Best Triple Bunk Beds

Best Triple Bunk Beds

Best Triple Bunk Beds

tripple bunk beds

Bunk beds are a great addition to any homestead with young kids or teens. This furniture is stylish and multi-functional – the classic design has remained timeless.

Twin bunk beds have been a go-to for many families, but now triple-decker beds are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do they provide your kids with their own individual sleeping spaces without consuming too much of the house’s precious space, but some models can also be dissembled and rearranged into single beds when necessary.

Therefore, if you have multiple children and wish to give them each their area, an ideal solution is to invest in a triple bunk bed. This post has extensively reviewed the top options so that you can make the best purchase decision for your family.

Top Triple Bunk Beds Reviewed

1. MWKL Bed

Any family with many youngsters or older children will benefit significantly from the limitless possibilities that this solid metal-frame bunk bed offers. No box spring is required, thanks to the space-saving twin-over-twin-over-twin design! Additionally, it has three built-in ladders that are simple to climb, full-length guardrails, and metal slats that securely maintain your child’s safety throughout the night.

On this triple bunk bed, your child may rest sweetly and pleasantly. Even if putting things together could be difficult, our helpful customer support staff is always there to assist you.

The triple bunker’s best feature is its simplicity in being reconfigured into three separate beds as required.


  • sturdy metal frame
  • No sacrificing safety
  • Design that saves space
  • can be split apart


  • challenging to assemble

2. MWKL Bunk Bed

This triple bunk bed is an L-shaped design made of solid wood, ensuring long-lasting sturdiness and an exceptional weight capacity. The bottom bed has an incredible 240 lbs of bearing strength, while the top bunk can securely sustain up to 200 lbs! Two drawers give additional storage, making this bed ideal for any bedroom.

Secure slats are included in the top sleeping space; if you want more storage, use the two bottom drawers. The bunk bed also provides a lot of private rooms, which is great for kids to play in. Your child may rest soundly and securely in this manner!

You’ll be astounded by the slick design and the built-in ladder for easy climbing.


  • child-friendly design
  • a lot of storage
  • structure made of solid pine wood
  • chic L-shaped pattern


  • Pricey 


This twin bed is ideal if you want the best mattress for conserving space! It includes everything you need in a little package, including a stylish design that will fit in with any child’s bedroom décor and a solid wood structure that offers strength and longevity.

The bunk beds may also be divided into independent parts to accommodate your growing children’s demands. Additionally, it has a handy three-step ladder that makes it simple to reach the top bunk and has open slats for optimal security.


  • can be split into separate beds
  • suitable for compact spaces
  • matches all bedroom furniture kinds
  • Slats made of wood for optimal security


  • Hard to assemble

4. MWKL Bed With Futon

This twin-over-full bunk bed is ideal if you want both design and toughness! It not only has a lovely appearance, but it also serves valuable purposes for every family. The bottom trundle bed’s steel frame structure assures strength to hold up to 440 lbs, while the top bunk supports 200 lbs.

For enhanced security, the top bunk is furnished with full-length guardrails. This item provides reasonable sleeping accommodations while occupying a small amount of floor space. Designate it for a guest room to make the most of your available space.


  • Each side has a built-in ladder twice.
  • basic style
  • trundle bed in a bunk bed
  • perfect for a tiny room


  • It is not detachable ‍

5. MWLK Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

This gorgeous twin-over-twin bed is made from genuine pine wood. It stands out from the others due to its simple white appearance and stairway leading to the top bunk on one side. It is one of the most preferred triple bunk beds since it also includes four drawers that provide plenty of storage. What else?

Additionally, since it effortlessly doubles as a sitting and sleeping area, this furniture is a fantastic complement to a guest bedroom.


  • terrific for compact places
  • a cozy built-in ladder
  • Four drawers are included with the bed frame.
  • For safety, the upper bunk has bed slats


  • Hard to assemble

The Best Triple Decker Bed 

Consider a few things when looking for the best triple bunk bed. First, check that the bed’s dimensions fit well in your bedroom; otherwise, it could be challenging to maneuver.

As an added precaution, ensure the top bed is lower than the ceiling so your kid may stand without risking a head strike. A triple bed would be great if you have a small bedroom since it can be separated into individual beds as required.

You can be confident that your triple-decker bed will be strong and long-lasting thanks to the variety of available materials, from solid wood to metal. Additionally, bunk beds come in various elegant forms, including L-shaped and T-shaped options, allowing you to choose one that exactly matches the décor of your room.

You should take price into account while buying three-tier bunk beds. Regular bunk beds typically cost less than those with drawers, whereas bunk beds with drawers are more expensive.

Final Words

Choosing the best triple bunk bed for your home can be overwhelming, but you’ll be sure to find a functional and stylish model that will suit your needs; whether two separate beds or one well-crafted unit, these triple bunk beds are guaranteed to make the most of the available space in your home. Plus, they can provide an excellent place for your friends to relax and hang out.

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