Eight Sleep Mattress Pod Reviews

Eight Sleep Mattress Pod Reviews

Eight Sleep Mattress Pod Reviews

Eight Sleep is the mattress for you if you’re looking for a mattress built with the latest sleep technology. This mattress was designed with guidance from the manufacturer’s scientific board. The Eight Sleep brand has three mattress-in-a-box products; Pod 3 Max, Pod 2 Pro, and Pod 3. 

All Eight Sleep mattresses have dual-zone heating and cooling and also come with a sleep monitoring app that tracks things like heart rate, toss and turns, and sleep stages. 

Overall, these mattresses are excellent products, and sleepers can be assured of getting a good night’s sleep when using them. This article will review the Eight Specific mattress brand to help you decide if it suits your needs. 

Mattress Score

  • Overall Score 9.3/10
  • Price Value: 9.3/10
  • Customer Satisfaction: 9.2/10
  • Price: $2695-$4395
  • Back Support: 9.2/10

Eight Mattresses At A Glance

The Eight Specific manufacturers first developed an innovative sleep tracker before venturing into mattress manufacturing. When they released their mattress line, their products featured an in-built smart tracking technology.

All their mattresses feature dual-sided temperature adjustment, which guarantees users a great night’s sleep. 

The brand’s proprietary app has sleep monitoring features, and for around $20 per month, users can access premium features such as temperature autopilot that adjusts to sleeper biometrics and room temperature for optimum comfort. 

Instead of buying the mattress, you can also buy the Pod Cover. Nevertheless, some customers complain about their $20 monthly subscription service and the product costs.  

Material Quality 

The brand offers three versions of its bed; The Pod 3 Max, Pod 3, and Pod 2. Their high-quality mattresses have an all-foam design with advanced features. Let’s look at each of the mattresses in detail: 

Pod 2 Pro

  • Layer 1: A high-quality knot cover that’s breathable and soft, helping keep your mattress comfy and cool. 
  • Layer 2: A comfort layer featuring an Active Grid designed to monitor sleep through the brand’s proprietary sleep app, alleviate pressure, and regulate temperature. The Grid also has a topper layer for additional support. 
  • Layer 3: Consists of three layers of high-density foams that give the mattress its 11” profile. The softer foams are found on the surface, while the firmer ones are on the bottom. The mattress offers a medium firm feel and is ideal for average-sized side and back sleepers. 
  • Side Hub: The side hub powers the mattress’s Active Grid and communicates with the application. Water moves from the side Hub into the active grid to help regulate temperature.

Pod 3

  • Layer 1: Consists of a high-quality breathable knit cover.
  • Layer 2: Consists of the brand’s ComfortBlend™ is fitted with the Active Grid Technology for temperature regulation and comfort. This layer has enhancements that aren’t present in the Pod 2 Pro, like Gentlerise wake-up technology, HRV (Heart Rate Variability), daily health checks, health tracking, and better sleep. 
  • Layer 3: Consists of 4 high-quality foams with an air circulation top layer, a cradling and responsive layer, a FlexSpring technology core, and a sturdy base that absorbs motion while offering to the other layers. 
  • Side Hub: The side hub communicates with the brand’s proprietary app and powers the Active grid. Water flows from the side hub to the Active Grid to assist in temperature regulation. 

Pod 3 Max

  • Layer 1: Consists of a high-quality and breathable knit cover. 
  • Layer 2: Consists of features present in the Pod 3 mattress. However, its health tracking feature uses better sensor technology. 
  • Layer 3: Consists of a MaxChill layer with graphite, copper, and silver to promote heat distribution and temperature regulation. 
  • Layer 4: Consists of three high-foam layers, including a sturdy base foam. 
  • Side Hub: The side hub communicates with the brand’s proprietary app and powers the active grid. The Side Hub also has temperature regulation properties. 

Overall Comfort

The Eight mattresses are designed to offer universal comfort and are ideal for average-sized sleepers. The Pod 3 Max and Pod 3 beds have a premium foam layer that offers additional comfort. Nevertheless, petite or plus-sized individuals may require mattresses that provide more support or are softer. 


All the Eight brand mattresses can be classified as medium-firm; however, the Pod 2 Pro is firmer than the Pod 3 and Pod 3 mattresses. Still, these mattresses are perfect for average-sized side and back sleepers. 

Back Pain Relief

The mattresses are designed to offer spinal support to sleepers. 


All three mattress varieties do an excellent job of cooling and creating a distinct sleep atmosphere for every individual sleeper through its Active Grid Technology. The Pod 3 Max has an advanced MaxChill™ layer that’s perfect even for hot sleepers. 

Who Are Eight Mattresses Ideal For?

Eight Sleep mattresses offer sleepers comfort and advanced features that make them perfect for warm and tech-savvy sleepers who want the latest sleep technology innovations. 

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