Are OMF Mattresses Any Good?

Are OMF Mattresses Any Good?

Are OMF Mattresses Any Good?

OMF Mattress

Nothing compares to a good night’s sleep after a long day at work; that’s why investing in a quality mattress is more of a necessity than a luxury. If you’re having trouble with your current mattress, it may be worth purchasing a new one. 

Many mattress brands are available in the market, which makes choosing one that suits your needs challenging. If you’re considering purchasing a mattress on the OMF platform, you’re on the right track. 

This article reviews the OMF site from its benefits and drawbacks to the mattress models available. 

Advantages Of OMF Mattresses

The OMF (Original Mattress Factory) is an online mattress site that offers high-quality beds in various styles, sizes, and shapes. These mattresses accommodate all types of sleepers, including side and back sleepers. 

The platform offers storage, bathroom, lounge, kitchen, and storage furniture, including bedframes, beheads, and side tables. This review will only focus on their beds; nevertheless, you can check out their website to see the range of furniture they offer. 

The major advantage of the OMF platform is that you can view mattresses from various manufacturers in one place — whether you’re looking for memory foam, box springs, or firm mattresses. Another benefit is that once you place your order, you don’t have to worry about anything else as they handle the shipping, and their delivery team will work with you in all aspects. 

Additionally, OMF mattresses are designed to last, providing users with a long-term investment in their sleep. These mattresses also offer consistent support throughout the entire mattress construction due to their firmness, which can benefit those looking for a supportive sleeping experience.

OMF mattresses are low-maintenance and can be cleaned with a simple damp cloth. Furthermore, these mattresses don’t require flipping or rotating to maintain their shape and firmness. Lastly, OMF beds provide edge support that helps prevent sagging over time for a more consistent sleeping experience.

Disadvantages Of OMF Mattresses

One of the primary disadvantages of OMF mattresses is their higher price point compared to other mattress types. This can be prohibitive for those on a limited budget and looking for more affordable options. 

Additionally, OMF beds tend to be heavier than other mattress types, making them difficult to move around if needed. Furthermore, since they are designed to keep their shape and firmness, they may be less comfortable for sleepers who prefer more contouring support. 

Lastly, some users have reported experiencing an increase in body temperature while sleeping on OMF mattresses due to the firmer material used in the construction. This can make it challenging to get a good night’s rest.

OMF Vs. Emma Mattresses – Which Is The Best Platform?

Emma and OMF mattresses drive a substantial share of the capital into the mattress sector; however, each platform has its pros and cons. Let’s compare these two platforms to help you decide on the best one that’ll suit your needs. 

Emma mattresses have a long 100 nights trial duration on their beds, while OMF offers a 200-day comfort guarantee. 

About the warranty, Emma mattresses offer a ten-year warranty on all beds, while OMF provides a ten-year guarantee on select brands. 

The decision on which platform to use depends on your tastes and preferences. However, you should consider each platform’s installation and delivery fee before settling on your preferred brand. 

Does OMF Offer Mattresses That Match Standard Aussie Sizes?

All the mattress brands offered on the platform align with the standard Australian dimensions regardless of their style and build. All sizes, from king single and single to double and queen mattresses, are available on OMF. 

Finding a mattress size that suits your needs won’t be a challenge, as the measurement specifications are provided in the product description. 

Mattress Types And  Models Available On OMF

1. Elegance Soft

The Elegance soft is a high-quality mattress designed with snugness and comfort in mind. The mattresses are available in seven sizes; super king, king, queen, double, long single, king single, and single. 

The mattress is Australian-made, and it comes with a ten-year warranty. Elegant mattresses are available in three types of feels — plush, medium plush, and medium firm. 

Additionally, the mattresses are layered with high-quality stretch knit material, Visco memory foam, and five-zone spring air pockets that contribute to its top-level relaxation and luxurious feel. 

2. Saint Barth

The Saint barth mattresses have the best temperature regulation property as they are designed with a top latex layer that distributes body weight evenly and prevents overheating. 

The mattresses also have a gel-infused memory foam layer that promotes airflow, thus preventing heat retention. 

3. Noosa Firm Mattress

Noosa mattresses have a five-zone micro spring and a super cozy Euro top that offer great relaxation and superior support. The beds are available in seven sizes, single, king single, long single, double, queen, king, and super king.

The mattresses’ premium layers and full foam box also offer pressure alleviation and promote air circulation, thus preventing overheating when sleeping. 

4. Original P2

The Original P2 mattress is designed with multi-foam comfort layers to offer sleepers a comfy sleeping surface. The mattress is encased in an Argentium Silver Ion antibacterial cover that keeps insects like bed bugs and other harmful pathogens away. 

The Original P2 mattress has a conventional make but has several advanced features, such as two-in-one firmness and pocket springs. The mattress is also available in four sizes; queen, double, king single, and single. 

Bottom Line   

OMF is an excellent online mattress platform, offering various mattress models and affordable delivery fees. Regardless of the mattress brand, you settle on, rest assured that the platform’s quality assurance backs it. Armed with the information on OMF provided in this article, buying a mattress on the site will be seamless.

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