624 Mattress Review

624 Mattress Review

624 Mattress Review

624 Mattress

Did you hear that 624 Mattress was on the list of top 10 Mattresses in a Box in Australia for 2020? What’s more, this mattress was chosen for “Best Bang for Buck” and it offers a free trial of 100 nights? Isn’t this awesome? But, you might ask how is 624 mattress different from the other mattresses in a box? What makes it different from Eva, Sleeping Duck or  spring mattress? Well, here is the answer to this question. 

It is a mattress in a box, but unlike the others it is a reversible one! What this means for you as a buyer and more important user is that you will be able to adjust the firmness according to what suits you. You can customize it and choose among the 3 levels of firmness. It is up to you to choose the side; memory foam or natural latex  both in one mattress. It comes in a number of sizes starting from single, king single, double, queen and king size. 

If you are interested to learn more about this mattress we did the research for you, so all you have to do is stay with us and find all the answers to your questions. 

Let’s dive into the 624 mattress review!

What is it made of? 

624 Mattress is one of the foam mattresses that comes in a box.  It integrates a number of layers from foam, memory foam layer and natural latex. In one word these materials make the mattress reversible. What does this mean for the sleeper? It means that the mattress is customizable and provides comfort as you can choose between the two firmness options. 

If you are looking for a firmer feel you should choose the top layer which is 30 mm latex. This material supports the points of pressure on your body and by responding to your movements, enables you to have a night’s sleep free from discomfort and release the body of the back pain. 

If you opt for a softer feel than you can choose the memory foam with a high-density of 40mm. The memory foam mattresses mould to your body as this is visco elastic which makes the contouring of the body easy. 

The support layer is a high-compact foam of 190 mm and made of a fabric with high-ventilation. The fabric on the outer cover is a fast-drying, soft on touch and wicks the moisture away. It can be removed from the mattress and what is more important the cover is machine-washable. 

In addition, there is a protective mesh cover for the support and comfort layers, that has antimicrobial properties and an added activated charcoal that does an amazing job with the absorption of impurities and odors both from the air and the body.  

Who is this mattress recommended for?

One of the materials integrated into the mattress is latex. With the 30mm thickness and level 6 medium-firm feel, this mattress can offer comfortable sleep for many different types of sleepers. 

This material is great for people who sleep on the back, and it is a great choice for people who are in a need for spinal support. Those who like sleeping on the stomach will also like the natural latex layer as it is supportive and does not allow soft sinking. Even for the side sleepers, this option is great due to the nature of the latex that alleviates the pressure points. 

If you are not satisfied with the latex side or simply you are willing to try another sleeping surface, what you have to do is simply flip the mattress over. Then, what you get is a memory foam of 40 mm and side of level 4 firmness -a soft medium that provides the sleepers with a softer feel of sinking in. The memory foam is an ideal choice for side sleepers as the foam is less supportive and it conforms to the body shape. 

In case you suffer from allergies a lot, this mattress is one great solution as the protective mesh covers are antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and antibacterial. In addition, this mattress might be a perfect choice for people whose partners are restless at sleep as the Kantec® foam claims to reduce the motion of the partner’s transfer or eliminate partner disturbance. The Kantec fabric due to the moisture-wicking features and its irregular cell construction provides airflow and temperature regulation.  

Is it Worth the Price?

One thing that is to take into consideration when we discuss the worth of the specific product is that the company offers a trial period of 100 nights during which time you can test the product. The company 624 guarantees that if you feel that if you have made a mistake within this period, all you have to do is call the company. When they take the mattresses from your home free of charge they donate this to charity.  The company also gives a 10-year warranty. 

After all, this high-quality mattress represents two mattresses and has great value for money. Moreover, 624 provide free delivery during the weekday of purchase in some areas such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide. 

And, if you are not residents of these areas do not despair. The company has still free and fast delivery but only to Tasmania and the Australian mainland but it might take one to four days. Outside of these areas, it takes 1-4 working days and free delivery is restricted to mainland Australia and Tasmania. 

Final Thoughts 

The 624 mattress that comes in Queen Size is an excellent value for money. What is even greater is that this mattress comes with a sheet set free of charge, as well as two free pillows. With adjustable firmness and high ventilation fabric this is one of the best mattresses as it offers options for the different kinds of sleepers who can enjoy the comfortable night’s sleep. 

What customers also like about this product is that it has a protective inner cover. Compared to other mattresses, 624 has a latex mattress and the foam layer, where the latex layer serves as a natural filter. The reversible comfort layer comes with latex as a top layer and memory foam as a bottom layer.

It is a highly rated mattress that has been designed to stay on any firm and flat surface, so for example if you decide to put it on the floor instead of a bed frame, it will function perfectly there as well. However, if you opt for a bed frame the mattress possesses gripping points so you do not have to worry that it might move around. 

If you are one of those who struggle looking for the best mattress that can match your style of sleeping, the 624 mattress might be an ideal option to try out. This is especially true keeping in mind the test period of 100 days, that you can use to make your final decision about this mattress.

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