Top Organic and Non-toxic Mattress in Australia

Top Organic and Non-toxic Mattress in Australia

Top Organic and Non-toxic Mattress in Australia

If you do the math, you’ll find out that we spend almost one-third of our day (and our lives) on the bed.

So, it makes complete sense to use a mattress that is environment-friendly and free from harmful chemicals. That’s because nobody would like to spend six to eight hours every night laying on a mattress soaked with chemicals and suffer from allergic reactions (and other health problems).

It’s no surprise that most sensible Aussies are now investing in mattresses that haven’t been made of toxic materials or chemicals.

However, finding an authentic organic and non-toxic mattress could be challenging as some companies act irresponsibly and falsely claim to produce healthy and environment-friendly products.

But you don’t need to worry because we have researched and handpicked some of the finest certified organic and non-toxic mattresses available in the Australian market today.

Once you go through the list, you can buy any of these with confidence and be sure that they are chemical-free and healthy.

But first, let us walk you through some of the crucial factors to consider before deciding on a mattress.

Things To Know:

  1. Brand Morality and Values

Before looking at a company’s mattress features or pricing, it’s essential to find out what the brand stands for.

Do they care about the environment? Do they prioritize their customers’ health?

If the answer to both these questions is “yes,” it means the company values environmental sustainability and consumer health. But, how do you find this out?

Well, it’s simple. Big brands that work for environmental causes and produce organic mattresses proudly put this information on their websites. So, whenever you like a product, go to the company’s website and browse through the related information.

You can also visit their store and ask their customer care about the manufacturing process and how they keep manufacturing environment-friendly and safeguard user health.

  • Check For Allergens

The number one reason people look for an organic mattresses is that their hypersensitive to certain chemicals, which can lead to skin and respiratory allergic reactions.

For example, at least 1% of our population is allergic to latex. Similarly, isocyanate is a commonly used chemical in regular mattresses that can cause adverse skin reactions.

So it’s important to visit a doctor and determine the molecule that triggers your allergy. You can then check if the mattress company you’re considering has used that specific allergen in the manufacturing process.

In case you are not aware of any allergies, always go for a hypoallergenic mattress.

  • Certification

If you want to get your hands on authentic chemical-free and eco-friendly products, always check for certifications.

International and local organizations test furniture and bedding products based on different parameters and confirm whether the manufacturers are rightful in their claim or not. CertiPUR-US, GECA, eco-INSTITUT, and OKEO-TEX are a few such organizations that validate mattresses for eco-friendliness claims and provide their seal of approval for the right products.

So, if a brand claims to be producing organic and non-toxic products but fails to show any certification as proof, it’s time to look for another company.

  • Country of Origin

The source of origin matters a lot for people deeply concerned about the environmental impact of manufacturing and logistical processes.

For example, a mattress designed and manufactured in Australia will go through less shipping operations, and in turn, be responsible for fewer carbon emissions as opposed to a mattress made in another country and then shipped to Australia.

This might seem trivial but fine details like this add up to minimize the global impact of a product on our environment.

Non-Toxic Mattresses Recommendations (2023)

Now that we know what to look for before investing in an organic and non-toxic mattress, let’s have a look at our top picks for the finest available organic mattresses in Australia.

  1. Peace Lily Latex Mattress – Best Organic

The Peace lily Mattress is our top pick among the finest available organic mattresses in Australia. The mattress comes in six sizes and has a starting price of $849.

It is made with 100% natural three-layered Dunlop latex that is entirely chemical-free. Moreover, Dunlop latex is strong and has excellent cooling and antimicrobial properties, making it an ideal choice for Aussies who love comfort but equally value health and the environment.

The Dunlop latex has eco-INSTITUT and OEKO-TEX Class 1 certifications, which means that the mattress is also safe for babies and infants. Further, it’s completely free from VOCs (volatile organic compounds), formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals, which makes sure that there is no foul smell or off-gassing when the mattress is opened.

Interestingly, the Peace lily mattress comes with a hand-stitched pure (100%) cotton cover, which is comfortable, durable, and most importantly, free from any chemical treatment. In addition, the cover is certified under Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), meaning its material is sourced sustainably and processed in an eco-friendly manner.

On top of its sturdiness, comfort, and eco-friendly properties, the Peace lily mattress comes with a flappable design that provides you with a choice of variable firmness levels.

Should you buy it?

With its different size and firmness level options, solid construction, and chemical-free materials and manufacturing, there is no second opinion about the Peace lily mattress – it’s comfy and safe!

Moreover, its Dunlop latex and cotton cover have reputable certifications, which further strengthen its place as our top pick for the best organic and non-toxic mattresses.

  • Emma Mattress – Best Value (Non-Toxic)

Emma Mattress is a foam mattress, and like all memory foam mattresses, it does use chemical compounds during its manufacturing. Then why is it still on our list?

Because, despite not being wholly natural or eco-friendly, the Emma mattress is non-toxic and safe to use. In fact, it won the “Best Mattress” Choice Award in 2020 for its intelligent design and quality material.

The mattress employs a triple-layered foam construction that makes for a supportive, comfortable, and cool sleeping experience.

Its topmost layer is made from eco-friendly materials, meaning your contact with the mattress is entirely safe. Plus, the layer has a breathable design that wicks away moisture, ensuring that you sleep cool.

In the lower region, the Emma mattress has a combination of 7 support zones and point-elastic foam comfort layers. This structure provides a perfectly balanced feel that restricts motion transfer but lets you enjoy a little bounce.

But the best part is that all of its three layers (plus the removable polyether cover) have the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 – Class 1 certification, meaning the mattress is chemical-free and safe for people of all ages.

Keep in mind that OKEO-TEX awards the certification only after rigorous testing that ensures no potentially harmful chemicals are detected.

Such high standards for high-quality construction and non-toxic properties in just $699 make the Emma Mattress stand out among its competitors.

Is it worth buying?

The Emma mattress’s unique three-layered structure and eco-friendly materials definitely make it worth buying. Moreover, with the OKEO-TEX Class 1 certification, you can put behind all of your fears and doubts about any allergic reactions and harmful effects.

With a price tag of only $699, the Emma mattress provides the best value for your money.

  • Pure Comfort Latex Mattress – Best Luxury (All Organic)

If you like premium products and luxury beds, the Pure Comfort Latex Mattress is for you. It’s a high-end mattress that is made locally in Australia.

The mattress comes at $5995, so you can be confident that it offers nothing but complete luxury – a luxurious Eucalyptus pulp fiber Tencel cover, customizable three-layered latex filling, quality construction, and 100% guarantee that all materials are 100% natural and chemical-free.

The top Tencel cover is breathable, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and naturally moisture-wicking. Moreover, all three of its latex layers are carefully positioned to support all body regions. So the head, neck, shoulders, upper back, pelvis, lumbar, knees, legs, and ankle are all uniquely supported, making sure you get what you paid for.

All of its luxury and notable features come with a guarantee that the mattress is 100% chemical-free and made from sustainably sourced materials.

Also, customers expect certifications when they pay such a hefty amount for a mattress. The Pure Comfort Latex Mattress lives up to the expectation and bears the most notable and recognized certifications.

It is eco-INSTITUT certified, which means that it is free from VOCs and other chemicals. Further, all of its fabrics are OKEO-TEX certified, meaning the luxury Tencel cover is as harmless as the latex inside.

Additionally, the mattress has the LGA Quality Certificate. It doesn’t relate to environmental safety or health but highlights its remarkable durability and relatively long lifespan.

Is it worth buying?

The Pure Comfort Latex Mattress is a completely safe, eco-friendly, and luxury mattress. It provides comfort and support of the highest quality and safeguards consumer health and environmental sustainability.

Yes, it is expensive. But it is a luxury mattress after all, and luxury comes at a price!

  • Koala Mattress – Best Balanced Comfort

Koala is a registered Australian “B Corp” company, meaning that it is a Certified B Corporation that voluntarily meets high standards of accountability, transparency, and performance. Moreover, Koala is a member of “One Percent for the Planet,” which means they contribute at least one percent of their yearly sales to environmental causes.

These two factors are enough to establish that the company is fully devoted to environmentally beneficial practices. The company also uses certified chemical-free and environment-friendly materials. We’ll discuss that in a bit.

First, let’s talk about the prime purpose of the mattress: comfort and support. Does it do well in these categories?

The Koala mattress is made from a combination of a special open-cell Kloudcell foam layer and a supportive eco-foam layer. This layered construction makes the mattress incredibly comfortable and supportive.

Interestingly, Koala was the winner of the Canstar 2021 ‘Most Satisfied Customers’ Award in the Mattress Category, which goes to show how comfortable it is.

About being organic and non-toxic, it is essential to mention that Koala uses natural sources for all materials. The mattress assembly is completely free from chemicals, heavy metals, VOCs, formaldehyde, and other hazardous substances.

To validate these eco-friendly claims, Koala has earned certifications from CETEC and GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia). Further, Koala produces all of its products in Sydney, which are then shipped throughout Australia with a minor environmental impact.

Should you buy it?

Well, our two main concerns for the day are comfort and positive environmental impact. Luckily, the Koala ticks both of these boxes and makes itself an ideal choice for an eco-friendly Aussie household.

Moreover, the Koala mattress range has a starting price of $650, which makes the mattress affordable.

  • Ecosa Mattress – Adjustable Firmness

Aussies love mattresses that offer freedom to choose firmness levels, but they are also growing cautious about mattresses’ impact on their health and the environment.

Fortunately, Ecosa is a brand that offers chemical-free and eco-friendly mattresses with three different firmness options.

The mattress has a three-layered structure that makes two memory foam layers and one support foam layer. All three layers function together to offer weight distribution, pressure relief, and proper spinal alignment. On top of that, these layers do an excellent job with temperature regulation and provide a cool sleep experience.

Moreover, these layers are efficiently covered with an all-natural, removable Tencel fabric, which is made from organically sourced wood pulp. The core element, Tencel, makes sure the contact layer is soft, breathable, and completely safe.

Like all other eco-conscious brands, Ecosa has a few notable certifications under its belt. The cover is OKEO-TEX 100 certified, confirming that the material is processed with eco-friendly methods and won’t harm your skin.

The foams are CertiPUR-US certified, eliminating the risk of the presence of harmful elements like metals, formaldehyde, VOCs, or flame retardants.

Should you buy it?

The Ecosa mattress proves that you don’t have to compromise on customizability or freedom of choice for environmental positivity, or the other way around.

Its Queen-model has a base price of $849, which is very economical considering the adjustable firmness feature and non-toxicity of the materials employed.

  • Naptime 2.0 Mattress – Best Hybrid (Supportive & Cooling)

Naptime 2.0 mattress is a true hybrid mattress that features a combination of memory foam and coil layers.

Starting from the top, it has a bamboo knitted Tencel fabric cover, which has a soft and silky feel. Then come the three main comfort layers, one transition layer, and a 5-zone coil layer that constitute the mattress’s structure.

The first layer is the “I-core hybrid foam” with an open-cell structure that promotes airflow and increases breathability. The second layer is gel-infused memory foam consisting of millions of gel beads to whisk away the moisture.

The third layer is the “I-9 natural latex,” which is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. This layer is primarily supportive in function and moulds perfectly to your body.

Finally comes the “I-Core Transition Foam”, which promotes breathability, contouring, and support.

These luxury comfort layers rest on the 5-zone pocket spring system that is the main support structure of the Naptime 2.0 Mattress. It is solid, responsive, and provides incredible spinal support. Plus, it has a fantastic 420kgs carrying capacity, which can accommodate people of all sizes.

In terms of firmness, the mattress has a medium firmness feel, and its comfort layers efficiently support users of all sleeping positions. 

Additionally, the foam layers are CertiPUR-US certified, indicating that these are free from harmful VOCs and other chemicals. In addition, the Tencel cover is OKEO-TEX certified to Standard 100, meaning it is completely safe for contact with skin.

Should you buy it?

The Naptime 2.0 mattress’s “Queen” size comes at an incredible $899 and justifies the price tag with its supportive and non-toxic properties. Additionally, the mattress sleeps cool and minimizes motion transfer, which is desirable for most users with a sleeping partner.

Interestingly, most customers who ordered it online found the information on the website to be very helpful in making the decision. So, you can browse through their website and clear all doubts about its construction and safety.

  • Ergoflex Memory Foam Mattress – Best Non-Toxic Memory Foam

Although memory foam mattresses are an excellent option for sleepers with shoulder or back pain, some memory foam mattresses are heavily treated with chemicals that can cause allergic reactions.

But you can always shop wisely and find many safe, non-toxic memory foam mattresses. The Ergoflex Memory Foam Mattress is one such example, which is recommended by medical experts because of its resistance to bacteria, fungi, and mould. This resilient property makes it perfect for users with weak immune systems or those suffering from asthma or skin allergies.

Besides being chemical-free, the Ergoflex mattress functions efficiently in terms of comfort, support, and breathability.

It has a soft Tencel cover that is anti-allergenic, fire-resistant, and highly breathable. In addition, the cover is easy to use because it is removable and washable.

Beneath the cover, the mattress has a three-layered structure with a 90mm thick high-density Visco-Elastic memory foam on the top. This is followed by a 50-mm “Cool-Sleep Airflow Layer” that helps in ventilation and airflow.

Next up is another 90mm layer, which is the “High Resilience Foam” and acts as the main support element. It makes up the mattress base.

For “chemical conscious” users, all of its foam layers are CertiPUR-US certified, guaranteeing that all construction is free from formaldehyde, VOCs, and harmful chemicals. The mattress also has the OKEO-TEX 100 certification, which makes it safe for contact with skin.

Is it worth buying?

Ergoflex entered the bedding industry in 2006 and has made an excellent name for itself in the memory foam mattress category. All of their mattresses are excellent in performance and totally free from all sorts of toxins.

Its single mattress is priced at $949 and is available for $664 on a promotion these days. Plus, the mattress comes with a 30-night trial that pretty much makes it a secure purchase in case you are not satisfied.

Finally, many doctors recommend the mattress, which is one more reason to buy it!

Final Thoughts

With the internet at their disposal, consumers now have access to a sea of information on the health and environmental aspects of mattresses. As a result, Aussies are now more aware and make informed decisions after thorough research about a company’s manufacturing processes and certification of the materials used.

On a positive note, bedding manufacturers are coming forward and continuously improving the organic and non-toxic mattress space. Although the extra resources increase the cost of the mattress, the prices are totally justified given the fact that both our health and the environment suffer no harm.

The above-compiled list contains mattresses with different features and price ranges that can satisfy a range of sleepers. And we hope that you’ve found your pick!

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