Best Thread Count Bed Sheet

Best Thread Count Bed Sheet

Best Thread Count Bed Sheet

When buying new bed sheets, you want to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. What does the number next to the word “thread count” mean? And how do you ensure you get the best thread count bed sheet for a reasonable price?

The short answer is that there is no correct response to this question. Thread count is not a guarantee of quality with sheets. However, we recommend that you select a thread count of above 200 and stay below 500 for light, soft sheets at a reasonable price. 

We’ll give you all the information you need about thread count. We will explain what it is, talk about thread count scams, give you the best ranges for what you’re looking for, and give you other factors besides thread count to consider when buying sheets. 

What Is Thread Count?

Thread count is a way of measuring the quality of sheets. It is measured by looking at one square inch (2.54 cm) of fabric on a sheet and counting how many threads, both lengthwise and widthwise, are in that square inch.

So, a sheet with a thread count of 300 has 150 threads going lengthwise and 150 threads going widthwise in a square inch of fabric. By adding both of these together, you get 300 total for all the threads. 

It is assumed that the higher the thread count, the higher the quality of the set of sheets. Is this true or is it just clever marketing? In the next section, we’ll tell you all about that question, including insights into thread count scams and what thread counts are the best.

Do Higher Thread Counts Mean Better Sheets?

Higher thread counts often do mean that you are getting better quality sheets. In many cases, higher thread counts indicate that sheets will be softer. But, due to scams and clever manufacturing tricks, this is not always the case. 

We’ll go over how thread counts written on packaging can be misleading and how to choose sheets with the best thread counts.

Thread Counts Can Be Misleading

Manufacturers do not always tell the truth. This situation is as common with bedding as it is anything else. 

In recent years, there have been many legal cases in the United States related to mislabeled sheets coming from manufacturers overseas. The manufacturer labeled these sheets as having much higher thread counts than they did.

Consumers in the U.S. were buying sheets labeled as having thread counts of up to 800 threads per square inch when the actual thread counts were less than 300.

Why Do Manufacturers Twist Threads Together?

Additionally, manufacturers have sneaky tricks to increase the thread counts of their products. Often, instead of weaving in threads to increase the thread count, they’ll twist threads together.

When manufacturers twist threads together, it allows them to cheaply and easily increase thread count without giving consumers the benefits of the increased thread count.

So, now you know that buying a set of sheets with a thread count of 800 does not necessarily mean you’re getting a quality set of sheets. So, how do you ensure that your bedding will give you a good night’s sleep?

What Thread Count Is the Best?

If you want to purchase affordable, comfortable, and reputable sheets, it may be best to go for a slightly lower thread count from a popular brand. 

This way, if you buy sheets with a thread count of 300, you will know that you are buying from a brand that would only sell you high-quality sheets.  You are likely to get a good night’s sleep if sheets have a thread count of over 200, and they are from a reputable brand.  

Be aware of buying anything above 400, though, unless you prefer a heavier sheet. Or are willing to pay a bit more to buy from a brand that you know will be of good quality. Sheets with a thread count of 500 or above can be a little too heavy. So, if you’re not a fan of heavy sheets, it may be best to buy sets of lighter and softer sheets with fewer threads.  

So, the moral of the story is that lower thread counts do not ensure bad quality sheets. However, there are some other essential factors to consider when buying sheets besides thread count. 

Other Factors to Consider

Besides thread count, there are many other crucial aspects of sheet-buying to examine. We already mentioned that buying from a reputable brand is essential to know that you’re getting a first-rate product.

Aspects like fiber content and weave are just as important as thread count when choosing sheets that fit your needs.

When shopping for cotton sheets, fiber content refers to the quality of cotton you are purchasing. Sheets that are labeled as 100% cotton are an excellent choice because they are common, relatively inexpensive, and high quality.

If you have compromised on the thread count, however, you may be interested in purchasing higher-quality cotton with extra long fibers. Egyptian cotton is a type of premium cotton.

When looking at the weave, you may see labels like “Sateen” and “Percale.” Percale is a great option, but some find it to be a little too gritty. If that is the case for you, you may want to upgrade to the softer, smoother Sateen sheet.

Wrap Up

So, how do you know that you bought the best thread count bed sheet? The idea that there is a magic thread count that is the best for every set of sheets is a myth. There are general guidelines to follow: 

  • Stay between 200 and 500 thread count
  • Buy from a brand that you know will deliver

If you saw those 1000 thread count sheets in the store and instantly thought they were the best, we hope you take a second to consider other options before buying a product that may not be worth it. After all, your bedding plays a crucial role in getting a good night’s sleep. 

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