Australia’s Best Triple Bunk Beds – A Detailed Buyer’s Guide

Australia’s Best Triple Bunk Beds – A Detailed Buyer’s Guide

Australia’s Best Triple Bunk Beds – A Detailed Buyer’s Guide

A triple bunk bed is the most optimal solution when 3 people need to sleep in one room. But what are the options available in the market and are they worth your money?

Let’s walk you through our top choices for the best triple bunk beds in Australia in 2021!


Bunk beds are a creative solution to a shortage of sleeping space (and pricey real estate).

If you have got three kids in a room or three adults sharing a flat, everyone would prefer their own sleeping space. It’s logical for kids and adults to prefer to have their bed to themselves, which is important for sleeping comfortably. But if you don’t have separate rooms, you’d have to find an economical way to provide everyone their own sleeping space.

In such circumstances, a triple bunk bed can instantly increase the sleeping space from one person to three persons in a room. The best thing about this solution is that it doesn’t cost much to buy a quality triple bunk bed.

If you are looking to buy a three-level bunk bed, you’re in luck because we have done the hard part of researching and reading online customer reviews. As a result, we have gathered, organized, and presented helpful information about different bunk bed models, their prices, and pros and cons in this article.

Let’s dive in!

How Did We Choose These Triple Bunk Bed Models?

We have a dedicated team of product experts, writers, and editors who research, review, and draft product reviews after a rigorous research analysis. The team also visits retail outlets to test products and find out about the latest prices, deals, and discounts.

To cut it short, we don’t rely only on online testimonials or reviews for product recommendations. Instead, we physically test the product and visually inspect its materials and construction before moving online to know about consumers’ experiences.

So, you can be sure that whatever information we give out is based on extensive research and user experience. The goal behind this intense routine is to find suitable and efficient products that our readers would find helpful and interesting.

We worked for around 150 hours as a four-person team for this triple bunk bed article and carefully picked four quality bunk beds.

Here are our top picks for the best three-tier bunk beds in Australia.

Australia’s Best Triple Bunk Beds of 2021 – Reviews

  1. Triple Bunk Beds for Kids – Dorel Living

The Dorel Living Sierra Twin Triple Bunk Bed serves as a perfect space-saving option for bigger families or people who have guests coming over every other weekend.

It has a compact design that features two built-in ladders for climbing to each upper bed level separately. On top of that, it has a great modern look that adds to the house’s aesthetic beauty.

The Dorel Living triple bunk comes with customization options and can be used as a triple bunk bed, day bed, or twin bed separately as per your requirement.

Overall, it’s a brilliant piece of space-saving furniture at a great price.

Key Features:

  • The bed comes with two built-in ladders that add to the convenience.
  • It is a purely wooden bed with a beautiful mocha rustic finish, adding to the room’s beauty.
  • Bed slats are already included in the base package.
  • The triple bunk bed does not need any box springs.
  • The bed conforms to the US Govt.’s safety standards.


  • It’s a sturdy and durable piece of furniture.
  • The bed comes with a transitional option and offers versatile use.


  • It might be laborious to assemble the bed.

Is Dorel Living Sierra Triple Bunk Bed worth buying?

It’s a great piece of furniture with a wooden look that can go with any type of interior design. Plus, solid construction promises a long life for this particular item. Apart from the fussy and time-consuming assembly procedure, we don’t see any harm in buying Dorel Living Sierra Triple Bunk Bed.

Who is the Dorel Living Sierra Triple Bunk Bed suitable for?

The bed is best suited for kids as it comes with safety guard rails and two different access ladders for each level.


Bunk Bed Size: 110.5 x 201 x 195.9 cm

Bunk Bed Material: Wood

Weight Capacity: 165 Pounds

  1. Triple Bunk Bed with Storage – MWKL Twin Over Twin Bed

This two-level bunk bed comes in L shape and has two beds on its upper level with a separate ladder for each bed. But what sets this bed apart is the extra storage space that it offers, which is one of its most exciting features.

The bed comes with two built-in drawers and offers additional storage space under the loft. You can easily fit in a small cabinet or dresser and even put in a desk there as well.

The bed is constructed strongly with top quality wood and does very well in optimizing your kids’ bedroom space.

Key Features:

  • This bed is very stylish yet durable.
  • The bed’s strong frame mounted on solid pine legs ensures stability.
  • It has 2 separate ladders, one for each bed.
  • With its two drawers and space under the loft, it helps utilize space efficiently. This makes it perfect for smaller houses.


  • Its sturdy slats provide reliable stability.
  • The bed’s design is safe for kids and poses no risk of injury or falling.
  • Separate ladders ensure each sleeper has individual access.
  • The bunk bed can be separated into single beds.


  • The bed is a little expensive.
  • It takes 3 to 4 hours to assemble the bed.

Is the MWKL Twin Over Twin Bed worth buying?

Although the bed is costly, its features and added advantages make it worth the price tag. If you decide to invest in the MWKL Twin Over Twin Bed, you will get two drawers and a space for a dresser or cabinet!

Who is this bed suitable for?

The bed is best suited for kids for regular use. However, the bed can easily accommodate adults with the same comfort and support when the need arises.

As for the kids, the drawers provide excellent storage for keeping away their personal belongings like books, toys, and clothes.

Similarly, grown-ups can use the storage and space under the loft in different creative ways.


Bunk Bed Size: 37.7 x 78.7 x 61.4 inches

Bunk Bed Material: Wood and Pine

Weight Capacity: The upper bed can carry 220 pounds, while the lower bed can withstand 250 pounds.

  1. Metal Triple Bunk Bed – Merax Metal Twin Size Triple Bunk Bed

This versatile bed is strongly built with metal and can thus carry both adults and kids. So, if you have children with significant age gaps, you can easily have them sleep together in a room with their own individual space with this bed.

The bed features two attached ladders that provide access to both levels of the bunk bed. Its robust frame ensures stability, and the side-rails ensure that your kids remain secured when they toss and turn on the bed.

Key Features:

  • Its heavy duty metal structure provides a rock-solid support and stability.
  • The guard-rails at the top and middle cover the entire length of the bed, ensuring complete safety.
  • The bed is spacious enough to accommodate both kids and adults.
  • The bed comes in two colors, increasing the chance that it will adjust to the bedroom’s decor.
  • Mid and top bunks have their separate ladders.



  • The metal frame is durable and long-lasting.
  • The bed has secure guardrails to protect sleepers.
  • Each level has personal ladder access.


  • It can’t be converted into single beds.
  • The bed has no other major drawbacks.

Is Merax Metal Bunk Bed worth your money?

Given its sturdy design and solid metal base, we can confidently recommend that the bed is long-lasting and worth every cent!

Who is this best suitable for?

Although it can occasionally be used for adults, we recommend it’s best for kids since adults don’t prefer sleeping in confined bed spaces.


Bunk Bed Size: 78 inches in width while 78.7 inches in height

Bunk Bed Material: Metal

Weight Capacity: 400 pounds

Recommended Mattress Height: 6 inches for top bed, 6 to 8 inches for mid bed, 8 to 10 inches for the lower bed

  1. Economical Choice – Fetines Twin Over Twin Bunk Triple Kid Bed

This is one of the cheapest bunk bed options available in the market. Despite being economical, the bed doesn’t hold back in providing value. The bed is made with wood and solid wood with a beautiful finish.

In addition, it’s a combo of three twin beds that can be separated and used as single beds, which means the bed can still be useful even when your children grow up.

Key Features:

  • The bed comes with a slat kit.
  • The guardrails make sure that your kids sleep safe and sound.
  • It has two individual ladders for both levels.
  • It’s a convertible bed that can be dismantled into three twin beds.


  • The bed is cheap yet durable.
  • The bed is visually pleasing and adds beauty to the room.
  • The guardrails can be detached to increase space when you have adult guests for a sleepover.
  • Assembling the bed is a easy and quick process.


  • We didn’t find any noticeable drawbacks.

Is this bed worth buying?

The bed is solid, beautiful, and safe for kids to sleep in. If you compare it to other similar beds in the market, you’ll be surprised by how less it costs. So, yes! It’s definitely worth buying.

Who is this Fetines Bunk Bed suitable for?

The best is suited for kids, but it can also accommodate adults occasionally.


Bunk Bed Size: 43.2 inches in width while 81.7 inches in length and 78.1 inches in height

Bunk Bed Material: Solid and manufactured wood

Weight Capacity: up to 200 pounds

So, that’s it for our top triple bunk bed choices. Now, let’s go into details about the available categories of triple bunk beds and what to look for in a perfect one.

Three Tier Bunk Bed Types

Upon hearing the term “triple bunk beds” or “three-tier beds,” most people think of three beds stacked on top of one another in a straight line. However, that is not the only configuration you’ll find for triple bunk beds.

Three-tier beds come in the following configurations:

  • Triple Decker: This is the most basic type of triple bunk bed, which features three beds placed one above the other.
  • L-shaped 1 down, 2 up: The name is self-explanatory; the bed is designed in an “L shape” where one bed is on ground level at one end, while the other two are one above the other at the adjacent end.
  • L-shaped 2 down, 1 up: This formation is similar to the above but has two beds at the ground level and one bed alone on the upper level.
  • Triple bunk bed with a partial ladder: These beds have limited ladder access that takes you only one level up. You’ll have to be sporty and climb up to the third level.
  • Triple bunk bed with an extended ladder: Unlike the model above, these beds feature an extended ladder with access to both levels above, which is essentially the base model.

How to pick the best-suited bed?

Now, let’s talk about “how to choose the right triple bed for you?”

  1. Is it safe?

When buying bunk beds, the number one thing to consider is your children’s safety. Because you’ll have several designs and color options to match the bedroom’s interior, but if the bed is not safe, it’s not worth considering.

  1. Does it fit in your room?

Before heading out to a retail store or ordering online, make sure you have the room measurements. Take a measuring tape and measure all the room dimensions, including the length, width, and most importantly, the height. Make sure you have enough ceiling height, so your kid doesn’t hurt himself while getting out of bed.

  1. Think long-term and find convertible options.

Whenever shopping for a bunk bed, always go for a convertible one, so when the time comes where your kids would like individual rooms, you can easily dismantle the bed and give them a separate sleeping space.

  1. Watch out for the material’s strength.

Strength is really important. Choose a material that is strong, durable, and safe. Don’t go after fancy wooden designs that might lose their original strength with time. Similarly, for metal beds, look for a frame that is not thin because thin frames are more likely to bend with time.

  1. Choose the right type.

After understanding your room dimensions, choose a bed that would optimize your space. For example, an L-shaped bunker bed might suit your room better instead of the basic model. Also, the height of your room might not be enough to accommodate a base model that has more height.

However, whatever type you choose, make sure to go with a model that has an extended ladder to make is easier (and safer) for children to climb all the way to the top.

  1. Choose your mattress carefully.

Please remember that you’ll have to buy the mattress separately from the bed frames. So when you are looking for a mattress, keep in mind the dimensions of your bed frame because a mattress with the wrong dimensions can ruin the whole experience. Precision is important here because even the wrong mattress thickness might not suit the bed frame.

Don’t forget to read the frame specifications carefully!

  1. Keep your style.

Besides utilizing your space better, you also want to make your bedroom look pleasing. Make sure you buy a design that complements the room’s aesthetics.


Triple bunk beds are the most convenient and affordable solutions to sleeping space problems when you have more than 2 kids.

We hope that this brief guide about the best available options, categories, and important buying factors to consider will help you make a wise and informed decision!


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