Best Alarm Clock in 2023

Best Alarm Clock in 2023

Best Alarm Clock in 2023

Like it or not, our lives are regulated by time. Sleep through your scheduled get up time and you’re going to be rushing to keep up all day long. The answer, of course, is to invest in a reliable alarm clock. In this article, we go deep inside the Australian alarm clock market in order to discover the 6 best alarm clocks on the Aussie market. We’ll classify the best of the best by category, including the top smart alarm, the best budget alarm and our favourite analog alarm clock.

What to look for in an alarm clock

Over the last five years or so, alarm clocks have come a long way. They have done their best to incorporate the latest tech features into their construction, with some pretty impressive results. As a result you can get alarm clocks that are wifi enabled, and most provide you with a large array of tones and sound effects.

Here are five key things to look out for when shopping for an alarm clock.

Features – all alarm clocks will allow users to program the alarm time but some are more user friendly than others. Your alarm clock should allow you to set the alarm quickly and easily. Look for a clock that allows you to set multiple alarms, rather than just one. You can also buy alarm clocks that allow you to set the alarm specifically for the weekend or a weekday. 

Snooze button – the snooze button provides you with a few minutes extra sleep, usually around 10 minutes before it rings again. Look for an alarm clock that allows you to set your own length of time for the snooze function. Another cool sleep feature is what is known as gradual wake up. In this case, the alarm starts off with quite a low volume and then steadily increases in volume over a period of time. 

Display – all alarm clocks will tell you the time, but the best ones will do more. Look for an alarm that includes the date and even the temperature. Being able to adjust the intensity of the LCD is another useful feature. 

Alarm clocks that have the ability to project the LCD display on a wall or ceiling can be handy. That means that you don’t have to turn over and face the alarm clock when you’re snuggled up in bed. 

Sound – the best alarm clocks do more than just wake you up. Some will even help you get to sleep. Look for a clock that comes with a sleep timer. These often feature music that plays softly in order to help you gently drift off to sleep.

The alarm clock should allow you to control the volume of the alarm. If you prefer a gentler wake up, look for a clock that has a vibrating alarm. The quality of the playback should be good, featuring stereo speakers and a Watt RMS level of between 7 and 12.

Back in the day, waking up to an alarm clock meant having your slumber interrupted by an unpleasant, harsh noise. Those days, thankfully, are long gone. Now you can set your own wake up noise, from the soothing sound of a running brook or your favourite hits. Check the programming options on the alarm clock that you are looking at.

Some alarm clocks are specifically designed for extremely heavy sleepers with maximum sound levels that are able to wake anybody up. If you are in this category, check the maximum sound level to make sure that it is going to be adequate for your needs. Some clocks use a combination of light, sound and vibration which may also work better for very heavy sleepers. 

Smart Features – When it comes to Smart technology, look for a phone that provides you with wireless connectivity so that you are able to access online functions. Once connective, some alarm clocks will work with Amazon Apple Spot to enable you to use voice commands to control your alarm clock. Look for a clock, too, that comes with a USB charging port. This will allow you to charge your phone, tablet or other device with your alarm clock.

Warranty – Traditionally, most people didn’t think of warranties when it came to alarm clocks. They were pretty basic in design, after all. With the new smart range of alarm clocks, however, a warranty is becoming more important. With more advanced electronics in modern day alarm clocks, there are more things that can go wrong. If you are buying a smart alarm clock, then, we recommend looking for a manufacturer who is prepared to stand behind their product with a warranty of at least 12 months. 

The best alarm clocks will also adjust automatically when Daylight Savings rolls around. They will also be compatible with Bluetooth speakers for the best sound quality. 

The Top 6 Alarm Clocks 

Best Smart Alarm Clock in Australia 2023

Echo Show 5

When it comes to combining Smart technology with an alarm clock, you cannot go past the Echo Show 5. This super cool clock features in-built Alexa functionality. That means that you can turn the alarm off with a single command without changing your position in bed. The display on this clock also works as a video screen! Of course, you can also listen to the radio and music. In addition, you can use this amazingly versatile clock to make video conference calls with other people. 

The Echo Show 5  alarm clock integrates seamlessly into your Alexa system. It will also work well with your current sleeping arrangements. The smart alarm features allow you to turn your radio, songs and reminders on and off. This is a very popular alarm. It has more than five hundred reviews on Amazon, the vast majority of which are overwhelmingly positive. 

The Echo 5 Show sits at the higher end of the market, with a price tag of a hundred dollars. However, as we’ve seen, you are paying for a lot more than a simple alarm clock!

Best Feature Laden Alarm Clockin Australia 2023

Soundcore Wakey

The Soundcore Wakey is a very cool looking alarm that, just like the Echo Show 5, provides you with so much more. This clock is also a Bluetooth speaker so that it provides you with an incredible level of sound quality. It also comes with a wireless charger that provides you with the ability to charge a Qi-compatible device with a max 10 watts for Samsung or a max 7.5 watts for iPhone. All you have to do is to sit your device on top of the alarm clock. 

The Soundcore Wakey gives you the option of ten different alarm sounds, one of which is FM radio. The versatility of this alarm clock is clearly seen by the fact that it is the top selling portable speaker sold by Amazon and is also bought by many people purely as a wireless charging device. 

The Soundcore Wakey also does a great job of helping you get to sleep at night. Its sleep timer function includes a full selection of ambient noise options to help you to gently glide off to sleep. This award winning alarm clock / wireless charger / portable speaker sells for $98.99.

Best Value Alarm Clock 2023

Sony Clock Radio

The best value alarm clock of 2023 is the Sony Clock Radio. Sony has established a worldwide reputation for quality and cost effectiveness when it comes to electronics. Coming in at just $40, the Sony Clock Radio is another excellent example of that quality and value. This is a simple clock that is easy to use and reliable. There are a small number of buttons to keep the operation simple.

The Sony Clock Radio still provides you with such advanced user features as gentle wake up with slowly increasing volumes, along with extended snooze control. You can also adjust the brightness of the LCD display. This sleek looking alarm clock also features battery backup to make sure that you still get your wake up call even if the power goes out overnight. 

In addition to serving as an alarm clock, the Sony Clock Radio provides you with an AM/FM radio. It also includes a sleep timer. This is a hugely popular product on Amazon with thousands of positive reviews.

Favourite Alarm Clock Design 2023

LBell Wake Up

When it comes to alarm clock design, the LBell Wake Up alarm clock is simply the best looking and the smartest that we have yet to come across. The LBell Wake Up feature provides specialized lighting that replicates the light of the rising and setting sun. In the minutes before your morning alarm clock goes off, your room will be imbued with a wake up light. This light will gradually change from a dark red to a bright yellow. This helps your biological clock to get you ready to wake up. Then the alarm will go off to gently wake you up. This wake up light also includes seven colours and twenty warm light levels. 

The wake up light feature of the LBell Alarm Clock can also be utilized as a reading light in the evening. In addition, this clock provides you with a sleep aid feature. Here, the level of light gradually dims over the course of the evening to help you to gently drift off to sleep. The light will automatically go off after a set period of time. You are able to adjust the light levels, the level of brightness and the volume level on this alarm clock. 

This clock comes in a unique oval shape. The inbuilt AM/FM radio provides you with the ability to save up to 40 channels. The clock also provides you with a built-in USB charger. This is a unique, reliable and sleek looking alarm clock that stands out for its unique sleep inducing and wake up inspiring lighting. 

The best analog clock of 2023

Twin Bell Vintage Alarm Clock

The Twin Bell Vintage Alarm Clock is our favourite retro analog clock. If you are after an alarm clock from yesteryear, then this is the one for you. It features the classic twin bell clock and has a hammer that strikes the bells to create the alarm sound. The clock also provides you with a quiet ticking noise. It has a pleasant clock face that is covered with premium glass.

The Twin Bell Vintage Alarm Clock comes in your choice colours. It has a low purchase price of just $20, making it exceptional value. 

The Top Budget Alarm Clock in Australia 2023

Wooden Digital LED Display Table Clock

The Wooden Digital LED Display Table Clock is a simple, rectangular design wooden LED clock that comes in at a great price and is extremely functional. This alarm clock can be purchased in your choice of four colours:

  • Bamboo
  • White
  • Brown
  • Black

This alarm clock is made from wood and plastic. In addition to providing you with the time, you also get a readout of the temperature. You can set three different alarms on this clock.The clock is sturdy and reliable, making it a good choice to put in a child’s room. It is priced at below twenty dollars and has a LOT of reviews on Amazon, the majority of which are overwhelmingly positive. 

Bottom Line

The Alarm clock market has definitely come a long way in recent years. If you are prepared to pay as much as a hundred dollars, you will be able to get a very versatile smart alarm clock which is able to provide you with many features beyond the standard alarm clock functionality. Our favorite smart alarm clock of 2023 is the  Echo Show 5, which provides you with full alarm functionality, video functionality, voice control. Bluetooth and AM/FM radio functionality.

If you are looking for a retro classic looking and functioning alarm clock, our favourite by far is the Twin Bell Vintage Alarm clock, which features the classic twin bell alarm design.

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