Best Futon Mattress

Best Futon Mattress

Best Futon Mattress

When it comes to an adaptable, stylish living room or bedroom accessory that has a tonne of practicality, there’s nothing that comes close to a futon mattress. Also known as a Japanese Futon, these mattresses are compact, easy to store and are the best mattress type available to offer your guests – or even pets – a full size bed without dedicating a whole room to a bed frame. 

If you’re looking to invest in a new futon, or want to buy one for the first time, we have a few suggestions for you below. Whether you’re looking for an all-foam option, a slim innerspring futon or a high-quality luxury model, there’s something for you. 

Why Consider a Futon Mattress Above a Traditional Mattress

The most obvious reason to consider a futon is simply down to their compact size and sofa-bed like comfort. Your guests will be able to simply throw down the futon on a floor space in your home and find up to a full queen size mattress, without you having to invest in a bed frame or even needing a guest bedroom. 

On top of this, a futon mattress can easily be stored under your bed, in a cupboard or (if you choose a tri-fold option) even in a wardrobe. They’re simply a fantastic, comfortable and versatile sleeping solution for guests that want a comfy place to sleep, without demanding that you supply them with a guest bedroom and a full size guest bed. 

All of that said, take a look below at our best futon mattresses and quality futon covers and say hello to the easiest guest bed set up experience you’ve ever had. 

DHP 8-inch Independently-Encased Coil Premium Futon Mattress

Landing on the top of our list is the futon sofa bed mattress by DHP. The 8-inch deep coil mattress is ideal for providing optimal comfort as both a sofa and a mattress, and the bi-fold design makes it easily convertible from a mattress to a sofa and back again. 

As a bestseller on Amazon, the futon has a tonne of positive reviews and a lot of customers have touted the foam-wrapped coils are more comfortable than their everyday mattresses. That said, the mattress’s size is also essentially a double, and is plenty wide enough for a single person to sleep on with a lot of space to spread out. 

The weight of the 8-inch futon mattress is around 50 pounds, or 22kg, making it just a little on the heavier side, though as it’s a futon bed and sofa combo, you won’t need to worry about the mattress size or moving it too often. 

Unlike thinner futons, this model is deep enough and has soft enough memory foam and coils to provide optimal pressure support for sleepers, so there’s no need to worry about your guests being stuck with the painful ‘sleepover neck’ that our friends are often left with when they crash on the couch.

To add, the DHP warranty also covers any sagging beyond 1.5 inches, which is an ideal coverage for quality foam. You shouldn’t see any sagging or strange indentations on this futon mattress. 


Exceptional Comfort

Memory Foam and Coil Blend

Support for Body Contours

Bi-fold for Use as a Sofa

Classe Emoor Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress

Those looking for a more traditional futon mattress, the Classe Emoor model is designed to be used without a frame and simply placed on the floor when guests need to use it. Thistraditional Japanese futon bed is encased in 100% cotton and has an ultra-plush polyester filling that relies on a three-layer stack of alternating foam thicknesses. 

As a trifold futon, you’re able to easily fold this model up and tuck it away when it’s not in use, making it ideal for one-off sleepovers and guest appearances. 

One of the best perks of this futon is it’s ultra-thin and supportive design. Although it comes in at just 17 pounds, or 7kgs, it offers contouring support for the joints. In fact, the futon mattress is so well-supported by the multi-layered polyester fibers that it’s able to comfortably cradle side sleepers. Shoulders and hips have no trouble dipping into this futon. 

Keeping in mind that this futon is an on-floor type of mattress, it can be easily left out at all times as a living space accessory or mattress topper. It’s thin, light and not too visually jarring, so making use of the mattress every day is a possibility too. 

Finally, it’s also available in a few mattress sizes such as queen, king, twin and twin XL. 


Comes in Various Sizes

Helps with Back Pain

Twin Size through King


Can Be Used as a Topper

Mozaic 8-inch Cotton Twill Gel Dual Memory Foam Futon Mattress

Adding a hint of premium quality to the list, the 8-inch futon mattress by Mozaic offers a memory foam option and has gel infused within it. As expected, this gel makes the mattress ideal for warmer climates and will ensure there’s no issue when it comes to keeping it cool on warmer floors. 

At 8 inches thick, there are a few layers, including 1 inch of comfort memory foam and three single inch layers of a mixed and matched polyurethane gel foam. Tying all of these layers together is essentially loose cotton twill or cotton fabric. Ultimately, this mattress may be one of the most comfortable on our list. 

Adding to the premium feel, the futon is wrapped in a high quality poly-cotton fabric cover that is akin to a microfiber cover. You won’t have to worry about the mattress coming loose or the memory foam mattress losing its shape because of this taut cover. 

The gel and memory foam layers are also CertiPUR-US certified making sure that anyone sleeping on them will have spinal health-certified support. 

Coming in standard sizes, there’s also support for full-size bed frames. 

You’ll even have the option to select a Mozaic Futon in a number of different colours, so if you’re planning on leaving it out, you’ll be able to make sure the colour tone suits the room you’re using it in. 


Multi-foam Support 

CertiPUR-US Certified

Support Standard Size Futon Frames

90-day Limited Warranty

Designed to be a Floor Futon

Shiki Futon by Fuli

Those searching for the most authentic futon mattress that’s made in Japan, Fuli has you covered. The Shiki Futon is one of the closest mattresses you’ll find to being a traditional Japanese futon, and that’s fantastic news considering how supportive-yet-minimal these are.

The Shiki Futon is a cotton fiber futon and comes in at just 2.5 inches thick, though the multiple layers of polyester and cotton assure there’s a tonne of support here. Although you’ll not see full sinkage, there’s still pressure point relief and a tonne of airflow here. 

Being cotton, the futon is also fast-drying and mildly moisture wicking, so washing and drying the futon mattress won’t be an issue at all. 

We’re also glad to say that unlike heavily quilted futons, this product is one of the coolest to sleep on in warmer climates. If you or your guests are rather sensitive to warmer sleeps, then this is the futon model to keep your guest room sleeper’s cool.

With sizes from twin through to full XL there’s an option for all guest rooms and guest numbers. Whether you’re sleeping one or two, the futon comes in a size to suit. 

At 15 pounds and 2.5 inches, there aren’t many other futons that can compete with the portability of the Shiki Futon. 



Keeps Cool in Summer

Thin and Still Supportive 

A Range of Sizes 

D&D Furniture Traditional Japanese Floor Futon Mattress

Finally, D&D Futon Furniture is your ‘Made in the USA’ futon supplier if you’re looking for a US-based mattress manufacturer. All futons out of D&D are some of the highest quality on the market, though being made in the US means they’re adapted to Western sleeping styles.

All of the products in the D&D range are inspired by Japanese futons, though moderately changed to best suit local climates, floor types and more. 

The Traditional Floor Mattress is encased entirely in polyester, making it water wicking and easily cleanable, though the inside is a composite of cotton, polyester and foam. These materials ensure there’s plenty of support and optimal breathability for warmer nights. 

One thing to note though, is that these futons are only available in black. 

When it comes to support, we’re glad to say that D&D gets a whole lot of comfort out of just three inches of cotton and polyester. Again, you won’t find memory foam-level sinkage here, but you will have your guests well-supported with weight taken off their hips and shoulders. 

The 21-pound futon is also easily rolled up and stored away in wardrobes or under beds if you’re not always going to use it. 



Easy to Store

3-inch Cotton and Polyester

Why Consider a Futon

If you often have guests sleeping over at your house and you’re offering up the couch, then a futon is the most ideal solution for you. Futons are the perfect answer to giving your guests a comfortable place to sleep when you don’t have a guest bed or bedroom. 

Easily Stored

One of the best perks of a futon is the fact that most of them either fold back into a sofa, or they’re flexible and small enough to roll up to fit into a wardrobe. Alternatively, thin futons can just be slid and stored under beds when they’re not in use. 

Comfortable and Compact

Even though most futons come in at around 2 to 5 inches, their manufacturers do a tonne to get the most comfort out of such a small product. You’ll notice that memory foam and cotton-fill blends are used to make sure your guests are getting the best back support as well as plenty of airflow. 

Just because these mattresses rest on the floor, doesn’t mean comfort takes a back seat. 


Another great reason to consider a futon is the fact that they can be used for far more than just a guest bed. When guests aren’t staying over, you can use futons as a space for yoga, watching the TV or even as a soft play space for kids. They’re the ideal, compact and plush accessory for the home. 

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