Foshan, China, plant managed by a family. 

The Chen family, who have worked with the company from the beginning, are credited for helping them create the most comfortable mattresses possible while keeping the pricing reasonable.

The ideal mattress for the company embodies the idea of “simple living,” which they define as the sensation one gets from using an item whose design is so discreet and helpful that one can rely on it even when they don’t realise one’s doing so. 

That’s the thinking behind every piece of bedding Eva makes, from their mattresses and box springs to their sheets and pillows.

Are Eva Mattresses Worth It? 

The Eva Mattresses come with a lot of praise. They’re great since they hit the sweet spot between softness and hardness. It is safe for use in residential settings and has been tested extensively to ensure it is not poisonous.

The Eva hybrid mattress is more supportive than regular foam beds since it is made with pocket springs and memory foam that keeps you cool. Your body temperature will be maintained at a comfortable level, and your spine will be supported no matter how you sleep.

You can sleep well knowing the bed can accommodate up to 400 pounds. There is no need to worry about the effectiveness of this mattress since it comes with a lengthy 12-year guarantee. 

Eva’s price range of $100-$200 compared to other popular Australian bed bands is relatively reasonable. 

The Comfort Classic Mattress from Eva’s is an excellent resting option for those who sleep on their backs or sides. It uses quality materials, which contribute to the mattress’s increased durability. 

Talking with the customer support personnel has been a great experience, and the organisation is open and honest about its operations. 

Considering the components that went into its construction, the lengthy 365-night risk-free trial period, and the 10-year guarantee, this product represents excellent value for the money. 

However, their mattresses are not created in Australia but in other countries, which does not assist in preserving local employment or companies. Aside from that, it seems like the ideal mattress! 

Eva Mattress Pros and Cons 


  • Best for stomach sleepers, firm touch  
  • 12-year guarantee
  • Free and quick deliveries, metro delivery the following day 
  • A 365-night trial
  • Premium Materials
  • Fantastic reaction time, bouncy, ideal for sex
  • Great for relieving pressure 


  • Offered in a single version 
  • Not an Australian brand; imported

What is a Koala Mattress?

One of Australia’s most well-known mattress brands is called the Koala mattress

They were one of the early firms in the nation to revolutionise the direct-to-consumer mattress in the a-box area, and they were successful in doing so. 

They have improved the design of their mattresses over the years and now offer a selection of well-praised three-foam mattresses. 

The brand has mainly received positive comments from customers, with the few complaints that have been made chiefly referring to problems with the product’s delivery or its long-term feel. 

Are Koala Mattresses Worth It?

The Koala brand of mattresses and other bedroom furnishings is well-known in Australia for its superior quality. Many prefer its queen-size mattress, but if you have the room, the Koala king-size mattress and wood bed frame will provide a great night’s sleep.

The two-layer, high-quality construction ensures a pleasant and restful sleep temperature. In addition, it is one of the few companies that care about the environment thanks to its “1% for the Planet” initiative.

What do you think about koala beds? When compared to a standard mattress from a retailer, that one does. You don’t have to worry about carrying a mattress and have access to several more advantages. 

Consider the money you’ll save by purchasing a high-quality mattress. The Koala mattress will be one of your most utilised purchases throughout its lifespan.

You may test out this foam mattress without any financial risk for 120 days, and your money will be refunded within this time frame if things don’t work out. 

Koala Mattress Pros and Cons


  • High quality
  • Fit for all kinds of sleepers
  • Exceptional edge support
  • Splendid motion isolation


  • It can sometimes be somewhat pricey 

Eva vs. Koala Mattresses Head-to-Head Comparison

1. Pricing 


The Eva Premium Adapt, although more expensive than the original Eva Comfort Classic Mattress, has several advantages. 

The suggested retail price (RRP) of a queen-size Comfort Classic is AU$900, while that of a queen-size Premium Adapt is AU$1,640. Prices for a king-size bed start at AU$1,950 for the Premium Adapt and AU$1,000 for the Comfort Classic. 

Pricing is competitive (or better) than similar mattresses on the market, such as the all-foam, flippable-top Koal Calm As Mattress, which retails for AU$59 more for a queen size and AU$50 more for a king size.

There are just three possible sizes of the Eva Premium Adapt, with no single selections. The costs of the various Premium Adapt mattresses are shown below.

  • Double: AU$1,300
  • Queen: AU$1,640
  • King: AU$1,950

Purchasing an Eva mattress gives you access to a 365-night risk-free trial period and complimentary delivery. That’s notably longer than the trials offered by most competitor products, often just 100 or 120 nights. 

Eva will arrange for a charity to take up the mattress for free if you reside in a metropolitan region and decide to return it. Eva will provide reimbursement if the bed is given to an ACNC-registered charity or help you devise an alternative plan if you live in a rural location.

Any sagging of the Eva mattresses above 3.5cm with no weight applied is covered by the 10-year guarantee. That’s about par for the course when shopping for a bed of any kind and should give you a fair amount of confidence that your Eva mattress will serve you well for years to come.

Please note that although experts have suggested retail pricing, Eva often has deals that may result in significant savings. In addition to the AU$50 savings with Student Beans, Eva also has different package discounts if you want to purchase additional furnishings like a bed.


Koala’s mission is to provide goods that are accessible and long-lasting, so if you can purchase a mattress that guarantees comfort and support for about three figures in AUD, you’re getting an excellent deal.

Koala’s introductory mattress pricing of AU$750 for a single New Koala Mattress has stayed the same despite the extensive redesign. The queen and king sizes of the Koala Mattress have remained the same. However, an AU$50 price increase has been implemented for the double size. 

The king-size Koala Soul Mate is the most expensive mattress, which retails for AU$ 2,950 (or the equivalent in other currencies). This is a hefty sum for the mattress-in-a-box market, but your investment will be rewarded with luxurious fabrics and thoughtful design. 

Although the Koala Calm As and Koala Soul Mate provide further comfort and support, the standard model offers enough support and is reasonably priced. 

Remember that these mattresses aren’t the only ones that can be customised in Australia; both Ecosa and Sleeping Duck provide beds with a flippable layer to modify firmness; Koala offers the most excellent pricing (and more possibilities.

2. Firmness 


A distinctive micro-coil structure that separated the latex and foam layers of the Eva mattress provided unrestricted ventilation and pressure relief by shaping the sensitive and aching parts of the body throughout the first three years of the mattress’s life.

Customers found the mattress a little too stiff despite its first appealing appearance. The corporation has reduced the number of layers as a gesture of good faith toward its customers. 

Consequently, the Eva mattress is now classified as a medium-firm mattress. People with back trouble or who like to sleep on their backs will find this the most comfortable firmness level.


The first Koala Mattresses had a firmer feel. This time, there is a minor variation in the hardness of the three mattresses. The Soul Mate is the plushest and the best of the three, while the Calm As is the least. There is a suitable Koala mattress for everyone since differences in firmness levels aren’t too extreme.

The Calm As may be somewhat less solid than the previous iteration, but you will soon notice that the support was much enhanced by upgrading to it. It’s not technically spongier, but it ‘feels’ like it because of the quilted cover of the Calm As, which you may attribute to its somewhat more comfortable construction. 

The more complex side is preferable for those with terrible backs, but even the medium-firm side is pleasant. The soft side of the bed is noticeably more spongy than the hard side, yet it still provides excellent body support and makes it simple to turn over and change positions. 

The even support of the Koala foam almost eliminates the problem of working more to turnover than on particular soft mattresses.

You can reverse the layers on the New Koala Mattress.

It’s crucial to note that the New Koala Mattress’s outside cover makes it ‘feel’ different from its predecessor, but you should give it a 7 out of 10 for firmness. 

The top layer’s medium firmness earns a 6.25 out of 10 from us. Also, everyone has their unique idea of what constitutes a firm touch, so consider this more of a recommendation than anything else.

The absence of edge support should be your primary concern with the previous mattress. Koala has redesigned the bed based on customer feedback, making it much more secure to sit on when putting on your slippers. 

Since all three mattresses are higher off the ground, the only thing you’ll have to get used to is the added height.

The new Koala mattress collection maintains the company’s commitment to silent sleeping. The softer ‘feel’ of the sleep surface is quite deceiving; it gives the impression that you would be able to detect your partner’s every movement, but this is not the case. 

The base layers of foam are compelling. Despite appearances, you will feel well-supported throughout the night and have no soreness upon rising. 

3. Warranty and Shipping


The shipping fee is waived when you purchase an Eva mattress online. There is a wide range of possible delivery timeframes. Order a bed in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne,   and Perth metro regions before 4 pm on a business day. 

Unless you specify an alternative delivery date during checkout, you’ll get it the next business day.

Orders are sent out within 24 hours; however, delivery may take one to ten business days if you reside outside a major metropolitan region. Wait times typically range from 3–4 business days in VIC, SA, NSW, and ACT to 4–5 days in QLD, 7–10 days in WA, and 10–14 days in TAS.

Order tracking using GPS will be sent to city dwellers through text messaging.

You have 120 nights from when your item is delivered to determine whether you want to retain the mattress. If you don’t, and you’re a city dweller, the firm will come and take up the bed for free. 

However, customers from more remote locations may be responsible for returning the mattress independently. All that’s required is to let the bed 30 days to settle in and check its condition.


The Koala Mattress is delivered in two boxes, so unpacking it may take longer (15-20 minutes) than similarly priced single-boxed alternatives. Always have at least two individuals unbox a mattress from a package.

The Koala plushie was an excellent addition. However, a cutting tool would be more useful since it is more difficult to remove the plastic wrapping than with comparable bed-in-a-box items.

You can rest the mattress for 24 hours to allow it to decompress before doing the standard set of tests on it. 

Both Myer and ‘The Treehouse’ in Sydney used to provide demos of the original Koala Mattress. However, you can’t currently check out a Koala Mattress in a showroom. The 120-night trial is the only opportunity to test out this bed.

The Koala Mattress looks excellent with its simple, contemporary design. The white and light grey colour scheme and the brand name label are classy touches. The label sewn into the zipper puller shows the Koala’s dedication to quality.

4. Sleeping Style 


Because of the zoned support, the Eva Premium Adapt Mattress design perfectly preserved the spine’s natural alignment even when you sleep on one side. 

Sleepers who like to be on their stomachs or backs will find the mattress quite comfortable since it offers much support while ensuring correct sleeping posture. 

You may observe that using the Eva Premium Adapt Mattress for extended periods helped alleviate back discomfort and stiffness. It was also a significant improvement over a mattress with fewer regions of zoned support, or that did not allow for customisable comfort.


The Koala mattress is designed in such a way that it works best for those who sleep on their sides. However, those who sleep on their stomachs or backs may also use it comfortably.

Koal has a firmness level that falls between medium and firm. If you sleep on your side, the mattress will feel more supportive since your weight is evenly distributed over the surface. 

If you want it to be more forgiving, try sleeping on your stomach or back instead of your side. These postures result in a more even distribution of your weight.

5. Unique Specifications


The Eva mattress stands out from the crowd because of its superior comfort and support, made possible by its unusual design. It uses five distinct layers of high-quality materials to produce the most comfortable sleeping environment possible. 

The top layer is made from a breathable quilted fabric that gives you a soft, comfortable feel and allows air to flow to keep you cool all night. 

Underneath it, a layer of gel-infused memory foam moulds to your body for pressure-relieving support and luxurious relaxation. The third layer is an alignment-preserving transition foam that provides additional support. 

The fourth layer comprises pocket springs that have been individually wrapped; they provide superior motion isolation and localised support. 

Finally, a thick layer of supportive foam at the mattress’s foundation ensures it lasts. The medium-firm feel of the Eva mattress offers a nice compromise between support and comfort. 

It’s made to adapt to all sizes and shapes of sleepers, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll have a restful sleep every time. 

The Eva mattress is an excellent option for anybody needing a comfortable and rejuvenating night’s sleep, thanks to its innovative construction and high-quality materials.


Koala no longer offers earlier mattresses; the three customisable options are available now. Technically, there are three, but they’re all the same bed with two quilted covers. 

The Koala Soul Mate’s 2cm thick cover is made from a polyester and viscose blend that adds two more supportive zones for better sleep. The Koala Calm As’s 1cm wide cover is made from a polyester fabric called Coolmax Fibre, designed to keep you cool even on the hottest night.

The innermost layer of a modern mattress consists of three different types of foam. The support layer is the bed’s foundation, and it has three support zones in the bare mattress, five in the Calm As, and six in the Soul Mate. 

When you buy a mattress with a three-zone support layer, the mattress takes care of your hips and shoulders, but if you’re willing to spend a little extra, your complete body will be supported.

Flipping the Kloudcell polyurethane foam comfort layer that sits above the support layer will give you the option of a medium firm’ or ‘firm’ sleeping surface.

The sleep surface,’ the third layer of this removable foam, may be flipped over for more comfort. It’s polyester and Lyocell blend padding is 7 cm thick (9 cm in the Soul Mate) and engineered to wick away moisture and let the mattress breathe (and you stay cool).

6. Quality of Materials


The high-quality materials used in producing the Eva mattress, which is also present in some more costly and luxury beds, speak to its better quality. There are a total of 5 layers to its exquisite design:

Oeko-Tex® Certified Top Cover

This mattress has its protection layer from eco-friendly, silky, quilting fabric. The flexible polyester fabric holds your bed securely without shifting. White and grey versions of the cover are available for purchase.

Gel Memory Foam:

The second layer comprises a thin slab of gel-infused memory foam, making for a refreshing morning awakening even in the hottest months. It contours to your body, relieving pressure points and redistributing your body heat over the mattress.

Natural Latex Layer:

The Eva mattress’s gel-infused foam is followed by a layer of cooling natural latex that also contributes to the mattress’s exceptional breathability. It is antibacterial and naturally resistant to dust mites, providing support while remaining somewhat springy. The open-cell arrangement also prevents imprints from the body from becoming permanent.

High-Density Foam:

The layer of high-density foam at the mattress’s base is responsible for its medium firmness. You will no longer feel like you are sinking into a droopy mattress.

Five-Zone Pocket Springs:

The pocket spring technology reduces motion transfer to your spouse and cradles your whole body, allowing you a restful night’s sleep.


You may be sceptical that foams can deliver the same degree of comfort if you’re upgrading from an innerspring bed. Since they are not the same thing and run on various platforms, the short answer is that their functionality will vary. 

One person’s experience on a bed might differ significantly from another’s. If you want to sleep well, your mattress should adequately support your back, neck, and head.

Depending on your budget and sleeping preferences, choose a bed “system” that will serve you well.

If you haven’t already, try it out. However, there are good and bad aspects to both. If you are transitioning from a spring mattress to a foam mattress, remember that you will need a few weeks to become used to your new bed.

The top layer of the Koala bed is the Kloudcell soft surface, while the bottom layer is the no-pressure adjustable core support. Take everything in.


Covers for Koala mattresses blend 65% polyester and 35% Tencel Lyocell. You may quickly unzip it to switch up the bed’s texture. The Koalas put seven centimetres of cushioning on this cover. While this may ultimately sag, it serves its purpose for now. 

It has a gentle, airy, light texture and is eco-friendly and long-lasting. Although the environmental effects of polyester are substantial, it seems natural that a polyester-Tencel blend would be used. When you mix them, you get the best of both worlds. 

Tencel and the polyester mix are very desirable because of their desirable properties. If it does get wet, it will dry out rapidly because of its low absorption rate.

Layer 1 – The Kloudcell Supporting Sheet:

The Kloudcell layer may be turned over to adjust the mattress’s firmness. Beds may be made firmer by removing the cover and flipping the top layer. Koala’s proprietary polyfoam is used to construct this layer. 

Soft polyfoam mimics the feel of memory and latex foam while allowing air to circulate freely. The 35kg/m3 density makes it solid and durable. However, it is thinner than the foams used in Sleep Republic mattresses.

Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) has certified the Koala bed as an environmentally friendly option. This is excellent news since it proves the foam was made responsibly and safely. 

The mattresses are better for the environment since they contain no ozone-depleting compounds, have a low volatile organic compound content, and are devoid of heavy metals. So that it doesn’t become a bacterial breeding ground, antimicrobial chemicals have also been added.

Layer 2:

A Koala mattress has two layers of foam, with a stiffer Dunlop polyform serving as the foundation. The GECA authorises it and has a 35kg/m3 density for its foam. Supportive and breathable, some say it may even surpass memory foam and latex. 

Unlike other materials, this one is built to last. This layer is constructed with grooves at three critical locations.

You’ve probably seen advertisements where a person cannonballs over a bed as a glass of wine lies unopened next to them. There will be no hiccups, thanks to this extra layer of protection. If your bedmate has to get up at midnight, they may simply roll over or get out of bed.

7. Overall Comfort


When set to its default firmness, the Premium Adapt Mattress is softer than the Eva Classic Comfort Mattress, according to Eva’s ratings. Changing the order of the top layers as supplied is the only way to adjust the hardness. 

You may contact the Eva support staff for assistance tailoring your comfort and shipping more foam topping layers if you’d like it to be even plusher. You have 30 days to make a new layer request, but you still have 365 nights to fine-tune your comfort. Eva provides a video demonstration of the layer-swapping process. 

Everyone perceives softness differently, but expert tests have shown that the Eva Premium Adapt is noticeably more complex than the supple foam layers would indicate. The source of this firmness is shown to be the first layer of pocket springs underneath the mattress. 

The excellent foundation is immediately felt when landing on the mattress, and the upper layers don’t provide much comfort. This makes the Premium Adapt Mattress great for getting in and out of, but it may take some time to adjust if you’re accustomed to a foam or pocket spring basis. 

This implies that pressure points like the hips and shoulders of side sleepers may not get enough support from the mattress’s top foam layers and may sink into the mattress’s less forgiving rigid foundation. This results in the paradoxical feeling that the bed is tough and too soft. 

Changing the order of the layers isn’t assist, and placing the base support layer on top, for instance, will make the mattress too hard to sink in and won’t provide you adequate padding in the long run. 

A stiffer support layer made of Eva may alleviate this problem by distributing weight away from sensitive areas. 

While quickly and easily switching between layers is a huge plus, what if you need a feature that Eva doesn’t provide? You may use whatever mattress topper you choose on top since the upper layers are a standard size. 

You can use the Premium Adapt by inserting a memory foam topper that you already have, which fits wonderfully. Those who already have a favourite mattress topper may use it with the Premium Adapt to further personalise their level of comfort.


If you’re considering purchasing a Koala, consider the firmness level that best fits your needs. On a scale from 6 to 7.5, 6 being the softest, 7.5 being the firmest.

Some reviewers have complained that Koala’s lacklustre edge support makes sitting or lying on the same side of the bed uncomfortable.

The body-conforming, eco-friendly foam used to make a Koala mattress significantly contributes to the mattress’s high level of comfort. If you wake up often at night, you may rest sure that your companion won’t be disturbed; the design is intended to dampen noise and absorb motion.

The fact that Koala fabric survived the infamous cup spill test further attests to its cleanliness, longevity, and softness.

Koala is the perfect level of firmness for the vast majority of individuals. The first few nights on a new foam mattress might be uncomfortable for some people. 

Nearly all consumers who have purchased a Koala have said they have had a beautiful night’s sleep since the first time they used the mattress.

8. Best Suited For 


However, experts have highlighted the advantages of the Eva mattress for those who suffer from back pain. It will enhance sleep quality for all of you because it can cradle all your pressure spots and deliver a comfortable firmness.

The Eva mattress is also fantastic if you’re looking for a responsive and supportive mattress. Now you can sink into bed and spring right back up.


The medium-firm option has a solid feel but is nonetheless soft and responsive to weight. It’s squishy, but you can still get about it. This setup should work for those who sleep on their side, back, or stomach, but this will vary from person to person.

Our group determined that the stiffness of this setup was 6.5 on a scale from 0 to 10 (10 being the firmest). While most experts will give the Original Koala Mattress the same firmness rating, they stress that the two mattresses actually ‘feel’ different.

Please remember that the hardness ratings are just a reference and have nothing to do with essential comfort. In addition, Bedbuyer’s testing procedure informs the hardness ratings, which may vary from the firmness ratings provided by other organisations.

9. Sleep Temperature


Even with air conditioning, a heated mattress may be unbearable during an Australian summer. Humidity may quickly build up even in milder conditions due to a lack of ventilation or moisture wicking, making sleeping uncomfortable. 

The Eva Premium Adapt Mattress generally performed a great job keeping the sleeping temperature consistent throughout warm and cool nights. Hot sleepers will appreciate how well the top layer wicks moisture, and it’s convenient that the cover can be washed. 

Eva suggests using a mattress cover to keep your mattress cool, but the kind you choose will depend on your preferences and sleeping habits. So that the inner layers of your mattress may continue to function unimpeded, experts advise applying a high-quality, breathable protector made of cotton or bamboo. 

However, you can also try the mattress without a protector. It is delightful, so it is sensible to fego protection and wash the mattress top layer more regularly. 


Koala became well-known when the company began using viral YouTube videos to promote its zero-disturbance mattress. After two significant redesigns of the Calm As, Koala is still confident in claiming that it significantly reduces motion transmission.

Testers reported being unable to detect the presence of a sleeping partner when using the Calm As. One customer, who often has hypnic jerks shortly before falling asleep, said his wife no longer noticed the twitches after taking Koala Calm As. 

Experts put a 2kg weight on the mattress at various distances from an empty wine glass placed in the middle to determine when it would tumble to ensure this wasn’t simply a fluke. 

It was amazing to notice that the glass maintained its upright position even after the weight was dumped a few centimetres away from it, even if this doesn’t fully imitate the movement of a person. 

The glass didn’t tumble over at any distance, proving Koala’s claims of zero disruption, even though there was a little bounce when the weight was put at the edge of the mattress. 

Even the best “zero-disturbance” mattress can’t prevent the snagging of sheets and blankets from a restless bedmate.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it’s up to you, so do your research and consider the Eva and Koala mattresses. Both alternatives are designed with care for the environment and superior components.  

The Eva Mattress

If you’re searching for the best value in terms of quality and price and want a more extended guarantee and a full year to try it out, you may like the Eva Mattress best.

The mix of materials used in the Eva Mattress provides sufficient support while adding some additional firmness and bounciness for those who find memory foam alone too hot or trapped in quicksand.

If you’re looking for a mattress that doesn’t need a frame or foundation yet feels strong, the Eva Mattress is a great choice. It provides much assistance without compromising responsiveness, so you may use it for anything besides napping in bed.

The Koala Mattress

Koala’s same-day shipping to major cities is a lifesaver if you find yourself in the doubtful position of needing a new mattress the day you place your purchase. 

This one enhances breathability and temperature regulation compared to standard or classic memory foam mattresses. Others are fine with less reactivity and prefer this thick, softer support.

Australians looking for a bed in a box may benefit from either choice.

Eva vs. Koala FAQs

What Is Special About Koala Mattress?

Whether you sleep on your side, your stomach, or anywhere in between, you can’t go wrong with this mattress. To prevent you from overheating and sinking into the bed at night, experts employ TENCELTM Lyocell fibre on the sleeping surface.

How Soft Is Koala Mattress?

The Koala mattress is airy, lightweight, and comfortable without being too plush. Memory foam was problematic for me in the past since it was too pliable and lacked support, while latex needed to be more dense and warm.

Who Owns Koala Brand?

After experiencing more rapid than anticipated growth in their first year in business, Mitch Taylor and Dany Milham, the owners of Koala Mattress, are raising $15 million. 

The firm’s creators chose this name because they pledge to adopt a koala for every mattress sold with the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie.

What Type of Mattress Is Used in Hotels?

The mattresses provided in hotel rooms are typical of a medium-firm feel. This is because mattresses with a medium firmness can handle all three ways people sleep. 

Sleeping on your stomach, side, or back will all feel supported when your spine, neck, and hips are in the correct position.

IS Eva Better Than Koala?

Both choices have what is described as a “medium firm” feel, with the Koala mattress having a little more give to it. People who like the comfort that memory foam provides yet yearn for the responsiveness of conventional spring mattresses will find the Eva Mattress an excellent choice.

Does Eva Absorb Water?

EVA is not only resistant to hardening and cracking, but it also offers cushioning and spring (rebound). It is also resistant to ultraviolet radiation, does not absorb water, and maintains its flexibility in freezing temperatures, all contributing to its use as an outdoor footwear material.

Can Eva Withstand Heat?

Yes, Eva’s mattress can withstand heat to some degree. The setting time will take longer if vinyl-acetate is used in a greater concentration in the formulation. 

Depending on the formulation, EVA adhesives may be used at temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does Koala Mattress Sag Over Time?

The Koala mattress cover is composed of 65% polyester and Tencel Lyocell. You may modify the mattress’s hardness by unzipping it. Koala designed this cover layer a staggering 7 cm thick. This is highly comfy, although it might sag.

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