Ecosa vs Ergoflex

Ecosa vs Ergoflex

Ecosa vs Ergoflex

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When it comes to the all-foam mattress ‘wars’ there are two names that seem to jump out for Australian buyers, and those are Ecosa and Ergoflex.

Both of these mattresses offer a material makeup that is entirely foam, and as a result, bring some of the softest sleeping experiences on the market.

Although both brands take a different approach to the internal layout of their mattresses, the sleeping experience is arguably quite similar —with just a few minor things that might sway you one way or the other.

The Ergoflex comes with an ultra-deep 9cm foam layer atop the support layer, which means you’re getting more sinkage than just about any other mattress on the market, however, the Ecosa comes with adjustable foam layers so you can alter the bed to feel exactly how you’d like.

Let’s have a look below at the differences between the Ecosa mattress and the Ergoflex.


With both mattresses coming in an all-foam design, there isn’t too much difference when comparing to brands which use different materials — pocket spring vs foam for example. However, Ecosa and Ergoflex do take two fairly different approaches to their foam and internal structure.

Ecosa Mattress

  • Interchangeable Foam Layers
  • Designed to Dip a Little More
  • Perforated for Ventilation and Bounce

The Ecosa mattress is designed with three interchangeable foam layers that are available in various thicknesses so you’re able to choose between firm, medium-firm and medium; more on this below.

The foam in these mattresses is also engineered to be a little more forgiving when it comes to sinkage, so that however you like to sleep on it, you’re always getting a good level of contouring.

There’s a waterproof cover topping the mattress, which means keeping the internals dry is easy, and it is dust mite resistant too. Beneath the cover there is a gel-infused memory foam to assist in keeping the mattress cool and then two layers of comfort foam and support foam.

The foam in all layers of the mattress is also carefully perforated to make sure that there’s optimal ventilation at all times, keeping you cool in warmer climates. These pincore holes  also assist in making the foam a little more responsive too.

Ergoflex Mattress

  • Three Quality Foam Layers
  • An Ultra-deep 9cm Top Layer
  • Designed with Air Gaps for Responsiveness

Unlike Ecosa’s interchangeable foam layers, the Ergoflex opts for three layers of foam that are designed for a specific purpose. There’s a 9cm thick upper layer of visco-elastic foam here that offers some incredible support when it comes time to let the joints sink.

It’s also good to note that being a thicker and higher quality foam than most, this layer shouldn’t show any signs of permanent dippage or lumpiness over time.

The second layer of foam is an intelligently designed sheet of cones with plenty of airspace or movement space that, again, enables good levels of sinkage and also much-needed ventilation to keep the foam from overheating.

At the bottom, there’s a thick support foam that helps keep all the other materials in alignment and prevents over-sinkage that could damage the mattress or your back.

Lastly, the Ergoflex is wrapped in a high-quality cover and features anti-allergy features to improve comfort as you sleep.

Sleeping Experience

Where both mattresses differ the most is in the sleeping experience. The two different material layouts and varying foam densities create a sleep surface that’s somewhat unique — from both of these mattresses.

Ecosa offers customisability, whereas Ergoflex’s ‘True High Density Foam’ creates a marshmallow-like feel that’s not seen in too many other mattresses.


  • Customisable Firmness Levels
  • Responsive and Firm Sleep Surface
  • Gel-integrations for Cooling

A rather obvious sleeping experience you’re getting from the Ecosa is a custom one. After a night or two on the Ecosa you’ll either love the feel, or you’ll be able to unzip the cover and adapt the foam layers to suit your sleep style best.

There’s a great responsiveness here too, given that the foam is landing in the firm to medium-firm range. If you’re someone who likes a bit of bounce on your mattress, then this is certainly the choice for you.

The Ecosa also sleeps quite cool given that there is both gel and perforations coming in handy here. For all of those sleeper’s in warm climates like Darwin, you’ll be able to feel your body heat being absorbed and expelled from the body out the sides of the mattress, which is great for a foam bed.

One quick thing to note is that the Ecosa used to be a latex mattress, though the brand has since integrated an ECO-Tex Memory Foam which acts as a latex-like bouncy surface, perfect for anyone looking to get a bit of extra responsiveness from their bed.


  • Carefully Engineered Foam
  • Plush Upper Layer
  • High-density Foam for Contouring

For an arguably more curated sleeping surface, the Ergoflex’s smart and ‘trimmed’ approach to their mattress has meant there aren’t any unessentials — keeping things simple, comfortable and cool.

There’s the 9cm upper layer we talked about in this mattress, and it works wonders for side sleepers looking to have their shoulders really dig into the mattress. You’ll have plenty of depth in the upper levels of this mattress thanks to that upper layer, so throughout the night you’ll find your back becomes less and less prone to pressure build up.

The ‘true high density foam’ also helps the Ergoflex to give off a rather ‘mushy’ feel, which a lot of sleepers love. You’re not bouncing around on the Ergoflex as you move, but rather allowing the bed to re-mould itself to your body contours.

Inside the mattress a little more, the cone-like foam is enabling a little bounce and a lot of cooling.

You’ll find yourself slowly sinking down to the 9cm depth on the upper level foam, and once you reach the firmer coned foam and your joints will be suspended here, meaning you’re becoming increasingly more comfortable as you sleep.

Special Features

To help distinguish the two mattresses a little more, the Ecosa and the Ergoflex have two major special features that may make you more prone to buying one over the other.


Without a doubt the biggest special feature comes from the Ecosa’s interchangeable memory foam sheets.

There is a thick, firm base sheet, a medium firm inner sheet and a medium top sheet, however they’re all able to be layered however you like. The base layer can be moved to the top to give sleepers a firm sleep surface, ideal for back sleepers.

Or, sleepers more partial to a softer bed, can move the medium sheet to the top and have a far more cushiony bed.

Unmatched is the Ecosa’s customisability and this really places it above all else.


With a little less customisability under its belt, the Ergoflex is the ideal mattress for those who love the density foam feel.

Ergoflex prides itself on having a True High Density Foam that is both very contouring but also supportive too. Once you sleep on the mattress, you’ll notice that it allows you to sink into it, and then simply cradles you there.

This is the ideal special feature for those who have sore joints and would like a mattress that can assure pressure point relief that doesn’t also get too warm. 



Single — $799

Double — $999

Queen — $1,099

King — $1,199


Single — $929

Double — $1,349

Queen — $1,499

King — $1,749

Delivery and Warranty

Both mattresses come with a great warranty, with Ecosa offering 15 years and Ergoflex offering 10 years. There are also no delivery fees for both of these mattresses and returns are free if you’re not sure the bed is for you after the sleep trial.

Ecosa offers a fantastic 100 night sleep trial, whereas the Ergoflex comes with a far shorter 30 day trial.

Final Thoughts

In all, both of these mattresses have worked to be innovative in their class unlike a number of other all foam beds.

The Ecosa mattress has enabled sleepers to adjust their sleep surface to get them something they truly love, whereas the Ergoflex has developed a new type of foam to truly give customers the most contouring experience possible.

Both mattresses are ideal for all sleeping types, however, the Ergoflex may be a better bet for anyone with painful joints and back problems, whereas the Ecosa is the winner if you’re someone who can’t ever seem to find the right ‘fit’ when it comes to a mattress’s firmness.

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