The Best Boxed Mattresses in New Zealand

The Best Boxed Mattresses in New Zealand

The Best Boxed Mattresses in New Zealand

Peace lily mattress

  • Non Toxic
  • Natural materials
  • 25-year warranty.
  • Premium feel and quality sleep experience.

For those of you who have done plenty of research online when it comes to finding a decent boxed mattress that delivers to Christchurch, Queenstown, Wellington or Auckland you’ll know that there is a handful on offer, but not as many as your neighbours in Australia.

That said, we’ve done the work for you when it comes to getting your hands on a quality, a durable boxed mattress that offers great comfort and a quick delivery time.

We know that waiting weeks for a delivery isn’t ideal, and not having the option to trial these beds is a dealbreaker for many, so we’ve made sure to choose the beds that either had a trial or a tonne of great reviews.

Take a look at all of our best-boxed mattresses in New Zealand and everything you need to know about each one!

What Went into Our Selection Process

Right off the top, we want to let you know a little about what went into choosing our top mattresses in a box for New Zealanders.

All of these mattresses are designed with high-quality materials and have been curated to offer a great sleeping experience. We worked to select mattresses that had ideal internal materials and layouts, which included latex, memory foam and hybrid models so you’re getting the chance to select a mattress that suits your ideal comfort level.

In NZ, there are currently six mattresses in a box that checked off all of our boxes, with more on the horizon, so be sure to check back on our website for our updated list.

Why Choose a Boxed Mattress

For those who are not too inclined to head down to the local mattress re-seller, it’s a good idea to consider a box mattress simply because of the process is so seamless and affordable.

In a lot of cases, you’re able to find a mattress from either a single size all the way up to a California king mattress in a box, so there’s no need to head down to the store for a mattress of any size.

When you shop online for your mattresses, you’re effectively bypassing the middleman and purchasing directly from the manufacturer, which means you’re saving hundreds of dollars doing things this way.

Not to mention, you won’t have to actually ‘do’ anything to get your hands on your new mattress. They come pre-packed and rolled up in a small box that you can have delivered to your doorstep, and just carry or slide into your bedroom.

There’s nothing that’s quite as simple as a boxed mattress, and we’re glad you’re coming to Sleepify to find yours!

Improved Warranties, Quality and Support

A few of the more tangible advantages that come with purchasing a box mattress include exceptional warranties that can reach up to 15 years, along with material quality that often exceeds that of the ones from the retailer.

A lot of these boxed mattress companies work on curating and developing their products to beat out the competition, which means you’re getting a quality product that is designed from the ground up to be arguably better than everything else out there.

There are also relatively long sleep trials that you can make use of on these mattresses, which gives you the chance to try out your new mattress for up to 3 months. And we would say that this is plenty of time to figure out whether you’re comfortable on a specific mattress or need to make a change to a different one.

The Boxed Mattress Material Options

If you’re new to mattresses in a box, you’re likely wondering what types of materials you’ll be getting with these beds — and rightly so. Considering these mattresses fit inside a box, you’re probably concerned about the quality of the materials, as well as the thickness of the mattresses themselves.

To help you understand a little more about boxed mattress materials, we’ve listed the most common material options and their sleeping experiences below.

Natural Latex

One of the more popular and comfortable materials out there is natural latex, and you’ll find this in a lot of boxed mattresses across the world. There aren’t too many boxed mattresses in NZ that feature natural latex, however, there is one to choose from which is the Peace Lily Mattress which is highly recommended. 

The sleeping experience on a natural latex mattress is quite cool and ventilated, and the material enables plenty of support and bounce. That said, if you’re looking for a mattress that isn’t an old-school coil spring, but offers the bounce of one – then natural latex is our top choice for you.

A few perks include:

  • Optimal ventilation and breathability
  • A supportive and durable sleep surface for back sleepers
  • Has a lifespan of around ten to twenty years depending on the quality
  • One of the more environmentally-friendly materials out there.

All of that out of the way, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy your sleeping experience on a latex mattress. Just be sure to choose one that’s of a high quality and you’ll be on the right track.

The All-foam Design

The mattress material taking the world by storm is the all-foam design, thanks to its level of comfort, ability to integrate added features and overall affordability.

If you’ve taken a look online for any boxed mattresses in New Zealand, or the best mattresses in general, you’ll have noticed that almost all of these models are all-foam variants — and for good reason.

The mattress family that’s one of the most comfortable are made of foam, and this enables manufacturers to carefully adapt and curate your sleep experience. The use of intelligently-placed ‘comfort foams’ essentially makes sure that you’re getting support in the back and joints where you need it, and a contouring sensation that provides weightlessness.

Add to this the motion isolation and cooling properties from gel-infused foams, and you have a mattress that’s just about perfect in every way.

The all-foam mattresses that are available in NZ as a boxed model include the Emma Mattress, the Napp and the Winkl. There’s also the Ecosa bed too, which is an Aussie-owned brand making waves for its unique interchangeable foam layers.

The Hybrid Design

The final other mattress type is the hybrid design that features both coil springs and foam internals. These two materials work hand-in-hand to offer a sleep experience that is conforming to the body, but also as supportive as possible through the pocket springs in the base layer.

We would suggest that Kiwis who are more partial to bounce and coil springs opt for this mattress design over the all-foam or latex beds on the list.

In a lot of cases, these mattresses can also be cheaper down to the fact that coil springs are often cheaper to manufacture. With that in mind, if budget is a major factor for you when buying a new mattress, then a hybrid model might be the best option for you.

With those three mattress types out of the way, let’s take a look below at the best-boxed mattresses in NZ and why you should consider these mattresses.

The Peace Lily Mattress — an All-latex Model

For our New Zealand-based readers, the Peace Lily Mattress is your only option for an all-latex mattress, as of this writing.

The Peace Lily brand is an Aussie headquartered one, which means you’re getting great quality assurance and shipping shouldn’t take all too long. These mattresses are designed and built in Australia too, which means local safety and material regulations will be sure to keep you getting the best quality latex mattress out there.

We’re happy to say that you’ll be finding a relatively thick 20cm latex layer in this mattress, which is a lot more generous than some other boxed mattresses that have layers as thin as 7cm.

One good perk of the Peace Lily Boxed Mattress is the fact that it’s a flippable model. If you’re looking to adapt and change the feel of the bed from medium-firm to firm, you’re able to quickly do this by just flipping it over.

This flippable feature is also great news if you’re not sure about what your ideal firmness is. We suggest trying both sides for around a week or two and deciding after that.

Our favourite feature of this mattress has to be the material quality. If you’re someone who’s after high-end and durable, then this is the mattress for you. The flippable design is also a pretty good feature too.

This is a winner is Peace Lily Mattress: you’re after a natural mattress with no chemical-based materials, and need something that offers a flippable design if you’re unsure of your ideal firmness level.

  • Priced from $949 through $1549
  • 100-night Sleep Trial
  • 25-year Warranty

If you’ve not heard of the Emma Mattress brand, you may or may not have been living under a rock. However, that’s alright, we’ll let you know a little more about it now.

It’s an international mattress brand and is one of the world’s most popular boxed mattresses, especially in Europe. There are tens of thousands of customers raving about how good these mattresses are, and it’s even been slowly winning awards across the globe for being so comfortable, durable and tailored to offer the best sleep.

The Australia Consumer Choice Award was presented to the Emma mattress in 2019.

The Emma brand is based in Germany, and the mattresses are also German-made, which means you’re getting standout quality here.

One point to note is that Emma focuses heavily on their single ‘Emma Mattress’ rather than developing an array of different mattresses. That said, there’s a well-curated mattress here that’s been adapted and enhanced over the years to give you what is essentially the perfect mattress.

You’ll find a cover wrapping this mattress that’s easily unzipped and washed in the washing machine, which is great for hygiene. Below this cover, there’s a set of polyfoam layers that offer up a rather firm feel with the same level of responsiveness that you’ll find on coil spring mattresses.

However, it’s good to note that there’s enough ‘give’ in the top layers of the mattress for the shoulders and hips to easily sink into them. You’ll find plenty of pressure support and back pain relief here.

One of our favourite features here is the bounce and responsive foams. As you might already know, foam mattresses tend to be rather dull when it comes to bounciness, though not the Emma.

It also offers fantastic movement and motion isolation, which is essential if you have a co-sleeper that moves far too much during the night. You’ll simply see the mattress work to dull all of its movement and keep you nice and still as you sleep.

In all, the Emma should certainly be considered for your boxed mattress this year as it’s an affordable all-rounder and offers a great sleeping experience.

This is a winner if: you’re more inclined to purchase a firm, durable and bouncy mattress that has optimal motion-isolation features.

  • Priced from $680 through $1080
  • 100-night Sleep Trial
  • 10-year Warranty

The Napp Mattress — an All-foam Model

A second all-foam mattress in a box is the Napp Mattress, and we’re happy to say that it’s designed and made in New Zealand, so you’re supporting local business.

The Napp company is a Kiwi-run brand, and it’s also been in the industry for a long while, though their online presence has only recently started to become a focal point. There’s a nice touch from this brand too, in that they will donate a bed to Habitat for Humanity for every fifteen mattresses they sell.

Similarly to the Emma Mattress, the Napp team only make one well-designed and refined mattress, rather than an array of different beds. The Napp Mattress is designed and manufactured in New Zealand, as we mentioned, however, the materials do come from Australia.

One of our favourite standout features of this mattress is the homegrown aspect. Of course, the mattress is incredibly comfortable and has a medium-firm firmness that suits all sleepers and sleeping positions — though being NZ-made is our favourite part.

In all, the mattress is high-quality, well-designed and durable. It’ll certainly last you a long time.

This is a winner if: you’re looking for a foam mattress that falls smack-bang in the middle of the firmness range, and you’re looking for that great cloud-like support.

  • Priced from $800 through $1380
  • 100-night Sleep Trial
  • 10-year Warranty

The Winkl Mattress — an All-foam Model

Right off the top, the Winkl brand has some big claims to stand behind, such as touting that the brand makes the most comfortable mattress in New Zealand, so we’ll get into this below.

The Winkl company is relatively new to the scene, with their launch only happening in 2019, so it’s hard to tell how well the mattresses are fair just yet. However, their popularity is certainly helping their claims of offering some of the most comfortable beds in the country.

There’s always a storm of hype when their mattresses come back in stock, and they’re usually sold out a lot of the time.

When it comes to the mattress lineup, there are currently two models on offer that are both all-foam designed. They’re known as the Lux and the Winkl. Both of which are made in China but designed locally.

The Winkl is the brand’s more affordable and slightly thinner mattress, whereas the Lux is one of the most expensive boxed mattresses on the market in New Zealand, though comes with more comfort layers and a far thicker overall profile.

The Lux is your mattress if you’re looking for charcoal-infused memory foam and a zoned-support system that ensures you’re getting optimal pressure-point relief. The Winkl doesn’t offer this fine-tuned zoned support and the comfort layers are a little thinner, which means there’s just a tad less support here.

In all, we’d stand by the Winkl as our top choice unless you’re truly set on the Lux’s added features.

A few relatively exciting things about this brand is that you can actually find their mattresses shown off in stores like Citta to test out whether you like them or not. This is an ultra-rare opportunity for a boxed mattress, and if you live in Christchurch, we highly suggest you make your way down to the Citta store on Carlton Corner — there’s a Lux Winkl bed on display in there.

When it comes to giving back, the Winkl brand works with the National Kiwi Hatchery and donates a portion of its proceeds to helping out the local Kiwi population.

Our favourite feature of the Winkl beds are the charcoal infused foams along with the antimicrobial features that make the mattress a winner if you’re someone who suffers from allergies. There’s reduced heat transfer through the foams too, thanks to the charcoal.

This is a winner if: you’re after a relatively luxurious mattress and don’t want to skimp out on the ultra-plush conforming support of a foam bed just because it’s coming in a box.

  • Priced from $850 through $1900
  • 120-night Sleep Trial
  • 10-year Warranty for Winkl
  • 15-year Warranty for Lux

Ecosa — an All-foam model

Coming from your Aussie neighbours, the all-foam Ecosa is making waves across the country and the world for being one of the more innovative and comfortable mattresses out there.

It’s being sold in the United States, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong — and new New Zealand. That’s good news in our book.

The Ecosa brand, like some others on our list, focuses only on that one mattress and works to refine it to become the best it can be. That said, you’re in good hands on this bed.

The materials that make up the mattress’s internals do come from all across the globe, which means there’s material from Germany, China and Japan. The mattress is made in China, however, which means there isn’t the typical Aussie quality assurance in manufacturing you’ll find on some other Australian-owned brands.

One of our favourite features of this mattress is the interchangeable internal foams that allow you to adjust your level of softness. You can quickly unzip the cover and swap things in and out which gives you the chance to go from medium, firm and very firm.

On top of this, there are dual comfort foams inside this bed, which means there’s little to be concerned about when it comes to comfort and contouring. There’s plenty of sinkage space here and you’re more than able to find a comfortable position, regardless of how you like to sleep.

The usage life for the mattress is looking to be around 10 years, which is great for an all-foam, and there are antibacterial features here too, which means you’re getting the assurance that there won’t be any build-up of nasty bugs and mites over time.

This is a winner if: you’re looking for a mattress that doesn’t have too much bounce but is exceptionally good at contouring the body and keeping you comfortable when you need pressure relief for joint pain.

  • Priced from $850 through $1550
  • 100-night Sleep Trial
  • 15-year Warranty

The Takeaway

From all of our mattresses in the box above, it’s easy to see that there are a fair few to choose from when it comes to getting a mattress that suits your sleep style and budget the best.

We know that NZ seems to be rather out of reach for many boxed mattress brands, however, as time goes by we’re seeing more and more of these brands land in New Zealand, which is great news when it comes to the competition!

Be sure to take a look at your own sleep style and comfort preferences before making a purchase and you’ll be on the right to choosing the best boxed mattress for you and your co-sleeper.

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