Beds R Us Overview

Beds R Us Overview

Beds R Us Overview

About Beds R Us

Beds R Us is an Australia wide mattress retailer. They have been operating since the 1990s and have established themselves as the leading seller of Australian made mattresses in the country. 

The point of difference is that they only stock Australian made mattresses.  Beds R Us strongly believe that supporting local manufacturing matters and that Australians make the best mattresses on the planet.

Beds R Us retail outlets stock the largest range of bed products under one roof. Each store is staffed with friendly, professional experts who are dedicated to helping their customers find the perfect mattress to meet their needs. By buying your mattress from Beds R Us you will be supporting the local economy, helping to keep hundreds of workers in their jobs. 

Beds R Us Brands

Beds R Us are the exclusive stockists of Sleepyhead and SleepMaker mattresses. All sleepyhead mattresses are exclusively designed for Beds R Us. Both Sleepyhead and Sleepmaker are owned by the Comfort group, which is the major supplier for Beds R Us. They have factories in both Australia and New Zealand.

The majority of Beds R Us mattresses are sold as an ensemble. This means that the base and mattress are sold together. Beds R Us prefer to sell ensemble packages because it ensures that you get just the right strength and support of base to suit the mattress. It also saves you money compared to buying the base and mattress separately. 


SleepMaker has been manufacturing high-quality mattresses in Australia since the 1930s. Over that time they have established themselves as a trusted and beloved Australian company. They employ over 1000 staff out of their factories in Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland and Western Australia. 

SleepMaker have been innovators in the mattress industry since the beginning and have introduced a number of world’s first innovations in mattress technology.

SleepMaker continues to innovate. They work in conjunction with top Australian sleep and biomechanical experts to help Australians get an even better night’s sleep. SleepMaker mattresses are endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association, the Australian Chiropractors Association and Sports Chiropractic Australia.

SleepMaker offer six mattress ranges as follows:

·         Luxury

·         back care

·         Traditional

·         For One

·         Adjustable

·         Convenience

SleepMaker has an extremely popular range of budget friendly mattresses. Customers also give high marks for their elite range, as well as their children’s mattresses.


Sleepyhead is an iconic Australian mattress brand. They offer mattresses across all price ranges from budget to elite. At Sleepyhead, they believe that life is complicated enough as it is, so they are determined to make life as easy as they can for their customers. As a result, they have focused on building mattresses that are perfect for 90% of sleepers, no matter what their body type or sleeping position. Rather than focusing on the wow factor, Sleepyhead is more interested in the ease factor. Their emphasis is on quality and convenience, reliability and cost effectiveness.

Sleepyhead mattresses are made from a combination of three versions of high quality foam. High density foam is used for the support, with responsive memory foam is the middle layer. This foam, which was developed by NASA, has the ability to mould itself ideally to your body, ensuring zero pressure and a better night’s sleep. The third foam layer consists of comfort foam designed to keep the mattress bouncy.

Sleepyhead mattresses feature zone pocket coil support systems. Some of their mattresses in the elite range also provide thicker comfort layers than you will find on most competing brands.

Every sleepyhead mattress undergoes a five stage quality check before it is put on the retail shop floor. 

Why Buy from Beds R Us

As the largest independent mattress retail group in Australasia, Beds R Us are your go to place if you want an affordable Aussie made mattress of the highest quality. The company size means that they can bring you the best at the best price. All of their stores are locally owned and operated, ensuring that you get the personal service that you deserve.

Beds R Us have more than 80 retail stores across Australia. They deliver their mattresses to a wider range of locations than any other mattress retailer in the country. They also offer flexible finance options including buy now, pay later.

When it comes to shipping, charges will vary depending on the size of your order and your location. All shipping charges will be clearly identified before you place your order. Shipping charges start at $85 for customers living within the vicinity of a retail store. 

Most Bed R Us mattresses come with a 10-year warranty.

In addition to their retail locations, Beds R Us also sell directly from the Beds R Us website. 

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