Eva vs. Emma: A Brutal, Honest Review

Eva vs. Emma: A Brutal, Honest Review

Eva vs. Emma: A Brutal, Honest Review

There is no longer a need to visit several mattress retailers, bounce about on each one, and determine how many layers and what firmness you want for a restful night’s sleep.

As more individuals buy beds online, mattresses that arrive in boxes have grown in popularity in recent years.

Most mattress-in-a-box businesses now provide free, contactless delivery and the ability to “try it in your own home.”

It could be challenging to choose the ideal mattress-in-a-box since there are so many available in Australia. This piece examines the similarities and differences between the mattresses offered by Emma and Eva in this article and responds to some commonly asked questions.

What is an Eva Mattress? 

Eva Mattress was just voted the Best Mattress Australia for 2017–18, and it’s easy to see why. For example, it’s one of only a few (out of 35) mattress-in-a-box options with a pocket spring.

There is a high-density foam, micro spring, latex, and memory foam comfy layer on top of the Five zone pocket springs.

The spring-like sensation with typical spring-based beds makes the Eva boxed bed so supportive and comforting. You may choose the Eva if you are concerned about your back’s comfort with memory foam or prefer a firmer mattress.

Delivery times for Eva beds are as little as four hours in select areas, such as Melbourne and Sydney. It’s a terrific all-around mattress, and if you’re looking for a long-term solution, you won’t be disappointed by the  120-night trial period and a 12-year warranty.

Is Eva Worth It? 

Eva company produces some of the most loved mattress models in Australia. The company uses eco-friendly approaches to manufacture their products. As a result, they have been acknowledged in international awards for their excellence. 

The firmer feel of the Eva hybrid mattress is due to its layering of cooling memory foam and pocket springs, which work together to regulate your body temperature and keep your spine and body in proper alignment regardless of your sleeping position.

Gel-infused memory foam – Eva mattresses offer outstanding cooling qualities that will disperse heat and keep you cool all night because of the millions of gel beads they contain. The memory foam substance will also conform to your body to alleviate pressure.

Natural latex is incredibly responsive and gives the bed a soft bounce. The open-cell and pinhole structure of natural latex allow for better ventilation and cooling of the mattress. As an added plus, rubber is naturally antibacterial and resistant to dust mites.

High-density foam – This foam supports the upper layers by adding extra weight and equally spreading pressure.

5-zone pocket springs – The springs help to support the spine as you sleep and minimise movement noise. The pocket springs in the zone provide support to enhance pressure alleviation and relaxation. Fabric covers every pocket spring to improve ventilation and lessen motion transmission.

Side Pocket Springs – The side pockets of Eva mattresses are lined with strong springs that provide excellent edge support. Because of this, it is significantly simpler and practically impossible to fall out of bed on the Eva mattress without the bed sinking.

The Cover – A gentle white and grey coating shields all the layers. The top is made of a flexible white fabric that promotes ventilation, while the grey portion is made of a more durable polyester mix. They feature OEKO-TEX® certified coverings, so you won’t have to worry about pollutants hurting you.

These incredible features make mattresses from Eva worth it. Besides being comfy, these mattresses are durable and will serve you for years. 

Eva Mattress Pros and Cons 


  • Eva mattresses have a firm feel, making them ideal for stomach sleepers
  • They have a 12-year warranty
  • Fast and free delivery services, next-day metro delivery
  • They have exceptional temperature control 
  • Eva mattresses have great pressure relief methods 


  • They have only one model 
  • Not suitable to for Flexi slat sprung slat  

What is an Emma Mattress? 

Emma, formally called ComfortAdapt All-Foam Mattress, is a worldwide manufacturer and retailer of mattresses and other bedding products. The business has expanded from its original Frankfurt base to five continents.  

Emma mattresses offer a generous sleep trial of 365 nights, one year. 

There is also a hybrid option in Emma’s selection of mattresses, although it comes at a slightly higher price. The Emma Original Hybrid mattress has eight inches of zoned pocketed coils, making it firmer and allowing for more concentrated support and better airflow.

Are Emma Mattresses Worth It?

Emma mattresses are designed with the customers in mind. 

Eco-friendly: Emma mattresses are breathable, making them ideal for the hot summer evenings in Australia. They wick sweat from your body and prevent overheating. The foam offers the mattress a responsive bounce, is safe for the environment and doesn’t use chemicals and dangerous components. ‍

Seven-zone foam: Emma’s tried-and-true seven-zone foam has been refined over many years and offers unmatched pressure relief while smoothly adjusting to your body. The bed’s distinctive circular spaces provide comfort no matter how you sleep and lessen partner disruption. ‍

Supportive point-elastic foam – The foundation layer stabilises the mattress, offering firmness to allow for bed movement and vital counterpressure to support your body and lower back. Due to the elastic foam’s reduction of movement across the mattress, you won’t wake up your companion or have them wake you up.

The Cover – An elastic cover with temperature control surrounds the original Emma mattress. The cover has excellent moisture-wicking properties for a better night’s sleep and is highly vented, allowing your mattress to breathe. The cover also has functional side handles that easily lift the mattress into position and tightly fit it. 

Furthermore, the cover is machine washable and has anti-slip components to prevent bed movement throughout the night.

While mattresses from Emma are relatively pricier than most mattresses available in the Australian market, they’ll offer value for your money. These, plus other exceptional features, make these mattresses a good investment for all Aussies. 

Emma Mattress Pros and Cons 


  • Emma mattresses are excellent for all sleepers, especially the side sleepers 
  • They have great pressure relief  
  • Fantastic value for your money  
  • They have high-speed isolation
  • Their covers are machine washable and detachable  


  • Some find it a little heated to sleep
  • Edge support can use some improvements 

Eva vs. Emma Mattresses Head-to-Head Comparison

1. Pricing 

Eva mattress: Prices

The Eva mattress is far less expensive than most other mattress-in-a-box companies, like a king-size koala mattress that can go up to $1,250. Having made its debut in the Australian market in 2017, Eva is still a relative newbie to the market. This has lead to a significant pricing differential.

Here’s a price and size guide for the Eva mattress:

Type Size (in cm)Price 
Single 188 x 92 x 32$750 
King Single203 x 107 x 32$850 
Double 188 x 138 x 32$950
Queen 203 x 153 x 32$1,050 
King 203 x 183 x 32$1,150

Emma mattress: Prices

The Emma Original Mattress is priced similarly to comparable bed-in-a-box offerings from trusted manufacturers like Koala and SleepMaker. It is about in line with the average for an all-foam type. Each of Emma Sleep’s seven sizes is available for less than $1,300. A recent consumer study indicated that Australians spend an average of $1,066 on a new mattress.   

Emma Original Mattress is available in the following dimensions and pricing:

Type Size (in cm)Price 
Single 188 x 92 x 25$549
Long single203 x 92 x 25$599
King single203 x 107 x 25$649
Double 188 x 138 x 25$749
Queen 203 x 153 x 25$849
King 203 x 183 x 25$949
Super King203 x 203 x 25$1,249

2. Firmness 

Studies suggest that most sleepers prefer a medium-firm bed. Eva Mattress’s firmness is rated at seven (out of ten), giving it a medium-firm rating. Side, back, and stomach sleepers will find this mattress’s firmness level exceptionally comforting.

With a firmness scale of seven out of ten, Emma Comfort mattresses have a touch firmer than average mattresses in Australia. The average firmness in the mattress business is about 6.5, making Emma Comfort somewhat stiffer than medium-firm. However, the hardness rating is not objective since it varies from sleeper to sleeper according to factors including body weight and sleeping preferences.

3. Warranty and Shipping


Eva Mattresses 

have a 12-year warranty, one of the longest warranty periods in the mattress business. Customers can contact the firm for a free replacement if they notice any major manufacturing problems or sagging.

Emma Mattresses 

Emma offers a 10-year guarantee on their Original models. Emma may, at its option, replace your mattress without charge. Indents larger than 1.5 inches and cracks in the foam qualify as faults.

Only the first purchaser of a mattress is eligible for the guarantee. Your warranty may be voided by abuse or disregard. A further set of requirements applies.


Those in the Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth metro regions may have their orders the next business day, thanks to Eva.

Delivery timeframes range from 1-8 business days, depending on whether you reside in a metropolitan location or another state.  

When you order an Emma product, it will arrive at your door vacuum-packed and fresh from the manufacturer. They have instituted stringent hygiene rules to protect their customers and delivery personnel. A tracking link will be sent to you as soon as your bed has been dispatched. On the day of delivery, you’ll get a call from our courier with an estimated arrival time.

4. Sleeping Style 

First, you should better understand Eva’s hardness rating, perimeter strength, and ability to dampen unnecessary motion impulses.

  • Back sleepers: Eva mattresses can comfort those who sleep on their backs. Its firmness and precise contouring support your spine’s natural curves. However, if this describes you, choose softer.
  • Side sleepers: If you are a lightweight or average-weight side sleeper, you may find the Eva mattresses excessively stiff on your hips and shoulders. Although the Eva has adequate sinkage to support a neutral spinal in the lateral position, people with a little extra weight may feel similar to a medium-firm mattress.
  • Stomach sleepers: People who love to sleep on their bellies should look for a mattress that won’t cave in at the waist and cause muscular tension. Since the Eva has a consistent surface and a light, airy sensation, it is perfectly capable of shielding your spine.

Emma Mattresses Sleeping Styles 

Most individuals don’t give much thought to their sleeping position, although this is when poor posture is most likely to affect the spine and neck.

Sleep affects your spine and joints since you remain in the same posture for hours.

  • Side Sleepers: The Emma Original, along with other memory foam mattresses, is highly contoured and provides excellent pressure relief. Since lying on one’s side puts more weight on one’s hips and shoulders, these qualities are particularly welcome for those who like to sleep that way
  • Back Sleepers: Many back sleepers will find the Emma Original a comfortable mattress. However, those weighing more than 230 pounds may want to look elsewhere
  • Stomach Sleepers: If you sleep on your stomach, the Emma Original can support your weight up to 230 pounds. People who sleep on their stomachs often need more support and less contouring than those who sleep on their backs, stomachs, or sides

5. Unique Specifications


Eva mattresses come with plenty of features that help their customers sleep all night peacefully. Here are a few specifications in the Eva mattresses that you may find pleasing: 


The springs in Eva mattresses prevent the unpleasant sinking sensation and keep sleepers from rolling to the edge of the bed. This feature is another reason why Eva excels above the vast majority of available foam mattresses.


Luxury mattresses, like those from Eva mattress, generally have technology like micro-coil matrix and pocket springs, which assist support the sleeper’s spine and reduce motion transmission. To sum up, the Eva mattress is very sturdy and comfortable.

Temperature Neutrality

Those who tend to become warm throughout the night may find the Eva mattress a good fit. This is because it maintains the correct temperature throughout sleep thanks to features like memory foam gel layers and organic latex. The micro-springs contribute to the mattress’s airy, breathable construction, making it a comfortable choice for warm and cool sleeping environments.

Edge Support

thanks to the Eva mattress’s strong springs and side pockets, you no longer have to sleep while worried about rolling off the bed or sinking. According to Eva mattresses Australia review, this is another advantage of the Eva mattress since few of its rivals on the market provide this crucial component.

Motion Transfer

Eva mattress is superior to other full-foam mattresses in motion isolation. The springs in Eva’s design are pretty ingenious; they encourage movement and are responsive to it. That’s why the Eva mattress is excellent for families or households with several occupants.


Emma plays in the top leagues in the Australian mattress industry because of their exceptional features and performance in the market. Here are a few specifications of Emma mattresses: 

Pressure Relief

The Emma Original model has four layers of foam that work together to redistribute body weight and lessen the amount of pressure concentrated in areas such as the hips and the shoulders.

Edge Support

The Emma Original offers perceptible support all the way around in contrast to typical foam mattresses drooping at their corners.

Under the body’s weight, the top extra comfort layer gently sinks. However, the support and transition layers are solid enough to stop significant drooping.

Motion Isolation

The Emma Original effectively isolates motion and prevents it from spreading over its surface. As a result, it’s an excellent option for couples, particularly if one has trouble staying asleep.

Ease of Movement

To provide superior shock absorption and motion isolation, the Emma Original, much like other models made of memory foam, restricts some of the flexibility of movement that would otherwise be available.


When a new foam mattress is unboxed, it will go through a period of off-gassing (sometimes called outgassing), during which a potent stench is released. VOCs decompose, causing this. Unstable VOCs decompose and produce gas when they are broken down.


The Emma Original scores relatively well for sex compared to the typical foam model. Although it lacks the bounce many couples enjoy, the powerful pressure relief and generally adequate temperature control may make it more comfortable.

6. Quality of Materials

The Eva Mattress has concentrated on offering additional components typically seen in high-quality mattresses at a very affordable price. The micro-coil matrix and pocket springs are a few of these aspects. These innovations, often seen in high-end mattresses, provide excellent spinal support while minimizing motion transfer so you won’t wake your companion.

This mattress may be used on the floor or any bed frame and functions just as well. Customers should be OK as long as the measurements match the mattress. The item may be delivered to your door wrapped up in a vacuum-sealed box in the continental US.


The polyester and spandex top cover with temperature control is meant to breathe and improve air circulation while blocking heat and moisture. The sturdy cover, which can be unzipped and placed right into a washing machine, is designed to preserve the mattress thoroughly. Since the cover is sturdy, most situations probably don’t need further protection.

To give the sleeper optimal pressure-relieving, body contouring, and sinkage, the Emma bed is constructed from a combination of Airgocell foam, dense polyfoam, and memory foam. And to counteract all that suppleness, these foam layers incorporate zonal support areas.

7. Overall Comfort


Eva has a great combination of materials that gives your back and body long-lasting support, which is why it’s so popular. This mattress is more complicated than many other types sold online; therefore, it may not be suitable for individuals who want a contoured or softer bed.


Emma’s cloud comfort layer is the best. Graphite is included in this exclusive substance and aids in dissipating body heat. It strikes a good mix between firm support and soft comfort. There’s a layer of ParticleCool Premium Foam behind it. This material is breathable and so ideal for warm sleepers. Sleeping on this material is two facets cooler than on conventional memory foam.

8. Best Suited For 

Polyfoam, with a layer of memory foam on top, helps Eva maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature. Having this mattress sink a bit later than predicted was a pleasant surprise. Even though Eve’s mattress includes a layer of memory foam on top, the additional layer of poly foam prevents you from sinking in too quickly.  

This mattress is best for

  • People who want firm to slightly firm levels- The Eva mattress, which rates between 6.7 and 7 on the firmness scale, is a better fit for sleepers who prefer a medium-firm to mildly firm feel
  • Those looking for a mattress with a well-rounded texture: Eva has a comfortable blend of foam mattresses and poly foam for a luxuriously neutral sensation. While many memory foam beds tend to sink too much and hug the sleeper too closely, this one does not. With its somewhat more challenging texture, the foam gives a pleasant amount of pushback that prevents excessive sinkage.
  • Those looking for an all-foam mattress: Eva is the perfect pick for you if you want an all-foam mattress because it has a classic foam feel and shape.

Let’s get down to business by covering the essentials of Emma so you can determine whether it’s a decent mattress. Emma’s viability will vary based on the user’s weight, height, and preferred sleeping position. Though you need to choose for yourself, here is some guidance as you make up your mind:

  • Fantastic option for side sleepers. This soft all-foam mattress can offer these sleepers substantial pressure alleviation
  • Great solution for hot sleepers who nevertheless like a soft foam touch
  • Even children who have trouble falling asleep should like the Emma mattress. It is genuinely soft and provides the cuddling sensation these sleepers frequently want

9. Sleep Temperature


Hot sleepers may find the Eva mattress a good fit. This is because it maintains the correct temperature throughout sleep thanks to features like the memory foam gel layer and the organic latex. The micro-springs contribute to the mattress’s airy, breathable construction, making it a comfortable choice for warm and cool sleeping environments.


Unlike many contoured foam mattresses, which tend to retain body heat, the Emma Original sleeps reasonably cold.

The top two layers of foam in this model have been upgraded with a ParticleCool infusion for enhanced heat dissipation. Heat is dissipated because of the memory foam top layer’s design, which allows for more excellent airflow than in standard memory foam.

Because of this, most people can have a comfortable night’s sleep in the Original. Some warm sleepers, however, may find that a hybrid mattress provides a more pleasant sleeping environment.

Final Thoughts

If you’re on a tighter budget but still want a comfortable memory foam mattress, consider the Eve. If you weigh over 250 pounds, there are better beds than this, but it should be acceptable for most average-sized adults. Eva works well whether you sleep on your side, back, stomach, or a combination. As a result, it’s a good choice for married people too.

For those looking for a boxed mattress, the Emma Original is your go-to option. It’s soft and supportive, so it doesn’t matter how you sleep, and it does an excellent job of isolating motion, so even if you share a bed with a restless sleeper, you won’t be disturbed too much. The low price is Emma’s primary selling feature.

Both Eva and Emma mattresses are great options for Australians. These brands employ eco-friendly techniques in their production. They also strive to satisfy and surpass their customers.


Which is better, Emma or Eve Simba 

The Eve Simba Hybrid has excellent temperature control than the Emma mattress. The Emma Original is the preferable option for those on a tight budget because it is less than the Simba in all sizes. There is no clear winner between the brands in this category, as both carry 200-night comfort guarantees.

Which Is Softer, Simba or Emma?

The Simba Hybrid is the better option if you want a mattress with a softer feel. The Emma Original, made from foam, is better if you desire a firmer feel.

Is Emma Mattress Any Good?

Like most memory foam, the Emma Original has excellent conforming and pressure reduction. Since lying on one’s side puts extra weight on one’s shoulders and hips, these features benefit those who prefer to sleep that way.

Is Eva Mattress Firm Or Soft?

Eva is firm. The firmness level of the Eva Mattress is somewhere around a 7.   You may sleep comfortably on your stomach, back, or side with this level of firmness.

Is Eva Mattress Good For Back Pain?

This mattress is well-regarded because of the excellent spinal alignment it provides. People who sleep on their stomachs or backs should have less pain. Lighter-weight people who sleep on their sides may find this less accommodating.

Is The Eva Mattress Heavy?

Eva is 32 cm thick, making it far thicker than standard beds and offering greater support thanks to its several layers. The extra padding on the Eva queen mattress adds up to 55 kg in weight.

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