Best Mattress For Airbnb or Holiday Rentals

Best Mattress For Airbnb or Holiday Rentals

Best Mattress For Airbnb or Holiday Rentals

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You should consider your guests’ needs before selecting the perfect mattress for your Airbnb to provide them with a comfortable night’s sleep. A comfortable mattress, folded bamboo bed linen, and a mattress topper could determine your AirBnB rating.

If your existing bed is over ten years old, stinks, soiled, and has bumps, you should get a replacement. Choosing a sturdy bed and a moderately firm mattress will satisfy any demanding guests. And if you want to enhance capacity, consider adding a sofa bed.

Our ideas and mood are impacted by sleep. Ever slept poorly anywhere, which caused your perception of the environment to change? You would most likely give the accommodation negative reviews. 

Finding the right mattress takes time and effort. Hence, we’ve created this article to assist you in identifying the ideal mattresses for your Airbnb. So now your visitors can rest comfortably.

Top Picks

How We Arrived At Our Conclusions

We explored the Australian market and discovered all the mattress manufacturers. We then ranked them into distinct groups based on objective user feedback, data, features, design, trial period, and other factors.

Making our selections for the top Airbnb mattresses in Australia was challenging because user preferences vary. Depending on your preferences, you may want a softer, firmer, more springy, heavier, or more cushioned mattress. 

Nevertheless, we conducted in-depth research to make you a better Airbnb host overall, and all of our recommendations are discussed below.

1. The Number 1 Pick – Koala Mattress

Shopping for a new mattress without coming across a Koala mattress is difficult in Australia. The Koala is comprised of two foam layers: support foam and Koala’s very own “Kloudcell” foam, which is designed with breathability in mind.

The eco-friendly mattress collaborates with The World Wide Fund for Nature Inc. and donates a portion of each sale to protecting koalas. The mattress offers a medium firmness overall with some spring.

2. The Number 2 Pick: Emma Comfort

The Emma mattress has received more than 30 awards. Additionally, the mattress has over 400,000 consumers from twenty different countries. With a moderately firm feel of 6/10, its three-foam construction of memory foam, high-density polyfoam, and responsive foam make it ideal for a side sleeper or anyone who loves foam mattresses.

Every layer in the mattress is Class 1 certified by the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, making it eco-friendly and devoid of dangerous toxins. Perfect for toddlers and babies.

The bed has only recently reached Australian soil. However, Emma has demonstrated its worth in Europe, so we’re thrilled that the mattress arrived in Australia. If you’re shopping to replace your mattress, give Emma a try because you’ll love it! 

3. Best Value Mattress: Newentor

Hybrid mattresses from Newentor are comfy and reasonably priced. This product has seven zones with independently wrapped coils, giving your shoulder, head, hips, waist, thighs, and legs four different kinds of contouring and softness. Due to how comfy it is and how well it relieves pressure, several people compare it to floating on the clouds.

Its bamboo charcoal fabric is breathable and made to assist with breathing, prevent bacteria, and create a healthy sleeping atmosphere by releasing moisture. It is, therefore, perfect for rentals, but you must be aware that it is not removable.

You can be sure that your visitors will gush about their cloud-like sleeping delight. If you still need convincing, its  120-night trial period and 10-year comfort warranty should ease your uncertainties.

4. Best for Longevity: Noa Mattress

Noa’s hybrid materials and construction make for exceptional support. Noa is the best option for sleepers who can’t decide between a spring or a foam design due to its longevity and high quality. Besides, your clients can get out of bed quickly when they wake up, thanks to its higher height than conventional all-foam mattresses.

Noa is a definite victor as the number 1 value mattress in the country and is becoming increasingly popular.

Although the brand is a newbie to the market, it has received excellent reviews. It was also recently ranked as the Best Mattress in a Box for back support in 2019. Additionally, they provide exceptional customer service and reasonable pricing.‍

5. Macoda Mattress

The Macoda mattress is fantastic. And although the manufacturers aren’t as well-known as some of their bed-in-a-box competitors, the excellent reviews and outstanding features make it a tremendous bed to look into when shopping for new mattresses.

Macoda has been recognised as the Number 1 Comfort Mattress in a Box for two consecutive years because of its hybrid design, which has sophisticated pocket springs and foams to provide bounce and support. The layers can be switched out to suit your preferred level of firmness, ranging from medium (5/10) to medium-firm (6.5/10).

The Macoda was created in 2018 by two Australians who used materials that met Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and CertiPUR-US certification criteria for all their polyurethane foams. The mattress also features cutting-edge cooling gel inserts to accommodate Australia’s environment.

6. Best for Various Sleepers: Nectar Mattress

The Nectar meets customers’ criteria for a durable Airbnb mattress but is offered at a reasonable price. It is a competitively priced mattress ideal for supplying a holiday rental or an Airbnb, irrespective of its generous high-performance memory foam.

The three topmost layers of the mattress’s four all-form internal layers are memory foam. The top layer, which is 1″ thick and is injected with gel, is embroidered into the bed cover. The second layer is also 1″ thick and gel-infused. The mattress’s third layer is 3″ thick and comprises Nectar’s hallmark Adaptive Hi Core memory foam.

5″ of foam padding is used in total by the Nectar comfort technology to isolate body movement and cushion pressure areas adequately. 

These layers also prevent severe sinking, unlike regular memory foam. This helps prevent issues with feeling trapped inside the mattress. The airy Tencel cover and the gels injected in the upper layers work together to combat overheating.

The Nectar’s bottom layer is comprised of a supportive polyfoam. It is significantly denser than the others found in various foam mattresses, giving the mattress a solid foundation.

Since the Nectar has a medium firm feel (6/10) and can accommodate users in various sleeping positions, it makes a wonderful choice for rentals and Airbnbs.

7. For Outstanding Support and Comfort: Siena Memory Foam Mattress

Even though this mattress is made by combining different foam types, it is still competitively priced. The Siena mattress provides an outstanding blend of support and comfort, so different types of sleepers will find your Airbnb’s medium firm feel (6/10) comfortable.

The topmost layer of foam in the mattress is designed to conform to your body curves intimately while also producing a remarkable level of responsiveness. 

The second layer is a thicker polyfoam that improves cushioning while providing support. 

The last layer is built with high-density foam to support the body and stabilise your mattress, while the polyester covers encase the mattress surface.

Those who suffer from uncomfortable stress points will find Siena’s padded surface helpful because the cushion layering embraces the regions that accumulate pressure overnight. 

Additionally, because the foam muffles sound and motion, you won’t wake your co-sleepers up while you sleep. Back and side sleepers benefit from the mix of support and contouring because these sleeping positions call for padding for the hips, spine, and shoulder but also necessitate lumbar support.

8. Built for Body Types: Helix Midnight

The wide range of mattresses Helix Sleep offers includes hybrid options built for particular body types, principal sleeping positions, and firmness preferences of sleepers. Due to its well-balanced construction, the Helix Midnight has become one of the most well-liked mattresses in the company’s lineup.

The Midnight, a medium firm (6/10) mattress, has a supportive foundation and a comfort layer made of memory foam that conforms uniformly to your body. Although the mattress was primarily intended for side sleepers weighing 130 and 230 lbs, our research has shown that it is also super comfy for back sleepers within this weight range. Stomach sleepers under 130 pounds also find the mattress comfortable.

The mattress isolates more movement and prevents pressure building better than most other rival hybrids because its padded layers are relatively thick. 

The mattress has a pocketed coil design with additional support along the edges. This makes getting on and off of bed easier. It also makes it easier for sleeping people to move around on the surface. 

The coil layer’s consistent airflow keeps the mattress cool while you sleep on it.

In comparison to the typical hybrid models, the Midnight is incredibly inexpensive. However, you get two free pillows with every purchase.

9. Best for Stability: Saatva Classic

This mattress’s strong coil-on-coil structure provides outstanding comfort and stability. It is very well reinforced with a supportive core made of super strong Bonnell coils and a changeover micro-coil layer, giving it a reactive sensation and making moving across its surface smoother.

The mattress also has a Euro-top cushioned with memory foam and polyfoam to make it easier for users to climb into bed. 

You can choose the mattress according to your body shape, preferred sleeping posture, and overall taste for how soft or firm your bed should feel. Medium soft (4/10), medium firm (6/10), and firm (7/10) are the three firmness levels available.

The most suitable pick for most side sleepers is medium soft since it provides extra padding for the hips and shoulders, which is crucial for less pressure and proper spinal alignment. Stomach and back sleepers should go for the firm, and medium firm feels due to their additional core support. Based on the mattress’s thickness, you can select a configuration of 11.5/14.5″.

10. For the Best Construction: Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid

Purchasing from a reputable firm offers many individuals looking for mattresses for rental properties the piece of mind they desire. This Signature mattress is from a well-known brand in the market for over twenty years. The mattress offers a well-rounded construction and several firmness levels to accommodate different sleepers.

There are three available firmness levels — medium soft (4/10), medium firm (6/10), and hard (8/10), with all beds having a quilted cover and a layer of exclusive TitanFlex foam. This foam provides a latex-like sensation and lightly cushions your body while swiftly bouncing back after weight removal. 

The VariFlex polyfoam layer that follows adds extra support with minimal conforming. Pocketed innerspring coils in the final foundation layer provide responsiveness and firm edges while enhancing support.

The mattress boasts exceptional temperature control due to how quickly air can pass between the coils. 

Rental property and Airbnb owners are free to select the firmness level of their choice, but they should be aware that a wide range of sleepers will find the medium firm variety to be the most appealing.

How Can I Improve The Comfort Of The Bed In My Holiday Rental?

There are two things that consumers look for when they reserve a holiday rental: the bathroom and the bed. I pay closer attention to the linens; usually, the caretakers are meticulous if the towels are soft and folded and the bed sheets are fresh and neatly tucked. 

I can always count on the remainder of the accommodation being top-notch if the sheets look beautiful. This holds for everyone who has stayed at a holiday rental or Airbnb, and the reviews prove it. 

Here are a few tips that I’ve tried and tested to help improve your guest’s rental experience:

  1. Set the mattress protector in place on the mattress

A mattress is essential for your Airbnb or vacation rental bedrooms. A good mattress protector protects your asset from “totally gross” issues like allergens, bed bugs,  incontinence, etc.

Top Tip: Mattress protectors won’t require to be washed and will remain on the bed permanently.

  1. Get a Feather Bed

Do you desire a premium, luxurious feel and aesthetic? 

Simply add a feather bed to your rental. It has a higher level of elegance and pillowy relaxation. And if guests complain about the bed, you won’t have to spend a fortune upgrading the mattress.

Top Tip: Feather beds emphasise adding elegance, having a velvety and opulent aesthetic. As a result, ensure it’s airy during installation and take care not to deflate the bed when making it.

  1. Include a waterproof mattress pad to cover the feather bed

Every holiday rental home must include a waterproof mattress pad! 

Is there any need for one if you have a mattress protector? 


Removing, washing, and replacing them between guests is a breeze and offers that much-needed extra protection for your rental mattress. A mattress protector would be much harder to clean. 

Top tip: Ensure the mattress pad includes a sturdy skirt to go around the entire perimeter of the mattress. Elevate each corner of the bed while installing so you can tuck the pad below. This will maintain the mattress pad in position securely.

  1.  Wrap The Bed in Great Sheets

I prefer a cotton-polyester blend sheet over Egyptian or high-thread-count cotton.

Blends are typically more dependable and much easier to clean. Additionally, many visitors favour the fresh, crisp sensation of cotton-poly blends.

Top tip: The fitted sheet should be placed before the flat sheet while making a bed. To avoid the fitted sheet sliding loose, elevate the mattress as you wrap it. 

Ensure the sheets are smooth and snugly covering your bed by working them. Add the top sheets and tuck all edges for a flawless finish.

 4. Duvets

The best bedding for a rental house is duvets and duvet covers. They are cleanable at every changeover and are, therefore, the most sanitary choice.

Top tip: Make your bed by pulling the duvet insert’s cover tight and smoothing it over the bed sheets before tucking it. To achieve that flawless hotel feel, fold the duvet and top sheet over, and tuck the seams beneath.

  1. Pillows

Every guest should have at least two pillows to provide maximum comfort. Although feather pillows are the most comfortable and soft, always have a backup choice available for people with allergies.

Once more, protectors are essential. Waterproof protectors should be placed on every pillow to keep them fresh and clean. In addition to shielding the pillows, they will also contribute to a flawless finish.

Add decorative pillows after arranging your fundamental sleeping pillows. Consider adding a little pattern and colour to let your generally tidy and traditional bed stand out.

Top tip: Ensure the pillows are fluffy and light to give the bed a cloud-like appearance. For fluidity, pay attention to artistically tucking the pillowcase’s ends in. Place the decorative pillows in a complementary arrangement once you’ve propped the two essential pillows up against the headboard.

  1. Throw Blanket

You may add another exciting element to the bedding design by placing throw blankets at each bed’s foot. Additionally, it shields the white linen from damage when visitors frequently put their baggage on the bed. For a traditional aesthetic, I prefer using a patterned blanket that has been folded once.

Choose a sturdy, machine-washable blanket because it should be washed frequently.

Bonus: A good blanket gives your bed more adaptability. Your visitors can take advantage of its added layer on cold nights, forgo the duvet on hot nights, and utilise just the sheets or blanket.

Top tip: Level out all of the lumps in the blankets.

Bottom Line 

In conclusion, selecting the best mattress for Airbnb & holiday rentals comes down to finding the perfect balance between comfort and value. Memory foam mattresses offer comfort and support but can be expensive. Innerspring mattresses are more affordable but may provide a different level of comfort. Hybrid mattresses offer a great mid-range option, providing comfort and affordability. By considering the type of mattress, price point and features available, holiday rental hosts can ensure their guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

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