Best Mattress According to Reddit

Best Mattress According to Reddit

Best Mattress According to Reddit

 Are you looking for a new mattress? Before you purchase a new mattress, you must do adequate research to get one that suits your needs. Reddit forums are a great place to acquire information before buying a mattress. With over 25,000 subscribers, it is only natural to expect the Reddit mattress sub members to identify their favorites. Redditors are renowned for their strong opinions on all topics, including mattresses. Redditors are not shy when it comes to expressing their displeasure with products. To make the mattress search more accessible for you, we have compiled a list of the recommended mattresses on Reddit. According to Reddit, the best overall mattress is the Saatva Classic. ,

Tl;Dr: The Best Mattress – According To Reddit

  • Saatva Classic – the best mattress overall; (Reddit )
  • Bear – ideal for those with active lifestyles (Reddit)
  • Amerisleep AS3 – suitable for all sleeping positions (Reddit)
  • Tuft & Needle Mint – best foam mattress if you are on a budget (Reddit)
  • Purple – most crisp of all-foam mattresses (Reddit)

#1. Saatva Classic

Pros And Cons


  • Three firmness levels are available
  • It has a double coil construction
  • It has a plush pillow top
  • Delivery and setup is free


  • The mattress is costly
  • There are no free white glove deliveries in Alaska and Hawaii
  • It can be inconvenient as it comes fully-sized

Full Review 

 The Saatva classic mattress is a top-rated luxury innerspring mattress that customers can purchase online. Saatva Classic is considered a luxury mattress as it is costly. According to Reddit, the high price tag on the mattress does not put off people from buying it. As a matter of fact, people on Reddit believe that you should not be economical when purchasing a mattress as you spend a third of your life in bed — probably half since the pandemic hit. 

What makes Saatva classic one of the best mattress luxury brands?

Saatva is an innerspring mattress making it a favorite of many since many have loved innerspring since childhood. Saatva classic is also a hybrid mattress with a double coil construction. Most people frown when they hear of hybrid mattresses as most assume they are merely innerspring mattresses on steroids. However, the dual coil construction on Saatva is a feature that is not common in many mattresses, and it makes it a very supportive mattress. 

The support coil system of the mattress is made up of 14.5 gauge recycled steel which is pocketed to enhance movement isolation. The mattress’s durability is increased by a base coil made up of 13 gauge tempered Steel — the coil also prevents the mattress from getting the spring mattress sag. The double coil system on the mattress makes it bouncy and airy as well as responsive. The mattress remains cool and fresh throughout the night as it has a dual cooling system that allows the free flow of air through its springs. Saatva is not the coolest mattress on the market, but you are guaranteed that the mattress will be fairly cool throughout the night.

What is a hybrid mattress without its foam layer? The Saatva Classic hybrid mattress consists of a patented spinal zone active wire and a high-density comfort layer certified by CertiPur-US. The spinal zone active wire provides increased pressure relief and back support in the middle of the mattress where most people sleep. Suppose you like sleeping close to the edge. In that case, Saatva classic will sort of force you to sleep in the middle — not to worry, though, it certainly feels better sleeping in the middle than at the edge, especially if you have back problems such as scoliosis. 

It is easy to get in or out of bed when sleeping on Saatva Classic as it has high-density foam rails that give a firm and stable edge support. 

The layers of the mattress are covered with a plush 3” embellished Euro pillowtop. The pillow top is made using a combination of comfort foams and soft fibers covered with GOTS certified hypoallergenic organic cotton. The cover is breathable and is treated with Guardian, an antimicrobial treatment made by Saatva which inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. 

The Saatva classic has three firmness levels: Firm, Luxury Firm, and Plush Soft. These levels make it ideal for all sleeping positions. The firmness or softness of a mattress is dependent on factors such as a person’s shape, weight, and preferred sleeping position.  If you weigh over 250lbs, you may find Luxury Firm, the number one option for most buyers, very soft. The opposite is true for a person weighing less than this. The best choice for couples is the Luxury firm which is suitable for many sleeping positions. 

Saatva Classic has excellent motion isolation properties. However, if you share your bed with someone heavy, you are likely to feel movement as the mattress is springy. 

Many online mattress stores offer a sleep trial. For the Saatva Classic, the duration of the trial is 180 nights. The mattresses are shipped fully sized and not in a box. For every mattress purchase, there is a complimentary setup and white-glove delivery. However, this offer is only applicable in the continental United States. A third-party delivery service services those who reside in Alaska or Hawaii. It is important to note that there is a nominal fee charged for any returns. 

There are eight size variations of the Saatva Classic, which includes a split California King. The mattress is compatible with many foundations and bed frames and also adjustable frames. There are two thickness options available; 14.5’ or 11.5’. The mattress is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars from 2,094 verified reviews. The mattress also has a 15-year warranty. 

Positive Review on Reddit –

#2. Bear Original

Pros and Cons 


  • It accommodates all kinds of sleepers.
  • No fibreglass
  • Appropriate for those with active lifestyles.
  • Great motion isolation


  • Not recommended for heavy people
  • It requires better edge support.
  • Some people may find the mattress too thin

Full Review

Bear is a brand that focuses on individuals with active lifestyles but makes no mistake in thinking that it’s not for everybody. It is mainly known for its ability to stimulate muscle recovery with its distinctive Celiant cover. Bear’s mattresses are some of the firm best-loved with the Reddit crowd. 

Sometimes you can tell the quality of a mattress by its cover—a cover warrants good praise. Celliant, a performance textile, transforms body heat to infrared energy, and it is used in many things, including sportswear, bedding, and even mattress covers. Not only does it regulate temperature, but it has also been scientifically proven to elevate cellular oxygenation and local circulation, filled with cooling graphite gel that aids in the removal of unwanted body heat. The middle layer has a responsive transition foam contouring to the body, thus providing pressure relief for the shoulders, back, and hips regardless of sleeping position. This particular transition foam is characterized by a spinal zone technology that keeps the spine aligned despite sleeping on your side, stomach or back. A high-density support foam keeps it all together—additionally, it provides a signature core support. Every Bear quality foam is certified by  UL Greenguard Gold and is made with a breathable open-cell foam design. This design promotes the proper flow of air and gets rid of any unwanted heat from the mattress. All these features make it a perfect mattress choice for those who heat up when sleeping. 

There is something about integrating the cover with the basic three-layer foam construction that appeals to people’s athletic nature. There have been several positive feedbacks from Bear mattress users who have confirmed that sleeping on these mattresses brings comfort and rejuvenates them for the following day’s activities. 

Regarding the mattress firmness scale, the Bear Original falls between a medium and a medium-firm. This mattress may be soft for those weighing more than 250 lbs. However, if you weigh less and are small in size, you may opt for a softer mattress, as the Bear Original mattress might be slightly too firm for your comfort. This mattress is highly recommended for couples and those who share the same bed since it accommodates all sleep positions.

The Bear Original is made in the United States of America with entirely environmentally friendly US sourced materials. It is also manufactured without any fiberglass, a material that can be a deal-breaker for most individuals.

Most memory foam mattresses are excellent at keeping the transfer of motion at bay, and with the Bear Original, there’s no motion transfer. The only flaw with this mattress is that its edge support is not perfect for those who like sleeping closer to the edge. Other than that, Bear Original is a great mattress that meets most individuals’ needs. 

The Bear Original mattress has varying sizes, 6, including a California King, which measures 10” in thickness and is currently rated at 5 out of 5 stars as per 9761 verified reviews. This mattress is compatible with almost all bed bases and frames, box springs included.

There is a 100 night, risk-free sleep trial for all Bear mattresses. The Bear Original specifically has a ten-year warranty. 

Positive Reviews on Reddit –

#3. Amerisleep AS3

Pros and Cons


  • Suited for all sleeping positions
  • Two versions are available: hybrid and all-foam
  • It uses Bio-Pur, which is made from plant-based oils.


  • The foam version is the only one with edge support
  • The memory foam retains heat

Full Review 

Amerisleep’s AS3 is another best-selling mattress, according to Reddit. Amerisleep has a variety of mattresses on its catalog, but AS3 is the most popular as it is designed to suit most if not all sleeping positions. 

With the AS3 mattress, customers have the option of choosing between a hybrid and all-foam mattress. The mattress accommodates all body types. 

Amerisleep uses Bio-Pur, which is an alternative to memory foam in all their mattresses. Bio-Pur is an adaptive open cell foam made from renewable plant-based oils. Bio-Pur prevents heat build-up by allowing air to flow freely. Bio-Pur is more responsive than memory foam; hence you do not feel the bed enveloping you as the mattress bounces back in seconds. Switching between different sleeping positions on the AS3 mattress is easy.

Bio-Pur is certified by CertiPur-US, meaning that it is not made from harsh chemicals; hence there is no danger of off-gassing. You will not experience any off-gassing, be it temporary, as is common with other bed in the box mattresses upon unboxing. 

You are assured of a good experience when sleeping on this mattress. The Bio-Pur does an excellent job of ensuring your body is contoured hence providing pressure relief. If you sleep primarily on your tummy,  your hips are usually the first to go when sleeping on a bed not designed for tummy sleepers. The AS3 is a medium-feel mattress, and it will support your back and hips quite well. A medium-feel mattress is ideal for all sleeping positions, including sleeping on the side, which usually requires soft mattresses. If you weigh more than 250lbs, we recommend you try AS2 or AS1 (which are firmer than AS3) if you prefer to stick to one brand. 

Except for the AS1, Amerisleep has incorporated their proprietary technology HIVE transitional layer in all their other mattresses, including AS3. The transitional layer provides targeted support from your head to your feet and everywhere in between where you feel the most pressure, such as your back or shoulder. Will you feel the head-to-toe support? While the Amerisleep brand is well-liked, they went a little overboard with their promises.  All mattresses are built to provide full-body support. That said, any additional support that you get from the transition foam is appreciated. 

The AS3 Hybrid gives a more cooling sleep with temperature regulation in comparison to its all-foam twin. This is majorly due to the pocket coil springs that enable air to flow through the layers. The hybrid bed also had a bouncier feel because of the individual coils. Concerning motion isolation, both function properly in keeping motion transfer at bay. The all-foam mattress maybe a smidgen better. Those who share a bed will appreciate the fact that the AS3 offers a happy medium—not too soft, not too firm. All the versions provided adequate edge support, and you won’t feel as if you are at risk of slipping off the bed.

A polyfoam base that is high density offers long-lasting mattress support for the AS3 Hybrid as well as its memory foam sister. These layers are attached by a breathable, soft top cover that prevents overheating, contributing to the cool sleep experience.

Both hybrid and all-foam  AS3 come in 7 varying sizes. It is 12” thick and is compatible with several bed foundations and frames, including an adjustable bed base. Currently, the AS3 has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 6695 verified reviews.

Amerisleep offers a 20-year warranty and a free sleep trial of 120 nights for all their mattresses. Twenty years is considered beyond the industry standard for an online mattress brand. 

Positive Review on Reddit –

#4. Tuft & Needle Mint

Pros and Cons 


  • Perfect for sleepers of all kinds.
  • Offer cooling for a memory foam mattress.
  • Certified by UL Greenguard Gold.
  • Doesn’t have the stuck in the mud feeling.


  • It has an irremovable cover that can’t be washed.
  • There is no free shipping in Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Not suitable for sleepers weighing above 250 lbs.

Full Review

The vast majority of the Reddit community ( nerd and tech-heads) would probably like Tuft & Needle solely for the origin story. Any other person couldn’t come up with a better story even if they tried. Their influence has spread widely in the mattress industry to an extent where they’ve partnered up with giants like Serta Simmons to develop a more exciting brand. 

The Mint mattress is the upgraded version of Tuft & Needle all memory foam mattress. It comes in a simple design— made from Tuft & Needle exclusive Adaptive foam.

The upper foam layer of the Tuft & Needle Mint mattress is filled with graphite, mainly known for its ability to absorb heat. The Mint mattress has 30% extra graphite compared to the original Tuft & Needle mattress thus; it provides a cooler night’s sleep. The middle layer comprises ceramic cooling gel beads that pile on each other upon applying pressure, bringing about pressure relief in areas where the body requires it most. Furthermore, the cooling gel supplements the mattress’ cooling abilities, so it is highly recommended for those who sleep hot. Even though this mattress isn’t the most cooling memory mattress in the market, Tuft & Needle comes in at a reasonable price. It does an excellent job in regulating temperature—maintaining it neutral.

Factors like body types and weight can be considered when it comes to firmness levels of mattresses. On a firmness scale, the Mint mattress lies between a medium to medium-firm—this is suitable for every type of sleeper, side sleepers included. This mattress may be a little bit softer if you’re on the heavier side. If you weigh more than 250 lbs, you should probably look into a hybrid mattress as it offers a better support system, certainly more pressure relief for heavier people. The Tuft & Needle Mint offers enough support on the shoulders and hips for all types of sleepers.

Another significant aspect to focus on when looking for a new mattress is motion isolation—particularly if you’re sleeping with a pet or partner. Many memory foam mattresses are excellent at reducing motion transfer, and the Tuft & Needle is not excluded. Sleeping with a cat that loves to move around the bed in the middle of the night can alter your sleep cycle, but you will not feel any movement when sleeping if you have this kind of mattress.

For the base support layer, Tuft & Needle put an additional 4 inches of the extra firm around the bottom foal layer edges—this is for enhanced edge support to protect you from slipping off the bed when you position yourself on the edge. 

These layers come swathed in Swiss textile technology that prevents the entry of bacteria and viruses. The slate grey mattress cover is beautiful though it can neither be removed nor washed, so you have to take extra care to avoid stains and spills.

The Tuft & Needle has six varying sizes and is 12” thick. Currently, it has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars according to 12727  reviews that have been verified.

Free shipping is available within the continental US for every mattress you purchase from Tuft & Needle. You can also try out the Tuft & Needle Mint for up to 100 nights. Additionally, the mattresses come with a ten-year warranty and free returns.

#5. Purple

Pros And Cons


  • Very flexible — you won’t experience the stuck in the mud feeling
  • Neutral sleep temperature
  • Suitable for most sleeping positions
  • It gives excellent pressure relief


  • Not ideal for heavy individuals
  • Not ideal for those who strictly sleep on the side
  • You may hate or love the grid construction

Full Review 

High technology is something that many users on the entire Reddit platform, including its subreddits, go crazy for. The Purple mattress has high technology coming out of its pores —in the form of a super hyper-elastic purple grid that is not so secret. 

Purple mattress is distinguishable from conventional memory foam mattresses since it dynamically flexes when under pressure so that the areas which bear your weight are cradled and cuddled. With this mattress, your pressure points are nestled regardless of your sleeping position while the rest of your body remains fully supported. Memory foam mattresses usually conform to the body. However, you are likely to experience a sunk-in feeling as their response rate is slow. Sleeping on a purple mattress is a unique experience as its top layer consists of a polymer grid that is hyper-elastic. The grid makes the mattress ultra-responsive and does away with the stuck-in mud feeling. Shifting between different sleeping positions on this mattress is easy.

The hyper-elastic gel is not entirely new — it has been used in the manufacture of backpack straps, shoe insoles, and car cushions. However, Purple is the first mattress brand to use the material in their mattresses. When you first lie on the bed, it will be an experience like no other. Some consumers like it from the word go, while others hate it. 

The best analogy that may come close to describing the experience is to imagine yourself sleeping on a fluffy waffle. The grid layer on the mattress gives an entirely different experience to resting on conventional mattresses you might be accustomed to sleeping on. The temperature when you sleep remains neutral as the mattress’ grid has many air channels, unlike latex foam or traditional mattresses. Memory foam mattresses retain a lot of heat. The purple mattress lives up to its reputation — it’s one of the best cooling mattresses on the market. It goes without saying that if you live in a predominantly cold area, investing in heavy bedding is the safest bet. 

The base of the mattress is made up of multiple layers, referred to as dual-layered comfort foam. The dual-layered comfort foam acts as a comfort layer, a transitional layer, and a supportive base layer. The layers also give supplementary pressure relief to the main pressure points.

The Purple mattress has only one firmness level available — medium firm. A medium-firm mattress is suitable for most sleeping positions except for those who sleep strictly on the side. If you are strict on sleeping on the side, we recommend trying other mattresses with medium-soft levels. If you are over 250 lbs, you may find this mattress to be soft. We recommend hybrid mattresses for those weighing more than 250lbs, as memory foam mattresses won’t give you the support you need in the long run.

The Purple mattress comes in a newly revamped SoftFlex wave knit mattress cover, encasing multiple layers. The cover is designed to help you keep cool all night as you sleep. The responsiveness of the mattress is enhanced by the stretch knit and hypoallergenic fabric used to make the cover. If accidental spills occur, clean them immediately as the mattress cover is neither removable nor washable. To increase the lifespan of your mattress, use a mattress protector. 

The major disadvantage of this mattress is that it does not have strong edge support compared to memory foam mattresses, as its grid is constructed to make it bouncy and fluffy. 

The Purple mattress is available in 7 sizes, inclusive of California King. The mattress dimensions are 9.25 thick. The mattress is rated 4.75 out of 5 stars based on 29521 reviews that have been verified. There is a 100-night sleep trial for a Purple mattress together with a ten-year warranty.

Buying Guide on Reddit

  1. Before making any purchases, keep in mind that there’s nothing like “the perfect mattress”. Some mattresses may be better than others, but not everybody has the same preferences—what works for you may not work for someone else. Write a list of your needs, wants, and budget, go through reviews and compile your cons and pros list.
  1. The best way to find out if a mattress satisfies your needs is by trying it out. Fortunately, most online mattress brands and some OG mattress brands, such as Tempur-Pedic, provide a risk-free sleep trial ranging from 3-12 months. Most people can know if a mattress is fit for them in less than three weeks. Some mattresses like stiffer ones that come compressed may require a break-in period of 30 days or more. 
  1. Are innerspring/hybrids better than memory foam? 

Neither is better than the other—it all depends on your sleeping position, height, weight, your preferences, and any health conditions you may have like arthritis and fibromyalgia.

  1. Note that the fancier the marketing and the more striking the words, the emptier the promises.
  1. So you love your mattress, but it’s on its final leg. Do you buy the same mattress, or should you explore a newer, high tech one? Kindly refer to number 1.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Mattress on Reddit 

1. Size

The standard mattress sizes are queen, king, twin, full, and California king. When choosing a mattress size, you should consider factors like personal preference, the amount of space available, and whether or not you sleep with someone. Look into your current sleeping situation and whether you’re satisfied with the amount of space available to sleep. If you’re competing for space with your significant other, it’s time to upgrade to a larger size. Downsizing may be a good option if you have a small room and the bed takes much of the space. 

2. Comfort Level

Mattresses are manufactured in varying comfort levels from plush to firm to pillow top along with personalized and contoured. To offer a range of comfort levels for shoppers, Mattress Firm provides a Comfort by the color system—levels of comfort are categorized to enable customers to buy mattresses in their comfort zone.

The comfort system by color recognition makes work easier for customers as they immediately recognize the mattresses that fit into the category of their choice when they go to stores. Ken Murphy, the CEO of Mattress firm, said that the various options available help customers buy a bed that’s particularly customized to their needs whether they’re searching for a firm or a pillow top mattress. 

3. Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position is an essential factor to consider when choosing a mattress. You can be a stomach, front, side or back sleeper or move around often throughout the night. Once you know your sleeping position, you can narrow down your mattress options and pick one that satisfies your needs. For instance, side sleepers might be more comfortable sleeping on a pillow top or plush mattress supporting the spine’s natural curve than a mattress with a firmer comfort level.

4. Temperature

Temperature contributes to how you sleep, and it’s not restricted to hot summer temperatures. The quality of your sleep depends on your heat settings, comforters(heavy or light), or even your mattress. Although traditional memory foam and pillow tops can be adequate for a warmer night’s sleep, Serta provides iComfort mattresses with cooling technology that help you sleep at a cozy temperature throughout the night. Cooling technology is the best option for those who heat up naturally when sleeping. 

5. Pain

If you experience any kind of pain when sleeping, your mattress can either hurt or help that pain. For instance, if you’re experiencing lower back pain, you may require a firmer mattress to keep your back aligned. You should identify the sort of pain you have and be frank when shopping to find the appropriate mattress that will improve your sleep and alleviate discomfort. 

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