What is a Split King Adjustable Bed and Why You Should Consider Getting One?

What is a Split King Adjustable Bed and Why You Should Consider Getting One?

What is a Split King Adjustable Bed and Why You Should Consider Getting One?

Consumers today have more choices than ever when it comes to buying mattresses and beds. But choosing the right ones can be a daunting task and involves asking yourself some important questions.


Do you want your mattress to be firm or soft? Spring or foam? And last but not the least, what bed and mattress size are you looking for?


If you’re someone who shares their bed and sleeps in peculiar and gymnastic positions, you should consider giving your partner as much room as possible at night. This is especially important if they have completely different sleep preferences than yours.


In such cases, a split king adjustable bed and mattress could be the ideal solution for you.


What is a split king bed? Well, it is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a large king-size bed base and mattress that is split right in the middle, giving you and your partner ample space to stretch and move easily.


Want to learn more about split king adjustable beds and how they’re different from traditional king-sized options? Then keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about them!

King Vs Split King — The Differences

King-size is the widest measurement available in the market for adjustable bed bases and mattresses.


Over the years, dozens of different variants have been developed like Wyoming and Alaskan king beds, which have slightly different dimensions from each other. But one thing is common in all of them — they all offer a large and roomy space for you to catch some Zs.


Couples that are in search of adjustable bed bases often go for king beds, but the question is which one is better? A split king or a single king bed?


The biggest difference between the two is that the split king bed is a bed with two adjustable bases. On the other hand, the traditional king bed is made of a single bed base and mattress.

The King size bed

A king-size bed is the most spacious and widest standard bed size available. It usually measures around 70 by 80 inches and is perfect for couples who want more space or co-sleep with their child.


Ideally, you need a room of at least 144 sq.m to be able to comfortably fit a traditional king-size bed in.

The Split King Bed

Split king beds are essentially king-size beds that are made up of two XL beds placed next to each other. They’re highly customizable and are perfect for couples who want some more personal space and have different sleeping preferences.


A major benefit of split king adjustable beds is that they allow you to change the position of your side of the bed without disturbing your partner at night. This means you can elevate the head of your bed without waking your partner up.

Why should you consider getting a split king adjustable bed?

Do you really need a split king adjustable bed base? It definitely allows sleep partners to customize the position and elevation of their side of the bed to offer better comfort and sleep. But is it going to fit your needs and is it worth the added cost? Here are some features that can help you answer that question.

Prevents motion transfer

If you or your significant other loves tossing and turning around all night, you’ll definitely love split king adjustable beds.


The split design means that your partner’s sudden motions and erratic movements won’t transfer over to your side of the bed.


This means that your partner can roll or change positions as much as they want but will never bother you or disrupt your sleep ever again.

Offers a roomy personal space

Although cuddling close together is what many couples crave, sometimes we all need a roomy space for ourselves.


If you find yourself hitting your face against your partner’s when trying to change positions at night, you should definitely consider getting a split king bed.


Split king beds provide both you and your partner with your own personal spaces that are spacious enough to make sure you don’t feel cramped up at lights out.

Keeps snoring, sleep apnea, and acid reflux symptoms under check

Snoring is closely associated with and is often an underlying symptom of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). People who suffer from sleep disorders such as OSA or acid reflux are at high risk for interrupted sleep.


One effective way to curb snoring or acid reflux is to elevate the head of the bed. Raising the head reduces the pressure on your throat and opens up nasal passages to help prevent snoring.


For acid reflux, elevating the head area using an adjustable bed keeps the stomach down and eases the digestive tract, reducing the likelihood of acid reflux occurring at night.

Reduces swelling and promotes blood circulation

Leg swelling — also known as edema — is an abnormal accumulation of fluid, especially in the lower parts of the body such as ankles, feet, and legs. People who are overweight, have clots, or have infections in their legs are more likely to suffer from edema.


For such individuals, raising the lower part of your bed and positioning your legs above heart level when sleeping can be highly beneficial. Doing so helps to reduce pain and promotes the flow of fluids back towards the heart due to gravity.


An adjustable split king bed can therefore help relieve inflammation, pressure, and swelling in your legs by allowing you to adjust the base in a way that leaves your legs partly elevated (without disturbing your partner).

Easier to get in and out of bed for individuals with mobility impairments

Adjustable beds can be a god-send for people with mobility issues. The adjustable height option present in many split king beds makes getting in and out of bed much easier for people who have mobility impairments due to an illness or injury.

Freedom of choice

Split king adjustable beds can give individuals the freedom to choose the kind of mattress they want and even allows them to control the elevation on their side of the bed independently.


For example, one person can change the elevation of their side to make it easier to read or watch TV while the other can keep their side completely flat to make it easier to sleep soundly.


Many manufacturers even offer split king mattresses with different composition and firmness levels.


This means that if one person prefers a soft mattress while the other prefers one that’s firmer, both of them can sleep together on the type of mattress they prefer without having to compromise on their needs and wants.


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