The Best Electric Blanket

The Best Electric Blanket

The Best Electric Blanket

If you live in the far southeast of Australia, there’s a good chance winter is your arch-nemesis — at least if you reside in rural NSW or Victoria’s high country, and especially somewhere Tassie!

Sure, the wintertime is cozy and ripe for snuggling up with Apple TV+ and a mug of hot cocoa, but when we’re in bed and fighting over the doona, the winter can sure lose its charm. That said, an electric blanket might be on the cards for you this year.

For those who have never had the pleasure of using an electric blanket, there really isn’t a product that’s much better. After a long day’s commute in the cold, or working from home in a cold study, snuggling into a well-warmed bed is unmatched.

No matter the weather forecast, an electric blanket will have you well covered – in the most literal sense.

All that out of the way, we know an electric blanket might be a little intimidating given that it will use electricity to keep you warm, and might seem dangerous – though fear not – electric blankets have come a long way since their inception. They’re a great, safe and efficient way to keep warm and cost a whole lot less to run than a central heating system.

Let’s take a look below at the best electric blanket for Aussies this year to help keep those winter chills outside the bedroom.


For anyone looking to get right to the good stuff, our three best electric blankets are the Target Multi-Zone, the Sleep Perfect by Sunbeam and the Sleep Express also by Sunbeam. All of these electric blankets use electricity sparingly and will be sure to keep you warm no matter how cold it is outside.

The Multi-Zone by Target

As expected, Target’s electric blanket is incredibly affordable, comes with a good range of features and offers a pretty good number of settings that will keep you warm through the winter. There’s even an impressive warmer zone at the bottom of the blanket to keep your feet warmed up during the night.

It might not last a lifetime; however, it does offering some of the higher-end features in more expensive products.

Sunbeam’s Sleep Perfect

For the blanket that does have everything on our checklist, and more, the Sleep Perfect is a winner for everyone. It’s a safe, high-quality heated blanket that comes with just enough bells and whistles to keep you happy about your purchase. Again, there’s a foot-warming zone like the target model, as well as automated temperature control to keep you comfortable.

Sunbeam’s Sleep Express

A second from Sunbeam, the Sleep Express is the affordable, perfect ‘essential’ electric blanket. We’d describe this blanket as ‘bare bones’ though it’s still comfortable, reliable and incredibly safe to use. We’re also inclined to say that it seems to be the blanket that will last a lifetime simply by how well it’s built and the lack of features that may fail over time.

Our Selection Process

Much like our reviews and comparisons of mattress toppers and mattresses, there is a tonne of electric blankets out there. In fact, so many that it’s almost impossible to come across the same blanket suggested more than once online.

That said, we’ve begun our search and selection process by only looking at blankets that reach or exceed Aussie and New Zealand safety regulations. We know that there’s always a very small level of risk when using an electric blanket, so brands and products that take safety exceedingly seriously were placed first up.

Although a fair number of electric blankets did stand out as ideal for our readers, we wanted to make sure the best of the best landed on the list. Aside from great warming capabilities, we wanted to see a little more from brands. Automated temperature control was a consideration in our process, as was antibacterial qualities and proprietary technologies.

Our third considerations were warranties, guarantees and add-ons, which cut our list down to just a handful of what we’d call ‘the best of the best electric blankets.’

Once we got our list down pat, we took a final look at customer reviews to make sure that these electric blankets really held up to the claims. Ideally, the blankets on our list held (and still hold) on to 3.5 to 5-star reviews online and have only happy customers.


The Best Electric Blanket

Winner — Target Multi-Zone

Runner-up — SleepPerfect by Sunbeam

Second Runner-up — Sleep Express by Sunbeam

Special Considerations

Heller Double Fitted

The Kmart Heated Throw

Breville BodyZone Quilted Fitted

Breville BodyZone Antibacterial


Target Multi-Zone

As just about all Aussies will agree, Target does offer up some pretty amazing products at prices that no other brand can seem to match. The Multi-Zone Electric Blanket holds true to this with a tonne of features that rival even the more expensive blankets, and it looks good doing so.

Scoring a 3.6 out of 5 by consumers, it’s Target’s safe, affordable bet at an electric blanket that gets the job done and won’t break the bank.

You’ll find a tonne of useful features in the blanket including a foot zone, and separately heated body area. If you want to have ultra-warm feet, but keep your torso just a little cooler, you’re able to do so on the Target Multi-Zone.

There are also a few other nifty features like an overheat prevention function along with a dual controller for those who sleep with a partner who would like a different setting. Again, this is a feature often only found on more costly blankets.

Add to this the pre-warming features, longer-term heat settings for staying warm throughout the night and an auto-off feature to keep accidental power use to a minimum.

Top Features

Multiple Warming Zones

Co-sleeper Support

Machine Washable

Overheating Preventing

A Low Price Tag


Sunbeam SleepPerfect Quilted

A second electric blanket that really goes all out for sleepers is the SleepPerfect blanket. With a tonne of safety features, a low price and reliability in mind, you’ll likely get years and years of use out of this blanket. It’s also well-built and durable, so frequent use won’t result in any sort of damage.

Right off the top, the SleepPerfect comes with some ingenious technology that allows the heating to be routinely automatically adjusted to ensure your selected temperature level is maintained at all times. There are no ‘Oh, this is too warm,’ moments here. With that in mind, the SleepPerfect is an electric blanket you’re able to leave on all night long.

The heating time on the Sunbeam SleepPerfect is also ideal, with around a 5 to 10 minute heating time, you’ll be nice and cozy at a moments notice.

A winning ‘side feature’ that comes from the continuous temperature adjustment is intelligent overheating preventing. Since the blanket is always keeping a close watch of how hot it is, it will know when things are getting a little too warm and reduce the power supply to cool things down a little.

Added technology (the system’s microprocessor) will stand in if this temperature control fails and will come into effect as a safety net when things don’t work as expected. Lastly, for those who are really safety conscious, a backup fuse is also integrated into the blanket, which will instantly cut power should things get a bit too hot.

With all of these technical integrations, it’s easy to think there’s far too much going on for things to stay comfortable — but we’re glad to say to the contrary. The blanket is well and truly comfortable according to reviews, and being quilted has meant that there’s no way you’ll be able to feel wires or any other cabling as you sleep.

Top Features

Paramount Focus on Safety

Highly Efficient Power Use

Waterproofing and Antibacterial Models Available

Fast Heating Time

Plenty of Timers

9 Heat Levels


Foot Zone Heating

Sleep Express by Sunbeam

When it comes to affordability that lasts, the Sleep Express may be right up your alley, especially given there’s a 3-year warranty.

As expected, the Sunbeam brand has stood in here to design an affordable electric blanket created explicitly to outperform the standard heated blanket. You’ll be able to rely on the Sleep Express for years to come, and with its own suite of proprietary technologies, you can rest assured, and warm too.

Heating takes just ten minutes thanks to Sunbeams own patented technology, and with detachable controls, it’s easy to use and sleep comfortably on.

The blanket is machine washable to boot and also offers a fair few heat settings to make sure you’re getting that ‘just right’ feeling that’s oh so hard to find on an affordable electric blanket.

You’ll find dual controllers here as well, to keep the blanket heated based on co-sleeper’s desires.

A heat setting range from 1 to 5 is ideal at getting you the temperature you’re looking for, and there’s an ultra-warm sixth setting that we’re pretty sure has been implemented as ‘quick heat’ setting as it’s far too warm to sleep with.

When safety is concerned, there’s a 9-hour auto-off setting that’s overridden when the 6th heat setting is enabled.

Top Features

3-year Warranty

Auto-off Functionality

Fast Heating Technology


Machine Washable


Heller Double Fitted

One of the cheapest electric blankets on the market, the Heller Double Fitted is your one-stop if you’re looking to get a heated blanket for as little as possible.

Keep in mind that, worryingly, a reviewer online mentioned that their 5-year old Heller blanket did catch fire. Which would be a major issue to us; however, at five years old there isn’t too big of a surprise here.

Something else to keep in mind with all blankets, and not only the Heller, is that you’ll need to keep it stored and rolled up correctly in order to reduce the safety risks associated with the internal elements.

Back to the Heller, though, and there are three ideal heat settings — which may or may not be as wide-ranging as you’d like. The blankets are machine washable, which is also a plus, and there are also detachable controllers to make sure comfort is kept as high as possible.

In all, this blanket is truly a no-frills variant and is simply landing on our list for those who are looking for a reliable heated blanket that won’t break the bank.

Top Features


Three Heat Settings

Machine Washable

Kmart Heated Throw

As expected, from everyone’s favourite Aussie retailer, Kmart’s Heated Throw is landing firmly on our list simply down to its outstanding public response and ratings.

With one of the highest review grades in the industry, the Heated Throw is an affordable ‘throw’ as the name suggests and is ideal for just about every situation — not just for the bed. 

The electric blanket comes with a simple controller that’s got merely three easy to understand buttons, an LED display that gives you visual feedback and easy access to timer, power and temperature controls. The simplicity really makes the Heated Throw a winner for anyone who just wants to throw down the blanket and relax on the couch. 

Kmart’s timer has settings from 1 to 9 hours, and there is a 12-hour setting here too. 

One standout feature of the Heated Throw is the massive nine temperature options, which is wider than even some of the most expensive electric blankets on the market. 

To conclude, the Heated Throw is essentially an electric blanket you’d be free to use anywhere from the bed, the couch, at your desk or wherever else.  

Top Features

Very Soft and Cozy

Simple to Use

Up to 9 Heat Settings

Fantastic User Reviews

Timers from 1-9 Hours or 12-Hour Setting

Breville BodyZone Quilted Fitted

To our surprise, the BodyZone heated blanket by Breville is also a standout; however, the price tag approaching $300 made it slip a little lower on our list. 

There’s plenty of special features here and add-ons that help to make up for the more costly price tag. You’ll find two temperature zones on this blanket, for the upper and lower body, and co-sleepers also have the option to control their sides of the cover. 

As expected, the co-sleeper support was touted as a favourite by reviewers online as this is a relatively rare feature. 

We’re also happy to say that the blanket is machine washable, there’s a great LCD display on both of the controllers, so you’re getting some essential visual feedback as you make changes to temperature and timers. 

Another perk is the blanket’s ability to remember settings you’ve used in the past, so hopping into bed at your favourite temperature is on the cards with Breville’s BodyZone blanket. 

There’s also an auto-off timer here that gives you the option of between 1 and 9 hours. 

Although the blanket is fantastic on paper and comes with a tonne of features, we did want to note that there were a few complaints outlined on review websites. Yes, the blanket is a top-notch one; but, the complexity in the controls and frequent faults found by users made it slip a little down the ladder. 

Top Features

Dual Heated Zones

Co-Sleeper Support

Controllers with LCD Displays

Ability to Save Previous Settings

Breville BodyZone Antibacterial

If the poor reviews from the BodyZone Quilted above didn’t turn you off Breville, we have another heated blanket you should certainly consider — the Breville BodyZone Antibacterial.

This blanket has a far better response than the model above, and is, as named, an antibacterial product. That said, you’ll be able to rely on it to reduce your chances of sneezing throughout the night or waking up with a runny nose due to dust mites and other nasties that may be trying to infiltrate your mattress.

There are two heated zones here, dual controllers for co-sleepers as well as an auto-off timer that stretches between 1 and 9 hours.

Keep in mind that there isn’t too much advertised about the antibacterial features in the blanket, so take this with a grain of salt. However, if it does turn out to be truthful, we’re inclined to say this might be a winner for most.

Like most Breville products, the BodyZone antibacterial is a little costly, landing at over $200, though there’s a 3-year warranty included and of course this should give you some reassurance.

Top Features

Potential Antibacterial Qualities

Sophisticated Controller with Plenty of Options

Good Customer Reviews

What to Consider When You Go it Alone

If you’re looking to continue researching to find an ideal electric blanket for yourself this winter, we have a few features that you may want to consider. A lot of these are ‘bare bones’ features, so with that said you should certainly make sure that you’re getting these.

An ultra-simple, no-frills heated blanket is okay, of course, though if you’re paying a lot for a little, there’s a problem.

Take a look at a few things to consider when buying an electric blanket below.

A Fitted Design

If there’s one thing you should have at the top of your list, it’s a fitted design. There’s nothing worse than waking up through the night having to constantly readjust your blanket as you sleep. Not only can this cause overheating spots where the blanket bunches up, but it’s just annoying overall.

Although it’s not technically a ‘must-have,’ a fitted design really will make things a little easier when it comes time to go to sleep.

Safety First

When it comes to sleeping with a heated blanket, safety needs to be a top priority. You’ll want to invest in a blanket with plenty of safety features such as an auto-off timer and temperature cut off abilities.

It’s also good to keep in mind that some blankets have specific storage requirements in order to prolong their life and reduce the risk of fire.

Our top suggestions are to select a blanket that has overheat protection, a timer and ideally a shut-off sensor when things get a little too warm.

In line with safety is also the blankets build or manufacturing quality. If you’ve read online that a blanket has a poor build or isn’t feeling too great then give it a miss. These products will often be the first to wear down, and as a result, increase their risk of catching on fire.

Machine Washable

Just as we routinely wash our mattress protectors, sheets and other linens, our electric blankets should also be washed routinely. There’s no easier way to do this than in the machine, so make sure you’re looking at blankets that are designed to be chucked in the washing machine with your other linens.

In a lot of cases, brands are including dryer support too, so if you’re in an apartment or don’t have a space to hang out your blanket, dryer support is another must-have.

One final thing to keep in mind is that machine washable electric blankets aren’t waterproof unless stated, so getting your blanket wet in bed will cause a big issue if it’s switched on.

Great Control Features

If you’ve taken a look online at reviews, you’ll know that the controller on a heated blanket can truly make or break the product. What we suggest is that you be on the lookout for the simplest and easiest to understand controllers. These are going to make sure you’re able to get to your desired heat level and turn-off time as fast as possible.

Some brands tend to go all-out on their controllers with the hopes that excess is better, though this makes the blanket a lot harder to use, and generally causes a worse result for everyone.

You could also do a quick Google search for the images of controllers to make sure you like what you’re seeing.

The Takeaway

All in all, the best electric blanket for Aussies is one that’s designed to suit your sleep style, location and your own requirements.

If you’re someone who enjoys more warmth around the feet and not the torso, then jumping to a multi-zone heated blanket is an essential. However, if you’re a co-sleeper who despises the thought of having someone else control your sleep temperature, then a dual-zone blanket is a good choice for you. 

Again, as mentioned above, longevity is also a factor in heated blankets, so if you see yourself using the heated blanket for a long time, investing in one of our higher ends choices might be a good idea. Though, for a short time, the Kmart throw might do just fine.

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