Australia’s Best Firm Mattresses

Australia’s Best Firm Mattresses

Australia’s Best Firm Mattresses

It is no surprise that Aussies prefer firm mattresses for a comfortable and relaxing sleep.

Whether you are a stomach sleeper, hot sleeper, or just someone who sleeps on their back, a firm mattress can be the best choice for you.

However, with a wide range of firmness options and types of mattresses available in the Australian mattress market, it can be a challenging task to get the perfect mattress you would long to lie on. The firmness level can extend from “ultra-luxe” to “super firm” and everything in between which can turn your quality sleep into a nightmare fast.

But don’t worry, Bedbuyer is Australia’s leading mattress review website that helps you pick the best mattress according to your sleeping style. Here is the list of Australia’s best firm mattresses selected by our team of qualified health professionals:

Australia’s Best Firm Mattresses

  1. Noa Lite Mattress
  2. Emma Mattress
  3. Sleep Firm Mattress
  4. Silent Night London (Super Firm)
  5. Cloud 9 Premier Firm

To help you with the decision, we have mentioned the major features of each of our picks below. In addition, you can read a detailed review about the mattresses by clicking on the link of  ‘full reviews.’ And don’t forget to read the instructions on how to claim our exclusive discounts!

1.   Noa Lite Mattress

Noa Lite Mattress offers great support as a hybrid mattress at a considerate price point making it one of the best mattresses available in the market.

The mattress has a Tencel fabric top cover that has breathable airflow and offers a smooth feel. The layer of cooling gel memory foam combined with adaptive transition foam provides comfort and nice pressure relief- a great choice for back sleepers looking for a medium-firm yet comfortable mattress.

The Noa Lite Mattress includes a responsive pocket spring structure, a comfort layer that promotes a restful night’s sleep and supports back-pain.

If you want to get a more detailed review, here is our ‘full review.’

2.   Emma Mattress

The Emma Mattress made its debut in Australia in 2020, and it didn’t take long to make an impression. The outstanding features combined with affordable price didn’t fail to impress the public, one of the reasons why it is one of our top picks.

This firm bed has a foam layer that is well balanced and absorbs body weight smoothly, making it great for restless sleepers and people with back pain. In addition, if you’re a hot sleeper, the foam layer prevents overheating and keeps the mattress cool throughout the night.

The mattress comes in 5 different sizes (king, queen, double, king single, and single size) and can easily accommodate people of most sizes and sleeping positions.

To top it off, the Emma mattress uses advanced 7 zone pressure-relieving technology that makes it a spectacular choice for people with intensive manual work. So you can rest assured that all your fatigue will be gone after proper 8-hour sleep with this extra support.

Here is the ‘full review’ to help you get more information.

3.   Sleep Firm Mattress

This Australian-made firm mattress is one of the finest picks due to the premium construction and outstanding lower-back support it offers.

This firm option has a top layer made up of special Adaptive Fabric, which feels soft and breathable. The mattress topper ensures that it keeps you cool while sleeping – an excellent choice for hot sleepers.

The ‘Quiltec’ premium high-density foam is one of the special features the mattress has to offer. The foam helps to reduce body impression contouring in the quilting fabric, which helps prolong that firm mattress feel while providing the comfort of a soft mattress.

Moreover, the mattress comes with Sleep Firm’s ‘S+Pro’ 5 zone pocket spring system. This provides excellent back support and even minimizes motion transfer for your soundly sleeping partner. Here is our full review.

4.   Silent Night London (Super Firm)

For someone looking for an extra firm mattress, this super firm Silent Night London should be on your shortlist. With a rating of 8.5/10 by our mattress experts and a 10-year warranty, the product is high quality and perfect for pressure relief.

The mattress is infused with cool gel technology that disperses heat to minimize overheating, cushioning the body giving a cool, relaxing feeling.

This firmer mattress uses a 7 Zone Silent Pocket™ 1000 Coil System that offers stable and exceptional support for pressure points. The durability of this system offers a comfortable medium-firm mattress feel when compared to a regular spring mattress.

Not to mention the 360 Wall Surround Technology that provides motion isolation and reduces partner disturbance and give you proper edge support no matter your sleep position.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, read the ‘full review’ to learn more about the mattress.

5.   Cloud 9 Premier Firm

A mattress that provides coziness and comfort with sufficient back support is what makes it one of the best firm mattresses. This is exactly what Cloud 9 Premier Firm Mattress promises with its luxury firm features.

The firmest mattress on this list provides a combination of high-quality foam layers and a special layer known as the “micro pocket spring layer” giving enhanced spinal alignment support. You can expect a comfortable and sound sleep throughout the night without worrying about ventilation, airflow or overheating.

A top mattress brand, Cloud 9 is certified as eco-friendly and non-toxic. Their foam layers are constructed keeping users in mind, creating a safe and comfortable mattress within your budget. Here is our ‘full review.’

Decision Time!

Buying a new mattress used to take hours of driving around shopping at retailers to lie and jump on every mattress imaginable. Now, Bedbuyer’s reviews have made your job a lot easier in finding the best new mattress for you.

The best firm mattress should be breathable, suited to your comfort level, and should have outstanding back support. You should consider your sleeping position, sleeping habits, weight, and the bed’s size before making your decision.

Spending a little time researching your mattress options can pay off big time by improving your comfort and sleep quality for years to come. Read full reviews of each mattress before you decide to buy one.

If you have any questions about purchasing a firm mattress, feel free to comment below or contact us. Our team is here to help!

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