Bruno Mattress Review

Bruno Mattress Review

Bruno Mattress Review


Bruno state that their mattresses are high quality yet affordable. So do they live up to these claims? If you’re in the market for a mattress that’s on the slightly firmer end of the scale then check this out. If you find a medium firm mattress just a little too soft, then give a Bruno mattress a go. You get 101 nights free trial so there’s nothing to lose. This isn’t a highly firm mattress, but it is on the firm side so it may suit anyone who has yet to find their perfect mattress.

What is the Bruno mattress made of?

Some mattresses have a lot of complicated layers, but the Bruno is made up of just two layers giving it a total depth of 24 cm which is just 1 cm less than the average. We don’t think this lack of multiple layers makes this in any way inferior to the more complex mattresses. If your current mattress sits a little proud of your bed base, then this may fit more neatly.

The top layer is the thinnest, giving you 3 cm of latex foam. This helps with comfort, and also with cooling. Latex is better for keeping you cool than memory foam. If you find you get too hot on a memory foam mattress, but you like the feel of lying on it, then latex could be a great alternative as it doesn’t store the heat like memory foam does.

The next layer is a thick 21 cm of zoned polyurethane foam. This gives loads of support making it good for your back and it helps to keep the mattress in perfect shape too. You won’t find it sinking over time which can be an issue with some mattresses.

The cover is a cosy polyester fleece blend and there are two convenient handles on the sides, making it easier to turn your mattress round or move it. This small addition is very useful as mattresses can be a real pain to move! The cover is of high quality, and it has a zip at the top for easy removable for cleaning. It is fully machine washable.

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The cost of the Bruno mattress

Prices for Bruno mattresses are pretty decent. They start at £350 for the single and go up to £775 for the Super King. The standard double is particularly good value at just £500.

The range of sizes

There are just six size options in the Bruno range. Unfortunately there is no small double, so if you have a small double bed, you’ll have to look elsewhere, but all the other standard sizes are available. Single, Double, EU Double, King, EU King and Super King.

Extras from Bruno

Free delivery – Your Bruno mattress will be delivered within 1-3 days for no extra charge. It’s always nice to have free delivery as it can sometimes be pretty pricey on larger items such as mattresses.

Free trial – You can test your Bruno mattress for 101 nights to make fully sure it totally suits you. If you find you just can’t get used to it and don’t get a great night’s sleep, then Bruno will be happy to refund you.

A lengthy warranty – With every Bruno mattress you get a good warranty of 10 years.

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What are people saying about the Bruno mattress?

Search online and you’ll find plenty of positive comments about the Bruno mattress. The only negative comments we found were with regards to the firmness. Perhaps people don’t check out the firmness rating before purchasing, or maybe they are not giving their bodies time to adjust to a firmer mattress. This is definitely not a mattress for anyone who loves a soft mattress!

The good:

“At last, after years of searching, we have found the ultimate mattress. Since buying our Bruno we have travelled extensively and thus had the opportunity to make very direct comparisons on numerous occasions and can unequivocally say that so far nothing can compare with the overall support achieved with the Bruno mattress. The Best by far.”

“Such a great mattress! My back was getting really sore and Bruno has solved that! Brilliant service. Great product.”

The not-so-good:

“The mattress is really nice overall, but we actually had a few not so well slept nights. Though we’re getting used to it, so it’s maybe a question of patience with him.”

“Bit too hard to be perfect.”

What do we think about the Bruno mattress?

We think you’ll either love or hate the Bruno mattress. If you like a soft mattress, then you probably won’t get on well with the Bruno, however, if you like your mattress to be more firm then this could be perfect for you. If you suffer from back problems, trialing the Bruno mattress would be well worth a go. You need to give all mattresses a good trial run. They say it takes a fortnight for our bodies to adjust to a new mattress, so the Bruno may require a little patience and a few sleepless nights to begin with, but it could be well worth it in the long run!

We liked the cooling aspect on the latex top layer, and were impressed with the perfect level of bounce. You sink in a little, but not too much! Our only complaint would be that you can feel a little movement. If you’re sharing a bed with someone who moves a lot in the night, this might not be the right choice for you.

The Bruno is very supportive, and it works well for any sleep position. Some mattresses are best suited to people who sleep in a particular position, such as on their back or on their side. This mattress is great for all positions, so it’s handy if you share a bed and you both have different sleeping positions, or if you tend to change your position throughout the night.

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