Dune Mattress Review

Dune Mattress Review

Dune Mattress Review

We recommend the Emma Mattress over the Dune Mattress – Emma Mattress

The market is filled with hundreds of self-inflating mattresses, and so many choices can easily overwhelm anyone, especially when you’re not that aware of the brands and products. However, if you need something that’s safe and offers good value for money, Dune might be a good brand. 

We’re using ‘might’ because you’ll only know for sure after reading this detailed Dune Mattress review. So sit back, take a deep breath and read this post till the end. 

Pros of Dune Mattress

  • It weighs lower than similar mattresses in the price range
  • Compact enough to be stored inside small cars
  • Great for rough terrain

Cons of Dune Mattress

  • Some complaints about the fabric cover coming off after some time
  • It would require two people to pack and put inside the bag

Comfort & Support:

There are tons of self-inflating mattresses out there, but what sets Dune apart is its range of 4WD mattresses that come equipped with a 10cm thick cell foam of high density. Those having back issues will find it very supportive for their spine and enjoy a peaceful slumber out in the wild. 

The mattress has a heavy-duty PVC base that keeps it sturdy and stable, ensuring it doesn’t move when you turn during sleep. 

Furthermore, the Dune Mattress comes with a soft flock fabric on top, so you’ll not be sleeping directly on the slippery PVC surface. Instead, the soft layer of tiny fibers at the top will create a smooth and velvety texture. It’s very comfortable and breathable.

Weight & Portability:

The weight of the Dune Mattress depends on the size you get. It comes in three – queen, double and single with 8.8kg, 7.7kg, and 4.8kg of weights, respectively. Still, it’s lighter than the Wanderer Self-Inflating mattress (Add link to the article I wrote on it) we reviewed. 

However, you still cannot take it with you on a hike if you’re on foot. It’ll need to be stored at the back of your vehicle and only be taken out and deployed when you reach the camping site. 

Carrying something between 5 to 8kg on foot accompanied by other heavy gear will give you a severe body ache.  

However, it comes with a very sturdy carry bag made of 600D polyester. You can easily store the mattress inside it and carry it with you for shorter distances.

Ease of Use:

Certainly one of the most user-friendly self-inflating mattresses out there. And we’re not saying this because we have any obligation to be only positive about it in this Dune Mattress review. We’ll lay out everything, good or bad, in front of you so you can better decide. 

It’s easy to use because of its ability to inflate and deflate on its own. Unlike some mattresses in the same price point, it doesn’t need a deflator to go down, just pop open its valve, and it’ll start sending the air right out. 

However, before using it for the first time, open its valves and let it sit for 24-48 hours because of the vacuum seal. You can use it normally after that. 

Moreover, it comes with a repair kit; that’s something you’ll need to ensure the mattress serves you for a long time. 

Although Dune is made to work perfectly on very rugged terrain, having a repair kit nearby will ensure you always get a good night’s sleep. 

Price to Value:

From a price to value point, it can be a bit pricey. This is because it costs $189.99 to $289.99, depending on the size. You can get a Wanderer mattress for a price range of $199 (for king single) to $269 (for queen), which has 12cm thickness, while Dune has 10cm. 

However, it’s up to you, some may find the Wanderer a little uncomfortable, and it’s certainly heavier than Dune. But both mattresses have pretty much the same features. We’d say go for Dune if you don’t want to handle a 2-3kg heavier mattress. 

Final Verdict:

Definitely a decent buy if you want a durable, long-lasting, and very comfortable mattress to take on your camping and hiking adventures.

Plus, it works flawlessly on highly rough terrains, so you won’t have to hunt for a smooth place to sleep. 

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