Australia’s Best Cot Mattresses 2023

Australia’s Best Cot Mattresses 2023

Australia’s Best Cot Mattresses 2023

Besides getting beautiful clothes and the healthiest feeding products, you want to make sure your little one really sleeps like a baby! For that, a nice, comfy cot mattress is every parent’s top priority.


Like all good things, finding the right cot mattress takes time. With varying quality and prices, choosing from a hundred available options is guaranteed to baffle you.


Regarding the price point, you might get a reasonably good cot mattress for around $300, but there would be a few factors to consider.


One of the most important things to keep in mind is the size of the mattress. What good is a cot mattress that doesn’t properly fit in your cot? So make sure you have the right cot measurements before heading to the market.


While a standard cot mattress in Australia is 69 cm x 130cm, you’ll be surprised with the range of sizes available in the market. Be prepared for that.


A good cot mattress should also be firm, supportive, and without any sagging. This makes sure that your baby’s spine is fully supported and his breathing is not impaired in any way.


When it comes to the material, cot mattresses that are conducive to healthy respiration and ventilation are preferred. So choose a mattress that’s made with breathable material and allows air to circulate easily.


Finally, remember that a baby’s cot will be home to many “incidents and accidents” that will need cleaning. And a good mattress must be easy to clean or wash if the need arises.


With so many options to consider, choosing the right mattress might get tricky and a little confusing. But don’t worry. Bedbuyer’s team of experts have enlisted their top 5 picks of 2021!

Australia’s best cot mattresses

  1. Airnest Mattress
  2. Ecosa Cot Mattress
  3. Numu-roo Mattress
  4. Ventilated Mattress
  5. Boori Breathable

1.   Airnest Mattress – $459*

Of all the mattresses that we have tested, Airnest Mattress stands out as one of the best. It’s designed in a way that allows air to circulate easily, making it very well ventilated. Also, if you are after a hypoallergenic and safe material for infants, this is your best choice.

2.   Ecosa Cot Mattress – $432

The Ecosa Cot Mattress is a light and innovative mattress that comes with an adjustable firmness option. It does not contain any adhesives or chemicals, making it completely safe and healthy for infants. Its cover is made from a 3D mesh that ensures complete breathability, making it one of the best in the Australian market.

3.   Numu-roo Mattress – $399

This mattress has a unique design — it’s made for excellent spinal support, healthy breathing, and easy cleaning. Numu-roo mattress comes with an additional ‘comfort layer’ that adds an extra touch of comfort while keeping its support function intact. Its strong build quality and comfort make it one of the best in the Australian market.

4.   Ventilated Cot Mattress – $495.95

This is an incredibly convenient mattress and a lifesaver for parents. It’s covered in a removable, washable, and waterproof 3D mesh cover that allows excellent airflow.

Overall, its exceptional spinal support and durability make it stand out amongst other market options.

5.   Boori Breathable Mattress – $299

Last but not the least, the Boori Breathable Mattress is a firm mattress with a new polyfibre layer that allows for excellent ventilation and gives extra comfort. It has a classic design and a nice outer cover that protects the baby’s spine with equal weight distribution.

Some bonus Tips

Before you head out to buy your first cot mattress, let us give you some helpful bonus tips. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Cot Beds

A cot bed is only the cot’s frame and has to be purchased separately from the mattress. With all the necessary information on mattresses, we’ve also compiled a list of the best cot beds in the market, in case you need one.

Health and Safety

Do you know why a cot mattress with a firm feel is preferred over a softer or more “cushiony” surface? More softness is prone to sagging, which may lead to breathing issues and a condition called Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), where the baby dies in its sleep without an apparent cause.


Interestingly, cot mattresses don’t have any strict testing requirements. On the other hand, cot beds must comply with Australian Safety Standard AS/NZS 2172-2003.


This is why you need to be extra cautious while purchasing a mattress!

Still Need help?

We hope our recommendations and reviews help you make the right decision. But if you’re looking for more information to satisfy all your parental concerns, please read our Complete Buyer’s Guide for buying a new mattress in 2021.


Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section or contact us here. Let’s help you find the perfect mattress for your baby!



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