Best Pillows For Back Sleepers

Best Pillows For Back Sleepers

Best Pillows For Back Sleepers

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Regardless of how you sleep your pillow is a crucial part of getting a good night’s rest and feeling refreshed to take on the day.

Every type of sleeper has unique needs to ensure optimal comfort and quality sleep during the night, especially individuals who sleep on their back. A back sleeper needs to have neck and back support and spinal alignment requiring speciality pillows that are different to those preferred by side and stomach sleepers.

Pillows with a medium loft and firmness, coupled with an ergonomic design are generally the best option for back sleepers to best support an individual while they rest. To find the perfect pillow for you, we have reviewed and compared the best picks below.

Ecosa Pillow (Ultimate Back Sleeper Pillow)

Specifically designed with back sleepers in mind, the Ecosa pillow brings an ergonomic design with adjustable height to the table, making it our top pick on the list.

Designed in Australia, Ecosa has radically changed the traditional, flat design of a pillow to offer more neck and back support to back sleepers. Aided by its contoured shape, the Ecosa pillow seeks to cradle your head while you sleep giving optimal opportunity for a variety of sleeping positions. The pillows contour lets the featured activated charcoal memory foam mold around your head to ensure ongoing support for your neck and back along with great spinal alignment.

The 3 adjustable height pads make for a “one size fits all” model, allowing you to modify the rise of both the tall and short end. The medium firmness of the pillow, along with its 100-night trial and removable cover, makes the Ecosa pillow perfect for sleepers of all shapes and sizes, especially when paired with their other back sleeper products.


  • Contoured design for back and spine support
  • Adjustable height pads for every back sleeper
  • Highly breathable, removable outer cover.


  • Not suited for hybrid sleepers
  • Firmer than optimal
  • Raised edge may be uncomfortable

Koala Pillow (Most Versatile)

If you are looking for a more traditional design that still offers unique and effective support features, the Koala pillow may be for you. The Australian based brand has created a dual firmness option, offering both a soft, lower side and a firmer, higher side. The edges of the pillow are firmer than the centre, allowing your head to sink into the polyurethane gel memory foam without sacrificing support.

The pillow features holes for ventilation, allowing for heat and moisture to escape even when in use, ensuring an undisturbed rest. This medium loft pillow also offers a 120-night sleep trial with a one year warranty, making it a solid choice for back sleepers looking to invest in a quality pillow.

Although both the Koala and Ecosa pillow are very popular with all sleeper types, after a top sleep team did an Ecosa Pillow review, it’s clearly recommended the Ecosa pillow is for true back sleepers.


  • 120 sleeps risk-free trial + five-year warranty
  • Reinforced edges for neck and back support
  • Dual firmness options depending on preferences.


  • High price point
  • No adjustable height options
  • Foam can soften quickly

Spinaleze (Best For Neck And Back Pain)

Optimal for those looking for maximum support and spinal alignment, this pillow, designed by an Australian orthopedic, promises life-changing results when coupled with a back pain-relieving mattress. The Spinaleze offers 4 alternative height options with the low profile being most recommended for back sleepers. Its innovative, contoured design provides much-needed neck and back support while your head and shoulder nestle into the pillow, aligning your spine.

Made in Australia from lightweight, viscoelastic memory foam, the Spinaleze is an extremely high-quality product. The ridges running along the length of the pillow help promote airflow beneath your neck and head which is a must-have feature for back sleepers.

Even with a 1-year warranty, the Spinaleze is not cheap, costing $220 AUD. Coupled with the fact that it doesn’t offer a sleep trial, people who are new to improving their sleep may be discouraged from trying this product.

For a back sleeper with neck pain and spine curvature looking to improve their health or for someone that needs extra back support, the Spinaleze is for you. Similar results can be seen with the Ecosa pillow but if you can pay the extra money, it’s well worth it.


  • Made in Australia and medically backed.
  • Specifically designed to fix neck and back problems.
  • Different height options.


  • High price point
  • Not free trial/poor return policy
  • Not suitable for hybrid sleepers.

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