Best Twin Mattress for Bunk Beds

Best Twin Mattress for Bunk Beds

Best Twin Mattress for Bunk Beds

As many parents would already know, shopping for mattresses for bunk beds is more difficult than it should be. Not too many brands bundle double twin mattresses together, and if you want two distinct firmness levels (even from the same brand), it becomes impossible to get a discount or deal. 

Add the fact that bunk beds often come in odd, proprietary sizes and you’ve almost certainly got a big, confusing and annoying task ahead of you to get those bunk bed frames filled. 

A few considerations you’ll need to be aware of include everything from headroom and mattress height, bed frame layouts, odd bed features and even mattress edge support levels for those bunk beds which have slides. You don’t want a mattress to slowly dip at the edge you or children enter it at. 

In this post we scoured the web for the best bunk bed mattresses for both the bottom and top bunk, and some brands even cater for custom size mattresses, trundle beds and guard rails, making it a little easier to nab a good pair of twin mattresses. 

Quick Considerations

If you’ve already started your journey to getting some twin mattresses for bunk beds, there’s a few things you’ll already know to be on the look out for. Of course, you’ll need to cater for the sometimes odd depths of the bunk bed frames, though there’s a little more than that. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for comfortable low-profile mattresses that won’t have you, your children or guests hitting their heads on the bunk above if they’re on the bottom bunk. On top of this, remember that some full-size mattresses will encroach on features of some bunk beds, like rails, slides, steps and more, so be sure to factor this in as well. 

To end, it’s also important to remember the weight capacities, thickness limits and requirements for the bunks and trundles you’re looking to buy a mattress for. The slats, fold-outs and slide-out frames may restrict the size of the mattress you’re able to buy, so measure these too. A twin or twin XL trundle bed frame for example, may not actually fit the standard height of a mattress. 

With those out of the way, let’s take a look at the best mattresses for bunk beds.

Saatva Youth

Landing at the top spot is the Saatva Youth range, which is ideal for growing children and young adults. This is an affordable innerspring mattress that comes in twin sizes and has a double-sided design that can be flipped. 

With Saatva being a reputable and high quality brand, the components that make up the mattress are some of the most premium on the market and are, of course, created out of eco-friendly materials. 

To add, as the mattress is made of a thick innerspring core, and is flippable, Saatva has integrated elements that make this type of mattress unique. As your child ages, you’re able to flip it to best suit their age. One side is designed for 3 to 8 year olds, whereas the other for 8 years olds and up. 

Topped with a foam layer and adaptable springs, the mattress is perfect for side sleepers as well as tummy and back sleepers. This, as a result, promotes good posture and spine health, and with a hygiene-focused waterproof finish, you’re able to rest assured that this double-thick mattress is the perfect contender for a child’s bunk bed. 


Foams Offer Pressure Point Support

Twin Size Mattresses

Variety of Thicknesses

Water Resistance

Tuft and Needle

To one of the more breathable and comfortable memory foam mattresses now, thanks to the lack of steel coils, the Tuft and Needle twin mattress is built out of multiple poly foam layers that ensure the ultimate comfort for all sleepers.

There’s a fantastic multi-layer foam, that comprises of a comfort layer and support core made from high-density foam that relieves weight from pressure points. In a medium-firm firmness level, it’s ideal for both children and adults who aren’t looking for a too firm or too soft mattress – ideal for back and tummy sleepers. 

One of the biggest selling points of this mattress is the plush upper feel and the breathable foam that has reviewers online offering a tonne of praise. If your child, or indeed you yourself, wakes up often in a sweat then this mattress offers a great relief as it keeps cool through the night. 

Being all-foam, there’s plenty of movement isolation to keep kids asleep should someone else on the bed move. In addition to this, the foam will keep spinal alignment healthy. 

To end, this mattress is rather slim at 10 inches, making it ideal for a number of bunk beds and even some trundle beds that often are too slim to comfortably fit a full size, full height twin. 


100-night Sleep Trial

Great Multi-foam Design

Thin Enough for Bunks

10-year Warranty

Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

Known for their ultra-high quality mattresses, Zinus is of course landing on our list. The Green Tea mattress is a standout in that there’s a knitted jacquard covering that keeps the top of the mattress as soft as possible.

Crafted from an all-foam material, sleepers will find an optimal 1-inch of memory foam for joint pressure relief, and five inches of support foam that keeps spinal health in check. To add, the mattress does come in at medium-firm, which is ideal for kids and adults with combination or back and tummy sleeping positions. 

Parents who are worried about the one inch certified foam top layer needn’t be too concerned here, as the layer is plenty thick enough for optimal support for kids, and is even good enough for adults too. 

The Green Tea in the name makes an appearance in the infusion within the foam, which offers a cooling effect as well as odour control. That said, in time, you won’t be smelling any strange odours as the green tea extract takes control of that. 

Lastly, this bunk bed-friendly mattress is available in 6 inch and 8 inch thicknesses, which is perfect for bunk beds and trundle beds. 


CertiPUR-US Certified

Optimal Breathability 

Built-in Odour Control

Good Movement Isolation 

Thickness Suits Bunk Beds

Lucid 5″ Memory Foam Mattress

To one of the thinnest mattresses on our list, the memory foam 5-inch variant by Lucid offers the ultimate solution to bunk beds that are just a little too thin. 

Lucid has engineered a mattress that has mastered being thin and amazingly supportive all in one, making even the thinnest and lowest bunk bed frames ready to give you a good night’s sleep. The mattress’s one inch cool gel memory foam and four inch support foam makes certain that you’re going to get plenty of spinal support and pressure relief too. 

For kids who are a little lighter, this mattress is highly conforming to the body so younger ones will still find themselves sinking into the contouring memory foam. There won’t be any aches and pains from Lucid’s slim mattress. 

Another big perk of this mattress size is its weight. Coming it at 18 pounds, there’s no issue getting it on a top or bottom bunk. It’ll be a breeze throwing it on a high bunk, or moving it down to a lower trundle bed on a routine basis. 

A few standout features include the gel-infusion which takes care of all body heat and disperses it out of the mattress. The open-cell foam also works wonders here in making the bed’s materials a little more durable, perfect for kids who might be a little rougher with the bed. 


Gel-infused for Heat Dispersion

Ultra-slim Design

Multi-foam for Back Support


Linenspa 6″ Innerspring

On to a traditional innerspring, the Linenspa variant offers a relatively thin 6-inch mattress that’s quite firm and offers great back support. The mattress does boast a lower profile, which we’re happy to say fits almost all bunk bed requirements, so a good fit won’t be an issue. 

You’ll find a great polyester fabric cover here too, which is adds a little softness and keeps sleepers a bit more comfortable. 

The core of the mattress is primarily coil springs, though for extra pressure relief, there is a foam layer which sits atop these springs. Adults and children alike will notice that the coils can’t really be felt, and there’s more of a sinking feeling associated with memory foam here. 

Online reviewers have made a note of the mattress being just about perfect in the realm of firmness, which is great for keeping everyone comfortable in bed. The setup process was simple and adding the mattress to the top bunk is effortless given that it’s so lightweight. 

In line with our considerations, the thinness, at 6 inches, keeps the mattress from being too tall for a bottom bunk, so the Linenspa 6-inch can be dual-purchased for both bunks. 


Soft Foam Covers the Innersprings

Thin Profile for Top and Bottom Bunks

Affordably Priced

Firmness Supports Young to Young Adult Sleepers

Shopping for Bunk Bed Types

To end our best twin mattresses, it’s important that we go over just a few of the most common bunk bed types and their requirements. Take a look below. 

Standard Bunk Bed – These are your traditional bunk beds that have two identical platform frames stacked above one another. You’ll want to make sure that the mattresses you choose for these bunk beds aren’t too thick, and can also suit a guard rail and have good edge support for ladder entrances. 

Loft Bunk Beds – These are similar to standard bunk beds, though there’s only one bed frame. Usually these bunk beds have a desk or work space below. For these beds, be sure to choose a mattress that’s not too tall, as it may be too close to the roof or a ceiling fan. 

Triple – Again, similar to a standard bunk bed, the triple is a three-frame bunk bed that needs three mattresses. As these are very tall, it’s important to go down to mattress that’s as thin as possible, to keep the top bunk sleepers from hitting their heads on the frames above. 

Trundle – The final common bunk bed is essentially a traditional bed frame, or a high bunk frame with a pull-out trundle space beneath it. These bunk beds require two mattresses, though the trundle mattress will need to be thin and shallow enough to easily slide in and out under the bed. 

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