Ecosa vs. Emma: Our Detailed 9-Stage Review

Ecosa vs. Emma: Our Detailed 9-Stage Review

Ecosa vs. Emma: Our Detailed 9-Stage Review

TLDR – We have found Emma to be the winner (also offering 50% off)

Ecosa and Emma are two of the best-selling mattresses in Australia. 

We put them head to head in our nine-stage test. 

Find out the winner in the most extensive Ecosa vs Emma review available anywhere. 

Which Mattress Wins?

We go into a lot more detail below, but if you don’t want to read everything then here are the highlights. 

Both are very high-quality mattresses but the Ecosa has a significantly higher price tag. 

Factoring everything in, Emma just edges it and is crowned our winner. 

It’s the mattress that will appeal to the most amount of people. 

If you think that you will utilise the added features of the Ecosa (and that the higher price is worth it) then you won’t be disappointed. 

Make the most of the trial period (and our exclusive offers) and try one of these great mattresses today.  

– The best price for medium-grade beds 
– Perfect softness level 
– Quick delivery 

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– Three-in-One Layout
– The inner cover can be removed and washed in a washing machine
– Little to no motion transfer

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What is an Ecosa Mattress? 

Ecosa is a well-known Australian company that produces bed-in-a-box mattresses. 

This brand offers the best quality mattresses, leading to its rapid growth over the years; it has established itself in other countries, including the United States, Nz, and Hong Kong. 

Ecosa’s debut mattress features a three-layer structure with open-cell technology for better cooling. 

The design features a changeable hardness setting, allowing you to choose the firmness level that works best for you.

The Ecosa bed has a removable and washable cover, making maintenance a breeze. 

It also has a water-resistant interior layer to prevent moisture from becoming trapped. Both OEKO-Tex Standard and CertiPUR-US have approved it for use in their products.

In response to the ever-increasing demand from customers who prefer the Ecosa brand, the company has released two new hybrid mattresses, Pure and Vital models.

Is Ecosa Worth It? 

The Ecosa will be your best bet if you’re looking for a feature-packed all-foam mattress bed at a competitive price. 

Mattresses from this brand are most suitable for the stomach, back, and combination sleepers, while it is likely to appeal to a wide variety of sleepers.

The bed has a removable, washable cover that can be washed in the washing machine and is waterproof to protect against spills and stains from youngsters and pets.

If you want the traditional feel of an innerspring bed, the Ecosa hybrid foam mattress is not the best option.

Finally, if you and your partner share a bed but enjoy different hardness levels, a mattress with dual adjustments is a more comfortable mattress.

In this case, you can have the most significant degree of flexibility at the expense of an adjustable air mattress. 

Unfortunately, Ecosa’s three-part design precludes making separate modifications to each component.

Ecosa Mattress Pros and Cons 


  • Three-in-One Layout
  • The inner cover can be removed and washed in a washing machine
  • As there is little to no motion transfer, it could be a good mattress option for couples


  • Side sleepers and smaller individuals may find it stiff
  • It lacks a hybrid bed bounce

What is an Emma Mattress? 

Emma is an international producer of mattresses and other bedroom-related items. 

Emma’s Original (ComfortAdapt All Foam) mattress helped them make an initial impact in America – it offers unparalleled comfort at an affordable price with waterproof capabilities! 

Starting in Frankfurt, Germany, the brand has a presence across five continents.

The Original Emma mattress is layered with a luxurious memory foam cushion for unparalleled comfort. 

Equipped with an impressive 365-night sleep test, you can rest assured that the Mattress will provide deep relaxation for years.

The Emma Original Hybrid mattress offers eight inches of segmented pocket coils to ensure optimal breathability. 

Also, this model provides an exceptional, slightly firmer yet softer feel – all at an additional cost.

Throughout this Ecosa vs Emma review you’ll learn in-depth about the Emma mattress — from its construction and components to price point and functionality.

Are Emma Mattresses Worth It?

The Emma is perfect if you want superior comfort, ample support, and a pocket-friendly price tag. 

This mattress is ideal for people who tend to move around in their sleep thanks to its cozy yet firm structure that assures optimal back support with whichever mattress configuration you choose.

There are some minor issues with sitting or lying down right on the edge of the mattress due to inadequate edge support. 

However, this isn’t going to affect most people as the very edge of the bed isn’t used. 

Emma Mattress Pros and Cons 

Emma is a dependable, contoured all-foam mattress that will provide exceptional value for your money. 

It has a comfortable memory foam, ensuring side sleepers’ hips and shoulders are perfectly aligned for night’s rest. 


  • Offers best prices for medium-grade beds 
  • Perfect softness level 
  • Quick delivery 
  • Perfect for side sleepers 
  • Superior pressure relief technology 
  • Best value for your money 
  • Perfect for couples 


  • Inferior edge support 

Ecosa vs. Emma Comparision (Head-to-Head)

1. Pricing 

Ecosa Pricing:

Ecosa mattresses are generally more expensive than most mattresses in the Australian market. 

And as you may have already suspected, they have more features than most Australian mattresses. 

Their top-of-the-line mattress, the Ecosa G7, is at $2,399. 

Emma Pricing:

Emma Mattresses are less expensive than Ecosa mattresses, with prices ranging from $399-$999 depending on the size and model. 

Their top-of-the-line product, the Emma Original Hybrid, is their most expensive mattress at just $999. 

2. Firmness 

Selecting the ideal mattress firmness is essential to obtaining a good night’s rest and preventing future back pain. 

A medium-firm level of comfort will typically align your spine in its proper orthopedic position, though this may vary depending on individual needs. 

Not choosing a mattress with the perfect firmness level for your sleep needs can lead to lasting spinal damage, stress and chronic back discomfort. 

This makes it worth taking the time to find one that meets your specific requirements.

Ecosa Firmness 

The Ecosa mattress can be customised to your desired comfort level, ranging from a soft medium feel to a healthy contouring option. 

The memory foam utilised in this mattress is meticulously arranged into three layers, providing an array of levels for you to choose from depending on your needs. 

With this customisable system, each sleeper can experience their ideal sleeping environment!

The mattress’s top layer contains memory foam, which has a slower response time than the layers underneath. 

The lower layers have far less bounce but react faster than those above. 

This leads to the traditional “sink-in” feeling as it moulds perfectly around your body shape and relieves pressure points.

This mattress is perfect for mixed sleepers, providing a gentle cradle when lying down without feeling too plush. 

Thanks to its adaptability and versatility, this arrangement allows you to experiment with several different sleeping positions.

The comfort and firmness of a mattress are determined mainly by the order in which its three foam layers are arranged, with the topmost layer being essential.

Emma Firmness

Achieving healthy sleep is easy with the Emma Original Mattress, which provides the just-right medium firmness to support your spine’s natural position and let you slowly sink in. 

It may take a few weeks for your body to adjust. For extra comfort, they also offer memory foam covers for mattresses.

Emma mattress developers understand that everyone has an individual firmness preference.

That’s why their risk-free trial period lasts two hundred days from your purchase date! 

If the mattress doesn’t meet your needs, just contact the manufacturers, and they will pick it up and give you a full refund. 

With this generous return policy, you can rest assured that you are buying a high-quality mattress that will serve you for years.

3. Warranty and Shipping

There’s not much difference in the Ecosa vs Emma battle here, but some important information nonetheless.

Ecosa Shipping

Ecosa provides complimentary shipping to all Australian states, with estimated delivery times ranging from one to seven business days. 

You’ll also receive a tracking number so that you can keep an eye on your package and know when to expect it!

You don’t need to be at the door as your mattress arrived. FedEx services will deliver the bed even if you’re away since they guarantee a secure delivery spot.

Ecosa Warranty

Ecosa’s 15-year warranty is far more extensive than most mattresses today. 

It rivals even the most noted brands in the bed-in-a-box mattress industry, making Ecosa a better choice for your sleep needs.

Ecosa’s guarantee stands out in two unique ways. 

Unlike other companies, they don’t prorate their warranty, meaning you won’t have to pay for any costs related to repairs or replacements during the extended duration of your warranty. 

Plus, Ecosa will cover the delivery costs incurred when initiating a warranty claim – unlike some businesses that expect clients to shoulder these charges themselves!

The moment you receive your Ecosa mattress, you’re entitled to a 100-night trial period. That way, you can try out the bed and make sure it’s perfect for you.

Trial Period 

Before asking for a refund, it is essential to test the mattress thoroughly. 

Generally speaking, you will be given 14 days – this duration guarantees that the memory foam has enough time to settle in and your body can adjust appropriately to its new environment.

If you return the bed within 14-100 days of delivery, they will give you a full refund for your purchase.

Emma Shipping

Emma offers free delivery across the 48 Australian states! 

Emma will ship your new bed straight from their storehouse via either FedEx or UPS services. 

Usually, your order should arrive within three – to seven business days, though this timeline may vary depending on where you live.

The Emma Original arrives already compressed and secured with plastic wrapping, requiring no assembly. 

However, upon delivery, the buyer must transport it indoors and remove all packaging, then give it plenty of time to decompress before use. 

Doing so enables them to experience the superior comfort brought by this mattress!

Emma Warranty

Emma Original comes covered by a generous warranty which can help protect your investment. 

If there are any issues with the materials or craftsmanship of the mattress, such as cracks in foam and dents, then this qualifies for a replacement at no extra cost to you.

The warranty on the mattress is only valid for its original purchaser, and any neglect or misuse of the product will render your claim void. 

Moreover, there are other specific requirements to qualify for the warranty program.

Trial Period 

When choosing this particular product, you can rest assured in your mattress purchase for a full year. 

It’s even backed by the manufacturer with an effortless, 365-night sleep trial period so that if it doesn’t suit your needs after testing for 30 nights or more, you may return it and receive reimbursement!

4. Sleeping Style 


Memory foam’s contouring to the spine offers support and comfort for back sleepers while the mattress’s underlying foams maintain its neutral position. 

Lighter-weight back sleepers may need more assistance settling into their preferred sleeping positions to benefit from a bed of medium firmness.

Those who weigh more should opt for firmer mattress settings that provide sufficient cradling, while lightweight individuals may find greater comfort in softer mattresses. 

Moreover, the medium setting is ideal for people who sleep on their sides since it offers excellent pressure relief. 

This type of mattress can be particularly beneficial to side sleepers as they tend to have more weight distributed over a smaller surface area and therefore need exceptional support from their bed.

Regardless of their size or shape, Ecosa provides optimal comfort and support for stomach sleepers with its unique ability to keep your body relaxed as you sleep soundly. 

You can modify its adjustable height feature for more significant individuals who need additional stability!

The medium level of this unique all-foam bed is ideal for anyone weighing around 195 pounds, with higher levels available for heavier individuals. 

Notably, the weight limit on each mattress edge reaches 440 pounds – a remarkable feature in rare beds like this one.


Side Sleepers

The Emma Original provides unparalleled comfort and pressure relief with its high-grade conforming properties similar to other memory foam beds. 

For side sleepers in particular, this superior mattress is ideal as the shoulders and hips can be relieved of added tension while sleeping in these positions.

The luxurious top layer of memory foam gently cradles and cushions your body’s essential areas to ensure side sleepers get ultimate relaxation. 

The polyfoam beneath helps keep the spine straight while still providing a deeper level of contouring comfort.

The Emma Original mattress is ideal for side sleepers, regardless of weight. 

Those under 230 pounds will find a medium-touch to be most comfortable, while heavier individuals may opt for an even softer sleeping area – all of which can be found with this superior brand.

Back Sleepers

The Emma Original mattress is engineered with a balanced medium firm mattress feel, providing the perfect solution for those who prefer sleeping on their backs. 

For anyone weighing over 230 lbs., however, an additional supportive layer may be necessary to ensure total comfort throughout the night.

For back-sleepers, the top layer of memory foam will offer a snug hug to their hips and comfortably conform to the shape of their lumbar area. 

Sleepers less than 230 lbs can also experience sufficient support from the bottom polyfoam layers that help them keep postural balance throughout the night. 

Stomach Sleepers

If you are a stomach sleeper and weigh around 230 lbs, then the Emma Original mattress is ideal for your needs. 

Stomach sleepers require less contouring than other types of sleepers and more support to ensure quality rest.

For lightweight stomach sleepers weighing under 230 lbs, the polyfoam layer can help them achieve a balanced spine posture. 

5. Unique Specifications


The Ecosa mattress is carefully crafted with three adjustable foam layers to achieve adjustable firmness. 

You can remove and clean the micro-filament weatherproof outer layer and light Tencel washable cover in a washing machine. To ensure you get your perfect sleep haven, here are all three layers:

  • Fall into a deep, peaceful slumber with a G-7 gel memory foam mattress. The high-density support foam provides superior comfort and cushioning for an optimal sleep experience.
  • Rejuvenate your comfort with ECO-Tex memory foam, guaranteed to provide a resilient and responsive cushion!
  • Utilising foam for mechanical support can tightly isolate movements and evenly distribute pressure, allowing for comfortable sleep.

The Ecosa Mattress stands out with its customisable features. 

By removing the covering and rearranging the layers, you can tailor it to your desired firmness! 

It may be a two-person job since foam layers are heavy, but once complete, you’ll have an entire mattress that perfectly suits your taste.


The Emma Original is an 11-inch mattress with a medium feel, crafted from four distinct layers. 

The top layer of contoured memory foam cradles the body and provides superior support and comfort. 

Underneath are three supportive polyfoam layers that cushion pressure points for relief.

Furthermore, this mattress has thoughtful features that offer convenience and ease of use. 

It has a removable cover that can be machine washed and grips, so you don’t have to flip it over when rotating the mattress – making maintenance simple!

The Emma Original mattress is not only conveniently priced within the mid-range category, but you can usually find a substantial discount, making it unbeatable compared to its competitors. 

Plus, you receive incredible value for your money!

6. Quality of Materials


Ecosa’s foam beds provide the perfect solution for any bedroom – they arrive in boxes right to your door and can be set up on a foundation or even on the floor! 

Their adjustable foundations make it easy to install into whatever arrangement suits you best.

This product features two coverings, one made of soft polyester that is removable and can be washed separately. 

The German Tech weatherproof covering offers moisture wicking for sweat-induced moisture and dust accumulation.

The sophisticated 3-in-1 design of the mattress offers three distinct layers you can rearrange to generate a unique feel.

Constructed from G7 Memory Foam, with a thickness of 1.5 inches, this surface moulds to your body shape and takes the pressure off problem areas without allowing you to sink in too deep. 

Thanks to its embedded gel particles, it’s a great mattress for those hot summer nights!

The Eco-Tex layer, the company’s innovative addition to traditional latex material, supports your body with its aerated foam yet fast responsiveness – so you won’t feel stuck in bed. It is also designed with a pristine white hue.

The last layer is grooved to appear like a bar of chocolate, which not only creates an intriguing texture and serves as air ducts to help maintain temperature balance. 

Furthermore, this deep poly foam conforms precisely to your body’s shape and distributes weight evenly for superior spine support.


The Airgocell foam, memory foam, and thick polyfoam make the Emma mattress ideal for pressure relief, contouring, and sinking. 

Furthermore, its zonal support sections are strategically incorporated to ensure a comfortable balance between softness and structure.

Cover: This mattress cover boasts the perfect combination of breathability and temperature regulation due to its detachable and washable polyester blend fabric features. 

Commonly used to protect mattresses due to their properties, polyester is an essential component for any bedding set.

Comfort: Crafted with Airgocell foam, the upper layer of this mattress quickly conforms to your body shape and delivers instantaneous relief from pressure points. 

Also, its elevated porosity aids in breathability and ventilation while you sleep.

Contour: As you sink into the contour layer, your body is embraced by comforting memory foam. 

This material is renowned for its ability to hug and cushion while adapting slowly to movements. 

Due to these attributes, it’s a favoured pick among side sleepers who want pressure relief without being confined in place.

Foundation: This mattress is supported by a robust high-density poly foam foundation layer eight inches thick, which helps to even out the lightweight memory foam in the contour layer. 

Additionally, it has been built with zonal channels for improved lateral stability and different levels of cushioning across the surface, delivering unrivalled comfort throughout your sleep.

7. Overall Comfort

To wake up feeling energised and pain-free, you need a mattress that offers support and pressure relief. 

When lying on the bed, your body should only sink slightly while your spine remains in its natural alignment with the surface of the mattress for optimal comfort.


The Ecosa mattress arrives with a pre-set medium feel, allowing you to experience optimal comfort as soon as it’s delivered.

Start with the G-7 Gel Foam at the top, followed by ECO-Tex in the middle and complete your setup with Ergonomic support at the bottom.

It is reasonable to assume that the arrangement would accommodate all sleeping preferences; however, it makes sense for individual appropriateness to vary from one person to another.


Their base layer has ECO-Tex, followed by G-7 Gel for support and contouring comfort to achieve the perfect medium-firm mattress level. 

Finally, a top layer of Ergonomic Foam provides optimal cushioning to ensure restful sleep all night.

For most people who sleep on their backs, this arrangement is ideal. 

It can also be great for those who prefer to sleep in other positions—on either side or stomach!


Lastly, the medium-firm option combines Ergonomic Foam, G-7 Gel Foam, and ECO-Tex Foam in its setup.

This sleeping arrangement should be suitable for most people who prefer to sleep on their backs while still being flexible enough to meet the needs of those who choose different positions.


The healthy option produces maximum relaxation with its intricate, dense cushioning layer. 

Unlike the healthy alternative that may be too hard for some people, the medium-firm selection gives you a better balance between comfort and support.

The medium setting offers the most comfortable experience. It’s firm enough to support your body yet still easy on it, providing a delightful experience.

With the Ecosa Mattress, you can expect the proper alignment of your spine throughout the night regardless of how you sleep. 

However, it cannot compare comfort to other premium foam mattress brands like Emma.

The Ecosa mattress may not have the customary bounce as some spring mattresses, yet its comfort and support make it a perfect choice. 

That said, transferring between sleeping positions may be more comfortable on other beds due to their excellent responsiveness to motion.

Additionally, it is essential to consider that when compared to foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses tend to be more responsive.

The weatherproof design of this cover is an important aspect. 

Its bottom part has a “paper-like” texture, while its upper portion appears to have a luxuriously silky feel. This contrast makes the waterproof even more eye-catching and captivating.

With the exclusion of its waterproof covering, each iteration becomes increasingly more pliable and feels distinct.


With its superior motion dissipation, the Emma Original is perfect for couples with a partner that has difficulty sleeping. 

This mattress provides unparalleled restful sleep and will ensure you both get the best night’s sleep possible!

Get a perfect night’s sleep with the Emma Original mattress. The four-foam layers create an even weight distribution, relieving your body from pressure points like your shoulders and hips.

With its primary layer of memory foam, this mattress contours perfectly to your body’s curves. 

A secondary layer of polyfoam also cradles the body, relieving tension and providing essential spinal support while you relax.

Depending on their sleeping posture, weight, and comfort preferences, individuals may find varying levels of pressure relief while they sleep.

Heavier sleepers often find comfort in the memory foam as they sink into it; however, many back and stomach sleepers laud this mattress for its ability to fit their body shape while providing adequate support.

Temperature Regulation

Unlike other contoured foam mattresses that can cause a stuffy and uncomfortable sleeping environment, the Emma Original mattress offers an excellent mattress experience.

Crafted with the utmost care, the top two layers of this mattress foam have been innovatively injected with ParticleCool to quicken heat dissipation rates significantly.

Moreover, the top layer of memory foam is designed with exceptional features that offer enhanced air circulation than traditional types of memory foam, ultimately dissipating heat rapidly.

The Emma Original ensures comfort with its temperature range, which is enjoyable for almost everyone.

Edge Support

Unlike many other foam mattresses, the Emma Original provides consistent support throughout its circumference and eliminates any sagging edges.

When pressure is applied to the top layer of memory foam, its surface has a slight bounce-back effect.

Despite this, the transitioning and support layers are strong enough to avoid too extreme drooping.

Ease of Movement

Like most foam-based mattresses, the Emma Original provides superior motion isolation and pressure relief. 

However, this comes at the cost of some flexibility in movement that would otherwise be available.

Memory foam’s cushioning might make it hard to adjust your position due to its snug fit and response. 

The lack of elasticity in the polyfoam layer adds to this feeling.


The manufacturing of mattresses often leads to the production of VOCs, which are odorous but harmless byproducts. 

It is most common for newly purchased foam beds to emit these scents.

The Emma Original mattress is designed to reduce off-gassing with foams tested and certified by CertiPUR-US. 

This certification guarantees a low level of volatile organic compounds, which could affect the air quality in your home, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring that your night’s sleep will be comfortable and safe.

After you assemble your mattress, there is a slight chance that an odour may linger; but don’t worry! 

This smell will fade quickly and become unnoticeable in the next few days.

8. Best Suited For 


The Ecosa mattress is a good solution for any sleeping pattern. 

Side sleepers will appreciate its ample cushioning, while back sleepers can enjoy a medium-firm experience that provides excellent support and pressure relief. 

Plus, combo sleepers are sure to love this springy memory foam bed!

On the contrary, stomach sleepers can benefit from a more rigid mattress. 

As such, an Ecosa is only ideal for someone depending on their sleeping habits.

Ecosa is suitable for:

  • Those looking for mattresses with perfect pressure relief 
  • Back sleepers who require a medium level of support
  • Combo sleepers who desire a bouncy experience
  • Hot sleepers who need cooling features
  • Buyers on budget 


If you’re looking for a boxed mattress, go for the Emma Original. 

The Emma is a fantastic mid-range memory foam mattress that could significantly improve your sleep quality at a very reasonable price. 

Regardless of how you want to sleep, you won’t be disturbed by your bed partner’s thrashing around.

Emma is suitable for:

  • Back sleepers who want a high level of support.
  • Side sleepers are looking for deep pressure relief and contouring.
  • Combo sleepers are seeking a balanced combination of bounce and contouring.
  • Those are looking for climate control features.
  • Couples who need motion isolation and edge support.
  • Those are searching for a good value purchase.
  • Hot sleepers in need of temperature regulation.
  • Those short on space wish to save room by opting for a mattress with partner disturbance technology

9. Sleep Temperature


Compared to traditional innerspring or hybrid mattresses, foam mattresses trap more warmth. 

Nevertheless, the Ecosa mattress performs well at maintaining a comfortable temperature.

The G7 memory foam in the mattress’s top layer is infused with hydrogels for maximum comfort, while a porous Tencel material covers it. 

Moreover, an Eco-Tex transitioning zone beneath adds breathability and open-cell structure. 

With this combination of innovative materials, you can rest assured that your sleep will be soundly peaceful!

Ecosa’s stay well-ventilated and promote air circulation – a game changer in keeping your bed cool! 

With this high level of breathability, you can enjoy a more comfortable night’s sleep without having to worry about overheating, like with most foam mattresses.


Unlike numerous contoured foam mattresses that can be pretty stuffy and make it arduous to sleep comfortably throughout the night, the Emma Original offers a cool sensation when you lay down on it.

Crafted with ParticleCool infusion, the upper layers of this memory foam are designed to dissipate heat quickly and enhance performance. 

Furthermore, its specially sculpted design allows for more excellent air circulation than conventional memory foam, which aids in better ventilation and more effective heat dissipation.

As a result, the Emma Original retains its temperature at an agreeable level for almost all customers. 

Alternatively, those who tend to overheat when sleeping can find solace in the hybrid bed’s more laid-back feel.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right mattress is essential to giving you that comfort and relaxation – however, with so many options on the market today, it can take time to decide which one will best suit your needs.

Shopping for a new product can be an overwhelming experience. The numerous sizes, specifications, materials and marketing buzzwords to sift through may leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

Consequently, this Ecosa vs Emma review offers comprehensive data on two of the most distinguished mattress manufacturers in the world: Ecosa and Emma mattresses.

You’ll undoubtedly have an effortless, slumbering experience when you purchase one!


Are Emma and Ecosa the same?

No, Emma and Ecosa mattresses are not the same. While both foam mattresses have similar cooling properties, Emma offers more breathability for those who tend to sleep hot, while Ecosa has a higher level of contouring and motion isolation.

Are Emma mattresses as good as they say?

Yes, Emma is a very good mattress. With innovative cooling technology and a combination of contouring and support, it provides the perfect balance of comfort and support and a restful sleep experience.

Is Emma’s premium mattress too hot?

No, Emma is designed to offer an excellent sleeping experience with their ParticleCool infusion technology. This helps disburse heat quickly and efficiently to ensure a comfortable sleep.

Is Emma’s mattress the same as Casper’s?

Emma and Casper’s mattresses differ in materials and technology. The mattresses have a ParticleCool infusion for enhanced cooling, and the hybrid bed is more breathability than most memory foam mattresses. Casper mattresses use proprietary foam for a contoured feel.

Does Ecosa sag?

No, Ecosa’s are designed with high-density foam layers and an Eco-Tex transition zone that help support the spine and prevent sagging over time. Although, as with any bed, it is still important to rotate your Ecosa every few months for more even wear.

Is Ecosa made in China?

No, Ecosa mattresses are not made in China — they are designed and manufactured in Australia with premium quality materials that meet the highest safety standards. Furthermore, Ecosa is tested by third-party labs to ensure it meets the highest safety and quality standards.

How long does Ecosa last?

Ecosa’s are designed to last up to 10 years with proper care. However, depending on your sleeping habits and body weight, your bed may soften and form indentations that may require earlier replacement. Rotating your Ecosa mattress every few months for more even wear is essential.

Can I flip an Ecosa mattress?

No, Ecosa mattresses are designed with a specific top and bottom layer that you cannot flip. However, it is essential to rotate your Ecosa mattress every few months for more even wear.

Are Ecosa mattresses firm?

Ecosa’s are designed to provide the perfect balance of comfort and support with a medium to firm feel. It is constructed with high-density foam layers and an Eco-Tex transition zone to provide comfort and support. However, it is essential to remember that mattress firmness is subjective and may vary from person to person.

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