The 5 Top Electric Blankets in Australia 2023

The 5 Top Electric Blankets in Australia 2023

The 5 Top Electric Blankets in Australia 2023


When winter closes in, it can be a real challenge to balance keeping warm at night with controlling your electricity bill. Running a heater while you sleep is not only expensive, at around 66 cents per minute, it is also potentially dangerous. A far more economical, safer and cosier option is an electric blanket. At just 4 cents per hour, running an electric blanket will go a long way to keeping your winter power bill down. In this article, we reveal the 5 best electric blanket brands in Australia right now.

Electric Blanket Buyer’s Guide

In order to make the smartest electric blanket purchase, you need to get upskilled on what is available. When it comes to electric blankets, there are two basic varieties . . .

Our favourite electric blanket for winter in 2023 is the Sunbeam which comes out on top

  • Over blanket
  • Under blanket

An over blanket is a heated electric blanket that goes over your body like a conventional electric blanket. It provides heat on your body from the top down. In contrast, an under a blanket, also known as a mattress warmer, is the type that you lie on top of. It provides you with heat from the bottom up. 

Under electric blankets can be either fitted or unfitted. The fitted variety comes with elastic on the corners that allow you to slip them over the mattress so that the blanket stays securely in place. For a proper fit, then, it is important that the electric blanket conform to the size of the mattress. In contrast, unfitted electric blankets are secured to the mattress with straps. These types of electric blankets do not need to be sized in accordance with the mattress. In fact, you can put a single electric mattress on a double, queen or king-sized bed.

Your first decision when setting out to buy a new electric blanket, then, is to decide whether you want an over blanket or an under blanket. If going for an under blanket, then think about whether you want a fitted or an unfitted blanket.

Here are some features to look out for when looking for a top quality electric blanket:

Safety Features – look for an electric blanket that provides an overheat protector feature, which automatically turns the heater off if it detects that the heat is abnormally high. The blanket should also be fully waterproofed for safety. 

Preset Features – the electric blanket should include preset timers that allow you to set the on and off times of the blanket. This way the bed will be nice and cosy when you slip between the covers. 

Heating Speed – the old style electric blankets took a long time to heat up. Fortunately, the new breed of blankets heat up much more quickly. Your blanket should get to the desired heat in around five minutes. 

The eating speed of an electric blanket is determined by the wattage of the blanket. If you want the blanket to heat to the desired level in around five minutes, you’ll need a wattage of 150. A 60 watt blanket will take three times that length to get to the heat you want. Of course, a higher wattage blanket will incur higher power bills. 

Controls – when you are sharing your bed with your partner, controlling the heat of the electric blanket can be a real bone of contention. With the advent of dual control electric blankets, each bed partner is now able to control the temperature of their side of the electric blanket. 

While we’re on the subject of controls, check to see whether the controls on the electric blanket are removable. This will allow you to wash the blanket in your washing machine. 

Dedicated Heating Zone – the best electric blankets will include a dedicated heating zone positioned at the bottom of the blanket so that you can keep your feet cosy and warm throughout the night. 

Cord length – check the length of the cord that comes with your new electric blanket. It needs to be long enough to reach the power outlet but not too long that it will get twisted and wound up. 

Temperature Controls – the more you are prepared to pay for an electric blanket, the more precise the temperature settings will be. They will also come with more options in terms of the timer controls. 

Extra optional features – If you want the ultimate in comfort and luxury in an electric blanket, look for one that is quilted. You will pay a bit more, but the improved cushioning and plushness will be noticeable. 

5 Best Electric Blankets in Australia 2023

Favourite Luxury Electric Blanket 2023

(Top Rated) Sunbeam Sleep Perfect Quilted Heated Blanket

The Sleep Perfect Quilted Heated Blanket is simply the most luxurious, plush and comfortable electric blanket that we have ever come across. It is produced by Sunbeam, who have established a reputation as one of the most reputable electric blanket makers in all of Australia. 

The Sunbeam Perfect Quilted Heated Blanket is a quick heating blanket. In no more than five minutes, your blanket will do its magic so that your bed is ready for you to enter. This electric blanket comes with a pair of detachable controllers. This permits each partner to set their own temperature for their side of the bed. Each controller provides a range of 5 temperature settings. It even includes a cool automatic heat detection feature whereby it adjusts the temperature while you are sleeping to coincide with your preferred heat level. You can set the blanket to stay on for between 1 and 9 hours. 

The thing that really sets the Sunbeam Perfect Quilted Heated Blanket apart, however, is the luxury cover that it comes in. Made of polycotton, the quilt covering is extremely plush to the touch. The polyester base of the blanket makes sure that it will stay in place throughout the night. 

The Sunbeam Perfect Quilted Heated Blanket is machine washable and is fully waterproofed. The controls can easily be removed for machine washing. You can purchase the blanket in the size to suit your mattress. This is not a very cheap electric blanket, with the Queen going for $239. However, this is the top of the range when it comes to luxury electric blankets and is supported by a 3 year replacement guarantee.

The Sunbeam Perfect Quilted Heated Blanket is a popular seller on Amazon, with more than 80 5-star reviews.

Editor’s Favourite Electric Blanket 2023

Sunbeam Fitted Heated Blanket

Our overall favourite electric blanket of 2021 is the Sunbeam Fitted Blanket 2021. The fact that this blanket is also produced by our top luxury blanket, Sunbeam, says a lot about that company. The Sunbeam Fitted Heated Blanket is our overall favourite because it provides you with top end features at a very sharp price point. 

It will take around ten minutes to get the electric blanket up to the desired temperature level, which is about twice the amount of time that top end blankets will do so. Sensors that are implanted into the blanket will make sure that you get a consistent level of heating all night long. This blanket also provides you with nine heat settings. You can also set the timer to switch off between an hour and a quarter and twelve hours. 

The Sunbeam Fitted Heated Blanket has a polyester cover. The fitted skirts around the edges of the blanket will ensure that the blanket will not slip off during the night. The skirt of this electric blanket is compatible with the majority of mattress sizes. The blanket also provides you with full waterproof protection and is machine washable, with the control being removable for this purpose. 

Your purchase of the Sunbeam Fitted Heated Blanket is protected by a 3 year warranty. The Queen size version of this electric blanket sells for $169. This is another very popular offering from Sunbeam on Amazon with many 5 star reviews. A number of reviewers have commented that this electric blanket is ideal for getting through those unpredictable Australian winter nights.

Top Value Electric Blanket in Australia 2021

Dreamaker Premium Heated Electric Under Blanket

The Dreamaker Premium Heated Electric Under Blanket is the best value quality electric blanket that we encountered. With a starting price of just $89, it provides you with many of the features as the more expensive Sunbeam models that we have already discussed. This electric blanket comes with 9 heat settings. It also has dual controls, which is pretty impressive for such a budget priced electric blanket. That is great news if you sleep with your partner, as it allows both people to individually control their heat settings. 

The Dreamaker Premium Heated Electric Under Blanket control panel provides you a clear LED display that is easy to read. The wattage on this electric blanket is 60, which is less than half what you get on the higher priced Sunbeam blankets. As a result, it will take as long as 15-20 minutes to get to the desired heat level. Conversely, it will not consume as much electricity as the Sunbeam models.

The  Dreamaker Premium Heated Electric Under Blanket is available in six sizes that match the standard mattress sizes. This blanket has a polyester sherpa fleece covering, providing a level of comfort that you would not expect in an electric blanket priced at less than a hundred bucks. 

The one negative with this electric blanket is that you do not get a warranty with it. That makes checking the verified user reviews on Amazon even more important than usual. There are a LOT of 5 star reviews yet very few that mention negatives.

Top Hypoallergenic Electric Blanket in Australia 2023

Breville BodyZone™ Antibacterial Fitted Electric Blanket

The Breville BodyZone™ Antibacterial Fitted Electric Blanket is specifically designed for people who have allergies. This blanket has been designed with polyester which has been specially treated with an antibacterial formula known as Stay Fresh. These innovations make the blanket better suited for people with allergies than any other that we have encountered. 

The Breville BodyZone™ Antibacterial Fitted Electric Blanket is machine washable. This electric blanket is made using patented BodyZone technology. The result is that the blanket is broken up into four separate heating areas that are individually heat controlled. That provides you with the most precision heating that you will ever get in an electric blanket. Add in the dual user controls that you get with this blanket and the level of precision heating control here is unprecedented. 

One unique aspect of the Breville BodyZone™ Antibacterial Fitted Electric Blanket that could be problematic is the placement of the controls. While most other blankets have them on the side of the blanket, this blanket has it on top top of the blanket under the pillow area. The reality is that it will not interfere with your comfort because of your pillow placement. 

The Breville BodyZone™ Antibacterial Fitted Electric Blanket provides you with a 36 month warranty. It comes in a price tag of $249.95 for the Queen. That is on the higher price but, in this case, you definitely get your money’s worth. There are around a hundred 5-star ratings on this blanket at Amazon. 

Top Bargain Electric Blanket in Australia 2023

Dreamaker Premium Electric Blanket

The Dreamaker Premium Electric Blanket is a great example of cheap not meaning nasty. You can buy this electric blanket for less than $65! For that price, you get dual controls, 3 different heat settings, and a polyester cover. The blanket is available in the six standard mattress sizes. It comes with a 3 year warranty.

Admittedly, the Dreamaker Premium Electric Blanket is a pretty basic electric blanket (even though it does have dual temperature controls). This is a 60 watt electric blanket, so it will take longer than higher priced options to heat up (expect it to take 15-20 minutes). You might not want to use this blanket on your main bed but it makes a great option for guest beds in the spare bedroom!

The Dreamaker Premium Electric Blanket has a lot of 5 star ratings on Amazon. 








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