Ergoflex vs Koala Mattress

Ergoflex vs Koala Mattress

Ergoflex vs Koala Mattress

Ergoflex and Koala are both offering mattresses that have received overwhelmingly positive reviews and popularity, making the decision between them a hard one. Have a look at any mattress review that mentions Ergoflex or Koala, and all you will see is people raving about how these mattresses eliminate back pain, put an end to waking up tired, and give people the best sleep of their lives.

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In deciding on a mattress, you will need to keep a few key things in mind. If you want to find the best mattress for you, without having to go through the hassle and effort of buying a mattress only to return it a few days later, keep reading. 


Both the Ergoflex and Koala mattresses have a range of selling points that make their products unique. If you are deciding between the two, the best place to start is with the most important aspect – comfort.


Let’s start with the Koala. This product is a polyurethane foam mattress type – the difference between this and a memory foam mattress is that it offers a more responsive and somewhat more bouncy feel, while still retaining a medium firmness. It technologically advanced design process involves two layers of high quality polyurethane foam. Koala claims to have designed this mattress to ensure that it is universally comfortable for everyone, and based on the feedback they get, they seem to have gotten this one right. 

The main aspect of their design that might give the Koala an edge in comparison to a number of alternatives is the top layer. Kloudcell comfort layer is a foam layer within the design that results in a mattress that they claim is more supportive than memory foam – the other layer is “ultra resilient ecofoam”.

If airflow is important to you, the Koala mattress also uses open-cell materials and a ventilated design. Not to mention, if you will be sharing the bed with a partner, a great extra selling point is that the Koala spreads body weight vertically. This means great weight distribution for your body and ensures no partner disturbance.

The only slight downside to the Koala option, based on the opinions of a few customers, seems to be the edge support of the mattress. While the Ergoflex boasts supportive edges that don’t sink, the Koala’s softer edges mean that getting in and out of bed might be more difficult. 

Ultimately, Koala offers a quality mattress that seems to cater to a huge audience when it comes to comfort.


On the other hand, let’s have a look at the very first Australian ‘mattress in a box’ brand – Ergoflex. This is a brand that has maintained immensely positive reviews over the previous decade, and for good reason. 

Most importantly, the product offered by Ergoflex is a high quality memory foam mattress type – the first key point of differentiation from the Koala mattress. What this means is that you can have contoured comfort and pressure relief throughout the night, as a result of the high density, high viscosity mattress. This also means that the Ergoflex is a fairly firm mattress – somewhat less responsive than poly-blend or latex alternatives. 

In addition to the firmness level and feel of the mattress, Ergoflex have packed another feature into their mattress – their unique cool-sleep airflow system. This is a game changer that will surprise you when it comes to temperature control, air flow and getting a comfortable sleep in the Australian climate. This mattress also includes a tencel cover – however the Koala does as well. 

Overall, the comfort you get out of the Ergoflex will come down to your personal preferences. This mattress is known by many for delivering a deep and renewing sleep – if you like a firm, contouring mattress with minimised pressure points, the Ergoflex might be unbeatable in the current mattress market. It is recommended by a number of practitioners for anyone with muscle, joint or back pain, but will likely be just as amazing if you are looking for a good night of sleep in general – especially in comparison to a spring mattress.

Which Mattress is More Comfortable?

The perfect mattress choice will come down to your personal preferences – while the Ergoflex could deliver a superior experience if you lean towards a higher density, contouring mattress with superior edge support, the Koala offers an overall medium-firm, bouncy and comfortable experience that caters to a wide audience as well.

Either way, with both options it is likely that you will be happy to forego a mattress topper, mattress protector or any extra gel memory foam or support foam. Sleeping position shouldn’t impact your decision – both mattresses are suitable for side sleepers and back sleepers.

Winner: Draw


The customer support offered by each of these brands might be more important than you initially think – keeping in mind pricing, manufacturing, delivery, trial periods and warranties is key. 


Firstly, it is important to note that whilst similar, the Koala comes in at a slightly lower price point in comparison to the Ergoflex. When you keep in mind the sheer number of benefits surrounding comfort, delivery and an extensive trial period, this makes for a compelling deal. 


Now, onto manufacturing. This might not be an area of consideration, however there is still a key difference that makes the Koala more unique within the mattress market. This point of differentiation is that the Koala is manufactured in Australia, and using Australian materials. If you want to make a point of supporting Australian manufacturing, Koala might be the way to go. 

If the diversity of the options surrounding products manufactured is a consideration, both Koala and Ergoflex offer king single, double, queen size and king size mattresses, with the most popular option overall being a queen mattress.


In terms of delivery, both Ergoflex and Koala offer free delivery, and within extremely fast time frames. Regardless of your choice here, you will be impressed by delivery speeds. With this being said, the Koala’s delivery time frames can be as short as 4 hours in cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. Ergoflex still offers next day, or 24 hour delivery – realistically a fantastic delivery time as well. 

Trial Period and Warranty

Trial periods can be immensely important when you are choosing a mattress – having the option to try it out and change your mind later means that there is no risk involved in making a choice. Both the Ergoflex and the Koala have competitive, lengthy day trial periods, where the night trial duration for the Ergoflex is 30 nights, while the Koala offers a 120-night trial. Both are impressively long and should leave you with more than enough time to ensure that you are happy with your choice, however Koalas offering is evidently superior. 

Warranty is another aspect that is great in both mattress options, with 10-year warranty for both the Ergoflex and the Koala. 

The Winner

Ultimately, while both options are fantastic regarding convenience and customer service, at a lower price point, with faster shipping options and a superior trial period, the Koala has the edge when it comes to convenience. 

Winner: Koala

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What We Recommend

After taking into consideration all of the features that make these mattresses great, coming to a decision on choosing a new mattress is difficult. There are so many mattress options available today – in Australia alone, the Ecosa mattress, Noa mattress, Sommuto mattress, as well as options from Sleeping Duck and Hugo Sleep are just a few examples. Looking at the Ergoflex and the Koala, the reviews and feedback of the two are so neck and neck – it is clear that either choice will change the way you sleep. 

In summary, this is what you should consider in making your decision:

If you prefer the comfort of the Koala or feel indifferent, and you value convenience, pricing and a comprehensive trial period, the Koala might be the superior option.

However, If you think that the comfort and feel of the Ergoflex mattress suits your preferences, and are willing to compromise slightly on price and convenience, then deciding on the Ergoflex might be the right move. 

Whatever option you choose, you’ll be getting comfortable, blissful sleep, and a serious upgrade in comparison to a spring mattress, or even a natural latex mattress. 

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