Chiropedic’s Best Mattresses

Chiropedic’s Best Mattresses

Chiropedic’s Best Mattresses

With almost three decades in manufacturing mattresses, there are very few brands out there that offer the comfort, quality and affordability of the beds you’ll find at Chiropedic.

The multi-award winning brand offers a range of mattresses that are designed to reduce back and joint pain through innovative internal layouts, and that means anyone looking for a mattress that gives them the best chance at a good night’s sleep, then you’re in luck at Chiropedic.

From Sleep Luna to Sleep Luxor and Sleep Supreme, we’ll take a look at all of the best mattresses on offer by Chiropedic and let you know some of the best the brand has to offer.


The Cloud 9 Family — $2,659 to $4,999

For the mattresses that offer some of the most well-curated sleep surfaces, Cloud 9 by Chiropedic are our top choice.

The family of mattresses includes the Cloud 9 Comfort, Cloud 9 Posture and Cloud 9 Premier to name a few. All of these mattresses come with the highest quality materials and internals that provide optimal comfort and include a range of different materials to make sleeper surfaces more effective at pain relief than just about anything else out there.

At the top of the line, the Cloud 9 Premier offers a complex array of foams that includes a premium foam and gel memory foam, all of which rest atop the micro pocket springs that ensure correct back and posture support for sleepers of all weights.

Coming down the line a little, to the Cloud 9 Posture, you’re going to find a pedantic focus on correct posture support, back alignment technology and features.

There is a complex array of foams, from HD Dunlop Foam through to Posture Gel that has been developed in-house. Both of which offer an ideal middle ground between body contouring and back support for sleepers.



The &Sleep Family — $1,399 to $3,599

A second family of mattresses by Chiropedic are the And Sleep models, which have another keen focus on spinal support and comfort.

However, what sets these mattresses apart are their added features, sleep trials and the fact they come neatly delivered in a box to your door.

The mid-range &Sleep Luna mattress comes with an excellent comfort layer that has been developed to use more materials than just about all mattresses out there. This comfort layer is one of the most well-developed on the market and makes used of knitted fibres, multiple comfort foams and a gel-infused foam to absorb body heat. From here, the 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale makes it ideally placed in the middle for all sleeping positions.

The second and highest-end &Sleep Mattress, the Prime is one of And Sleeps most opulent and luxury focused mattresses on the market. An ultra-thick and ultra-plush comfort layer come atop these mattresses, and the internal layers of foam, gel-foam and an ‘AdaptX Spring System’ offers a curated back support experience that reduces just about all the aches and pains you may be experiencing.


The Allay Nature Family — $1,699

The third mattress family on offer at Chiropedic is the Allay Nature brand, and these are going to be your mattresses that have been designed to reduce partner disturbance, along with integrating bamboo.

All of the mattresses in the Allay Nature line come with natural fibres and anti-microbial features which ensure you’re going to have a reduced chance of allergy flareups and other potential issues down the line on this mattress family.

There is an included 100-night sleep trial here along with a 15-year warranty that keeps you covered should there be any issues with the mattress.

The internal makeup of these mattresses relies on a varied set of ten different materials from bamboo, wool, dunlop foam, coil springs and more. All of these materials have been designed to work together to ensure you’re getting optimal back support and a motion-free sleep.


The Posture Support Family — $1,099 to $1,139

For the sleepers who prefer a rather sponge-like sleep surface, the Posture Support Mattresses from Chiropedic are going to be your best option here.

These mattresses include the Eco Medium, the Support Plus and the Deluxe Latex models, all of which have been curated to offer a sleep experience that is designed to ensure spinal alignment though also a tonne of bounce and spring.

The Deluxe Latex model, from $1,099 comes with a foam, latex and spring blended internal design that ensures there is plenty of sinkage space for side sleepers, though also enough support from the lower springs to keep the back and muscles in alignment with one another.

The higher-end Support Plus mattress is a little more curated, and at $1,999 comes with a selection of pocket supports that essentially work to offer an experience that is more in tune with the different muscle and joint points in the back. This mattress has ideal edge support too, keeping edge-huggers well-supported as they sleep.


The Value Select Family — $219 to $669

Designed for customers looking for a new mattress on a budget, Chiropedic has a selection of no-frill beds that have been created to reduce cost and keep the mattress prices to as low as possible.

All of these mattresses still feature ideal back and spinal support features, though with a thinner design and fewer proprietary features and foams. You will find thinner foam layers coming into play here and a heavier focus on springs for the back support.

The Value Select Deluxe at $559 comes with dual-treated foams, a cotton support pad and a coil spring system for support. This means that the majority of the comfort in these mattresses is going to rise from the cotton internals, rather than the foams.

The $319 Value Select Support is the most affordable and lowest cost mattress, and comes with just three active internal layers, besides the encasement fabrics and edging materials. This mattress is breathable and well-ventilated thanks to the reduced internal materials, and with fewer internal layers and a prominent focus on springs, it is a little more firm than most other beds from Chiropedic.


The Takeaway

As one of the countries oldest mattress makers in the country, Chiropedic offers a range of mattress families that have been designed for a selection of different use cases, and budgets.

There is a bed on offer for every customer’s own sleep requirements and with a number of different integrated materials coming into play in each mattress, you’ll be able to rely on Chiropedic to provide a sleep surface that suits your needs best.

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